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Guest Roloff Episode Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Oct 26

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

So we start with the kids in the house. Jeremy is snoozing, and noting how he sleeps 12 hours a day. Jake and Molly, in contrast, are studying. Molly is quite the slave driver. Molly notes how she and Jake study more than the twins and she sometimes essentially does Jake’s work. While yelling at him. Which she seems to enjoy.

Jeremy hay bales about how they suck at school. Bad grades, bad SATS, and Molly is good. Molly hay bales that she has motivation and the twins do not. Yeah, I can see why, what with bothering to do her homework and all. Speech class - impromptu! No prep, speaking for one minute on a topic. This is a senior level class? Describing “skin”? Zach hay bales how he doesn’t like it. He gets the word “popular” and changes his word to grass. He then goes on about soccer, and the teacher is annoyed over his using soccer again. As in *really* annoyed. The school posts public grades. If this class is an example of the advanced coursework, I am really appalled at Zach and Jeremy’s grades.

At home ,Zach whines about his grades while Jeremy and Molly and Amy listen in an unsympathetic way. Jeremy snits about how he wasn’t prepared. Amy says she has no idea how to help, and hay bales that Zach probably didn’t work hard enough. She actually makes some good points about talking to the teacher and seeing what she was looking for. However, really? We’re gonna talk about parenting at some point here.

Now the twins and Amy head to PSU. Zach and Jeremy look bored as hell. Zach is shocked at admission standards of 1200 SATs and 3.5 GPA. (Isn’t 1200 kinda low with the new SAT? Did I hear it correctly?) Amy hay bales how she knew it would be eye opening. Zach looked shocked and depressed. Jeremy looked bored and was he chewing on his hoodie?

So they walk around the campus. Amy thinks the boys are unrealistic. The school guy asks them about their interests. Jeremy hay bales how he is now interested in business and wants to run a sports team. Because running a professional sports team is more realistic than being a pilot or a boat captain. He asks if it takes four years. He asks about mechanical engineering. Its weird because I really can’t figure out what he wants to ask the guy. And seriously, mechanical engineering? Does he know what that really is?

Zach wants to teach. The counselor points out how it’s a master’s degree now. Zach is put off by the work. Not shocked there.

Matt asks about college at home. Jeremy notes “he doesn’t know” what the SAT requirements are. Which kinda confirms how little interest he has in a dual major of business and mechanical engineering at PSU. We get a flashback to the Wharton episode. Matt hay bales how it may be too late. Matt is all UCLA and lectures Jeremy on how to apply. Jeremy seems completely uninterested. Matt? You’re a large part of the problem here with your school of hard knocks talk. If you legitimately want the kids to want college, you can’t point out how useless it was for you and expect the kids to not follow your lead. This ain’t rocket science.

Meanwhile Molly teaches Jake by yelling. Zach is asked about homework, Jeremy rats him out, and looks super pissed for some reason. Oh a five paragraph essay??? Really, a five paragraph essay is not exactly what I call seriously advanced college prep. My teachers stopped citing how many paragraphs an essay needed to be when I was in sixth grade. Because it was understood at that point. By the way, for the record, Zach clearly isn’t the only sibling who cheerfully rats out his twin. Jeremy did it and did it on camera. They both do it. I hope the folks who voraciously whine how mean Zach is to do it point those same fingers at Jeremy. But I suspect they won’t.

Amy hay bales how Zach’s grades crapped the bed. Amy yells at him on the stairs and she is all “WHY ARE THERE D’s!!!” She notes how he needs better grades and has no idea why he got good grades earlier and now doesn’t. I wonder if the elephant in the room (the show) is noticeable to Amy *now*

Amy and Zach argue over his homework. He tries to rat out Jeremy on something and Amy tells him its not the time and he needs to reassess his school priorities. He has a speech on “making a cake”? Jeez. Amy lectures how he is gonna do great and basically test runs him thru the speech. Not a bad idea but jeez, he doesn’t know how to crack an egg? Zach, stop being dumb. Amy pointedly asks if anything needs to be written. She hay bales how distracted he’s been. Gosh I wonder if having cameras film his every move is distracting? Or hey, how about the horde of teenagers who constantly run around the house?

Zach meanwhile plays with his friends in the garage. Speak of the devil, kids over to play while Zach does homework. That just couldn’t have been a factor! Amy loses it and punishes him by giving him cake with his buddies who he plays with. Because that totally reinforces how he needs study discipline and how important it is.

In school. Jeremy says he doesn’t want Zach to bomb. This is a hay bale moment and fairly wooden. Zach does an ok walk thru. He’s no Julia Child and he really does look like he has no clue what he is doing and looks totally unprepared. This class also looks um… less than challenging.

He gets a C. He complains. Amy also complains and thinks Zach didn’t prepare. He’s really hard to understand here. Amy hay bales says she is disappointed in his grade but also blames Zach. Because really, she did everything to help. Include give him cake after he ran off to play instead of working on his homework.

Amy yells at the twis over their grades. Molly has straight As. Jeremy notes that his Cs are really hidden Bs. Matt basically fails here by finding it cute. Zach is all D’s. Amy says no weekend stuff and Zach laughs. He has senioritis and walks off. Amy behaves as though she has no idea how this happened.


2nd Episode

Jake stampedes in wearing rollerblades and playing soccer and dumps a bunch of stuff off the counter. Amy insists he pick the stuff up and then plays rollerblade soccer with him, all while noting “don’t ruin the floor”. Matt seems annoyed.

Amy notes Jake is destroying the floor and will be in trouble. Molly says no he won’t and notes how there is no follow thru in parenting at the Roloffs. Yes she is the smart one.

Zach and Jeremy and friends run like wild animals thru the house, and Zach talks about the fond memories he has of cheerfully breaking stuff with Jeremy and pals. Matt is annoyed and yet never says a word while the kids rampage. Amy hay bales how important it is for the kids to play and have no restrictions. Matt finally yells for the kids to go outside. Of course the obvious choice of telling people to go do some homework never occurs to Matt. Since he doesn’t really give a damn about the twins attending college anyway

Jeremy asks Amy for the boxing gloves to play with. Amy seems really concerned about the gloves (I don‘t know why but they seem special to her). All the kids hang in the man cave barn (there’s even a soda machine) while Jeremy and a friend with a GIANT tat on his back homoerotically wrestle.

Matt notes how the house is trashed. He plans to have the basement cleaned. The basement is trashed. Matt notes how it’s Amy’s fault and makes Sven clean it. It is disgusting. I note mentally that Amy never throws anything away possibly because Matt goes behind her back and throws out her things. Just a thought.

Amy and Matt argue over possible dog pee stains in the media room. Matt wants no food or drink in the upper level. Because the dog apparently pees soda pop. Matt blames Amy for the mess again. Amy says she discourages food and drink, and Matt cites how that’s her doing nothing, really. He really has a point on that. Amy hay bales how she prefers him to be mad at her. Amy notes, in front of Molly, that Matt never follows through with his rules anyway. Matt attempts to get Molly on his side and she refuses to pick a parent. So she really is the smart one.

Jeremy shoots things. With a shot gun. Interesting. The kids, Jake’s friends by size, are on the roof throwing stuff at each other. Because that’s a super appropriate thing for kids to do on a brand new roof. (and before the witch hunt starts, Jake clearly learned playing on the roof is ok from his big brothers who did it and were rewarded with Mom and Dad laughing at how cute it was in an earlier season). Matt is super pleased the mess is being cleaned in the basement. Amy runs out to the man cave barn and yeah. The man cave barn look trashed and completely full of toys.

Matt meanwhile is saving all his baby stuff. That was in the basement. That he insisted was full of Amy’s stuff. That she never throws out.

There’s a horde of children in the house and Matt and Amy both have separately gone shopping resulting in a ton of food lying around. There’s a ton of wine in the fridge. SO MUCH FOOD. Matt is miffed that Amy is not pleased with the splendor he has brought home to the cave. Matt heads upstairs to the media room and wants the missing remote. There’s stacked boxes everywhere. Matt immediately assumes Jake took the remote. Jake seems nonplussed by the accusation and that his game is being taken away. He seems resigned to simply being blamed. Amy notes that Matt has changed and doesn’t understand why Matt is annoyed. Matt is annoyed that the coffee table is *burnt*. I’m on Matt’s side over that. Amy and Matt argue over how doing nothing is or isn’t the best way. Matt is on a tear over the house. He tells Amy a rule and says he wants back up. Meanwhile there’s a horde of kids downstairs watching movies on the giant tv there….

I think these people just have too many things. Because really, whichever kid intentionally held a lighter to brand new furniture - that’s just ridiculous. There’s no one in the Roloff house who isn’t old enough to know better than to set furniture on fire. Matt had a point about back up here.

Amy is annoyed that Matt expects her to show the carpet cleaner the dog pee. Matt heads down to the basement. It looks more organized. Matt wants the house clean. Meanwhile a horde of kids is all over complete with running on the roof. Amy seems shocked that the game room is totally trashed. I mean really, it’s a sty. Amy, duh, you had fifty some odd kids running around on the roof. Amy thinks Matt would ground them. Gosh I don’t know why. There’s pop cans on the floor. Which kind of makes Matt’s point about the stains not necessarily being the dog. Amy basically tells the kids Matt will freak out if they don’t do something. All the kids pick up. Amy thinks she’s totally right on this form of discipline. And cites teamwork.

Oh Kate Gosselin will answer questions? Is “why is your hair so messed up?” ok?

Matt looks at the previously trashed room. Amy says they “did it on their own” which um…. Is an interesting rewrite of what we just witnessed. Amy inspects the basement and is very nice to Sven. Amy again notes how she loves her children and cleaning the house, or not allowing them to do whatever they want even when they are failing in school, is basically horrible.

Jake is playing Risk and wearing rollerblades. Matt hay bales how he has given up on the mess. Because he’s not required to parent either. Little FYI, Matt and Amy? Your kids have no discipline and don’t give a damn about the house or the school because neither of you want to be the bad guy. And they know it.

Next up - Kate Gosselin whining how she’s never at fault for anything. You keep telling yourself that, Kate.


Expressed said...

Rap, good review, but a few things we disagree about, you can probably tell from my own review.

*I don't mean this to sound pissy, but I don't know why you or the PSU counsellor didn't understand Jeremy's question. I think Jeremy is a very black and white guy. He wants to know where the finish line is. I think what he wanted to know was can he sign up for mechanical engineering, take 4 years of it and then be certified and be able to get a job.

*Jeremy ratting out Zach...it wasn't bad because it was revenge for the years of Zach doing it to Jeremy. Who did it first DOES matter. I agree about Jeremy being pissed. We both noticed that.

*Nothing was homoerotic about the wrestling. Is wrestling always homoerotic? Guys wrestle like that all the time.

Brandon said...

I love how Jeremy lies when the Report card comes out. He said he got all A's and B's.

Is he joking because he knows Matt and Amy can see it or is he just a liar? THEN Matt says Jeremy has C's but has excuses for them and bonds with Jeremy because he was just like that too.

Matt was right about all the discipline issues. Amy was horrible on everything in these episodes. What I got from it was what I already knew. Amy wants the kids to have fun and to think she's cool. That's it. That's all that is really important to her.

Andrea said...

Those kids with the exception of Molly, are animals. They have no respect for anything or anyone.

All three of those boys are terrible examples for other kids their age.

BCA said...

Matt's downfall as a parent is that he's not big and strong enough to discipline the way a father should discipline.

It's awfult to listen to the way that Jacob spoke to Matt when Matthew was talking to him. That brat does nothing but break things, disrespects Matt and walks around with a pouty expression on his face.

Timothy said...

Rap, I'm glad you mentioned the elephant about the reason for Zach's declining grades...the show.

It's not hard to figure out.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - the problem with the college question is twofold. It's a rare four year school that offers a less than four year degree, which seemed to be what Jeremy was asking - which indicates Jeremy didn't know a lot about the school he was visiting. Second, what the counselor was explaining was the basic four year degree - that the first two yeas are core requirements like English and Math and then the last two years the student works on required work for their major in a specific school within the university. Jeremy seemed to be asking not only was there a three year plan but if he could dual major in business and mechanical engineering...And if Jeremy wants certification to get a job college isn't the place for it.

As for the ratting out - sorry, but I think it's pretty clear this isn't the first time Jeremy has done this. Zach and Jeremy have a very typical brother relationship which is not based on how evil Zach undermines saintly Jeremy.

Jeremy is clearly consious of the cameras these days and quite possibly staged the wrestling. All I know is he used to wrestle with a t-shirt on.

Brandon - obvioulsy I agree on the discipline issues, but I would say Matt shares some of the blame. He pretty casually undermines the college talk, and the grade discussion by finding it cute or demanding the school of hard knocks be acknowledged. Amy is a huge part of the problem, but the real problem is that the parents won't unite against the kids. Matt won't enforce his rules and Amy won't. So why bother having any?

Craw said...

Oh Rap, Expressed is RIGHT and I'll even go farther.
"As for the ratting out - sorry, but I think it's pretty clear this isn't the first time Jeremy has done this. Zach and Jeremy have a very typical brother relationship which is not based on how evil Zach undermines saintly Jeremy."

Jeremy took crap from Zach for years. Now Jeremy is finally sick and tired of it and you're blaming Jeremy?? I think it was the first time Jeremy did it and that's why Zach was whining, because he didn't expect it. Since the first show Zach has been back stabbing Jeremy, but when Jeremy talks about Zach he's always supportive and encouraging. What has he got for it? A tattle tale backstabbing brother.

I think that's why Jeremy's anger was so clear. It's building for years. Good for Jeremy.

"Jeremy is clearly consious of the cameras these days and quite possibly staged the wrestling. All I know is he used to wrestle with a t-shirt on."

If you don't think kids take their shirts off to wrestle then you're too old and should watch some You Tube videos. Staged the wrestling? You don't think they wrestle? All my guy friends fight around with each other like they were doing.

Craw said...

p.s. The difference between Jeremy running on the roof and Jake is that Jeremy isn't a putz. Jake would probably fall off and knock himself again. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good review, but your over use of "hay bales," is driving me crazy. :)

Rap541 said...

Craw - again - I don't think this is the *first time* poor put upon saintly Jeremy has openly ratted out his brother. I think you're idealizing him as a perfect guy when in fact he's a pretty typical guy. You're pretty much showing your bias when you declare how Jeremy has the right to take revenge on Zach. I mean, personally I don't have a problem with it, but it seems like there's two brothers who like to back stab. Zach AND Jeremy and we have it on camera. So do spare me how Jeremy just takes his brother's abuse. He obviously gives as good as he gets. That doesn't shock me or surprise me.

As for Jake - I notice he didn't fall. I assume thats because Jeremy held him up with his magical powers?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how there always seems to be an open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter this season?

Who is the one drinking? Is it Amy? Is she using it in recipes? I am beginning to think Amy is more like Kim Zolniak, esp with the cleavage this season.

Anonymous said...

What does "hay bales" mean? I cannot figure out what it means in this context. Just curious, thanks.

Anonymous said...

What does "hay bales" in this context mean? Just curious, as I am not familiar with that expression. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the "hay bales" thing. Good otherwise though.

Rap541 said...

Aw, I like "haybales". As a verb it means "person x sits in the haybale confessional and talks about the current scene".

Anonymous said...

"Haybales" describes when they are on the TLC set (the barn setting) talking one on one with the camera. There are bales of hay around them.

Anonymous said...

Meant to add, it's the part of the show when they sound most scripted like they are reading.

Anonymous said...

The Roloff kids show time after time that they are ungrateful 11, 16, and 19 year old spoil brats they know that what ever they do or say on camera and off will be allowed they do not appreciate the things that their parents sacrifice for them and also amy rather be a friend than a parent to her kids and matt on the other hand wants to be the discipline parent,which I give props to. Amy is doing just what most parents of today are doing being your childs friend and end the end she will regret taking that route with her kids I know people just like amy and matt and all the amy's in world are now begining to have major problems with their kids and the matts in world are just shaking their heads because it is to late to be a parent now because they end up in big trouble and that is why 99.9% of the time matt and amy argue because she rather be the friend than the parent and every so often she has moments when she say that she failed at being a parent and I totally agree 100% their is a time and place in life to be a friend to your kids and that is when they become adults that has at lease tried to go off to someone college, community college or trade school and who is now working and trying to move out of the their parents house don't be a friend to them and their friends while still in grades K-12 the world will never be right as long as people like the amy roloff's of the world continues to be like what I said above.

Rap541 said...

The only disagreement I make with you, Anon 6:02, is that Matt is as accountable as Amy. He wants to be the kids pals as much as Amy does. That's why they all get cars at 16 and have every toy in the world and Matt never has any idea what their grades are like until they fail. And then he bribes them to do better and won't be the bad guy and make the kid actually earn the prize. Amy is at fault here, but so is Matt. For starters "I've lived at home for four years now filming a tv show but because I am so absent from the family, I have NO idea what my kids are up too... Woe is me!" fails as an excuse. He doesn't want to be bothered to parent, he leaves it to Amy, who much prefers being the cool mom who lets all the friends come over anytime.

The kids as a result know they face no consequences to doing whatever they want with either parent.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the wrestling was staged or anything. It goes with the whole saying, "boys will be boys". I grew up in a house with four brothers and that was pretty typical.

Jason said...

That best part of the whole episode was the boxing...at the beginning, the guy (bryan?) catches Jeremy with a good right to the side of the chin. hehe.

Moviefan10 said...

That party with all the friends ripping the house down looked like a scene from the movie "Kids".

I was expecting to see 30 kids passed out on the couch in the morning like in "Kids".

Anonymous said...

My God, where do you start with these two episodes? They are two of the most horrifying/enlightening/hopeless segments the show has yet produced.

I wonder if the Roloffs ever watch themselves and LEARN something from what they see . . . .

At this point, I just want to capture Molly and Jake, get them into foster care, then bulldoze everything and everyone else into the landfill, cover it all up and plant grass.

1) I've never been able to stomach Zach, but in his defense now, I must say he needs an intervention. I've rarely seen a more foolish performance by a supposedly "mature" young man than Zach gave last night. He is totally adrift from reality, clueless as to how to help himself, and I think self-destructive; he shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity. I'm not being dramatic; I think he's on the rocks. His completely indifferent father and nagging, hectoring mother have led him there, and now stand over him preaching at him. He has no clue.

They need to ease off and get outside help. Seriously. He's headed for trouble.

2) I used to favor Matt, and considered Amy a nagging drag. But I flipped last night. What a hypocrite and bully Matt showed himself to be. Jeremy pulls lackluster grades, charmlessly lies about why they happened, and Matt responds with an amused chuckle? Thank God for the editors; that small incident says nearly everything anyone would need to know about Matt and his parenting, and his principles and his ethics.

Then Matt, "bothered" by clutter not his own, without consultation or warning, invades Amy's basement territory (where he never goes and never needs to see) and sets the lapdog Sven to putting it into order to please himself. If this isn't an act of pure marital war, I don't know what is. And if it doesn't show Matt as the dull tyrant he has become, I also don't know what will. Geez.

I'll stop at this point. I have said elsewhere, as have others, that the family is now a trainwreck. How clearly these two episode illustrate that fact.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when Jeremy asked about mechanical engineering. They are taking such fluff classes-he would never be ready for this program. My 17 yr old is at University in Mechanical engineering- he had to work hours every night in senior year.
His course load was physics, chemistry, functions, calculus and vectors-etc. Zach seems like he is working at a grade 9 level- this is a private school? Why aren't the parents demanding more from the school at a senior level?

Rap541 said...

Heh, I just looked at the requirements for mechanical engineering at Portland State. Yowza!Can't see Jeremy doing that.

Ronald said...

I knew the family would change. It's not easy to remain the same when money and fame comes your way.

The tell-tale sign was how they surround themselves with people who kiss their feet and the way Matt interacted with his fans who praised him the most.

It's human to like someone to worship your every move, but people who have their head screwed on right can see through that and appreciate people who don't praise them just because they are "famous" or want to impress them.

Dupree said...

I think Jeremy thinks of mechanical engineering as someone who fixes or builds machines. I doubt he understands the rigor of the program at a university and the emphasis on higher level mathematics.

Anonymous at 9:42, just because it is a private school, doesn't mean it is a quality school. Private schools do not have uniform standards like public schools (well attempts at uniform standards). Their teachers do not have to be certified. This can work in the school's favor OR it can work against it. When the PSU counselor was describing the path to becoming a teacher to Zach, he was describing the path to being a public school teacher. This is usually the path that students attempt first because in general, they get paid better.

I really enjoyed this episode as it didn't gloss over the twins lack of direction. Very interesting.

Monica said...

Does anyone have any guesses why Jeremy was so angry with Zach about his grades and homework when Jeremy was tattling on him?

When has Jeremy ever cared about grades, let alone Zach's grades or Zach doing homework?

I thought it was strange that Jeremy looked "super pissed for some reason" (quoting the review). Does anyone have any guesses on why? Were they (Jeremy and Zach) fighting at the time about something else and Jeremy opted to stick it to Zach then?

Anonymous said...

I realize that a private school doesn't always mean a quality school- but why would you pay for this type of education? Matt and Amy must realize that their twins are not prepared for a 4 yr college based on their course load- and they are paying for it!!
Community college will build on the meager skills they acquired at their high school.
I think this family is pretty typical when it comes to the teen years- but why do they want to televise their life?
Can they ever go back and have a private life?

Anonymous said...

I find the constant use of "hay bales" really annoying, otherwise your observations of the Roloff family are right on.

I like this family and this show. The Roloffs are down to earth, not shrewish like Kate Goesslin and the overgrown adoloescent, Jon.

This season has been painful to watch, particularly Matt and Amy. They seem at an impasse in their marriage. Amy dreads the "empty nest years;" Matt doesn't look good physically. He's spending money like water and just wants to stay home on the farm.

As for Faith Bible School, is this really a high school? The assignments and homework that the kids get seems pretty moronic, not like the public high school I attended. The public speaking class assignment of "baking a cake" is something that would get assigned to sixth graders, not high school seniors.

Kit said...

Anon at 5:12pm - The Roloffs send their kids to a religious private school presumably for the religious instruction/environment, smaller class size, and generally uniform belief culture (i.e., moderately conservative Protestant). From the website: "Faith Bible is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools." The accreditation standards are available here: http://www.northwestaccreditation.org/standards.pdf

The list of colleges attended by graduates shows many small Christian colleges (such as Corban), a variety of local/regional state universities, and a very few "name" colleges (Oxford, Pepperdine, Redlands).

Faith offers a *very* limited number of AP/Honors classes, only two languages (ASL and Spanish), and one "computer" class (no description of content). I suspect, like many small private schools, a student *could* get a quality education here, but primarily through self-motivation and/or parental direction, and probably external classes at community college or local university in higher-level subjects, foreign languages, etc.

Based on the homework Jake was doing in one show, it looks like they may use one of the "workbook" programs that a lot of small schools and homeschoolers use, at least for the elementary school. Provides a standardized course of study independent of a teacher's background.

Jeremy and Zach may, at some point, get serious about education as a means to a livelihood. For now, though, the easy and substantial money they earn from the show has removed a lot of motivation that would normally drive kids to succeed academically and/or pursue higher education. Be honest, wouldn't your kids react the same way? Why "work" at school if goofing off pays so well and is a lot more fun?

And since Amy and Matt just remodeled their house into a McMansion, it doesn't appear they expect the boys to move out any time soon. Or even want them to. As Amy said in the earlier episodes, what would she and Matt do without kids around to buffer their relationship?

Jason said...

"Be honest, wouldn't your kids react the same way? Why "work" at school if goofing off pays so well and is a lot more fun?"

That's very true, Kit. Well said. That's always the elephant in the room with the show and the Roloffs.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree- my son did get into mechanical engineering- worked very hard- made honour role in senior year- but if he was making TLC money
his motivation might not be there. He would be like the twins. I wouldn't changes places. Sure the money would be great- but the loss of privacy is not a price I could ever pay.

Kit said...

Jason - Another unacknowledged "elephant" is that TLC needs drama and crisis to maintain viewer interest. If both boys did well in school and were heading off to 4-yr colleges, who would tune in to watch? Sadly, I bet the TLC execs were cheering when they watching the tape of the "speech class" crisis.

haley said...

I don't see how the twins not being ready for college comes as a surprise to matt and amy. i mean seriously, come on.

Props to Molly for actually getting good grades and from what it seems on the show, having a good head on her body.

Anonymous said...

Well reviewed. Everytime I watch the show I'm wondering if I'm the only one noticing this stuff. I honestly think if it wasn't for the family getting a reality show and becoming celebrities the twins would end up probably living at home forever, siting on the couch in their room watching the big screen mom and dad got them while mom cleans THEIR room. But with the money they've made from the show they will end up somewhere looking like succesful people.

I worry about jake though, I think it may be too late to save him, especially after watching tonights episode where he racks up 8,000 text messages. In the end he didn't learn a lesson at all and amy didn't even to bother to tell him how much money it costed. Since I first started watching the show I've always felt that Jake may end up in prison or worst.

It's amazing to see how clueless the parents are and laugh about it but if you step back and look at the big picture it's really sad.

chessy said...

Does Amy realize that her kids still can't wake in the morning because she spoiled them and did everything to make life easy for them. She says they still can't wake up and how wil they get up for college and why is she worrying at this late date

Anonymous said...

As we watch the show we notice how disconnected Matt appears while Amy overtakes every situation with the kids to the extent of excluding Matt & making him feel unwelcome at his own kids activities. The twins have never had to think for themselves because Amy does everything for them, while Matt buys their happiness.

It appears the family is forming sides. Amy,Molly,Zach vs. Jeremy, Matt & Jacob. It is sad that Matt and Amy are creating such a divide in their family. They seem to pit the kids against the other parent.

And now we wonder why Zach is not doing well in school? Could it possibly be due to the fact that his parents are fighting at every turn and he is internalizing all of his parents issues. You can clearly see that the tension between Matt & Amy is having grave effects on the kids.

Once again, a reality tv family that ends up paying the ultimate price for a paycheck. Such a nice family to have such dysfunction. It's sad.

Amy & Matt need marriage counseling and the kids need to learn to clean up after themselves and how to wake up to an alarm clock.

I wish the Rolloffs luck, they're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

TLC leader for Little People Big World just said it's a Final for the show. Is the show cancelled or not?

lucas said...

"..paying the ultimate price for a paycheck."

Money can't buy *anyone* love, anon 7:57 PM, very true.