Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Complete Roloff family previews for the entire Season 5 Part A of Little People Big World

TLC has released their written previews for the rest of Season 5 Part A. These will air until mid-December. The finale of Season 5 Part A will end with Jeremy and Zach Roloff's graduation from high school. Part B traditionally returns very late February or March/April.

It looks as though the themes of the Matt and Amy's deteriorating marriage, spending issues and Zach's poor grades will continue through the rest of the season.

EPISODE 1: King of His Castle?

Ten years after he began building Molly's Castle, Matt is dead set on completing what's become his most drawn-out and costly farm attraction. Amy begrudgingly approves until Matt's budget on the project begins to swell.

EPISODE 2: Last Dance
Amy helps Molly get ready for her first high school formal dance, but it's a bittersweet experience because it's also Zach and Jeremy's last.

EPISODE 3: Downhill Dwarf

When Matt's doctor says he'll need major spine surgery within 6 months, he decides to start checking items off his "bucket list". Against Amy's wishes, and despite his declining health, Matt takes Jeremy skiing.

EPISODE 4: Game Over?

Zach is in his final high school soccer season and due to his dwarfism, this could be his last chance to play competitively in an average height league. But when poor grades get him benched, Zach must scramble to improve them before the season ends.

EPISODE 5: School of Hard Knocks

As the twins' senior year of high school flies by, it's clear that Zach and Jeremy are not ready for higher education. Amy takes them to tour a local college, but the boys are way behind the curve in applying and getting accepted to a university.

EPISODE 6: A House Divided
It's Matt against the whole family as Amy encourages the kids' desire to have their friends over in their newly remodeled home. The result is chaos and clutter. Matt fights back by organizing the jumbled mess in the basement, which Amy uses for storage.

EPISODE 7: Amy on Her Own

Amy goes to Florida where she's the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament. While she's there, she volunteers at a relief organization and has an inspiring visit to a children's home.

EPISODE 8: Zach's First Stand

When Matt plans a Caribbean sailing vacation on a week that Amy can't get off work, the scheduling conflict divides the family. Upset that it won't be a true family vacation without his mom, Zach leads the charge to mutiny against his dad.

EPISODE 9: No, Matt Is An Island

Matt travels with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies to the beautiful British Virgin Islands for an adventurous sailboat cruise. But Matt's increasing lack of mobility leaves him on the sidelines while the other guys enjoy all the activities.

EPISODE 10: Texting 1, 2, 3
Jacob turns 12 and his parents give him a cell phone, but when he racks up an outrageous bill -- with over 8,000 texts -- Matt and Amy doubt whether Jake is ready for the responsibility.

EPISODE 11: Coach Zach

Zach takes the first step toward his aspirations of becoming a soccer coach when he leads Jacob's soccer camp. Taking control as coach proves to be a struggle and Zach wonders if he's got what it takes.

EPISODE 12: Mother's Day
Mother's Day weekend is also the twins' 19th birthday, and Matt shocks everyone by announcing that he's going to Hawaii - alone. Feeling abandoned, Amy does her best to plan a fun camping trip for the kids.

EPISODE 13: Making the Grade
When Molly risks losing her perfect 4.0 GPA when she fails a test. In an effort to master Spanish, she stops speaking English altogether. Meanwhile, the twins' visit to a local university seems pointless as their senior year grades continue to flounder.

EPISODE 14: Little Americans

Matt escorts the Salman family out of Baghdad into Washington, DC and on to Roloff Farms. The Iraqi family experiences a cultural whirlwind as they emigrate to America with the hope of finding freedom and getting life-saving surgeries for their children.

EPISODE 15: Little Slickers

It's a Roloff family first as Matt, Amy and all the kids rough it on a Utah dude ranch. Cattle-drives and a fun poker game add to the excitement, and everyone waits to see whether or not Matt will get on a horse.

EPISODE 16: Unhappy Trails

With lots of dude ranch fun yet in store, Matt decides to leave the trip early. After Matt skips several activities, he goes home, leaving Amy to finish another vacation alone with the kids.

EPISODE 17: Married at Mid-Life

As Matt and Amy's relationship continues to deteriorate, Matt slips into mid-life crisis. His spending goes over the top and he buys two Mercedes sedans at a time when he's still paying off their big home remodel.

EPISODE 18: Zach's Ear

After months of increasing problems with his hearing, Zach learns he needs ear surgery. But what begins as a short and simple procedure, becomes a lengthy reconstruction of Zach's eardrum.

EPISODE 19: Diploma Drama

Amy and Matt's families gather for the twins' pre-graduation party. Jeremy surprises everyone by making the honor roll -- but when Zach's report card includes a failing grade, no one knows whether he'll even be getting his diploma.

EPISODE 20: Pomp and Circumstance

It's a 19-year milestone as the Roloff twins graduate from high school. Despite being uncertain about what his future holds and just barely making the grade, Zach approaches this transition with maturity.


Expressed said...

Did you hear that everybody? Jeremy made the honor roll :)

I'm not sure what I think of these previews yet. The episodes can be different than the previews suggests.

The trip with the guys to the British Virgin Islands still is the one I'm looking most forward to. That will have a lot of Jeremy.

Craw said...

Expressed, I think somebody that posts to this site (cough cough, RAP) should be apologizing to Jeremy.

His grades are great. He's proof that the he can be popular and cool, but still get the grades when it counts.

Timothy said...

8000 texts? Whoa. For a 12 year old?

2 Mercedes?

I think that the financial difficulties in the previews and the marriage problems are both contrived plots.

If there marriage was as really as bad as the previews make it out to be, they wouldn't be highlighting it the whole season.

Rap541 said...

Yes - yes yes "he surprises everyone by making the honor roll" clearly means he's *always* been a good student :)

Right? When he failed math and went to summer school his grades were great? He made honor roll in senior year, when your course load drops and you tend to get easy A's since your teachers pretty much know you stopped caring? Heh.

Funny how "it's clear that Zach and Jeremy are not ready for higher education. Amy takes them to tour a local college, but the boys are way behind the curve in applying and getting accepted to a university" just screams "Jeremy has great grades".

Likewise, the boys both toured four year schools and ended up in community college. I assume thats because Jeremy (who didn't do so hot on the SAT, and failed in tenth grade) had AWESOME GRADES and just selflessly put his dreams on hold to support his family?

Sorry - not buying it. He put in some minimal effort and brought up his grades when it was far too late to really do much good. It just makes me a little sad since its clearly not that he can't handle the work... he just didn't care.

(btw is anyone noticing the obvious time skips?)

Thomas said...

Holy crap! I hope the parents have gone their separate ways already. Matt will for sure go bankrupt one of these days.

And I still think Jeremy is gay.

Brokenwing said...

I think that is just TLC creating a plot. They want people to keep watching to see if it will lead to a divorce and it does not.

Thomas knock it off about your wishful thinking about Jeremy. He is not gay. It's very unfair that people label Jeremy a hateful gay basher and then he's also accused of being gay. Neither is nice.

Noell :) said...

I know that im soooo excited for this season! :)
I dont like the episodes about jacob at alll! :(
All i need is Jeremy :)

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering for a while now whose fancy cars those were that keep showing up in videos and photos of the house.

David said...

I'm not believing the money problems either.
It's the only way they can explain all the new vehicles without flaunting it in the face of the viewers.

Instead of: The Roloffs are filthy rich and getting more vehicles they really don't will be crazy Matt did something impulsive and put the family into financial crisis.

I think it's a way of deflecting what is really happening.

Rap541 said...

David - I am inclined to agree. I don't think the Roloffs make as much as the Gosselins, but if they are hurting for money, etc, its most likely a made up story. Or they ridiculously blow money - and if that is the case, I really don't have a lot of sympathy.

M said...

they prob have all the deals jon and kate have were TLC plays for everything.

M said...

I can't believe Matt left another family trip. Planned a trip that amy couldn't go too and went on a trip by himself on the twins bday. Hes become such a smuck for lack of a better word.

Rap541 said...

M - I tend to agree with you on the deals. I certainly don't sympathize with the money drama when we've got two, possibly three vacations listed (I wonder if the "trip to Hawaii" is simply a badly timed speaking engagement) just here, and we know there's a European extravaganza as well, AND Matt's buying two mercedes to add to his personal fleet of cars?

I mean, really, I can think of several obvious ways to economize *right there* so the crying over money is a bit much.

Lori said...

I hope all the conflict is just for the previews.

Rob said...

Poor Zach. Another surgery. Ear drum reconstruction? That sounds painful just thinking about it (clutches my ear!).

Vicky said...

I think these are being harsh on Jeremy and Zach about their education.

I'm surprised at the way they're showing their college plans and ultimate choice of PCC. I thought they would put a positive spin on it and discuss the merits of the Community College.

They aren't sugar coating anything. From the previews, they have no where else to go. I didn't expect them to portray it that way.

I feel bad for them for having it boardcast to the world.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I noticed the time skipping, but that is nothing new for the show.

I'm trying to figure out what I believe the truth is about Jeremy's grades. One moment is "the twins poor grades", the next it's only Zach. They both end up going to PCC.

I have a hard time believing Jeremy suddenly transformed himself into a top notch student.

Mandy said...

I love LPBW and will watch them all no matter what the episodes are about.

Those previews can be misleading.

Most of the season according to the previews will be about Matt and Amy's problems and Zach. His school troubles and his health problems and his difficulty coaching Jacob's team? I hope things aren't that bad for him.

Exceot for the school episode about the twins plural, there doesn't seem to be much focus on Jeremy.

Wes said...

Take the previews with a grain of salt. It's enterainment. They're providing a reason to watch.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing the longevity of this show, and the extensive number of episodes per season, TLC's deal with the Roloff family must be in the low seven figures. I think I'm in the camp with the people who think the financial troubles may be punched up a bit for drama.

I also noticed the big black Benz sitting in the driveway during some of the establishing shots in the first couple of episodes. How unfortunate when successful people feel the need to assuage their insecurities of their status by purchasing such ugly, ostentatious piles of shiny junk.

Rap541 said...

Wes - thats possible, although it does beg the question of how real the show is if Matt and Amy are pretending marital discord for increased ratings.

Kit said...

If you think the show is "real," then I hope you've written your letter to Santa Claus. Once it goes from a one-hour "one-off" special to a regular season show, there is no "reality" left. Scenes are staged, drama is invented, events are created, and skillful editing adds the finishing touch. The only reality is that the family has acquired a lucrative income source and can now afford most of the things they want (not need, want). The "pretend poverty" is simply a storyline, although I have no doubt that Matt would be happy to spend every last dime if Amy let him.

Timothy said...

Kit, well said.

Rap541 said...

Kit - personally I agree with you, that the show is fairly staged. But it *is* billed as reality and not as scripted tv. And frankly, I've always felt the money talk, after the first season, was exaggerated or faked so that the audience would relate better to the show. (Considering the stories coming out of the Gosselin camp, frankly the Roloffs have money, lets all stop pretending but thats a different issue.)

On the other hand, the "marital discord" storyline enters a disturbing place. First, editing arguments aside, who is right about what aside, Matt and Amy simply don't look happy to be around each other and it's been that way for a while, and its been that way in episodes that clearly weren't meant to be part of the marital discord storyline. Second, Matt and Amy just aren't actors. I've wondered if "something was wrong" between the two of them for a bit, and I'm not sure I think they are faking the problems. Remember, it was all editing and a storyline with Kate and Jon until they gave up and seperated.

So I am a little torn, because if they are geniunely having problems, I think they should consider having them in private. If they are indeed exaggerating the problems for the show to increase viewership/money... I have to be honest, that just seems in poor taste at best, and I think would be confusing for the younger kids.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, well said on all counts.

I've thought about what it must be like for the kids, especially Jacob.

Everybody knows how hard it is on kids when parents are having problems in their marriage. I can't imagine what it would be like to have it play out on tv or just as bad, faked for the sake of ratings.

Would they tell the kids we're just pretending for the show (flashback to Wolf Blitzer's interview with balloon boy)?

Did Jon and kate Plus 8 do stories about their rocky marriage BEFORE it came out?

That's what makes me think Matt and Amy's relationship is for ratings. Matt and Amy are producers of LPBW. If they were on the brink of divorce, would they promote the new season by saying watch to see if we will divorce?

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn, hanks and you raise some excelent points as well.

From what I have seen of Jon and Kate, they would argue (or rather Kate would yell at Jon) and then they would have couch confessionals where they would say it was ok. Really, they did a renewal of wedding vows and now we know they were essentially seperated at that time.

I really don't know what to think. If it's just for ratings... really, I don't put it past TLC but I hope it's not a put on by Matt and Amy. I mean, marital problems, its sad but it happens, but pretending your mariage is on the skids for money and increased ratings? Thats invoking a lot of bad karma.

Adam12 said...

It's easy to see where they're going with this. "We're just like a lot of married couples, blah blah, we have tough times, but that's life, we stay together and persevere!"

Alicia said...

Texting 1,2,3.....Matt and Amy goofed. Why would they think Jacob deserved a cell phone? I could have told them he's not responsible. What is wrong with him? 8000 texts for his age? That's just wrong. I hope they punished him more than only taking it away.

Congratulations to Jeremy on making the honor roll.

Rap541 said...

Honestly, I agree. But then I really think cell phones are something that should be held off on until the person getting the phone is responsible to pay for it.

Matt and Amy could do a better job with this. Jeremy and Zach both got crazy with the cell phones in season or two as I recall.... And 12 is a wee bit young to hand a kid an unlimited cell phone.

Kit said...

Well, one thing I will credit Amy with was her willingess early on to allow the show to film "as is" (messy house, bad grades, arguments over spending, etc.). However, while the house has gotten noticeably neater, the awkwardness/conflict that has always been there between Amy and Matt seems to have increased, and it seems to a casual observer that Amy's discomfort with putting that out there in public is increasing as well. It's hard to hide/gloss over things like Matt's leaving in the middle of vacations (because no one but Matt can water the pumpkins correctly?), but I feel for Amy. Especially with the Gosselin disaster playing out in media, who wants to sit in front of a camera and hash out marital issues? While she participates to a certain extent, I noticed her "shutting down" in a lot of the conversations, seemingly in an attempt to end the situation, at least until they can have the discussion in private.

As to whether it's "real" or not - I think the basic disagreement is real, and has been there from the beginning of their relationship. Is it now being played up for TV, as other storylines start to fade away? Doesn't sound like PCC has been receptive to filming the twins in class, and how long will the audience watch two 19-year-olds building forts in the woods? They've tried to bring Molly more to the forefront, but Molly has always stayed in the background, and I don't see much interest on her part in stepping into the starring kid role.

I think TLC is desperately trying to extend the appeal of the show by finding new ways to engage the audience in a "drama."

Jocelynn said...

Good take on things, Kit.

Re: PCC, Spirits did report that the cameras were seen at PCC after the twins started.

Expressed said...

Kit, I don't totally disagree with what you said. But I don't think you're giving Jeremy enough credits for why people watch the show.

"how long will the audience watch two 19-year-olds building forts in the woods?"

A long time if it means watching Jeremy shirtless. Like the other article said. The producer realizes Jeremy is a sex symbol. They want to show Jeremy shirtless as much as they can.

Almost everybody I know under 25 that watches this show watches for Jeremy. Go on twitter sometimes and search for Roloff. Nobody talks about how much they learned about dwarfism. It's all about how hot Jeremy is.

I think the 2 things they are counting on is the divorce drama and Jeremy as a heart throb.

Kit said...

Well, if TLC is hanging their hat on a shirtless Jeremy, they have a funny way of doing it. The first couple of episodes were noticeably non-Jeremy oriented, other than the rather strange "Jeremy cam" at the prom (presumably because Faith Bible said no to the TLC camera crew).

But the show is not "Jeremy Does Portland." Maybe it should be, if that's the demographic they want. But it's not, so they have to invent plot lines for the rest of the family. Putatively, the show is still titled "LITTLE People, Big World," and it's still about the family.

Interesting that you said "Nobody talks about how much they learned about dwarfism. It's all about how hot Jeremy is."

That may be part of Amy's increasing reluctance. Why continue to open your life up to the world if you're not achieving the purpose you stated was the reason for doing the show in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I just watched the episode where Zach and Jeremy played their last high school soccer game. During the show, Matt showed up and spoke to Amy. It was as if they hadn't seen each other or had a conversation in ages...not like two married people living in the same home. It was weird..."hi, how are you?" "how are things going?" nothing personal at all and Matt had to confirm with Amy that this was the last game of the season, like he didn't know but he's their Dad. He also had to ask Molly about the signs they had made. If he lived at home, wouldn't he have some idea of what was going on and why they made the signs? It's too strange and I strongly suspect Matt no longer lives at the Roloff Farm.

Expressed said...


"The first couple of episodes were noticeably non-Jeremy oriented"

Tonight Jeremy was in it more than anybody. The first episode was all Jeremy and Matt. The second episode was all Jeremy and Zach. There were two shirtless Jeremy scenes.

I disagree with you about Amy. I thought you meant Amy is pulling away from Matt, not the show. She does all the promotional stuff. I think she likes being the face of the show in the media. In the first season I think she was miserable and did it for the money. Now I think she loves the show. Does she love Matt? That's another question.

I think the producer in his interview was honest. He admitted the show wasn't about Little People anymore. It's about the Roloffs and he knows or "noticed" that Jeremy is very attractive and likes to go shirtless.

Anonymous said...

I gather by Matt's comments @ the soccer field that he may not be living in the family home, since he had to ask "how are things going...?" Matt and Amy appear very distant. As a matter of fact, when Matt was in the car with Jeremy on the previous (skiing) episode, he called Amy, but prior to calling he asked Jeremy if his mom would care that he was in pain... and Jeremy responded that she did and that she cares, because they are "still together." I love the show, but Matt and Amy are not displaying any type affection towards each other. Furthermore, Matt went to kiss Amy, she turned her cheek, so that he could not kiss her on the mouth. I think there are some major issues that need to be resolved in this relationship. They do not speak very respectfully to each other, they ignore one another, and Amy seems really put off by Matt's careless spending. It appears that Amy is going through some angst about the boys graduating and leaving the house, but there is some obvious marital discord between Matt and Amy. I hope they can work it out!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's on the "honor roll"?

I put that in quote marks because . . . it's Faith Bible. Means NOTHING.

That aside, now that the show is officially about quarreling, I have chicken-or-egg question:

Amy is a petulant, sour nag who would second-guess a sunrise. Matt is obtuse to the needs of all his family, focussed only upon himself and his projects.

Is one the result of the other? Is Matt this way because, after 22 years, he's simply had enough of Amy's behavior and rejecting attitude?

Or does Amy behave as she does because for 22 years, Matt has never taken her ideas and cautions into his consideration?

As I say, the show is now officially about quarreling. I'd love to read some ideas about how it got this way.

Anonymous said...

I am very hopeful that I will get a knowledgeable answer because the following post on another site is very disturbing to me and I would like to know if there is any validity to any of it.

After watching this season's first episodes I get the sinking feeling that there is "trouble in paradise". I have noticed in past years(seasons) that there has been discord and hints of marital strife in the Roloff household, but I was convinced that it was just normal family life (especially while being under the proverbial microscope).

I mean, I thought (or at least hoped) they all would live happily ever after. I love the whole family, even though they sometimes annoy the hell outta me! Anyway, read the post below and see if anyone can come up with ANY truthful info, it would be greatly appreciated. As you will read below, some of it sounds really hokey, BUT some of it sounds right on!
The following post is from another site. It was dated October 25th, 2009:

"I am very sorry, but I have insider knowledge of the Roloff family and they have been separated for 11 months, She lives in Fairfield about 6 miles from the farm. All the Roloffs are under a 4 yr contract with TLC and there are 2 yrs left on the agreement, plus no one on either side want this cash cow to die. The split will be revealed at the end of this season and will be previewed next season's first show. All are under gag orders. Matt pulls in a hefty 11 million a season alone, Amy is now getting 4 million, each of the children are getting 2 mil each. I have a family member that drafted the terms of the split, it's a real shame, but "his parents" are in the middle of the split. Sorry but it is just another sad ending to a real nice family. Wait till the end of this season, you will be surprised how it's handled. Sad."

Zee said...

That's ludicrous. You can't actually believe that?

What is more ridiculous, believing that TLC is paying the Roloffs a combined 23 Million a season!!!! Or believing that Amy is not living at home with her kids........

Anonymous said...

Zee, I didn't say anything about "believing" ANY of it. I wanted to know if anyone had "any TRUTHFUL info" pertaining to that disturbing post I found on another site. And as I stated above in my post "some of it sounds really hokey"! The "insider" part, the "family member that drafted the terms of the split", the "MILLIONS of $$$$ per year" the family was bringing into the household, just did not ring very true, BUT that post just didn't set right with me after I read it, like I said, it disturbed me and I was hoping to see valid/informative ANSWERS as well as comments! I mean, SOMEONE out there must surely have SOME truthful info...right?