Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little People, Big World returns October 12 -- Date is official

The 5th Season of Little People, Big World will return Monday October 12th. TLC officially made the announcement.


TLC today announced that fan-favorite LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD premieres its fifth season on Monday, October 12 at 8 & 8:30 PM. The series, which follows the Roloff family – comprised of both little and average height people – will continue to share their heart-warming moments and real-life challenges.

The season will pick up exploring how life is changing for the entire family as the kids grow up. Matt and Amy start to explore new territory as their oldest children are ready to start their own lives. They are left with different ideas on how to fill their time and have to figure out what will be their next chapter in life. Meanwhile, as Molly settles into high school, Zach's poor grades and Jeremy’s lack of direction leaves their future undecided.

The Roloffs continue to make an impact off the farm as Matt returns to Iraq to try to help the family that was introduced last season as they come to America so their children can get the medical help they need. Amy’s passions for sports lands her a new role as a Dwarf Athletic Association of America Board Member, where she takes on the planning of a major golf tournament fund-raiser.

Season five is comprised of 40 new half-hour episodes, and will be celebrating its 200th episode in spring 2010. LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio. Co-executive producer is Jeff Weaver.


Megan said...

Yipee, finally! I wish the seasons were longer than 40 episodes. It sounds like a lot, but isn't. They split it in 2. That's 20.

2 episodes a week.

That's only 10 weeks. It always seems like the season is just starting...then it ends.

Expressed said...

As long as we don't get another "Jacob episode" (BORING!), I'll be happy. The more Jeremy, the better.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear this news

David said...

End the show already. To steal Amy Roloffs words taking them out of context "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!"

We've seen it all. More vacations. More LP sports. More of Matt's crazy schemes and Amy getting pissed at him. More of the twins goofing around. More of the show pretending like someone got into a major accident in the previews. For the past three seasons it's been the same old.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the Roloffs, I think Jacob is given a hard time. For example, look at this press release...every Roloff is mentioned besides Jacob!


M said...

I'm kinda tired of the new chapter stuff about the twins graduating... what new lives? They still have 2 more in school. Wait till their youngest graduates like normal parents.
Also the twins are staying home. Its not a change in location just a school.

Jason said...

I agree M. The previews are all flash. The make the plots sound like something big is happening but it doesn't. It's tiresome.

I think the change with the twins even if they still live at home will be that with Amy they'll be free to roam around whenever and where ever they want. They probably were before anyway, but I can definitely see Amy treating them like adults by not telling them what they can or can't do.

Noell :) said...

I totallllyyy agree with you!
I dont like the episodes about Jacob, Jeremy is my favorite! :)
Cant wait for the new season! :)))

Joanne said...

Cant wait. I miss the Roloffs!

Anonymous said...

yes!!! I can't wait. I love LPBW.

Haley said...

I wish they would cancel this show. The Roloffs have gotten old and boring. It's the same thing over all the time. They're not likeable anymore.

They were a good family in the first season but they went downhill after that. I'm not blaming them because probably that would happen to any family that's on tv for as long as they've been. They get ruined by the money and attention.

TLC, bring back Table for 12! They are a loving family that respects each other and others.

Kevin Hayes is the best kid on any of the reality shows. You would never see Jeremy after accidentally breaking something in a store, bringing it to the store clerk and apologizing. He's much more decent and mature than the Roloff kids and he's 6 years younger than Jeremy and Zach.

Out with the Roloffs, in with Table for 12!

Crawcraw said...

Haley that show will never be as popular as the Roloffs. People like Jeremy because he's a real kid who is popular and cool and normal.

I can't stand that Kevin kid from that other show. He's a good2shoes kid. Kids like him are the ones that other kids want to beat up at school. Guys like Jeremy are the cool kids at school.

That Kevin is the only 12 year old on tv that I dislike more than Jacob. lol. Jacob is a brat, but at least he's not a fake goody, goody.

Dally said...

What are the ratings like for this show? They must be good. I'm surprised it's still on. A lot of good shows don't make it that long.

Dana said...

Dally, I think the ratings are strong. LPBW is the second most popular TLC show trailing only Jon and Kate. They can have the number one spot, unlike the Roloffs their family imploded.

The Roloffs have a very solid Christian fan base that supports them through thick and thin.

When you live for Christ as the Roloffs do, God will bless your life.

Noell :) said...

You sound ridiclulous.
And thats all i have to say.

Haley said...

No its not ridiculous.

You can like what you want but LPBW is lame.
How many times can you the Roloffs do the same things over and over and over and over and over.

Every season has the same plots as the one before!

The Roloffs have gotten arrogant and money hungry.

The show was good in the first year, but slipped after that. Now it sucks because it is same old same old.

LPBW is stale and boring. Table for 12 is fresh!

And Kevin Hayes and his twin are a hundred times the person Jeremy Roloff is and they're younger. They have morals, values, think of others and do the right thing.

Jeremy is dishonest, arrogant and selfish.

I'll bet the college fund that Kevin Hayes is never in the National Enquirer like Jeremy was!

Noell :) said...

LPBW is not lame.
If it wasn't good, i dont think it woud be on for 5 seasons now.
I like Table for 12, dont get me wrong, but LPBW is way better.
Kevin is no fun to watch though. Jeremy is.
And your right, Kevin will problably never be in the National Enquirer like Jeremy, and thats because hes a goodie-two-shoes. Nobody likes a goodie-two-shoes.

Expressed said...

Noell, well said :) You are totally right.

Cindy said...

How sad that a kid (Kevin Hayes) who is kind and considerate of others, has a moral conscience and doesn't use racial or gay bashing words is called a "goodie-two-shoes".

I'm not disagreeing with you, Noell. Kids like Jeremy do generate more interest and attention more than kids like Kevin, but that is a sad statement about our society.

Rap541 said...


I mean really - Table for Twelve is a lil too crying toddler for my taste, but why does Kevin deserve to be targeted and namecalled? I mean, some of the people professing to be decent and Christian here really need to stop and consider how it does not please God to run down another kid for no other reason than you believe all compliments should go to Jeremy.

Or is this one of those "Make fun of a nice, apparently Christian kid and then say Jesus I accept you so I get a free pass to mock that kid" moments? Because that seems to be the version of Christianity a lot of people here practice. Be mean, love Jesus, be mean again, love Jesus, do wrong stuff, get free pass to continue doing wrong stuff since all you have to do is say you love Christ.

I wonder why this doesn't work for all those people in jail? ;)

Jocelynn said...

Rap, you make some good points. I think the Hayes family are good people. Like you, the only thing that hasn't hooked me on the show is the crying todlers. The older boys are both very sweet. I would like the show more if it focused on them more.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I mean, I can't sit thru it without yawning, but I don't think Kevin Hayes really deserves to be vilified because Jeremy's fans can't bear to hear someone else complimented.

Kevin seems like a nice kid, as does his brother. And honestly I think the Hayes are pretty smart to not overdo the tv time.

CrawCraw said...

Good Lord Rap!

First of all this site has nothing to do with Table for 12 or Kevin Hayes so people should be able to say what they want about him if they want.

Calling him a goodie two shoes is not name calling. It's not like we're calling him ugly, so relax. A goodie-two-shoes describes what he is.

Expressed, Noell and me are all right about this. Jeremy is cool and fun and real guy who people at school actually want to hang out with. On tv, he's the guy people want to watch.

Parents, seniors in the old age home and nerds might prefer Kevin to Jeremy, but let me assure you they are the only ones. Anybody who is under 25 would rather hang out or watch a kid like Jeremy than Kevin.

Like other people have said, I think Kevin is fake on the show. Jeremy is himself and always was. That's why he's so popular because he's a REAL kid.

Rap answer this question.

Who do you like more, Kevin Hayes or Jake Roloff? Explain. Thanks.

CrawCraw said...

"And honestly I think the Hayes are pretty smart to not overdo the tv time."

Table for 12 is coming back, so what do you have to say now?

Mr and Mrs. Hayes would be jumping for joy if Kevin was as popular as Jeremy because it would mean success for the show. 5 seasons now.

Rap541 said...

Craw - I honestly think Kevin, what I have seen of him, compared to Jake, is the nicer kid. I also think Kevin, compared to Jeremy, is the nicer kid. Sadly, thats due to how Jake and Jeremy have been raised.

Considering that "goodie two shoes" is being used as an insult, yes, I do think you're name calling. Just close your eyes, say "I love Jesus" and then you can continue to call Kevin Hayes names since you believe you can be nasty as long as you say you love Jesus Christ. Because really, being a nice kid means he really deserves to have you saying nasty things about him, craw.

Thats how you work it, right? You can say whatever nasty think you want, as long as you say you love jesus, its ok, and you can then *do it again* and *again* because Jesus never ever requires you learn not to do something wrong?

But enough of your shaky grasp of theology. Considering that this board is about Jeremy Roloff (and the other Roloffs hee) don't you agree people should be able to say what they want about him? Like how he's a willful racist who drinks despite professing he does not drink due to his love of Jesus?

I mean, you've made the point on Kevin - no matter how nasty it is, you feel you have a right to say it.

I think Jeremy James Roloff lies. I prove that that pointing to his claim in paper that he does not drink as it does not please God, and compare it to his myspace where he cheerfully boasts of drinking (and stealing) vodka. I also point to the numerous eyewitnesses who say they have seen Jeremy drinking - but the DAMNING statements come from Jeremy himself.

I suppose as long he says "I love Jesus" after every swig, he's not *really* lying, right?

And the important thing, as far as Jesus Christ is concerned, is that his followers be cool. Where is that in the Bible? I'm curious.

Rap541 said...

Hun, I am well aware that table for twelve is returning. The schedule clearly isn't as intensive as the filming schedule for LPBW or for Jon and Kate plus 8 (the better comparison)

Some parents know better than to over expose their kids to the media. I don't think being on tv for so long has made any of the Roloff kids nicer.

Noell :) said...

You are exactly right!
Thank you! :)

kc said...

Does anyone know why in the preview for the 5th season, Zach was in the hospital again and being given anethesia again?

I hope it's as funny as the last time Zach was drugged up after a surgery. lol.

That was the funniest episode ever. This time they should put Jer under too just to see if he would be as funny as Zach. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Im posting late, but I just have to say:

Amen Rap541!!! I agree 100% with your posts.

Enough of these backbiting hypocritical Christians who use Christ's name, and then don't "walk the walk" or "talk the talk."

And good job for standing up for a decent kid like Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Rap, I respect your efforts to have a dialog with the Manson Girls. You can't reason with a 12 year old with a crush.

So Kevin Hayes is the uncool kid you want to beat up because he loves his siblings, respects & honors his parents (1 of the commandments, as I recall), & has the moral fiber to hold himself accountable for his actions. How Christian of you. I can only imagine what you have to say about Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craw, So Jeremy is the 'cool or popular' kid at school and Kevin is the type that popular kids like to beat up? Niiiiiiiice. Popular in most high schools I've had experience with usually means the kids who are the bullies at the top of the pecking order. They are also the type of kids that consider high school their greatest achievement in life because of their perceived status. (I'm from a small town and there are tons of big high school jocks/homecoming queens still hanging out at hometown highschool events basking in their former "glory". It's a little pathetic really.

Jeremy and friends are nothing more than big fishes in a very small pond. From what I hear about the high school in our district, the "popular" 3% of the kids are hated by the other 97%. In my view that would really mean that they were unpopular. You'll realize this when you get ten or fifteen years out of highschool hopefully. just a thought. jen.

Cindy said...

All of the Hayes kids are much better people than the Roloff kids.

I can see the comparison between Kevin and Jeremy, because they are the most charismatic of the kids. But there is no comparison. Kevin has Jeremy beat on every level.

I don't think he's a "goody-2-shoes" either. He has a sneaky, mischief seeking side too that makes him a normal kid, but he's a kid with good morals and a good heart. The love he shows his siblings and the respect he has for his parents is something Jeremy could learn from and Jeremy is 6 years older!

Natalie said...

About popular kids and schools, I saw something on facebook that contradicts what the Roloffs and some of their friends said about Faith students being so close.

It was a group for Faith Bible graduates. The girl actually said she liked Faith, but said "Yeah the people at Faith Bible are really mean and really judgemental!"

I thought...Faith Bible kids be are mean and judgemental??? Tell me something I didn't know! :) I wonder if that includes Jer and his friends? :)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, They sure got some bang for their buck with that private 'christian' school education huh? jen.