Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can watch Molly Roloff and her volleyball team go undefeated

Someone with Faith Bible has uploaded several games of the girls volleyball team featuring Molly Roloff. It was a tournament and it looks like they went undefeated! Congratulations to Molly and team! :-)

Molly is #27.

Follow the link below, they have the other games listed as well if you're interested.


Jason said...

What is going on? A Roloff kid actually on a winning high school team??

Congrats Molly and co. Way to show the boys how its done!

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're good!

Molly is really tall. She's taller than most of the girls out there.

Dana said...

Good job girls!

Btw, #12 is the girl Zach went to Banquet with.

Jason, stop being a hater on the twins. So what if their soccer team wasn't as good as the larger schools? It wasn't the Roloffs fault. Jeremy was the best player in the school. I heard Jeremy holds the school record for most goals by a student ever. Don't blame losing on Jeremy. It was easy to see what you were doing.

Anonymous said...

Go Molly. A new video was posted a few days ago. The girls are now 5 games undefeated!

Faith soccer would have been better if they had a better goalie. He was horrible. A lot of the goals that went in should never had gone in.