Friday, October 30, 2009

Amy Roloff at the Portland Women's show this weekend

This will be a busy weekend for Amy Roloff. With Halloween tomorrow, (Happy Halloween everybody!) it is the last day for Roloff pumpkin season. They are closing at approximately 2pm on Saturday for the season.

Also this weekend, Amy Roloff will be a special guest at the 17th Annual Portland Women's show. Amy and her Charity Foundation Website is featured on their website.

Amy is promoting and has been busy promoting her Charity and "The Royal Caribbean Cruise with Amy Roloff"

Here are some details on the cruise:

It is a 7 night cruise starting June 26th. The cost starts at $1629 plus taxes.

Earlier this week, Amy was on a Christian radio station in Portland, 104.1 The Fish. They have pictures of her visit.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video preview of the Roloff family in the British Virgin Islands

There is a video with a sneak peak of the British Virgin Island vacation that will be featured on an upcoming episode. They actually took the vacation back in March. It's Matt, Jacob, Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller.

Roloff school trouble, video of an extra scene; Jeremy and Zach Roloff

TLC released a rather interesting video with an added scene that viewers didn't see on Monday night. It's the scene where Zach is upset at the low grade he was given in speech class. Many viewers commented on the tension between Jeremy and Zach in that scene and later in the show.

In this video, Matt and Amy discuss that. Matt asks if Jeremy and Zach got into a tussle. Amy said it's a disagreement over how they were each graded. The subsequent conversation between Matt and Amy essentially turns into Matt and Amy arguing about Jeremy being a better speaker than Zach and if it's fair. You can probably guess which parent is backing which kid. :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ratings for Oct 26 episodes of Little People, Big World and the Roloff family on TLC

These are the ratings for the October 26th episodes of Little People, Big World. Pretty much in the same range as previous weeks.

By the way, on Jon and Kate Plus 8 (or just Kate..."Kate answers your questions" episode) , the ratings improved to a 3.026 last night. The week before, it was 2.5.

Little People, Big World (8pm) EPISODE : School of Hard Knocks = 1.667 million viewers-

Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) EPISODE 6: A House Divided= 1.976 million viewers

These were the previous numbers:

Oct 19
Little People, Big World 8pm "Downhill Dwarf" = 1.766 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm "Game Over" = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 12 Season premiere:
Little People, Big World 8pm "King of His Castle" = 1.864 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm "Last Dance" = 2.198 million

You can refer to this item to get a feel for past ratings of significant episodes.

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Oct 26

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

So we start with the kids in the house. Jeremy is snoozing, and noting how he sleeps 12 hours a day. Jake and Molly, in contrast, are studying. Molly is quite the slave driver. Molly notes how she and Jake study more than the twins and she sometimes essentially does Jake’s work. While yelling at him. Which she seems to enjoy.

Jeremy hay bales about how they suck at school. Bad grades, bad SATS, and Molly is good. Molly hay bales that she has motivation and the twins do not. Yeah, I can see why, what with bothering to do her homework and all. Speech class - impromptu! No prep, speaking for one minute on a topic. This is a senior level class? Describing “skin”? Zach hay bales how he doesn’t like it. He gets the word “popular” and changes his word to grass. He then goes on about soccer, and the teacher is annoyed over his using soccer again. As in *really* annoyed. The school posts public grades. If this class is an example of the advanced coursework, I am really appalled at Zach and Jeremy’s grades.

At home ,Zach whines about his grades while Jeremy and Molly and Amy listen in an unsympathetic way. Jeremy snits about how he wasn’t prepared. Amy says she has no idea how to help, and hay bales that Zach probably didn’t work hard enough. She actually makes some good points about talking to the teacher and seeing what she was looking for. However, really? We’re gonna talk about parenting at some point here.

Now the twins and Amy head to PSU. Zach and Jeremy look bored as hell. Zach is shocked at admission standards of 1200 SATs and 3.5 GPA. (Isn’t 1200 kinda low with the new SAT? Did I hear it correctly?) Amy hay bales how she knew it would be eye opening. Zach looked shocked and depressed. Jeremy looked bored and was he chewing on his hoodie?

So they walk around the campus. Amy thinks the boys are unrealistic. The school guy asks them about their interests. Jeremy hay bales how he is now interested in business and wants to run a sports team. Because running a professional sports team is more realistic than being a pilot or a boat captain. He asks if it takes four years. He asks about mechanical engineering. Its weird because I really can’t figure out what he wants to ask the guy. And seriously, mechanical engineering? Does he know what that really is?

Zach wants to teach. The counselor points out how it’s a master’s degree now. Zach is put off by the work. Not shocked there.

Matt asks about college at home. Jeremy notes “he doesn’t know” what the SAT requirements are. Which kinda confirms how little interest he has in a dual major of business and mechanical engineering at PSU. We get a flashback to the Wharton episode. Matt hay bales how it may be too late. Matt is all UCLA and lectures Jeremy on how to apply. Jeremy seems completely uninterested. Matt? You’re a large part of the problem here with your school of hard knocks talk. If you legitimately want the kids to want college, you can’t point out how useless it was for you and expect the kids to not follow your lead. This ain’t rocket science.

Meanwhile Molly teaches Jake by yelling. Zach is asked about homework, Jeremy rats him out, and looks super pissed for some reason. Oh a five paragraph essay??? Really, a five paragraph essay is not exactly what I call seriously advanced college prep. My teachers stopped citing how many paragraphs an essay needed to be when I was in sixth grade. Because it was understood at that point. By the way, for the record, Zach clearly isn’t the only sibling who cheerfully rats out his twin. Jeremy did it and did it on camera. They both do it. I hope the folks who voraciously whine how mean Zach is to do it point those same fingers at Jeremy. But I suspect they won’t.

Amy hay bales how Zach’s grades crapped the bed. Amy yells at him on the stairs and she is all “WHY ARE THERE D’s!!!” She notes how he needs better grades and has no idea why he got good grades earlier and now doesn’t. I wonder if the elephant in the room (the show) is noticeable to Amy *now*

Amy and Zach argue over his homework. He tries to rat out Jeremy on something and Amy tells him its not the time and he needs to reassess his school priorities. He has a speech on “making a cake”? Jeez. Amy lectures how he is gonna do great and basically test runs him thru the speech. Not a bad idea but jeez, he doesn’t know how to crack an egg? Zach, stop being dumb. Amy pointedly asks if anything needs to be written. She hay bales how distracted he’s been. Gosh I wonder if having cameras film his every move is distracting? Or hey, how about the horde of teenagers who constantly run around the house?

Zach meanwhile plays with his friends in the garage. Speak of the devil, kids over to play while Zach does homework. That just couldn’t have been a factor! Amy loses it and punishes him by giving him cake with his buddies who he plays with. Because that totally reinforces how he needs study discipline and how important it is.

In school. Jeremy says he doesn’t want Zach to bomb. This is a hay bale moment and fairly wooden. Zach does an ok walk thru. He’s no Julia Child and he really does look like he has no clue what he is doing and looks totally unprepared. This class also looks um… less than challenging.

He gets a C. He complains. Amy also complains and thinks Zach didn’t prepare. He’s really hard to understand here. Amy hay bales says she is disappointed in his grade but also blames Zach. Because really, she did everything to help. Include give him cake after he ran off to play instead of working on his homework.

Amy yells at the twis over their grades. Molly has straight As. Jeremy notes that his Cs are really hidden Bs. Matt basically fails here by finding it cute. Zach is all D’s. Amy says no weekend stuff and Zach laughs. He has senioritis and walks off. Amy behaves as though she has no idea how this happened.


2nd Episode

Jake stampedes in wearing rollerblades and playing soccer and dumps a bunch of stuff off the counter. Amy insists he pick the stuff up and then plays rollerblade soccer with him, all while noting “don’t ruin the floor”. Matt seems annoyed.

Amy notes Jake is destroying the floor and will be in trouble. Molly says no he won’t and notes how there is no follow thru in parenting at the Roloffs. Yes she is the smart one.

Zach and Jeremy and friends run like wild animals thru the house, and Zach talks about the fond memories he has of cheerfully breaking stuff with Jeremy and pals. Matt is annoyed and yet never says a word while the kids rampage. Amy hay bales how important it is for the kids to play and have no restrictions. Matt finally yells for the kids to go outside. Of course the obvious choice of telling people to go do some homework never occurs to Matt. Since he doesn’t really give a damn about the twins attending college anyway

Jeremy asks Amy for the boxing gloves to play with. Amy seems really concerned about the gloves (I don‘t know why but they seem special to her). All the kids hang in the man cave barn (there’s even a soda machine) while Jeremy and a friend with a GIANT tat on his back homoerotically wrestle.

Matt notes how the house is trashed. He plans to have the basement cleaned. The basement is trashed. Matt notes how it’s Amy’s fault and makes Sven clean it. It is disgusting. I note mentally that Amy never throws anything away possibly because Matt goes behind her back and throws out her things. Just a thought.

Amy and Matt argue over possible dog pee stains in the media room. Matt wants no food or drink in the upper level. Because the dog apparently pees soda pop. Matt blames Amy for the mess again. Amy says she discourages food and drink, and Matt cites how that’s her doing nothing, really. He really has a point on that. Amy hay bales how she prefers him to be mad at her. Amy notes, in front of Molly, that Matt never follows through with his rules anyway. Matt attempts to get Molly on his side and she refuses to pick a parent. So she really is the smart one.

Jeremy shoots things. With a shot gun. Interesting. The kids, Jake’s friends by size, are on the roof throwing stuff at each other. Because that’s a super appropriate thing for kids to do on a brand new roof. (and before the witch hunt starts, Jake clearly learned playing on the roof is ok from his big brothers who did it and were rewarded with Mom and Dad laughing at how cute it was in an earlier season). Matt is super pleased the mess is being cleaned in the basement. Amy runs out to the man cave barn and yeah. The man cave barn look trashed and completely full of toys.

Matt meanwhile is saving all his baby stuff. That was in the basement. That he insisted was full of Amy’s stuff. That she never throws out.

There’s a horde of children in the house and Matt and Amy both have separately gone shopping resulting in a ton of food lying around. There’s a ton of wine in the fridge. SO MUCH FOOD. Matt is miffed that Amy is not pleased with the splendor he has brought home to the cave. Matt heads upstairs to the media room and wants the missing remote. There’s stacked boxes everywhere. Matt immediately assumes Jake took the remote. Jake seems nonplussed by the accusation and that his game is being taken away. He seems resigned to simply being blamed. Amy notes that Matt has changed and doesn’t understand why Matt is annoyed. Matt is annoyed that the coffee table is *burnt*. I’m on Matt’s side over that. Amy and Matt argue over how doing nothing is or isn’t the best way. Matt is on a tear over the house. He tells Amy a rule and says he wants back up. Meanwhile there’s a horde of kids downstairs watching movies on the giant tv there….

I think these people just have too many things. Because really, whichever kid intentionally held a lighter to brand new furniture - that’s just ridiculous. There’s no one in the Roloff house who isn’t old enough to know better than to set furniture on fire. Matt had a point about back up here.

Amy is annoyed that Matt expects her to show the carpet cleaner the dog pee. Matt heads down to the basement. It looks more organized. Matt wants the house clean. Meanwhile a horde of kids is all over complete with running on the roof. Amy seems shocked that the game room is totally trashed. I mean really, it’s a sty. Amy, duh, you had fifty some odd kids running around on the roof. Amy thinks Matt would ground them. Gosh I don’t know why. There’s pop cans on the floor. Which kind of makes Matt’s point about the stains not necessarily being the dog. Amy basically tells the kids Matt will freak out if they don’t do something. All the kids pick up. Amy thinks she’s totally right on this form of discipline. And cites teamwork.

Oh Kate Gosselin will answer questions? Is “why is your hair so messed up?” ok?

Matt looks at the previously trashed room. Amy says they “did it on their own” which um…. Is an interesting rewrite of what we just witnessed. Amy inspects the basement and is very nice to Sven. Amy again notes how she loves her children and cleaning the house, or not allowing them to do whatever they want even when they are failing in school, is basically horrible.

Jake is playing Risk and wearing rollerblades. Matt hay bales how he has given up on the mess. Because he’s not required to parent either. Little FYI, Matt and Amy? Your kids have no discipline and don’t give a damn about the house or the school because neither of you want to be the bad guy. And they know it.

Next up - Kate Gosselin whining how she’s never at fault for anything. You keep telling yourself that, Kate.

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World Oct 26

The first of our guest episode reviewers is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

The 3rd week of new episodes have arrived! :) Two great episodes! They're both all about the kids. Good job producers and editors! Lots to talk about and I'll try to do this as quick as possible because I'm on the clock! I don't care what they called the real title, I'm calling the first episode "Jeremy's revenge" (read for explanation!)

*They get started with...Jeremy shirtless! Good way to start. He wakes up, sits up in bed shirtless. He said something, maybe that he slept for 12 hours but I was distracted by his body ;-)

*Molly and Jake are doing homework. Molly says unlike the twins, she and Jake actually do their homework. Molly helps Jake. He complains she talks too loud and is annoying. She raises her voice. Jake yells at her to shut up. What a charming kid Jacob is.

*Cue Jeremy shirtless (aka the new opening to LPBW). This is good. Less than one minute in and they've already shown us Jeremy shirtless three times (twice in the opening). Maybe I should keep a running count of our weekly dose of Jeremy shirtless moments. I'm not complaining, but I think we have all noticed what they're doing. Good job producers! Sell Jeremy's body! :-)

*Back to the show. At Faith Bible high school. I think from Jeremy's hair and clothes this is at the same time that they filmed in season 4 when Dan and Bryan did their concert.

*Jeremy says they're getting bad grades and did bad on the SATs and Zach was benched from soccer. Jeremy explains that Molly is doing great. Molly chalks it up to her motivation and discipline.

*Now they're in speech class. Giving impromptu speeches. Jeremy's subject is "skin". I think Jer did good. He said it's wrinkling and if you cut it, it magically heals itself.

*Zach's topic is popular. That's an easy topic. Much easier than "skin". But Zach changes it to "grass". He talks about how you play soccer on grass. The teacher makes what I thought was a joking comment about Zach making everything about soccer.

*Back at home, Amy, Jer, Zach and Molly have a meeting on the stairs. Teacher wasn't joking. She hated Zach's speech and he bombed. Zach is pissed and whining about how unfair it was. The surprising thing is Jeremy is pissed at Zach. Jeremy has had enough of Zach's whining and complaining about how unfair it is. Jeremy tells him he should have been more prepared. Amy tells Zach he should be more prepared. I hope they were talking about in general, because to be fair to Zach, how can you be prepared for an impromptu speech? lol. Quote of the week is spoken by Jeremy. Something about throw a steak on Zach because he's so hot (mad).

*Amy drags Jeremy and Zach to Portland State University. They are in awe listening to someone give a speech about it, to a room full of...well, no one except for Jer, Zach and Amy. She tells them about the requirements. Portland State Univ is out of their league. Zach's jaw is on the floor listening to how good your grades need to be. Jeremy is very cool about, cooly rubs his chin.

*Amy says PSU is unrealistic for the twins. Yep.

*Both Jeremy and Zach say they're interested in business. I was surprised to hear Jeremy say that. He says he is interested in business. Zach says sports management. Jeremy agrees. Jeremy thinks it would be cool to own and manage a sports team.

*They're talking to a University counsellor or somebody. Uhoh. The music is set up to make Jeremy sound like an idiot. Shame on Joey Newman the music guy for LPBW! They're doing the dum, dum, dum music. Jeremy is asking something about how long it would take to get a degree if he wanted to be a mechanical engineer. I think Jeremy just wants to know if it take 4 years and he's set. The counsellor looks confused and says it takes 2 years to get this and then 2 years for that and then you need to get x. Jeremy asks again. The counsellor looks more confused. I don't think what Jeremy was asking was that dumb at all, but this scene is meant to make Jeremy look stupid. Thumbs down to this scene!

* Matt asks Jeremy how he liked Portland State University. Jeremy says he liked it. Really??

*They flashback to the 2nd season when Matt was telling Jeremy about Wharton. Matt says he and Amy have tried to prepare the twins are college and are frusrated they aren't.

*Matt and Jeremy talk about UCLA?? I think they're setting up a visit for Jeremy??

*Cut to Zach, Amy and Jeremy in the living rooms. Jeremy looks great in all light blue, jeans and jacket. Despite Jeremy looking hot, the scene is hostile. Amy is question Zach about his grades that suck. Jeremy tells Amy that Zach didn't do an essay or something. Zach is pissed off. Zach haybales (thanks Rap541 my fellow reviewer!) that he's pissed off when Jeremy tattles on him. Zach says it's the most hypocritical thing ever. Back to the "live" action, Jeremy really does seem fed up with Zach's whining and complaining. Jeremy doesn't mind telling Amy who crappy Zach is doing and giving it to Zach when Zach whines about how unfair it is.

Wow, who would have guessed if you were told back in the first season that Jeremy and Amy would team up to tell Zach how crappy his grades are at school?

*Amy doesn't know what happened to Zach, he used to be ok in school, now he sucks. Jeremy walks by again and hands Amy something, I think Zach's horrible test.

*Hence my title for this episode, Jeremy's revenge. Jeremy genuinely seems angry at Zach for complaining about his bad grades. I think it's all the years of Zach telling everyone that he was the smart one. Jeremy is getting the last laugh now and is happy to help give it back to Zach now.

*Zach has a cooking assignment. He's making a cake. Amy is in the kitchen helping him make the cake. Zach asks what flour is. Doesn't know how to crack an egg. Amy is doing most of it. In fairness, everytime a kid gets help from a parent, doesn't the parent always end up doing it? I remember that. They put the cake in the oven. Zach leaves. He doesn't come back for it. Amy brings takes over and brings the finished cake out to the garage. Jeremy likes the cake and thanks Amy. Side note: Is everybody noticing how well Jeremy and Amy seem to be getting along these days?

*They're at school for Zach's big moment to show the class how to bake the cake. Jeremy says he's nervous. Camera pans to the other people in the class. Dan! Dani! Bryan! They laugh and give quizical looks as Zach cooks. When Zach doesn't know what to do, he makes little jokes.

*I want to see Jeremy cook! We never see Jeremy cook on this show. Last year Zach cooked the dinner at home. This time, they show as Zach cook again and not Jeremy.

*Back at home, Zach bombed his cooking speech again. He got a C. He's pissed and thinks he got robbed. Again. He didn't introduce it with a 5 point introduction. Amy sounds torn between blaming the teacher and being pissed at Zach. She doesn't understand how he didn't do good with her helping him.

*Zach says his attitude for senior year is that D's are great. Wow.

*Amy tells MolAly to tell Zach he needs to get organized.

End of episode


2nd episode

*For the second week in a row, the 2nd episode starts with Jake roller blading in the kitchen. He knocks glasses and pop cans over with a soccer ball.

*Amy wrestles with Jake on rollerblades. As Jacob is jumping on Amy's back, Amy calmly asks Jake if he should be blading in the kitchen because he's destroying the floor? Jake doesn't care. Amy goes back to wrestling with him.

*Molly joins the conversation. This is very strange. Molly, Amy and Jake. Molly debates with Amy if Jake is going to get in trouble for destroying the floor with the roller blades. With all of them sitting there...Amy says stuff like yeah he will get in trouble, Molly says he won't. What a weird conversation.

*Amy tells the camera that her parents were always very clean and organized. She vowed when she had kids, she wanted them to have fun. That's all.

*The kids like to break stuff. Zach talks about all the stuff the kids break, furniture, etc. Scenes are shown of 50 kids running through the house trashing it.

*Jeremy asks Amy for the boxing gloves. This looks promising! Yes! Jeremy and his friends go out to the barn to box. Jeremy shirtless again! This is great. What is better than a grunting, shirtless Jeremy working his muscles by wrestling? Were they going to really box? It's Jeremy VS Bryan. Oh, Bryan just punched Jer in the face. I guess they are boxing! Most of their match for the 10 seconds they show it is Bryan trying to take Jeremy down. Jeremy falls on Bryan. Other friends are shown wrestling. This scene is over in about 20 seconds. Not fair!!!!!

*Matt takes Sven in the house and downstairs. To be honest, I don't care what they're saying, I want more of the boxing with Jeremy shirtless! :) The gist of the Sven part is Matt is getting him to clean the basement up because Amy has it in disaster.

*There are stains on the carpet. Matt is mad. Amy says it's the dog and doesn't care. Matt thinks it's from the kids spilling drinks. Matt wants a rule about no drink upstairs. Amy says she "tries to discourage it". Matt is totally right. Well, I don't know about the rule, but Matt calls Amy on how lame it is to say "you're discouraging it". That means I don't want you to do it, but go ahead.

*This stuff is revealing about Matt and Amy. Amy says she wants Matt mad at her and not the kids so that's why she argues with Matt. She doesn't want Matt angry at the kids.

*Molly walks by and says they both suck at disciplining and it never, ever happens and never will.

*A random shot of Jeremy firing a shotgun in a field. Jeremy hits his target! A baby dear gets its head blown off. Oh great, now the PETA group will be after Jeremy too. No, no, I'm just kidding. LOL. They didn't show Jeremy kill anything, but they did show him fire a gun. Was that added last minute to scare off the vandals? :)

*Amy goes to Matt's mens crisis center to point out that it's a mess. Amy says Matt doesn't care about keeping things clean. Amy thinks Matt's issue with cleaning is because he wants to get rid of all her stuff and keep his stuff.

*Amy brings home groceries. Matt and Jeremy get home, they have groceries too. They argue about it. Matt wants Amy to thank him. Amy doesn't like that Matt infringed on her domain. Matt blames Jeremy for grabbing more stuff at the store.

*Matt can't find the remote. He finds it in another room. He's angry. Amy is upset that Matt is angry. Matt blames Jacob. Calls Jacob into a room. Jacob denies that it was him. Matt doesn't believe him. He points to a video game and says he's taking it away. Jacob doesn't care. What a brat.

*The coffee table is all burnt along the edges. Matt notices. Tells Amy. Amy doesn't care. I agree with Matt here! Matt is shocked Amy doesn't care. Matt says that means one of the kids took a lighter and burnt the table and Amy doesn't care? Yep. Amy doesn't care. Matt says someone needs to get in trouble for it. Amy says no. Amy says you don't know when or how it happened, so you can't punish, just forget about it (I hope the people who want Jeremy's head for the "scandal" stuff are paying attention.....after seeing this scene there is NO WAY IN HELL Amy was ever going to get mad at Jeremy for that! lol)

*Back to coffee-table-gate. Matt blames Jacob. I don't know about that honestly. I think we all know Jeremy smokes. Burning the coffee table makes me think Jeremy and his friends more than Jacob, but maybe Jake has a history that I don't know about. Matt tells Amy that most parents would call all 4 kids into the room and demand that one of them confesses. But Matt and Amy don't do that because Amy says they don't know when or what happened, so just forget about it.

*Matt comments that Amy is very protective of "her little hens" (the kids!).

*Amy serves pizza to about 20 kids running aroud the house.

*Some carpet cleaning guy comes. This is random. Obviously a free service they elected to have done :)

*The basement is clean now. Jeremy is impressed. But do any of us viewers care about the basement? No, but there is a nice view of Jeremy's butt in his tight jeans :)

*Jake jumps in and out of a window. It's chaos. 50 kids in the house trashing the place. They do a montage like "the morning after". The house is a wreck. Amy walks through shocked at how bad it is. She says it's bad even for her. Weak threat time. She says to herself and to the camera that maybe the kids can't have friends over if they're going to trash the house like this.

*Amy says she's waking the kids up and telling them to clean. Amy tells Zach Matt will be pissed. Zach says even he is pissed because it's so trashed. All 4 kids get up and help clean it up.

*Amy is happy! She tells the kids that they're awesome. Amy tells the camera that the kids respond to her type of discipline. She tells the kids they all did great.

*Matt agrees the place looks great. Matt and Amy both say the kids have earned the right to have the friends over. Party time!

*Back to the boring basement storyline. Amy comes downstairs (like she hasn't seen it, it's been going on for days....) she's impressed with Sven's cleaning service.

*Jake, Amy and Matt play risk. Jake looks like somebody in that white shirt and his hair like that. But who? I know! He looks like John Travolta in the 80s, I think Grease!

*Matt ends the show by saying he's realizing he shouldn't care so much about the house being clean.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Vandalism at Roloff Farm - more details - $7000 worth of damage over 2 months

There is another article in the Oregonian about the vandalism to the Roloff Farm, this one as a few more details.

Vandals damage farm signs of Roloff family featured on "Little People, Big World"

By John Snell, The Oregonian
October 26, 2009, 3:14PM

HILLSBORO – Vandals have caused an estimated $7,000 damage to signs on the farm belonging to a family of dwarfs featured on the reality TV show "Little People, Big World."

The damage occurred over the past two months at the Helvetia-area farm of the Matthew Roloff family, according to reports filed with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The most recent incident happened last week.

The sheriff's office took reports on the incidents, but suspended their investigation because of lack of information about suspects. The Roloff family, however, has offered a reward for information leading to the arrests of the culprits.

The incidents began about two months ago, according to reports, when someone spread feces on the Roloff Farms sign on the property.

About two weeks ago, six holes were found in the sign and appeared to be caused by a hatchet or sledge hammer, wrote Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Amy Chewning. Chewning's report says the sign was also hit by two blasts from a shotgun last Wednesday.

Matthew Roloff also told deputies that 10 "Roloff pumpkin patch" signs had been taken in recent weeks.

Roloff's family is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for shooting their sign.

Roloff has dwarfism, as does his wife, Amy, and one of their children. Little People, Big World has been shown on The Learning Channel on cable television since spring of 2006. – John Snell

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roloff Sign vandalized, gun shots on Roloff Farm

Wow. Breaking news of sorts. Hopefully it's just a teenage prank, but firing shots at it? A little dangerous I'd say.

I'm simply passing this along as it was emailed to us. I will also say that there have been several inquiries today about "Roloff sign shot".

As emailed to the blog:

"Reporting that someone has shot up the Roloff sign - full report has not been aired yet."

"Apparently it happened this past Wednesday - and Matt is interviewed. Apparently someone damaged the sign with an axe the last week (?). This weeks damage include someone shooting the sign with a gun and reportedly putting feces on the sign. Both Roloff family members and TLC crew heard the gun shots out by the sign when it happened - and called police."

It is indeed true, although the Roloffs don't seem to be too concerned, just chalking it up to some pranks and vandalism:

Reported by Eric Taylor

Vandals hit Roloff Farms

HELVETIA, Ore. – Gunshots cracked the night air and stopped the friendly game of ‘capture-the-flag’ between members of the Roloff family, the stars of the TLC reality series “Little People Big World.”

“We were out playing capture the flag at night last Wednesday and we heard gunshots,” said Matt Roloff. The family is fine but the sign that sits outside their Washington County, Oregon farm is riddled with holes that appear to have been made by a sledgehammer and/or a shotgun.

Signs that tell visitors how to get to the pumpkin patch were also stolen. The missing signs did not disrupt business considering Roloff Farms is one of the most famous pumpkin farms in the country.

“People were able to find us. Obviously we are having our busiest day ever,” said Roloff, who zooms around the property in his ATV, keeping things running and posing for endless pictures taken by eager guests. Visitors have been coming to The Roloff Farm every October well before the Roloff’s became TV stars, but now most of the visitors are from out of state.

As for the vandalism, Roloff isn’t “too worried,” but he and his family, the film crew and authorities are keeping an eye out for those who pay a visit looking for something other than pumpkins.

Here is another article with another quote from Matt. It's just the latest in a string of vandalism and they're working with neighbors..

"We heard the shotguns go off and we raced out there one of the neighbors was out there concerned said his house was right behind the sign and somebody could have gotten hurt," says Roloff. "We'll see if we can figure out who did it and then I'd like to ask them why?"

The Roloffs say the shotgun incident was just the latest in a string of property crimes. They're working with neighbors to keep an eye out for trouble. "

There is now a news video of it. They introduce the segment as "The family was standing outside at the time, someone could have been killed..." Matt is interviewed. Most of the report is actually about how busy the farm is and the Roloffs having a record day in terms of number of visitors and the schedule for the rest of Farm business hours.

Here is another video with Jeremy and Zach, as well as Matt:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does the Roloff church believe that gay people can and should be cured?

Ever since Jeremy Roloff's use of gay slurs and perceived mocking of gay people, a spotlight has been put on the Roloffs and their attitude towards gay people. Another event that drew more attention to this subject, was the fact that Amy Roloff on her official website, included a link to the controversial Christian organization "Focus on the Family" - which is arguably most famous for their anti-gay stance and the millions of dollars they spent campaigning against issues such as gay people's right to marry. However, a couple of months ago when Amy's website was updated, the Focus on the Family link disappeared and replaced by her newly formed Charity Foundation website link.

Some people previously assumed that given the Roloffs message of inclusion portrayed on the show and statements from Matt such as "I wasn't put on this earth to hide in a closet and be ashamed of who I am" -obviously very relatable to gay people or family/friends of gay people -- some figured the Roloffs were not "anti-gay". Some Christian fans of the Roloffs, embrace the Roloffs perceived opposition to homosexually and are surprised there is any debate about it - after all the Bible says it is an abomination in the eyes of God.

This issue is compounded by the fact that the Roloffs are public speakers regarding diversity and inclusion. They are invited and paid to speak about those topics. Amy has spoken at "Social Justice" seminars where the message is one of acceptance and equality, and included another speaker who was gay or lesbian.

It's a very heated topic that surfaces in many discussions about the Roloffs when their fans get together to discuss them. About a month ago, in the comments to one of our items, some people claimed that the Roloffs church advocates that gay people can and should be cured. That is a rather controversial stance.

We received several emails from readers of the blog. Some were upset that it was said. Some fellow Christians were unhappy that it was even in question. Others were simply curious if it was true? Do the Roloffs believe that gay people should be "de-gayed"?

We always aim to clear up fact from rumor so here goes:

If the question is: In the past, has the Church that the Roloffs attend, invited speakers to their Church who teach that gay people can and should be 'de-gayed'? The answer is yes.

Two things that are the connection are the Harvest Community Church and Sy Rogers.

Viewers know the Harvest Community Church from the show, it was where they held the memorial for Mike Detjen (and for readers of the blog, it was also the church of the Glencoe High School student who committed suicide last month).

The Harvest Community Church has a public fan page on Facebook.

Amy is a "fan" of HCC. Well, it used to be visible, at one time Amy had her real Facebook page not really public, but at least visible. Now it is hidden. Anyhow, you can see that the Harvest Community Church held their summer picnic at Roloff Farms. They have a link to these photos, although I believe this was when the Roloffs themselves were on their vacation through Europe.

The Christian speaker welcomed by the Harvest Community Church is the controversial Sy Rogers. He has the Sy Rogers Christian ministries. He says he is an "ex-gay" who teaches that gay people can be cured with the help of Jesus.

"Ex-residents claim that to help in Hillsong's endeavour to rid themselves of homosexuals, Hillsong has gone so far as to enlist the services of Sy Rogers, an American 'ex-gay' (now reformed) married Christian who spoke at their MegaChurch last year. Hillsong uses Roger's Youtube show Turnaround, in which he claims "Happily, homosexuality can be turned around. Homosexuality is out of tune with religion; it is not what God planned for human sexuality."

You can see by this schedule listing in the past, Sy Rogers is popular with Portland area Churches and Harvest Community Church.

March/April 2005
Sy Rogers returns to Portland
On April 3, Sy will be delivering the Sunday
morning message at Harvest Community Church in Hillsboro

When this issue was first mentioned, the blog heard from some of the fellow members of Harvest Community Church who claimed they attended Mr. Rogers' seminar with the Roloffs when he was invited to their Church and sang his praises.

I hope that clears up some fact from fiction on this issue.

To give you an idea of what Sy Rogers is all about and what the Roloffs church embrace in speakers they invite to their church, you can check out this video. I have to say...this is NOT a Saturday Night Live sketch. It might seem that way, but it is not. It is the speaker the Roloffs have seen speak and their church welcomes.

To be fair, that video was some time ago, and this a more recent Sy Rogers seminar. He seems to have become a little smoother...perhaps this is more along the lines of what the Roloffs were treated to when they saw him speak in their Church?

If you want to hear a different perspective on Christianity and homosexuality from someone who has been seen on Little People, Big World, watch Jen Montzingo's very recent video blog and find out why she says sometimes she doesn't want to tell people that she is a Christian. (Jen comes into the video at 1:48, she starts with a clip from the TV show Grey's Anatomy).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Matt Roloff filming a movie?

One of our blog subscribers was kind enough to pass along this bit of interesting information from his trip to the Roloff Farm for pumpkin season on October 17th. So we will share it with other Roloff fans (how the Blog works!) and you can make of it what you will.

"Last weekend, October 17th, my family and I went to Roloff Farms for their annual pumpkin picking and farm tractor tour. Our particular tractor tour was led by one of Molly’s close friends, whose name I can’t recall.

As we were driving past the Roloff house, she mentioned that Matt was currently busy filming a movie. I know that she wasn’t referencing the LPBW show because she specifically said, “Our LPBW camera crew has been filming the film crew who is filming Matt for a movie.” She didn’t mention much else, but I have attached a photo of Matt waving to our group as we passed by while he was filming. "

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little People, Big World TV ratings for Season 5 (TLC)

Everyone was very curious to see what the television ratings would be like for Little People, Big World in the new season five. Let's face it, whether or not there will be a Season 6 will probably depend on what the ratings are like for Season 5.

Just before I get to that, I'll mention that traffic for our blog has been through the roof in recent weeks and months. Monday nights on season 4 used to always generate the most hits to the site, however, even during the hiatus traffic kept increasing. Since season 5 has started it has been bigger than ever. I would say thank you to everybody reading, but nobody associated with our blog makes even one cent off the blog so it doesn't really have an impact ;-) Nah, seriously it is nice to know that the site is so popular, so thank you for reading.

Okay, what we all want to know, the television ratings. To give you a gauage here are some numbers in the past.

LPBW's season 2 premiere was 1.7 million viewers.

LPBW's season 3 premiere shot up to an average of 3 million viewers (those were the episodes regarding Matt Roloff's DUII trial).

In season 4, the highest rated episodes were the ones about Mike Detjen's death. They were around the 2.3 million range.

To give you another idea, Jon and Kate which does better ratings than LPBW, were around the 3 million mark on average before all the scandal and everything went crazy. Jon and Kate's divorce episodes were watched by more than 10 million people.

However, the recent ratings for Jon and Kate are dropping like a bomb. Three weeks ago the ratings were high in the high 1's. Two weeks ago (the same night as LPBW returned for their season opener) Jon and Kate's ratings climbed from that showing, to 2.5 million. This past Monday (Oct 19) Jon and Kate scored 1.966 million viewers.

So how is Little People, Big World and the Roloffs doing thus far in Season 5?

TV Ratings
Oct 12 Season premiere:

8 pm "King of His Castle" = 1.864 million viewers,

8:30pm "Last Dance" = 2.198 million viewers

Week 2:

Oct 19
Little People, Big World

8pm "Downhill Dwarf" = 1.766 million viewers

8:30pm "Game Over" = 1.820 million viewers

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Video preview; Where Jacob Roloff fits in -- Season 5 Little People, Big World

TLC has released 3 video clips for Season 5 that viewers haven't seen yet or slightly longer versions of scenes from the first two weeks of season five.

The first one is called "Where Jacob fits in". Amy and Jacob play around with boxing gloves in the kitchen, while Amy speaks to the camera about Jake's place now that Jeremy and Zach are getting older.

The next one is a slightly longer version of what viewers saw last Monday when the Roloffs visited Corban. In this one, Amy is left out when they visit the guy's dorm.

The third clip is the scene about Molly's castle from the season 5 premiere, except that this clip includes a bit with Jeremy and his friend Brendon, helping Matt clear some branches around the castle.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Roloff Review by Rap541 -- Little People Big World Oct 19

Our next guest episode reviewers is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541)

Written by Rap541

1st episode

Matt debates his health problems and his bucket list. There’s an implication that Matt has skied before. He brags to the hord of young boys littered about the house about his accomplishments.

Queue new credits…. Did I miss Jer shirtless flexing?

Matt discusses how he skies a lot. In the past. Jeremy has a scratch in his snowboard. He wants a new board. Matt seems to be indulging Jer with a new board. Jeremy hay bales about how Matt shouldn’t ski.

Matt and his doc. He seems to take it seriously describing problems. She gives him a report. Matt has problems in his vertebrae. Disc degeneration. My sis had that. She had surgery. Matt is looking at a similar surgery. Dude, I don’t envy you. I hope you have insurance.

Amy seems unconcerned but she does note that Matt tends to exaggerate his issues. The kids ask about his medical problems. Matt implies its pretty serious… says “paralyzed” to the kids… says he will snow ski, regardless! Because he is a man!. Amy is irritated that he’s considering it. He mentions his bucket list. Amy hay bales about how annoyed she is. Matt says not to worry. Amy is clearly worried. Matt goes to bed. Yeah, um… this was a wee bit awkward for people who are happily married

Sorry, my sympathies lie with Amy here. That’s a serious surgery. My sister, who spent twelve hours on the table so she could MAYBE regain the ability to walk and work without Vicodin, despite the pain, never once considered doing anything other than cuddling her daughter before the surgery. I get Amy’s issue here.

Interesting to note no snow on the ground at the house in the vague house scenes. Gotta be honest… I have friends in Oregon in that area. It does snow. I mean, yeah we‘re all idiots who have no clue that the show is edited, but fyi - I have a pretty good idea that the boys LAST WINTER FORMAL was in maybe January, while the boys LAST HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER game was not AFTER the winter formal but in fact was in November at best. I mean really, duh.

Matt does some funky physical therapy at home… some sort of traction? Amy is irritated and notes she wants a lil man. It seems like teasing abit. Amy hay bales about she has no idea what’s wrong. The traction seems to amuse Matt. We change scene to Skiing planning

Jeremy goes on about how Matt is sickly and hasn’t skied. Matt notes that everyone said don’t do it. So of course he will. Jeremy drives them off to ski. Jeremy hay bales about how nice it is to talk to dad. They talk about how girls are just time wasters who can be replaced and permanent females are just for old goats….. That’s some real respect for the wife, Matt…. Appparently she is just a vagina to plow, an old goat’s right. Nice. Can’t imagine why she isn’t happy after you describe women to your son like that. Swho did you plow, Matt? Before you were a goat and settled on Amy? That was your point to your son right? Plow as many as possible and then settle? Oh I can imagine why Any wasn’t happy with that sound bite for your machismo.

They head to a ski lodge. Matt seems to be in pain getting into the ski boots. He hay bales that it pretty much sucks and is painful. Matt hay bales about risk. As much as I think this act is dumb…. I know my sis had a baby and tried for another despite every medical person on site saying “DON’T” because it would make things worse. And Sis loves the baby. And I love the niece, and brother and mom and dad, and sis’s significant other love the niece. Some things are worth it.

I do note that having a much waited for child is not the same thing as skiing..

Ski chalet. Matt heads off. I have skied enough (and Rap isn’t very good) and Matt is on a beginner slope. No shame in that. Now Jer ski boards with dad. Good fun. Not amazing in that I, super uncoordinated, can ski,. As can sis, as can fat brother, as can paralyzed pal, and pal missing a leg, but seriously. Good for Matt. I really enjoyed his comments on the freedom as well. I have felt it. I am glad he has felt it. I wish a friend of mine, who has a scary version of ms, could feel it because we were chatting about it, and about how difficult it was for him to even join me at a hotel for a convention. I am glad for Matt.

Matt seems whipped on the ride home and is worried if Amy even cares. Jokes about buying new expensive skis. Whines.

Goes on about how he is sore. Jer says he will jog a mile and heads upstairs. Matt hay bales about his slowly declining abilities. Amy hay bales ad seems annoyed about the bucket list. He calls for the dog


2nd episode

Next. Amy wakes various kids up for French toast. She demands all the friends get up. At 11 am…. She is soooo mean! Zach whines about her and the friends do too. Hey, baby boys who need wakey wakey? Show me you boys making your own French toast. Then I might entertain your bitching how you had to crawl out of bed at 11 am.

I don’t like the new credits really. Jeremy bikes shirtless and goes on about how he is in his last year in a monotone. The kids play soccer with the pe teacher. Zach worries about his grades and his height and goes on and on about playing. I relate that in that I played on the varsity team as a back up since I was a girl. Zach goes on about Mike’s chair and how special it is to him. Amy is pleased as well and Zach wants it in a place special. Do note, he seems to sleep on a mattress and springs on the floor. He also seems to sit out a lot due to his grades. He goes on about his coaching. Jeremy hay bales about how it sucks. Amy tells the soccer moms Zach is considering Corbin… and wants the boys to head to college. I sorta wish Amy would consider if Zach had learning disabilities. I don’t say that to be mean. If Amy is sitting Zach down to the table and double checking his homework, I’d worry less, but I don’t see it on camera…. And that makes me think maybe there’s more going on since verbally Zach is more articulate.

The Mcmansion. Zach babbles about soccer. Matt asks about his playing. Zach notes he can’t play due to grades. Jeez. Maybe you should parent? Matt? Amy? Zach is failing?Amy? The boys don’t care if they go to college…. Stop arranging their plans. Jeremy waxes on how he hates books and reading but college is fun party times. Amy nags about how useless their lives are and how she controls all inheritances. Jeremy hay bales about how he has no idea what to do.

Amy forces the boys to see Corbin even though they have no interest. The twins are clearly bored and annoyed that the college is like Faith. The RA goes on about potty bonding. Zach hay bales about how its not real world. The soccer coach interviews them. Amy notes both boys sluffed off school. As does the coach. The coach does seem to brace Zach to be realistic about soccer.

Zach is miffed that Mike D’s chair disappeared. Amy thinks maybe Matt had it thrown out. Insert class time at Faith Bible and Zach taking a test. Zach worries, but the teach shows him his errors and seems really pleased. Insert soccer playing. Btw didn’t they just show winter formal which is well after soccer season.

Amy and Jer plot to return the special thinking chair of mike d’s to Zach as a surprise. Zach is way pleased. Amy is pleased as well. Amy can be a cool mom I must say. She has always reminded me of my mom.

Zach and Jeremy play their last high school game. There is cheering. Matt shows up and asks if it’s the last game the twins will play. Amy worries too much about Zach being bumped. I played. I bumped average height kids who weighed less and who weighed more.. Don’t worry . Zach has some meat on him .I agree with Matt’s hay bale that the drive Zach has could serve him well. Of course it ends.

The kids walk off the field. I miss it. I miss the field, the team, and shout out to my coach Bob Kalweit, who fought and fought for us girls to play soccer with the boys. Jeremy waxes about his last game and so does Zach, and boys? Listen to the girl here. If you want it, you can play. Don’t let anything stop you. And also remember, you may find more that you can love. I loved soccer…. But I went to college and played rugby. And was on Ranger Challenge in ROTC, and raquetball and writing reviews for the college paper. Leaving the high school is an ending, I don’t downplay that…. But I understand now what a commencement of my life it was. I think, when I was in college…. Roaming around the Midwest storm chasing, spending the summer digging up mastadons, and looking at dinosaur bones in the field… I hope college is as amazing for you as it was for me.

Guest Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Oct 19

The first of our guest episode reviewers is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed)


Written by Expressed:

1st episode:

The second week of new episodes is here. Matt is in the house trying on ski boots. Jeremy and his friends are in skiiing attire sitting around the house as Matt tells us he wants to go skiing again. I know where this episode is going and there is already one downfall. Skiing means Jeremy will be covered by layers of clothing. But it should be a great episode. It's the two best Roloffs - Jeremy and Matt!

Cut to the great new opening. Now that they've teased us with Jeremy being shirtless, it's on to the episode.

* Jeremy and Matt go to a ski rental shop. Jeremy's snowboard is worn. It costs $100 to fix it, so he wants to get a new one and looks at Matt. This is why Jeremy and Matt are great together. Matt is a pushover :) Is there any doubt Matt will buy Jer a new board?

*Matt is getting sore and asks Jeremy to rub his shoulder. What a nice son. Jeremy looks concerned and massages Matt's shoulder.

*Matt wants to go skiing before his health gets too bad that he can't do anything. It's his "Bucket list". He also wants to go skiing with Jeremy because he doesn't get much one on one time with Jeremy, his favorite son...Ok Matt didn't say that last part, but we all know it's true and justified (more on that later).

*Jeremy thinks Matt is on a suicide mission.

*There's a scene at Matt's doctor's office. The doctor brings in the skeleton. That's a bad sign. His discs are degenerative, the Dr. tells Matt he will need to have spinal surgery within 6 months. Matt asks if somethings goes wrong with the surgery will be paralyzed.

*Matt's back at home, Amy tells everyone that she thinks Matt exaggerates when he gets back from the doctor. He always makes it sound like he's on his deathbed. Matt does seem down, but what do you expect after being told you'll need spinal surgery? Matt announces to the family that he hopes won't be paralyzed. Ok, now I'm seeing Amy's point. I think Matt likes to play up the worst case scenario.

*Matt announces he wants to go skiing on final time. Amy says it's not a good idea. I can't read Jeremy. Is he worried or does he think Matt is crazy? Jeremy looks serious.

*Now there is a weird scene by the kitchen. Matt is trying out a contraption that is supposed to help him. He puts a bandage around his head, Jeremy and some buddies fill something with water and hang it on the door. The bandage around Matt's face tightens. This must be comedy for the camera. Matt makes some funny faces. Amy says he's embarrassing.

*Matt tells the camera that everyone told him not to go skiing. That makes him want to do it even more. Jeremy doesn't know what to expect.

*Jeremy and Matt are ready to leave, Jeremy is driving. Interesting outfit. He has soccer shorts and long pants/long underwear?

*Now it's some Jeremy and Matt quality time in the car as they drive to the ski hill. A subject everybody will be interested in. Jeremy and girls! Matt says Jeremy has been single for a year. Jeremy says he likes it. It's easier without a girlfriend and girls will always come around. Matt keeps on interrupting him! Matt, be quiet! People want to hear from Jeremy about this! Matt says something about how he told Jer so or what he did, Jeremy says he needed to find it out for himself.

*Matt and Jeremy arrive at the hill. Jeremy is being very sweet. He helps Matt out, rigged up Matt's crutches to be homemade ski poles and helps Matt put on his ski boots.

*Matt gives another speech about how everybody told him he's crazy to go skiing, he's going to kill himself, but no risk, no reward.

*I am wondering how Matt will ever do this...Jeremy tells the camera he's not sure Matt will even make it down the first hill or will they need to call an ambulance. Cut to commercial.

*They go and Matt is really good! He's fast and can stop surprisingly well. What was all the fuss about now? He made it look so easy. Great job, Matt! Now we see where Jeremy gets his adventurous spirit from. Even if it looked easy, how many people would be willing to try it if they had Matt's body?

*Matt and Jeremy spend the day skiing and both say they're having a blast. They high five in the ski lift. What a great father and son duo. They're having a great time and nobody is complaining. That's why Jeremy and Matt are mine, and so many other people's favorite Roloffs. Adventure and good spirits.

*As they pack up to leave, Jeremy tells Matt that if Matt isn't sore in the morning he will be officially impressed and he will actually mean it this time. Hmm...was that a hint that Jeremy doesn't always mean what he says? ;-)

*On the car ride home Matt says he's already getting sore. Jeremy says he's not, he wants to run a mile. The enter the house....and no one cares. Amy gives Matt a "oh hey, how are you and says she'll be back later." Matt comments to the camera about Amy's lack of concern.

All in all, that was a good episode with the two best Roloffs. I hope everyone will applaud Matt for being up to ski. Who would have thought? It was great to see Jeremy and Matt spend one on one time. Something occurred to me watching this episode. I think Jeremy is the only one who looks like he cares about Matt. Molly does sometimes, but in this episode Jeremy seemed to be the only one inspired by Matt and realized it was a big deal for him to ski.

2nd episode

*Amy is ringing a cowbell waking everybody in the house up. And I do mean everybody! It looked like Molly had 3 or 4 friends downstairs. Amy made her way upstairs to Jake's room. He might have been alone. He looks disgusted at the cow bell noise. At least he is too tired to whine about it. Ha. Amy goes into Jeremy and Zach's room and there is a few friends in there too.

*Jeremy shirtless alert! This season is starting off on a high point! They never let us go too long without giving us Jeremy shirtless. Jeremy and Zach are riding their bikes to soccer practice. Jeremy is without a shirt and looks great. He stops and waits for Zach while his friends pass him. Jeremy tells the camera it's important to wait for Zach.

Commentary time. Wow Jeremy is so thoughtful. Last episode with Matt and now with Zach. Where is all this thoughtfulness coming from? Jeremy was always fun and cool, but this is a high point for Jeremy. Either he's just maturing into an even better person or he's giving it to all of his critics who said he was selfish.

*Now they're at practice. Zach calmly explains that he can't play because of his poor grades. What? They aren't making a very big deal about that one. So much for all the stuff Zach used to say about him being the smart one vs Jeremy...

*Jeremy is shirtless alert #2 continued. Jeremy shirtless for the entire practice.

*Jeremy continues being amazing and supportive. Jer explains that he feels bad for Zach not being able to play because he knows what it means to Zach and it's his last year. Zach acts like it's not a big deal, but Jeremy knows Zach is bummed.

*Amy is watching on the sidelines. Jake is there? Is he dead? Seriously? He's lying face down and motionless on the grass....he must be sleeping. Practice must not be too interesting.

*Amy says she was shocked when Zach's grades got him benched. Back at home, Matt doesn't seem to know much about it. He asked Zach why he wasn't playing. Zach told him poor grades.

*If you thought it was surprising Matt didn't know, even more shocking to me is Zach was telling Matt a soccer story, he said "Do you know big Dan? Daniel Meichtry? What?? How could Zach wonder if Matt would know who Dan is??

*Zach dug out an old chair that was somewhere on the property. He calls it his thinking chair. Mike had made it for him when he was tutoring him. Zach seems excited about it. He tells Amy he knows exactly the place for it and puts it at the end of his bed.

*Later in the episode Zach gets upset when the chair is gone. He asks Amy if Matt had someone clean out their room. Amy tells him someone did clean it and she hoped they didn't throw it out because it was old.

*Later on we find out that Amy planned a surprise for Zach. She had the chair refurbished, but they kept Zach's carved initials on the arm that Mike had made. Jeremy puts it in the room. This scene seems a little staged. The camera is in the room, Zach walks in and finds the chair. Staged or not, it was sweet that Amy did that for him because the chair was made by Mike.

*Amy calls Jer and Zach into her office. She's arranged a trip to Corban College but she knows they aren't prepared. Jeremy looks a combination of disgusted and bored and in shock. I think I heard the word PCC muttered in the back (by Zach, did they already know?) , but no attention was paid to it. Jeremy still looks pained by the whole discussion. He says he doesn't know what he wants to do. Amy asks him how he will support himself. He says "Money" and smiles.

*Fast forward to the Roloffs at Corban for their tour. Jeremy and Zach look floored. I can tell they don't want to be there and it's something they need to do for show.

*Corban is a private Christian college. Zach surprises me with this next comment. He says Corban is like Faith Bible continued. Zach goes on to say it would just be more Faith Bible and they still wouldn't be thrown to the real world. Hold on a second. That sounds like a lot of the debates I read on this site! There's nothing wrong with it if they had gone to Corban. I don't like the "it's not the real world" comment. I never expected Zach to be on that side of the issue.

*They meet with the Corban soccer coach. Jeremy wants to play college soccer. The coach asks Zach if he thinks it's realistic that he can play or if he's thinking about coaching. Zach wants to be part of the team and then move to coaching them. Basically what I think it was like at Faith Bible.

*Now we're back at Faith Bible. By the way, we've had a lot of Faith Bible school scenes in the last year. In the first couple of seasons they almost never filmed at school. Zach is taking a test to get his grades back up. The teacher is really nice. Zach gets a B-. He can play on the team again.

*Another soccer game. Their last soccer game. A big crowd has gathered and a lots of girls to cheer Jeremy...I mean, the team on ;-) Molly has a sign. On one sign it says "Mueller is the bomb", on the other it says "Scott rocks my socks".

*Matt came to the game, Amy seems annoyed. Jeremy scores a great goal. Zach almost scored, but the goalie saved it. Zach tells what happened and how his glory moment was ruined.

*Being the last soccer game, they dedicated the game to Mike Detjen. Amy says a few words on a Mega-phone. Zach and Jeremy give her a rose.

*Jeremy is sad because he doesn't know what he's going to do with college, so that could have been his last game.

That's it for this week. I got this off real quick, haven't had time to ponder it beyond that.

These episodes were great because they both had lots of Jeremy. What can you say about Jeremy? He took the most amazing son award in the first episode and now he takes the most amazing brother award. Then he scores a great goal for the soccer team.

Amy Roloff's interview on the Rachael Ray show aired October 19

Amy Roloff's segment on the Rachael Ray show aired today....personally I think, it was under-whelming (no fault of Amy's!)

Do you know what is really lacking? A good interview with the Roloffs. Of course, Roloff fans know not to expect much from these "talk show" interviews on the big networks, but it is disappointing for fans.

Amy wasn't even mentioned in the opening of the show. Her segment was a taped segment which wasn't done in front of the audience. They slipped the segment in as they came back from a commercial early in the program.

They were in Rachael's studio kitchen making "Chicken noodle Roll over"...Rachael commented on "Roll-over"/Roloff...get it? :-) Most of the segment which was only about 2 minutes long focused on cooking, but there was a very brief talk between Rachael Ray and Amy.

Rachael told Amy she couldn't believe it was the 5th season. Amy can't believe it either.

Rachael, then, showing that she's oblivious to the National Enquirer article "A Big Bigot in the Land of the Little People" about Jeremy and some of the other talk about the Roloffs mainly on the internet, Rachael expressed to Amy that the show has been such a positive family experience for the Roloffs (again, Rachael is apparently oblivious to the fact that the theme through the entire new season keeps alluding to problems in Matt and Amy's marriage). Is Amy flipped out by what a negative experience it has been for Jon and Kate and that whole thing?

I think Amy was privately thinking to herself 'What is she talking about? How do I answer this politely?'

Amy answered by saying that in the long run, she thinks it has been a positive experience. They started the show with a purpose, that was to get the message out about little people. However, with reality, your whole life is exposed..."With Matt and I fighting, or people seeing my messy house, or...all the comments on the blogs and stuff like that. So there is a lot of negativity that comes with it. You take it was a grain of salt and keep coming back to "why are we doing this?" Why are we exposing our life on such a raw, personal level? I think the message about little people..." Rachael said it kept them focused. They then continued the brief cooking segment.

I think Amy did a good job answering the question considering Rachael's question was kind of off the mark. It would be nice for fans (and the Roloffs themeslves perhaps) if the interviewer was a little more aware of what is really going on and what the Roloffs experience. I have a feeling if the Roloffs write a tell-all book after the experience is over, it would not be all 'This was such a positive experience, how could Jon and Kate not have the great time we did?'

At the conclusion of the cooking segment they played a preview from the new season. Where is Jerslundgirl (a Jeremy super-fan familiar to Roloff followers on the'll get the reference ;-) when you need her?

In the preview, Amy enters the twins room with a cow bell to wake them and their friends who are sprawled on the couch in their room. Amy announces it's 11am, she's making french toast and they need to get up. Bryan Roth almost falls off the couch as Amy enters ringing the bell. Zach yells at Amy to get out. Amy says no they need to get up. Jeremy is a lump not moving under the covers. Amy yells at Jeremy to get up, still an limp blob underneath the covers. As Amy exits, Bryan asks if he can have an Ibuprofen with that breakfast? Zach has moved over in front of the tv in their room playing video games, explaining that it's the first time in like 30 years that they don't need to get up for anything (school, practices) and she comes in with the cow bell. Bryan comments that he thinks she enjoyed it "...until you started screaming." Zach says "Oh yeah, smack that down real fast". Jeremy is still a prone lump underneath the covers.

As the Rachael Ray show goes to commercial, Matt is in the 'green room'. Someone brings Matt some food. Matt says he pretended like he came to support Amy, but really he came for Rachael's food.

End of the Roloff segment.

Interview with Jeff Weaver co-executive producer of Little People Big World about the show and the Roloff family

There is an interesting interview with the co-executive producer of Little People, Big World.

It's amusing that the producer is asked about Jeremy's "sex symbol" image and comments on how Jeremy 'doesn't mind' popping his shirt off for the cameras. I think everyone has noticed the not-so-subtle interjection of Jeremy shirtless inserted into the opening and throughout the shows. I can tell you that from our statistics on this site, Jeremy's "sex symbol image" if you want to call it that, accounts for a large portion of interest among the public in the Roloffs and Little People, Big World.

I do have to admit that I find the statements about "We share everything on the show" sentiment to be a little misleading when everyone who follows the Roloffs more closely know there is a considerable difference between the twins' behavior seen on the show and off.

JH: The appeal seems to really be more about the family and their strong personality and very little to do with their size. Do you agree?

JW: I do. When the series first began, I think a lot of people tuned in because they wanted to see what it was like to be a dwarf, to be a little person in a big world. Now that we've been on the air for so long, I think people stay tuned because the Roloffs are a very relatable family. They have their challenges and obstacles in life that have nothing to do with being a little person and those just as interesting to explore as the little people type.

JH: There must be some relief that there is much less drama that some other TLC shows that shall remain nameless, right?

JW: I can definitely say that every relationship, especially a 22-year marriage, is going to have its day-to-day challenges and is going to have some big picture paradigm shifts that happen across the course of the relationship and we're seeing that this season with Matt and Amy and their kids growing up and Amy is realizing "Hey, I'm not the full-time mom that I used to be. I need to start looking around and figuring out what else is going to happen in my life." Matt is Matt, as ever. He always has projects and he has his ideas, plans and schemes but I think Amy is really taking a sincere and major look at what is going to be changing for her in her life and how that impacts her relationship with Matt.

JH: For a group of kids that have grown up on television, the Roloff children seem so balanced. How would you say the experience has been for them?

JW: I think they are very balanced. I think that Amy and Matt have done a really good job at trying to keep their life as normal as possible. And, given the circumstances of having cameras around a lot, they've actually created a world for their kids where they can grow up, have friends, do normal things and still share their story with an audience.

JH: I couldn't help noticing that Jeremy has become something of a sex symbol as he's reaching adulthood.

JW: For the last year or two, Jeremy has been taking really good care of his physique and we all noticed that he has come into his own in terms of body image. He's an attractive young man and he doesn't mind popping his shirt off occasionally with the cameras, as well.

Read the whole interview on the link below:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Article about the Roloff farm during pumpkin season

Jordan Frasier (we've seen the blog with the full set of Jordan's pictures) wrote a nice article describing what a day at the Roloff farm is like during pumpkin season.

Reminder: Roloffs on the Rachael Ray show Monday Oct 19

Just a reminder, the Roloffs will be on the Rachael Ray show this Monday (Oct 19).

Amy's website mentioned that she will be on the show, but the Rachael Ray show does say "Matt and Amy Roloff" and uses the plural "the Roloffs stop by".

Interesting that Amy's website only mentioned that she did the show....gee, let's hope they aren't being interviewed separately now like Jon and Kate! ;-) (the preview does say "things get playful backstage ..."

This is on the Rachael Ray TV show website right now for Monday's show:

Inside Rachael's Prep Kitchen with Amy Roloff
With six mouths to feed, Little People, Big World's Amy Roloff knows how to stretch a buck! She's swapping budget-friendly "rollover" ideas with Rachael!

Matt & Amy Roloff: 3 Things You Don't Know About Us
Things get a little playful backstage when the stars of Little People, Big World reveal their food dislikes, what they think about sappy '80s love songs, and how competitive Amy really is!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Matt Roloff speaks at Jefferson State Community College in Alabama

Amy Roloff has been doing most of the public speaking engagements in the last year or so, however, Matt spoke at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama at their annual disability conference being held right now.

They have a few pictures of Matt speaking at the conference:

Peggy Roloff is in the process of writing a book

Peggy Roloff (Matt's mother, of course), reports that she is in the process of writing a book. She's been working on it for the last couple of years. She describes it as being full of stories and hope. Her goal is to have it completed by the end of this year, but publishing plans sound like it is still up in the air.

You can see Peggy's item about it on her site:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Complete Roloff family previews for the entire Season 5 Part A of Little People Big World

TLC has released their written previews for the rest of Season 5 Part A. These will air until mid-December. The finale of Season 5 Part A will end with Jeremy and Zach Roloff's graduation from high school. Part B traditionally returns very late February or March/April.

It looks as though the themes of the Matt and Amy's deteriorating marriage, spending issues and Zach's poor grades will continue through the rest of the season.

EPISODE 1: King of His Castle?

Ten years after he began building Molly's Castle, Matt is dead set on completing what's become his most drawn-out and costly farm attraction. Amy begrudgingly approves until Matt's budget on the project begins to swell.

EPISODE 2: Last Dance
Amy helps Molly get ready for her first high school formal dance, but it's a bittersweet experience because it's also Zach and Jeremy's last.

EPISODE 3: Downhill Dwarf

When Matt's doctor says he'll need major spine surgery within 6 months, he decides to start checking items off his "bucket list". Against Amy's wishes, and despite his declining health, Matt takes Jeremy skiing.

EPISODE 4: Game Over?

Zach is in his final high school soccer season and due to his dwarfism, this could be his last chance to play competitively in an average height league. But when poor grades get him benched, Zach must scramble to improve them before the season ends.

EPISODE 5: School of Hard Knocks

As the twins' senior year of high school flies by, it's clear that Zach and Jeremy are not ready for higher education. Amy takes them to tour a local college, but the boys are way behind the curve in applying and getting accepted to a university.

EPISODE 6: A House Divided
It's Matt against the whole family as Amy encourages the kids' desire to have their friends over in their newly remodeled home. The result is chaos and clutter. Matt fights back by organizing the jumbled mess in the basement, which Amy uses for storage.

EPISODE 7: Amy on Her Own

Amy goes to Florida where she's the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament. While she's there, she volunteers at a relief organization and has an inspiring visit to a children's home.

EPISODE 8: Zach's First Stand

When Matt plans a Caribbean sailing vacation on a week that Amy can't get off work, the scheduling conflict divides the family. Upset that it won't be a true family vacation without his mom, Zach leads the charge to mutiny against his dad.

EPISODE 9: No, Matt Is An Island

Matt travels with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies to the beautiful British Virgin Islands for an adventurous sailboat cruise. But Matt's increasing lack of mobility leaves him on the sidelines while the other guys enjoy all the activities.

EPISODE 10: Texting 1, 2, 3
Jacob turns 12 and his parents give him a cell phone, but when he racks up an outrageous bill -- with over 8,000 texts -- Matt and Amy doubt whether Jake is ready for the responsibility.

EPISODE 11: Coach Zach

Zach takes the first step toward his aspirations of becoming a soccer coach when he leads Jacob's soccer camp. Taking control as coach proves to be a struggle and Zach wonders if he's got what it takes.

EPISODE 12: Mother's Day
Mother's Day weekend is also the twins' 19th birthday, and Matt shocks everyone by announcing that he's going to Hawaii - alone. Feeling abandoned, Amy does her best to plan a fun camping trip for the kids.

EPISODE 13: Making the Grade
When Molly risks losing her perfect 4.0 GPA when she fails a test. In an effort to master Spanish, she stops speaking English altogether. Meanwhile, the twins' visit to a local university seems pointless as their senior year grades continue to flounder.

EPISODE 14: Little Americans

Matt escorts the Salman family out of Baghdad into Washington, DC and on to Roloff Farms. The Iraqi family experiences a cultural whirlwind as they emigrate to America with the hope of finding freedom and getting life-saving surgeries for their children.

EPISODE 15: Little Slickers

It's a Roloff family first as Matt, Amy and all the kids rough it on a Utah dude ranch. Cattle-drives and a fun poker game add to the excitement, and everyone waits to see whether or not Matt will get on a horse.

EPISODE 16: Unhappy Trails

With lots of dude ranch fun yet in store, Matt decides to leave the trip early. After Matt skips several activities, he goes home, leaving Amy to finish another vacation alone with the kids.

EPISODE 17: Married at Mid-Life

As Matt and Amy's relationship continues to deteriorate, Matt slips into mid-life crisis. His spending goes over the top and he buys two Mercedes sedans at a time when he's still paying off their big home remodel.

EPISODE 18: Zach's Ear

After months of increasing problems with his hearing, Zach learns he needs ear surgery. But what begins as a short and simple procedure, becomes a lengthy reconstruction of Zach's eardrum.

EPISODE 19: Diploma Drama

Amy and Matt's families gather for the twins' pre-graduation party. Jeremy surprises everyone by making the honor roll -- but when Zach's report card includes a failing grade, no one knows whether he'll even be getting his diploma.

EPISODE 20: Pomp and Circumstance

It's a 19-year milestone as the Roloff twins graduate from high school. Despite being uncertain about what his future holds and just barely making the grade, Zach approaches this transition with maturity.

3rd week of Little People, Big World previews; Jeremy and Zach Roloff prepare (or don't) for college

TLC has released the written previews for the 3rd week episodes of Season 5 of Little People, Big World:

Oct 26, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World: School of Hard Knocks

As the twins' senior year of high school flies by, it's clear that Zach and Jeremy are not ready for higher education. Amy takes them to tour a local college, but the boys are way behind the curve in applying and getting accepted to a university.

Oct 26, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World: A House Divided

It's Matt against the whole family as Amy encourages the kids' desire to have their friends over in their newly remodeled home. The result is chaos and clutter. Matt fights back by organizing the jumbled mess in the basement, which Amy uses for storage.

Unrelated to the new previews, there is a quick fan video of the Roloff farm during Pumpkin season at Roloff farm in a new You Tube video. It's the first minute or two of this video. Jeremy and Zach are seen in the video.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rap541's Guest Roloff Review of Little People, Big World new episodes Oct 12

The 2nd of our trio of guest reviewers is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the individual making them (Rap541).

Written by Rap541

Woo! New LPBW!

The credits have changed to show off Jeremy’s chest and to be short. Amy hay bales quickly how Matt is an idiot. Matt tells Amy in the Polaris mule how he wants to imitate Europe on the farm. Amy worries about money and wants a budget. Matt feels without a project he’ll die. Really? Really Matt?

Matt has a new office being planned. I think this is in the house. It is honestly hard to tell. They kid about divorce. Amy is surprisingly honest - she has different plans.

Matt hay bales about “Molly‘s” castle. He tells Molly she can claim the castle. She seems pretty bored since jeez, she’s almost old enough to be a teen mom, and probably gave up on playing in a castle when she was ten or so. Matt goes on about investment homes, and Amy is all jerky about buying a new house and improving it. Matt rails about risk and Amy thinks education is better than flipping homes. Amy walks off, and wants her own world.

Honestly, if I wasn’t convinced that LPBW is being set up to assume the “TLC Charmed” spot”, I’d be a little worried.

This is difficult, in all honesty to assess. This is like watching my own folks, when I was 15, discuss their options with money. I want to reach out and slap Matt because I see the mistakes he is wanting to make, but I also understand why my dad made similar mistakes. He was basically wanting to make things better, and now I can respect that, even though it didn’t work in some respects. Still, if Matt is actually paying to put a castle on the property, I wish he’d be honest and note that it will bring in more tourists. It’s pretty obvious from watching that Molly really has no plans to play in the castle. Drink a few beers with pals, maybe, but really, she’s a little old to want a play set.

Matt goes on about how he’s determined to make Molly’s castle before she’s pregnant at 19. On and on, basically someone other than Matt is building it and deep down I kinda wonder if there was no show, if the castle would ever be finished.. I’m just saying, I’d like to know how much of this was actually paid for and how much was volunteer “friends.” Matt goes on and on about how cool it is. Amy and Becky seem bored and annoyed and Amy points out how expensive building a play house for a 16 year old girl is. Matt wants a dwarf armor suit. I feel like pointing out that the average height of a knight was 5 foot aka not all that much taller than him. Amy wants to put the breaks on but NO.

Cut to the castle being built despite costs. I think its poured concrete. Matt hay bales about how cost has no impression on him when it comes to useless crap his kids are too old for. Yay Matt! Who wants to bet this was all donated?

Matt openly disses Amy’s concern about money. Molly is annoyed that she isn’t allowed to even pick the throne. She seems a tad annoyed. She notes its no longer about her. Suddenly they are unpacking swords and armor. Molly over talks about how she isn’t as excited as Dad about the castle. I’m not shocked. I mean, she’s not five. She’s what? Fifteen? That’s a bit old for a play castle.

A bobcat moves stuff. Jake moves the throne in, no sign of Jeremy anywhere. The throne is there! Jake thinks its cool.

Meanwhile Matt and Amy discuss investment property. Amy thinks there is no money. Jeremy seems to be in the background on the couch. Amy hay bales about how she worries about money. They argue on camera about the investment property and in some ways I think Amy won this one. She hay bales about how easily it gets out of control. On screen she rants about how she is the only one who cares. Zach demands food and Amy cuts up a pizza. Commercial

You know, I’d have more sympathy for Kate Gosselin if she didn’t act affronted at the idea that her soon to be ex husband wanted to see the kids off to school. Bitch? Stop and consider how many people have the husband run and hide for *years*.

Guys from Orange County Cycle? Boo hoo yer arguing. You are still on tv whining. The show was a lot better when you were about the bikes and the art of metal working.

We get a fanfare and Matt goes on about how Amy didn’t support him over the castle. Nice. That is sure to help the marital discord. Jeremy is shirtless and Zach drinks from a bottle. Molly hay bales about how excite she is in a near monotone. That doesn’t shock me considering she will likely never “play” in the castle and is probably already wishing the money was put in her college fund. Amy hay bales about how the castle is really for Matt. Yeah… Amy kinda has a point here as Matt goes on about he invested their savings in yard art. Jeremy notes how cool the yard art it. I wonder how cool these people would be if they actually had to pay for the “yard art” with no tv show. The episode ends a little bit abruptly.

2nd Episode

Zach and Jake fight with boxing gloves in the kitchen while tomato sauce is cooking. Amy says nothing. New shorter credits.

The McMansion. Rocky. Someone knocks. Oooh Fashion designers just wander in to dress the kids. They are noted as “friends” by Amy and are making snazzy clothes for Zach. The friends are not named and its really very anonymous considering that this is a product placement. The designer gets all designy with Zach. He says uh a lot. They do seem very nice and accommodating. Amy notes how nice it is to get custom clothes. Zach hay bales about zits. Yeah, no offense, but watching Zach work the Biore pads is not cool. I mean really, are zits this fascinating?

Molly dresses for the dance, her first winter formal. Amy makes it about herself and how she wasn’t asked. Oddly I can top Amy even though I am not super attractive, I was asked by Richard N, and Steve J. Richard had his senior photo done in his boyscout uniform, and Steve is now a professor of oceanography. I went to a party instead. With Steve, who actually was pretty good looking.

There’s lots of zit talk. Amy hap bales about zits. Oh jeez, really, it’s so not the reason Zach isn’t scoring with the hos.

Interestingly we’re 36 minutes in and hardly any Jeremy, friends, or Jake. Jake was the helper at the castle and Jeremy was showing off his six pack.In fairness, it is a nice six pack but frankly, I don’t recall Jeremy saying anything especially memorable. A lot of whinging later how he’s at his last high school formal. Cry me a river, son. Kids your age were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq the night you were all sad about your buds. Commercial.

I so don’t care about the Duggars having a grandchild.

Amy overviews about the dance. Matt interrogates Zach about how he doesn’t have a date. Matt hay bales how wrong it is that his boys don’t have actual dates. It is a bit surprising, all things considered. Zach goes on about how Molly’s dance should be special. Wow, this so reminds me of my brother buying me dresses and makeup and scoring dates for me when I was a kid.

Amy and Jeremy talk about dating. He wants to score with the bitches and have tons of chicks. That was his reasoning for not having a date, that he’d meet people there and bring home girls. Not “a girl” but girls. Nice. Amy hems Zach’s pants. Zach notes how he doesn’t give a crap. Also nice, considering the effort. The “friend” designers wander in with designer clothes that look expensive. Zach tells Molly to get pretty fast. Molly hay bales how she’s a girl and it takes time to be pretty. Jeremy goes on about how Zach doesn’t know anything about being attractive. Amy worries about corsages, and does Molly’s hair. Some chick wanders through the house who I don’t know. Amy hay bales about how she is having a midlife crisis since her kids are getting older. Matt seems pretty hands off. The kids rush about acting silly and Amy takes a ton of pictures. Oh I want her to come to Dragon Con. I do. Because she would go crazy with that camera and Amy Roloff taking pictures of Pimp Daddy Vader would be hilarious.

I can kinda relate to Amy here in that I met Leonard Nimoy over Labor Day and I had the thought that this guy, who was a pretty big part of my childhood from when I was four and figured out how to change the channel, was as old as my granddads, who are both dead. Time is moving on. I thought I had a pact to not get older, like Joey on Friends but yeah, it’s happening.

We get a house scene that I suspect is off since the winter formal is in January and the house has no snow etc. I mean, Oregon weather is moderate but really no snow in January? The kids tie tyes and Zach picks up Meredith. There is much picture taking. Wow this reminds me of my high school graduation . Except my mom and dad weren’t this awkward.

Wow, Meredith is hot and likes Zach, and Zach looks nice. I like Jeremy’s hair but I don’t care for the white vest. Interestingly Molly has the acne going on but Molly seems to appreciate Zach’s efforts to escort her. God, he reminds me of my brother. My brother recently offered to fly out because I may need some surgery, to remove the black evil in me, aka take out my gall bladder. I mean, that’s pretty sweet.

Amy notes that Zach forgot the designer coat and tells Jeremy to give it to him. Now we have the empty nest sequence. Again this so my mom.

Insert lots of Jeremy cam. This is “senior banquet”. There’s lots of pictures of kids in formal attire. Jeremy hay bales how he finds it strange, since it‘s his last winter formal. I mean really, does life end after high school? I remember things getting cooler but who am I to judge Jeremy’s deep deep thoughts? Insert “Sixteen Candles” montage. Except there is no John Hughes amusement.

Amy and Matt are… going out for dinner? Apparently the same night as the dance? I kinda doubt it but ok. Amy thinks Matt wants to relax and Matt thinks Amy is having a mid life crisis and isn’t interested in being relaxed with him. She wants to go to Venice. Matt wants to hang with his biotches and accuses Amy of wanting that too, in a passive aggressive way. She wants Spanish coffee on the Riveria, and Matt tells her to have fun. Nice.

This was a little bit cold, all things considered. I am not sure how I feel about these episodes.


Want to read different perspectives on the show? Two different reviewers