Monday, October 19, 2009

Amy Roloff's interview on the Rachael Ray show aired October 19

Amy Roloff's segment on the Rachael Ray show aired today....personally I think, it was under-whelming (no fault of Amy's!)

Do you know what is really lacking? A good interview with the Roloffs. Of course, Roloff fans know not to expect much from these "talk show" interviews on the big networks, but it is disappointing for fans.

Amy wasn't even mentioned in the opening of the show. Her segment was a taped segment which wasn't done in front of the audience. They slipped the segment in as they came back from a commercial early in the program.

They were in Rachael's studio kitchen making "Chicken noodle Roll over"...Rachael commented on "Roll-over"/Roloff...get it? :-) Most of the segment which was only about 2 minutes long focused on cooking, but there was a very brief talk between Rachael Ray and Amy.

Rachael told Amy she couldn't believe it was the 5th season. Amy can't believe it either.

Rachael, then, showing that she's oblivious to the National Enquirer article "A Big Bigot in the Land of the Little People" about Jeremy and some of the other talk about the Roloffs mainly on the internet, Rachael expressed to Amy that the show has been such a positive family experience for the Roloffs (again, Rachael is apparently oblivious to the fact that the theme through the entire new season keeps alluding to problems in Matt and Amy's marriage). Is Amy flipped out by what a negative experience it has been for Jon and Kate and that whole thing?

I think Amy was privately thinking to herself 'What is she talking about? How do I answer this politely?'

Amy answered by saying that in the long run, she thinks it has been a positive experience. They started the show with a purpose, that was to get the message out about little people. However, with reality, your whole life is exposed..."With Matt and I fighting, or people seeing my messy house, or...all the comments on the blogs and stuff like that. So there is a lot of negativity that comes with it. You take it was a grain of salt and keep coming back to "why are we doing this?" Why are we exposing our life on such a raw, personal level? I think the message about little people..." Rachael said it kept them focused. They then continued the brief cooking segment.

I think Amy did a good job answering the question considering Rachael's question was kind of off the mark. It would be nice for fans (and the Roloffs themeslves perhaps) if the interviewer was a little more aware of what is really going on and what the Roloffs experience. I have a feeling if the Roloffs write a tell-all book after the experience is over, it would not be all 'This was such a positive experience, how could Jon and Kate not have the great time we did?'

At the conclusion of the cooking segment they played a preview from the new season. Where is Jerslundgirl (a Jeremy super-fan familiar to Roloff followers on the'll get the reference ;-) when you need her?

In the preview, Amy enters the twins room with a cow bell to wake them and their friends who are sprawled on the couch in their room. Amy announces it's 11am, she's making french toast and they need to get up. Bryan Roth almost falls off the couch as Amy enters ringing the bell. Zach yells at Amy to get out. Amy says no they need to get up. Jeremy is a lump not moving under the covers. Amy yells at Jeremy to get up, still an limp blob underneath the covers. As Amy exits, Bryan asks if he can have an Ibuprofen with that breakfast? Zach has moved over in front of the tv in their room playing video games, explaining that it's the first time in like 30 years that they don't need to get up for anything (school, practices) and she comes in with the cow bell. Bryan comments that he thinks she enjoyed it "...until you started screaming." Zach says "Oh yeah, smack that down real fast". Jeremy is still a prone lump underneath the covers.

As the Rachael Ray show goes to commercial, Matt is in the 'green room'. Someone brings Matt some food. Matt says he pretended like he came to support Amy, but really he came for Rachael's food.

End of the Roloff segment.


Jocelynn said...

Good summary, Spirits. The only reason why I watch shows like Rachael Ray is if a guest is on that I like. It's almost not worth it when they're only on for a couple of minutes. Although it's better than sitting through the 3 hour morning shows to get one minute with the Roloffs.

I agree with you about Amy. I think she was suprised that Rachael thought everything was superb.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Amy played golf, but then again I don't watch the show very often - or at least I haven't since the season with the trebuchet (sp?) accident. I stumbled across this site looking to find out what happened to Mike. I had no idea what happened to him until tonight. RIP. Anyway, I was wondering if Amy was any good at golf. Looked like she had a good swing and I noticed that she's got a nice set of Taylor Mades.