Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jeremy Roloff's racist scandal referenced in an article

This is one of the reasons why I thought the Roloffs, if for no other reason (and there are a lot of other reasons!) should have made more of an effort to deal with the National Enquirer article that called Jeremy Roloff "The Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People", regarding his use of racist and homophobic slurs online.

An article by Richard Lawson at tv.com referenced the Jeremy scandal in an article about Kate Gosselin and how TLC's once stellar repuation as providing educational programming as been sullied by scandals and bad behavior by their stars. Matt's DUII arrests (he was acquitted of the more recent one in 2007) were also mentioned.


"Everyone knows TLC now, not for being the domain of upbeat, affirming, sometimes even educational programming. No now it's the new, cynical American downward spiral version of that. It's upbeat, affirming, sometimes even educational material that quickly curdles into terrifying cultish behavior, drunk driving arrests, allegations of racism and homophobia, and now extremely public divorce. So if TLC's good name has been sullied a little bit, well that seems to be a trade they're willing to make for buzz."


Expressed said...

Poor Jeremy :(

But he's having a great life and a great time, so maybe I won't feel too bad. lol.

But it does suck that he has this cloud floating around him.

Rap541 said...

I think its more of a slam on TLC.

Expressed - Jeremy *could* apologize.... that'd make the cloud dissapate a bit.

After all - I haven't heard the "He's just being a Christian" excuse used for the "beaner" and "n-word" comment. Care to explain how Jesus hates the brown and black folks so its ok for Jer to mock them? How about "kike" - I saw Jer using that in his myspace too....

Expressed said...

Oh golly, he was just using he same words that 99% of kids his age use. Give him a break already.

He shouldn't need to apologize. None of the million teens I know that talk the same way as Jer needs to apologize. Nobody would even care if he wasn't famous.

TLC handled it well. They didn't care. They backed the Roloffs. That's what you want in an employer or network.

Rap541 said...

If 99% of kids his age use meth, is it cool for Jeremy to?

If it's "ok" why isn't TLC showing Jeremy being cool? Why is it edited out?

And back to the origanal question - you've clarified Jeremy can call people fags because he's Christian and he is loving Jesus every time he calls someone a faggot because hating fags is loving God(This form of worship btw actually goes against some of the more well known parts of the Bible "judge not lest ye be judged" and "love the sinner, hate the sin") but where in the Bible does Jeremy get the free pass to refer to Mexico as "that beaner place"? Where is the free pass for refering to Mike Detjen as being "pretty sweet, just like an n-word"? (this btw is not a "wassup bro" sort of reference - in context jeremy is clearly noting that Mike is doing his bidding as asked like a slave, therefore it has a racist intent)

If other kids say racist things about Mexico, its ok? Jeremy should not be corrected? Jeremy should get a pat and praise from his pastor? perhaps TLC could film that? Jeremy at an assembly at Faith Bibble with his principal saying "Jeremy called Mexicans "beaners" and we're all so proud".

But lets all remember - midget, even if 99% of kids use it, is always wrong. :)

BTW Expressed, TLC will do anything to keep the money flowing.

I just want to know what version of Christian faith says that if all the other kids do it, its ok :)

Anonymous said...

ANY one can think any way, If your talking about somone that is saying crap ur even more crap, ur even worst, thats my artical so drop the crap,,,,, why live like that..

Anonymous said...

I assume the Roloff family receives a substantial fee for participating in the TLC program. The average family does not receive money from television programmers. Perhaps the Roloff family would like to count their blessings and remind their children that a significant part of their income is derived from being public figures. I rarely watch TLC anymore. To accuse these people of being hillbillies is an insult to hillbillies.