Saturday, September 26, 2009

Roloff family went Kayaking

In the upcoming Season 5 of Little People, Big World, viewers will see members of the Roloff family - Amy, Jeremy, Molly, Zach and Jacob kayaking. They visited the Columbia Gorge Kayak School on the Columbia River Gorge for some kitting and paddling in nifty looking kayaks.

The Columbia Gorge Kayak School blog had an item posted about the Roloff family back in May. They have a nice write up about the Roloff visit. They said it was 70 with no wind, so a great day for paddling. Back in May, they said back in May they were told the episode with air in 4 to 6 months which would place it in the November range.

They have two pictures of the Roloffs kayaking.

Check out their blog for their complete write up and information.

You can visit their website to see some pictures of what you could be in store for if you ever decide to go there for some fun like the Roloffs. Looks like lots of fun. They are located in Hood River, Oregon, an hour east of Portland.


Carly said...

Thankyou for posting this. I did that once. It's great fun.

I hope Jacob didn't wipe out, lol. Maybe his accident prone days are behind him? :=)

Anonymous said...

Is there any activity the Roloffs haven't done for free because of the show?

They're getting the most out of the TLC experience while they have it.