Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your chance to be a guest reviewer about the new episodes of Little People, Big World

We're less than two weeks away from new episodes of Little People, Big World. Since the center of all the interest in the Roloffs comes from the episodes, this season we've decided to give you the chance to have your voice heard if you wish.

Do you want to provide a service to other LPBW fans and people interested in the show? We're going to open the blog up to guest reviewers/recaps of the episodes.

You could have your episode review will be featured in actual article form, not just lumped in with all the other blog reader comments. Your review will be seen by thousands of people (and you never know by whom! ;-))

Do you like recapping for people? Do you think LPBW is the best show on television and want to share your enthusiasm for the show and your opinions on the episodes? Do you want to jump at a chance to point out some editing discrepancies?

It is a television show after all and it is meant to be a fun experience to watch the episode, so whatever way you have fun with the episodes, you can share your reviews and opinions with everyone.

If you think people are too critical of what they see on the episodes, this is your chance to affect the content. Have everyone read your review of each of episode. Do you think people are too naive and want to tell it as you see the episodes? You have your chance.

The interesting aspect of a show like LPBW is that people can watch the same thing and have very different opinions. We aim to represent all views on the show and the Roloffs.

Ideally, the episode reviews will be just that - a review with some of your own commentary and opinion on what you watched and your reaction. However, you can review whatever way you want. Make it your own style if you wish. Also, the sooner you can get the reviews off, the better. For example, if you don't get a chance to watch the episodes until several days later, perhaps this isn't for you. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the busiest days for the blog; fans watch Little People, Big World on TLC and then they come to the internet wanting to see what other people thought. Or they misses the episode and want to read a review of what they missed.

If you think it would be fun to write reviews and have your opinions about the new episodes featured, please email the blog at:


If you've sometimes posted comments to our blog or even on some LPBW message boards, please let us know your screen name in your email.

Depending on how many replies we receive, not all offers to be a guest reviewer will be chosen; but if you're interested in helping and think it would be fun we encourage you to email us. This is strictly for fun and entertainment.

Thank you in advance. Any help in making the blog entertaining and informative for our many visitors is always appreciated.


Expressed said...

I might unless Noell or Crawcraw would rather do it?

Jeremy James Roloff fans need to represent! We all recognize that Jacob is the weak link too ;-)

Sheri said...

I am not volunteering, but I would like to see more Christian content assessing the Roloffs.

The Roloffs are Christians. Their most loyal supporters are Christians. They have a strong Christian backing.

Would it not make sense for Christians to assess the shows? It would.

Christians have more moral and kindness in how they speak about the shows and the Roloffs. The Roloffs deserve that much. That is what I would like to see. More from Christians regarding the Roloffs.

I also pray that you won't have gays or people who support gays in their family or friends. They have proven they have a vendetta against Jeremy because of his language that gays didn't like.. It is not fair to have them review episodes of Little People Big World to settle a score with Jeremy.

We have all seen gays make things about them and their issues. LPBW is about family values.

Noell :) said...

Expressed i think you or CrawCraw should do it. Im not sure i would have the time. :(
I would love to but i really dont have the time. So i hope one of you two shows all our love for Jeremy! :)
Good luck! :)