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Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World Oct 26

The first of our guest episode reviewers is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

The 3rd week of new episodes have arrived! :) Two great episodes! They're both all about the kids. Good job producers and editors! Lots to talk about and I'll try to do this as quick as possible because I'm on the clock! I don't care what they called the real title, I'm calling the first episode "Jeremy's revenge" (read for explanation!)

*They get started with...Jeremy shirtless! Good way to start. He wakes up, sits up in bed shirtless. He said something, maybe that he slept for 12 hours but I was distracted by his body ;-)

*Molly and Jake are doing homework. Molly says unlike the twins, she and Jake actually do their homework. Molly helps Jake. He complains she talks too loud and is annoying. She raises her voice. Jake yells at her to shut up. What a charming kid Jacob is.

*Cue Jeremy shirtless (aka the new opening to LPBW). This is good. Less than one minute in and they've already shown us Jeremy shirtless three times (twice in the opening). Maybe I should keep a running count of our weekly dose of Jeremy shirtless moments. I'm not complaining, but I think we have all noticed what they're doing. Good job producers! Sell Jeremy's body! :-)

*Back to the show. At Faith Bible high school. I think from Jeremy's hair and clothes this is at the same time that they filmed in season 4 when Dan and Bryan did their concert.

*Jeremy says they're getting bad grades and did bad on the SATs and Zach was benched from soccer. Jeremy explains that Molly is doing great. Molly chalks it up to her motivation and discipline.

*Now they're in speech class. Giving impromptu speeches. Jeremy's subject is "skin". I think Jer did good. He said it's wrinkling and if you cut it, it magically heals itself.

*Zach's topic is popular. That's an easy topic. Much easier than "skin". But Zach changes it to "grass". He talks about how you play soccer on grass. The teacher makes what I thought was a joking comment about Zach making everything about soccer.

*Back at home, Amy, Jer, Zach and Molly have a meeting on the stairs. Teacher wasn't joking. She hated Zach's speech and he bombed. Zach is pissed and whining about how unfair it was. The surprising thing is Jeremy is pissed at Zach. Jeremy has had enough of Zach's whining and complaining about how unfair it is. Jeremy tells him he should have been more prepared. Amy tells Zach he should be more prepared. I hope they were talking about in general, because to be fair to Zach, how can you be prepared for an impromptu speech? lol. Quote of the week is spoken by Jeremy. Something about throw a steak on Zach because he's so hot (mad).

*Amy drags Jeremy and Zach to Portland State University. They are in awe listening to someone give a speech about it, to a room full of...well, no one except for Jer, Zach and Amy. She tells them about the requirements. Portland State Univ is out of their league. Zach's jaw is on the floor listening to how good your grades need to be. Jeremy is very cool about, cooly rubs his chin.

*Amy says PSU is unrealistic for the twins. Yep.

*Both Jeremy and Zach say they're interested in business. I was surprised to hear Jeremy say that. He says he is interested in business. Zach says sports management. Jeremy agrees. Jeremy thinks it would be cool to own and manage a sports team.

*They're talking to a University counsellor or somebody. Uhoh. The music is set up to make Jeremy sound like an idiot. Shame on Joey Newman the music guy for LPBW! They're doing the dum, dum, dum music. Jeremy is asking something about how long it would take to get a degree if he wanted to be a mechanical engineer. I think Jeremy just wants to know if it take 4 years and he's set. The counsellor looks confused and says it takes 2 years to get this and then 2 years for that and then you need to get x. Jeremy asks again. The counsellor looks more confused. I don't think what Jeremy was asking was that dumb at all, but this scene is meant to make Jeremy look stupid. Thumbs down to this scene!

* Matt asks Jeremy how he liked Portland State University. Jeremy says he liked it. Really??

*They flashback to the 2nd season when Matt was telling Jeremy about Wharton. Matt says he and Amy have tried to prepare the twins are college and are frusrated they aren't.

*Matt and Jeremy talk about UCLA?? I think they're setting up a visit for Jeremy??

*Cut to Zach, Amy and Jeremy in the living rooms. Jeremy looks great in all light blue, jeans and jacket. Despite Jeremy looking hot, the scene is hostile. Amy is question Zach about his grades that suck. Jeremy tells Amy that Zach didn't do an essay or something. Zach is pissed off. Zach haybales (thanks Rap541 my fellow reviewer!) that he's pissed off when Jeremy tattles on him. Zach says it's the most hypocritical thing ever. Back to the "live" action, Jeremy really does seem fed up with Zach's whining and complaining. Jeremy doesn't mind telling Amy who crappy Zach is doing and giving it to Zach when Zach whines about how unfair it is.

Wow, who would have guessed if you were told back in the first season that Jeremy and Amy would team up to tell Zach how crappy his grades are at school?

*Amy doesn't know what happened to Zach, he used to be ok in school, now he sucks. Jeremy walks by again and hands Amy something, I think Zach's horrible test.

*Hence my title for this episode, Jeremy's revenge. Jeremy genuinely seems angry at Zach for complaining about his bad grades. I think it's all the years of Zach telling everyone that he was the smart one. Jeremy is getting the last laugh now and is happy to help give it back to Zach now.

*Zach has a cooking assignment. He's making a cake. Amy is in the kitchen helping him make the cake. Zach asks what flour is. Doesn't know how to crack an egg. Amy is doing most of it. In fairness, everytime a kid gets help from a parent, doesn't the parent always end up doing it? I remember that. They put the cake in the oven. Zach leaves. He doesn't come back for it. Amy brings takes over and brings the finished cake out to the garage. Jeremy likes the cake and thanks Amy. Side note: Is everybody noticing how well Jeremy and Amy seem to be getting along these days?

*They're at school for Zach's big moment to show the class how to bake the cake. Jeremy says he's nervous. Camera pans to the other people in the class. Dan! Dani! Bryan! They laugh and give quizical looks as Zach cooks. When Zach doesn't know what to do, he makes little jokes.

*I want to see Jeremy cook! We never see Jeremy cook on this show. Last year Zach cooked the dinner at home. This time, they show as Zach cook again and not Jeremy.

*Back at home, Zach bombed his cooking speech again. He got a C. He's pissed and thinks he got robbed. Again. He didn't introduce it with a 5 point introduction. Amy sounds torn between blaming the teacher and being pissed at Zach. She doesn't understand how he didn't do good with her helping him.

*Zach says his attitude for senior year is that D's are great. Wow.

*Amy tells MolAly to tell Zach he needs to get organized.

End of episode


2nd episode

*For the second week in a row, the 2nd episode starts with Jake roller blading in the kitchen. He knocks glasses and pop cans over with a soccer ball.

*Amy wrestles with Jake on rollerblades. As Jacob is jumping on Amy's back, Amy calmly asks Jake if he should be blading in the kitchen because he's destroying the floor? Jake doesn't care. Amy goes back to wrestling with him.

*Molly joins the conversation. This is very strange. Molly, Amy and Jake. Molly debates with Amy if Jake is going to get in trouble for destroying the floor with the roller blades. With all of them sitting there...Amy says stuff like yeah he will get in trouble, Molly says he won't. What a weird conversation.

*Amy tells the camera that her parents were always very clean and organized. She vowed when she had kids, she wanted them to have fun. That's all.

*The kids like to break stuff. Zach talks about all the stuff the kids break, furniture, etc. Scenes are shown of 50 kids running through the house trashing it.

*Jeremy asks Amy for the boxing gloves. This looks promising! Yes! Jeremy and his friends go out to the barn to box. Jeremy shirtless again! This is great. What is better than a grunting, shirtless Jeremy working his muscles by wrestling? Were they going to really box? It's Jeremy VS Bryan. Oh, Bryan just punched Jer in the face. I guess they are boxing! Most of their match for the 10 seconds they show it is Bryan trying to take Jeremy down. Jeremy falls on Bryan. Other friends are shown wrestling. This scene is over in about 20 seconds. Not fair!!!!!

*Matt takes Sven in the house and downstairs. To be honest, I don't care what they're saying, I want more of the boxing with Jeremy shirtless! :) The gist of the Sven part is Matt is getting him to clean the basement up because Amy has it in disaster.

*There are stains on the carpet. Matt is mad. Amy says it's the dog and doesn't care. Matt thinks it's from the kids spilling drinks. Matt wants a rule about no drink upstairs. Amy says she "tries to discourage it". Matt is totally right. Well, I don't know about the rule, but Matt calls Amy on how lame it is to say "you're discouraging it". That means I don't want you to do it, but go ahead.

*This stuff is revealing about Matt and Amy. Amy says she wants Matt mad at her and not the kids so that's why she argues with Matt. She doesn't want Matt angry at the kids.

*Molly walks by and says they both suck at disciplining and it never, ever happens and never will.

*A random shot of Jeremy firing a shotgun in a field. Jeremy hits his target! A baby dear gets its head blown off. Oh great, now the PETA group will be after Jeremy too. No, no, I'm just kidding. LOL. They didn't show Jeremy kill anything, but they did show him fire a gun. Was that added last minute to scare off the vandals? :)

*Amy goes to Matt's mens crisis center to point out that it's a mess. Amy says Matt doesn't care about keeping things clean. Amy thinks Matt's issue with cleaning is because he wants to get rid of all her stuff and keep his stuff.

*Amy brings home groceries. Matt and Jeremy get home, they have groceries too. They argue about it. Matt wants Amy to thank him. Amy doesn't like that Matt infringed on her domain. Matt blames Jeremy for grabbing more stuff at the store.

*Matt can't find the remote. He finds it in another room. He's angry. Amy is upset that Matt is angry. Matt blames Jacob. Calls Jacob into a room. Jacob denies that it was him. Matt doesn't believe him. He points to a video game and says he's taking it away. Jacob doesn't care. What a brat.

*The coffee table is all burnt along the edges. Matt notices. Tells Amy. Amy doesn't care. I agree with Matt here! Matt is shocked Amy doesn't care. Matt says that means one of the kids took a lighter and burnt the table and Amy doesn't care? Yep. Amy doesn't care. Matt says someone needs to get in trouble for it. Amy says no. Amy says you don't know when or how it happened, so you can't punish, just forget about it (I hope the people who want Jeremy's head for the "scandal" stuff are paying attention.....after seeing this scene there is NO WAY IN HELL Amy was ever going to get mad at Jeremy for that! lol)

*Back to coffee-table-gate. Matt blames Jacob. I don't know about that honestly. I think we all know Jeremy smokes. Burning the coffee table makes me think Jeremy and his friends more than Jacob, but maybe Jake has a history that I don't know about. Matt tells Amy that most parents would call all 4 kids into the room and demand that one of them confesses. But Matt and Amy don't do that because Amy says they don't know when or what happened, so just forget about it.

*Matt comments that Amy is very protective of "her little hens" (the kids!).

*Amy serves pizza to about 20 kids running aroud the house.

*Some carpet cleaning guy comes. This is random. Obviously a free service they elected to have done :)

*The basement is clean now. Jeremy is impressed. But do any of us viewers care about the basement? No, but there is a nice view of Jeremy's butt in his tight jeans :)

*Jake jumps in and out of a window. It's chaos. 50 kids in the house trashing the place. They do a montage like "the morning after". The house is a wreck. Amy walks through shocked at how bad it is. She says it's bad even for her. Weak threat time. She says to herself and to the camera that maybe the kids can't have friends over if they're going to trash the house like this.

*Amy says she's waking the kids up and telling them to clean. Amy tells Zach Matt will be pissed. Zach says even he is pissed because it's so trashed. All 4 kids get up and help clean it up.

*Amy is happy! She tells the kids that they're awesome. Amy tells the camera that the kids respond to her type of discipline. She tells the kids they all did great.

*Matt agrees the place looks great. Matt and Amy both say the kids have earned the right to have the friends over. Party time!

*Back to the boring basement storyline. Amy comes downstairs (like she hasn't seen it, it's been going on for days....) she's impressed with Sven's cleaning service.

*Jake, Amy and Matt play risk. Jake looks like somebody in that white shirt and his hair like that. But who? I know! He looks like John Travolta in the 80s, I think Grease!

*Matt ends the show by saying he's realizing he shouldn't care so much about the house being clean.



Anonymous said...

I really wonder if Matt and the twins have ADHD, they are all really smart and seem to have a lof of problems with focus and attention. If they do, there is some really good help out there. Also as far as the second episode, I really don't understand with their financial situation why they don't just hire someone to deal with the housework. Surely they can afford it and it would reduce alot of the stress, Amy would be more free to focus on the things she sees as more important and Matt would be less stressed with the mess. I know that's what I would do in their situation. Amy could still be in control and tell the person how she wants things done, but not be tied to it. I also wish somebody would have sent Jacob to change, you saw most of his underwear when he was in that room cleaning. He is kind of young and all of the haters will be in a roar.

Noell :) said...

I just loveeeee reading your reviews :) Greaattt Jobb :)

Anonymous said...

Nice review. But what does "hay bales" mean? I have never heard that expression before, other than with respect to baling hay!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy shirtless? Who cares! Did you see he shots of Jacob shirtless? What about the shot of him with his underwear almost completely showing? He is way more handsome than Jeremy.

Brandon said...

I also thought it was telling that Matt blamed Jacob for everything including the burnt table.

Jeremy is the pyromaniac who almost burnt down the barn!

Expressed said...

Noell, thanks for the comments! I always appreciate them. You're the best! :)

Anon, eww, Jacob shirtless? He's too young for that, but even when he's older it won't matter. Jeremy is much better looking.

The first Anon, I think the Anon 12:32am is off because Jacob is too young for me to think he's "hot" in any way, and if you read my other reviews, I don't like Jacob, but it's not a big deal that his "underwear" was showing. It was supposed to be the morning and he just got up. His "underwear" is just boxer shorts anyways. Boxer shorts are just shorts really.

I remember when all the grouchy old adults used to always rip Jeremy for having his boxers show so I need to defend Jake there even though I can't stand the brat :)

JacobFan said...

Why does Matt hate Jacob so much? Maybe hate is a strong word, but he has issues with Jacob. He's the only kid Matt takes his anger out on. Matt blames him for everything.

I bet Jeremy did burn the table. If Matt knew Jeremy did it he would probably laugh about how he did the same thing when he was Jer's age and buy him a new snow board!!!!

I think Jacob hates Matt in return.

Craw said...

I wanted to see Jeremy box against Jake. Damn. LOL.

I'm glad Jeremy finally stopped taking crap from Zach.

Jeremy lacks decent brothers. He deserves better. At least he has a good sister.

Justin said...

I didn't think Jeremy's speech about "skin" was much better than Zach's speech. "skin also has wrinkles and all that, so yeah, it's just a real weird thing".

That was a ton better than Zach's?

Jocelynn said...

I thought the interesting thing when Zach was fuming about his speech was watching Molly's body language as Jeremy started to make the comment about "cook some steaks on that kid". As Jeremy started to say "Whoa..", Molly quickly turned to him, raising her hand as if to say stop or don't say it. Was she trying to break up tension between them or thought he was going to say something that would start a war between Jeremy and Zach or did she think Jeremy was going to say something obscene?

Ashley said...

I agree with all the comments about Jeremy's attitude with Zach. I don't know if it's good, bad or warranted, but it was a different side of Jeremy I don't remember seeing before. He was snarky and genuinely bent out of shape. I haven't seen Jeremy look that angry or annoyed before.

HappyNow...Anon said...

I agree. I mean i dont think he "hates" him,thats a really big word,but i do see tension between them alot.Like on last nights episode when the table was burned,More than likely it was Jeremy and his friends,but Matt insisted on bringing Jacob in and yelling at him,even though he wasnt sure who did it.I feel bad for Jacob...Maybe thats why he acts out all the time because he always gets all the B.S anyway so he might aswell not care.Matt shows favortism alot :( and i think thats why Amy doesnt let him disipline the kids because hes more easy on Jer and Molly than the others.Its sad.

Dana said...

I don't blame Matt for his attitude with Jake. There is something wrong with that kid. He's so badly behaved. Watch him when they're cleaning up. He can't even put the garbage into the bag. He throws it on the table. Molly set him straight and made him do it right. He angrily shoved the garbage into the bag. He can't even clean up without an attitude.

Linda said...

I am obviously much too old, because what is wrong with Jacob? I couldn't believe it when he walked through his the room like that. His jeans were not even up to his knees! Did he not care to pull his jeans up? Did they fall down and he's not smart enough to realize it? It was totally unacceptable. In my home, he would have been punished for that.

I don't care what people say about Jeremy, I haven't seen him look as skanky as Jacob. I think Jeremy is a much more respectable young man of faith.

Judy V said...

Linda, here here!

That Jacob is horrible to Matt. I still can't get over his tone when Matt was talking to him about the remote control. That's no way to speak to your father who has provided so much for him.

Matt deserves so much better than Jacob, Zach and Amy.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, because Jeremy wasn't involved in any of the house disrespect at all, right?

He was nobly reading the Bible, with his dad while everyone else (including his buddies) disrespected his dad.

Oh wait. Actaully Jeremy was right there treating what his father provided for him like trash.

Judy V - if I had spoken to my dad like Jake did while I was being punished, my dad wouldn't have allowed me to walk away unscathed. He would have taken all my games and asked me if I wanted to try for more. Jake, Molly, Jeremy, and Zach all mouth off to Matt because Matt doesn't want to be the bad guy with the kids. We've seen ALL the kids be mouthy. Matt is supposed to be a father not a buddy, and this is what happens when you don't parent.

Judy V said...

Rap, I don't entirely disagree.

All kids are disrespectful to their parents at times and Jeremy and Molly (Zach is like Jacob) don't have a flawless record, but Jacob takes it to the extreme. IMO, Matt is sick of it and that's why people perceive Matt as disliking Jacob. I watched that scene again. I'm very upset by the disrespect Jacob showed towards Matt. Plus I think he was lying. I agree with you that Matt shouldn't have stopped at the one video game. He should have taken them all and sent Jacob's friend home. I could guess what would have happened though. Amy wouldn't have supported Matt and Jacob's friend would have been able to stay and he would get his games back. Amy said it herself. She cares about her kids having fun. Matt wants to parent. That Jacob doesn't know how good he has it. He should be thanking God for all Matt has given him.

I put the blame on the lack of discipline squarely on Amy's shoulders. Matt tries to discipline the kids and restore order. Amy fights against him. She works with the kids to undermine Matt. Even when she called to Jacob, "Jake, your dad wants to talk to you", then she leaves. She should have supported Matt. Her response to Matt's justifiable anger upon discovering the burnt table was baffling "yeah, so what?". I don't think Amy would allow Matt to punish Jacob like he deserves. Amy is the problem.

I feel bad for Matt because he deserves so much better. Only Molly and Jeremy consistently (that does not mean they don't slip up on rare occasion)show respect to Matt that he deserves.

Happy Now...Anon said...

Well even The kids and Matt himself have said that Matts away alot and even when hes home,never really disciplines the kids.So it could be hard to listen to someone who is rarely disciplining rather than the parent who is.So Matt brought that upon hisself.I think the reason Amy gets upset with Matt is because he picks and choses when he wants to discipline,and to which kid.Like when he saw the burned table,he automatically wanted to yell at Jacob.He didnt say lets bring in all kids and interigate them,he simply said Jacob. Jacob is in his rebellious years,we all have had them.When we just want to mouth off and not listen.Jacob is going through it now.I will agree with Rap when he says Jeremy is still like that.I have seen Jeremy talk back to Matt but he just says "Jeremy is like me when i was younger",and thats that.Jacob gets punished for it and its not fair.Matt needs to be fair and frequent.He cant leave Amy to do most of the disciplining all the time, then do it when he feels like it or wants it done a certain way and he cant do it to some kids and not the others.So i dont feel sorry for Matt at all.

Rap541 said...

Judy - I just don't find this a case where Matt has been a perfect parent who isn't at fault for any of his kid's discipline issues. Mind you, I think Amy is equally at fault, because she is also the parent. Matt is very passive aggressive in how he disciplines the kids. He doesn't want to it himself, he wants Amy to be the bad guy and make the kids settle down or send friends home. It's his home, right? He can walk into the living room and say "I am working, you kids need to calm down and if you don't, there's the door." And he doesn't. He sits and suffers and discusses to the camera how he doesn't like it... Why CAN'T Matt handle it?

Because he wants to be the cool parent. So does Amy. I will put a great deal on Amy, because she doesn't give the kids any consequences but *neither* does Matt and Amy is not a single parent.

Matt lives in the home. He chooses to play the martyr. Think you'd see a cleaner house if Matt sat down at the table and said "I'm not paying anyone's car insurance or cell phone bill until I see this house presentable"?

Amy and Matt both want the kids to like them. Matt is not the innocent victim in this. His role as a father is more involved than showing up for fertilization and providing toys.

Rap541 said...

"I agree with you that Matt shouldn't have stopped at the one video game. He should have taken them all and sent Jacob's friend home. I could guess what would have happened though. Amy wouldn't have supported Matt and Jacob's friend would have been able to stay and he would get his games back."

So in other words, Matt can do nothing and is off the hook since Amy controls him? He has no say? He can't make himself heard?

Or is it just easier to not bother to parent?

Kit said...

TLC is sliding down a long road to TV hell. Between the Gosselins taking every nasty detail of their divorce to the public with competing "special interviews," and the Roloffs falling into some dismal imitation of "Married...With Children," it looks like the network better be out beating the bushes for the next family they can ruin. Perhaps they'll just settle for spinning off series about all the various Duggars. That would keep them in material forever. Did you see where JimBob calculated he could have over 200 grandchildren? The earth shuddered on its axis...

I was so appalled at these two LPBW episodes that I'm taking my own hiatus. Enough is enough.

Tay said...


Why is Jacob yourchosen one? What makes him so special? Why?

Wheres your outrage with Jake for being a brat with Matt? You'd have two pages on it if it was Jeremy and Jer wouldn't do that. Jacob deserved to get smacked in the head for what he said to Matt and how he said it.

What do you say about Jacob's trashy clothes? He looked like a stripper. Everyone knows if Jeremy had pranced through the room like that you would have some snarky comments about him. But Rap's precious Jake gets no comments. Why?

You let this brat away with everything without any snarky comments while you bash Jeremy from for everything.

If you want proof Jeremy is better then Jacob look at Matt. He's smart and he loves Jeremy more than Jacob. I don't think Matt can stand the little brat and I don't blame him one bit. Did you notice Matt didn't take Jacob snowboarding?

I just don't understand how anybody can be so mean to such a nice person who Matt loves like Jeremy and always let a horrible kid like Jacob who is a terrible son to Matt away with all that he does wrong.

Rap541 said...

Taye - for real here, if you read what I wrote, you would understand that I just openly advocated that Matt should have cracked down on Jake for his smart mouth and taken away all of his games due to his attitude. Lemme find the quote.

"Judy V - if I had spoken to my dad like Jake did while I was being punished, my dad wouldn't have allowed me to walk away unscathed. He would have taken all my games and asked me if I wanted to try for more. Jake, Molly, Jeremy, and Zach all mouth off to Matt because Matt doesn't want to be the bad guy with the kids. "

Seriously, I was noting that in my house, Jake would have been punished more. That's one.

Two - Like it or not, Jake is not 19. He is 11-12. Until he is 14-15, where a child starts to be considered less of a child and more of an adult, and is more responsible for knowing to display his home training, the brunt of my issue with him is his parents permitting him to act poorly in front of them. Third, unlike almost everyone else on this train wreck, Jake doesn't get a choice to be there. His parents are the ones who decide whether he is on camera.

If Jeremy and Zach were 12, I would be much less harsh about their nasty behaviors. For the record - if Jake popped out some of Jeremy's fav words, I would note publically that Jake is certainly old enough to know he's wrong.... but the complete lack of correction in his home is a huge part of his problem.

Jake is the only kid who still has a chance to benefit from some discipline.

Anonymous said...

Geez, lay off Jake. The kid's OK.

Jake's pants were sagging. That's been a (regrettable) kid fashion for YEARS now. (And is finally on the way out.) Jeremy has sagged through the show's whole run.

You only notice it just now? And you want to punish Jake?

As for the Matt-Jake-remote incident: Matt simply DECIDED that Jake was guilty, called him in for a chewing-out, and Jake (not guilty) reacted in a defensive way. I thought his response to Matt's bullying was actually mild, certainly not what Matt deserved.

Jake and Molly are that family's only hope.

Angela said...

The one victim of unfair treatment is Jacob by Matt, Tay.

No one can deny that Matt has it in for Jacob. He's the only kid Matt wants to discipline. He singled Jacob out three times on the show Monday.

1. The missing remote control. He accused Jacob. Jacob denied it. Matt didn't believe him.

2. The burnt coffee table. Matt accused Jacob again. Like others have said, I think Jeremy would be the logical choice.

3. When ALL the kids were throwing balls and bouncing off the walls in the house. How many kids were there? How many kids were involved? It looked like a lot. Matt from his off, yells "Jacob! Go outside!" He singled Jacob out from all the kids involved.

Matt has done many times on the show.

Linda said...

Anonymous@12:03 -- "Matt's bullying".

Matt is the PARENT!
He suspected Jake was guilty. He called him into question him. When did that get labeled "bullying"??

Joyce said...

Jacob is the worst example of a spoiled and misbehaved kid I have ever seen in a Christian home. He is very rude and disrespectful.

Rap541 said...

Linda - I don't know if I would use "bullying" but Anon at 12:03 pointed out that there was no actual evidence presented, nor any questioning. Matt decided Jake did it, and took a game away. Likewise, Matt and Amy both do discipline Jake over behaviors that they tolerate or laugh about when the older children do it.

Likewise, considering that there were 20 some odd kids in the house, including several admitted smokers, it seems odd that Matt immediately wanted to punish Jake. I'm not saying he didn't do it - but considering the chaos in the house and the tendency for the older boys to cheerfully damage things - it seemed a big assumption on Matt's part.

Personally I was all for hauling all four kids in and demanding to know who did it. Matt *wanted* to do it but let Amy have her way.... which means he abdicated being a parent there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Linda.

We obviously saw two different versions of the show. Must be a time zone problem.

I'll stand with what I said, because in the version I saw (on the west coast), Matt DECIDED that Jake was guilty and called him in for a chewing-out. Plain as day. He proceded to attempt to extract a confession. I think that's bullying the kid.

Jake (not guilty) reacted defensively, and I think quite mildly, to Matt's behavior. Good for Jake.

Jake and Molly are this family's only hope.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the past 2 episodes are available to watch online somewhere? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

November 30,2009. I caught the tail end of the latest episode. Have Matt and Amy split up? What's up?