Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Jeremy Roloff sighting at Portland Community College

I imagine a lot of fans of LPBW would have a similar reaction if you were starting college in a new city and this were to happen to you.

A blogger shared her story on her blog:


In other news, I started school again today! PCC's Rock Creek Campus is so pretty this time of year! (The sunny whether helps too!) I've never actually spent time at this campus before but walking around trying to find my classes today was quite fun! I only had one class today, Math, but I was wait listed for it. When I walked into the classroom two things became apparent, 1.) There is no way I'm going to fit into this class and 2.) There was this guy sitting at the table next to mine that looked oddly familiar... Unlucky me, I was right about not getting into the class! I ended up moving my schedule around and getting into a different math class! So now I get to take a 4.5 hour math lab class every Friday that starts bright and early! What a way to end the week right?!? ha ha

On to #2 of my realizations for the day... this tall curly brown haired boy sitting by me looking so familiar and yet I couldn't place his face! Who was this kid!!! As I got up to leave the classroom I took one last glance at the boy and it suddenly dawned on me who he was!!! This wasn't just some kid that resembled someone I knew or someone I'd possibly been in DECA with... He was the boy that I had said so many times before I wanted to meet in person because he seemed so funny! He was Jeremy Roloff!!!!

... It was super exciting to see a member of the Roloff family in person let alone to know they'd be in one of my classes!

So recap: I started school today! Woo Hoo!I'm moving Next month!I saw Jeremy Roloff in person!BAD NEWS:I couldn't get into the class due to wait listing so I no longer have class with the former mentioned Jeremy Roloff! :(


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CrawCraw said...

What a cool story!

That's what is cool about the Roloffs. They are normal people who could be in your Math class. HaHa.