Monday, October 12, 2009

Guest Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Oct 12

The first of our trio of guest episode reviewers is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed)


Written by Expressed:

The Roloffs are back!

First, there is a great new opening! Why is it great? Jeremy is shirtless. Twice! Good job TLC/LPBW big world folks for giving the audience what they want :) The old opening scene of a young Jer and Zach riding bikes with Jeremy bundled up is replaced by a scene of Jeremy riding a bike a shirtless. He looks FAB-U-LOUS! They also threw in a shot from the much talked about Grad party :) At least we know that is coming later in the season.

Ok, first episode is about Matt completing the castle he started over 10 years ago for Molly. This Episode is basically all Matt and Amy.

*Matt and Amy get out on a Mule (or I guess it's a Polaris Ranger now!) and have a talk. Matt says he wants to build a Noah's arc kind of thing on the farm. The talk seems playful. I think it seemed a little staged or both Matt and Amy were very aware that there was a camera 5 inches from their faces :) Matt's in the "I'm a crazy dreamer" role. Amy's in the "You're a crazy dreamer, I'm the sane one" role.

*Matt says he would wither away and die if he didn't keep himself busy with projects like these. Amy nods as Matt says he'd wither away and die. Interesting. Haha.

* Now they're in Matt's office. Whoa what was that? I think Matt has animal heads on the walls.

*Cut to Amy outside giving a talk to the camera. It's about divorce. Is this the we're not Jon and Kate speech? Amy says they joke a lot about divorce but she doesn't think it will happen. But then she says they're reaching that stage that a lot of married couples do. The kids are getting older and what will they do now. They want to do different things. She doesn't know what will happen. That wasn't quite as uplifting as I was expecting.

* Amy says Matt keeps saying the castle is for Molly, but it's really for Matt.

*Back to the Matt's office, Molly comes in. Matt gives a heart-warming speech to Molly. Even though she's out grown the castle, nobody can ever take away the emotion he had for her that inspired the castle. That was sweet. But Molly yawns. Ha.

*Amy seems to be more of the focus this season. She's giving a lot of the narrations.

*Matt hires a company to come in and finish the castle. Matt wants to see the headlines : Matt completes castle after 13 years. Amy and Matt are arguing about cost. It's the same argument they always have. Matt is a dreamer and does what it takes to complete his projects and dream. In the end they always end up profitable. Amy is only worried about the cost. They talk about the cost of the labor for the Castle (Spirits has said before that it's been said that Matt needs to pay for labor and the show pays for materials and equipment and all that stuff).

*Molly backs up Amy by saying what she said earlier. Molly says Matt says the castle is for her but she thinks Matt is doing it for himself. They're picking out different types of thrones for the castle. Matt ignores Molly's choice for the throne. Molly leaves as Matt and Amy argue.

*The castle stuff arrives. It's really cool actually. They have armor and swords. Sweet.

*Jake makes an appearance! He's helping Matt move the throne into the castle. Matt has it on the bobcat. Jake is holding it in place. He's at the front of the bobcat holding it. This has disaster written all over! Ha. Surprisingly all goes well. Jake drags and scrapes the throne into the castle.
Matt asks Jake what he thinks. Jake says it's "cool". Jake then tells the camera that the castle took a long time but it looks cool now. Wow, Jake is good at containing his excitement :) I've never seen someone look more bored talking about how cool they think something is. :)

*Matt and Amy are back inside arguing about the cost of the whole thing and how she always needs to put the brakes on his ideas. Jeremy is in the background watching TV. Jer seems obvlivious to all the arguing. Whatever was on must have been good because Jeremy doesn't let the arguing distract him from giving it his full 100% attention.

*Amy is back to making comments about Matt and his ideas and no thought of the cost. She says one day he will stir the pot and it will be too much, the lid is already off...

Zach wanders through the kitchen and asks Amy for a pizza cutter. Amy snaps at Zach. Zach gives a facial expression of "Okayyyyyy." Amy takes the pizza cutter and looks like she might be having a little pyscho moment as she stabs the pizza with the pizza cutter :)

*The kids are all summoned to the castle. You can see the kids all come in different directions. I can tell this is not a spontaneous decision to come checkout the castle. Jeremy is shirtless again! He takes his rightful place on the throne :) He's definitely the hottest looking King I've ever seen! Ha :)

*Amy for about the 300th time this episode, says the castle was for Matt. Matt gives a toast to Molly for having a great dad that would make her her very own castle :)

End of the first episode


2nd Episode

Alright, this one is more about the kids.

*It opens with Zach and Jake with boxing gloves, Jake is on roller blades in the house. I remember when Jeremy rollerbladed in the house last year and there was an outcry about it. Anyway, Zach knocks Jake down. Go Zach!!! It was all good fun though.

*By the way they've changed the beginnings, now they start with a little scene like that. Then they cut to the opening. Good choice to show the opening again. The more the audience sees of Jeremy shirtless the better :)

*It's winter formal time for Jeremy, Zach and molly.

*Amy hires a fashion designer to come to the house. Wow. The Roloffs take their winter formals very seriously :) Amys says it's because Zach is a LP and it's hard to get clothes. The same speech she gave in the first season, but back then they just went to a store. Now they have fashion designers making personal visits :) Zach is in awe of the whole thing as they all fuss around him. He lets out series of "Uh's" followed by more "Uh".."Yeah"..."Uh". ..actually I think he was reacting that way to try to be entertaining for the camera. As much as someone saying "Uh" can be entertaining. Ha.

* Zach has a zit on his nose just in time for the big winter formal dance. Amy says there are no secrets in the Roloff house. So what better way to attract attention to it then have the entire family and the camera crew come and look at it and make it an entire scene in this episode :)

*Amy explains that she never went to prom. She wanted to go, but was never invited. It's kind of sad. Molly doesn't really get it, she asks Amy if it was really because she just didn't want to go. Amy admits to living vicariously through Molly.

*It's 3 hours to the dance and Amy needs to get all the kids ready. She loves waiting until the last minutes and rushing around. Amy loves being needed.

*Matt is flustered when Zach tells him that neither him or Jeremy are bringing dates.

*Jeremy says the thing to do is go to the dance single and come out with 4 dates :) Jer is such a stud. Ha :) That remark earns a "Jeremy James!!!! You be good!" comment from Amy.

* The fashion designers deliver Zach a very cool looking jacket.

* Jeremy and Zach are getting ready. Jeremy says they couldn't be more polar opposites about fashion. Jer is a stylish. Zach isn't. Jeremy helps Zach with his hair. I think Jeremy was going for a faux hawk style on Zach and tells Zach that's what he's doing. Zach would be smart to listen to Jeremy. He knows what he's doing :) Zach admits to not caring about fashion. Jeremy is such a good brother, helping Zach like that.

*Matt helps Zach tie a tie. Jeremy seems to know how to do it because he tells Matt he doesn't like the way he's doing it.

* Amy is rushing around taking pics of everyone ready to go. Matt and Amy are getting on each others nerves as per Matt. Amy takes charge and when Matt gets involved that's when the problems seem to start. Matt walks away.

*Zach went to pick up Molly's friend Meredith. Amy says she's not one of Molly's good friends (I hope Meredith thinks that too or else she's in for a surprise now!!!!) Amy thinks it's weird and convinces herself that she's Zach's date even though he said it's not a date.

*Zach was planning on taking Molly and her friends to the dance. He decorated his Previa van like a limo. It actually looks good.

*Molly thinks it's cool too. She says Zach doesn't treat her like she's a freshmen and below him. She says it's cool to have a brother like Zach that would do that for her. I think that was a Zing to poor Jeremy! Jer's brotherly moment came when he helped Zach get ready and gave him fashion and hairstyle tips.

*Jer hasn't left yet and is back at the house. Amy finds Zach's cool custom made jacket. He forgot it (intentionally??). Amy asks Jer to bring it to Zach. Jer asks Amy what is it? Ha, I love Jeremy, it's a LP size jacket, what else could it be? :) Jeremy then drops it on the floor, by accident of course.

*It doesn't seem like the camera crew went to the dance. There is a "Jeremy cam" at the dance. I don't think I like this. Jeremy should be on the other side of the camera :)

Jeremy films Zach and Molly reactions at the dance. I think Mueller took over and filmed Jeremy. Jeremy is sad because it's the last high school dance. He loves it because, let's face it, Jeremy and his friends rule the school and he can be completely comfortable at the dance, but he's sad because it's the last dance. He says it might be the last time he will see everybody. Hm. It was in January, they still were going to school for another 6 months :) Nah, we all know what he meant.

The other thing with the invention of the "Jer cam" is they don't need to send the camera crew home when the real fun starts. They just turn it off :) All in all, we only see about 30 seconds at the dance. We never do see if Jeremy was successful in ending with 4 dates. :)

*Amy and Matt go out to dinner. They make it seem like it's the same night as the formal, but I doubt it. It's a very awkward dinner. There is an awkward silence. They finally talk about what they'll do now that the kids are getting older. They say they want to do different things. Amy wants to travel. Matt says Amy doesn't know what he wants to do. Amy says Matt wants to enjoy all the things he's created. Matt says "you don't want to do that". Amy says she didn't say that. This conversation is going nowhere fast.

Amy says she's thinking about Venice, Italy and where she'll take Molly and Jake. Matt says he's thinking about talking to all his girlfriends by the pool. Amy says ok whatever...." I'm sure that was a joke, that was awkward!

*Amy ends with a comment to the camera that it will be interesting to see what happens to their lives. So much for my thought in the beginning that they were trying to squash the talk that they'll be another Jon and Kate and divorce. They kept that theme going through both of these episodes tonight.

They don't give us a preview for next week, well, they do, but it was the same preview about the entire new season.

I'm awarding my Roloff quote of the night to Jeremy for the comment:

"The thing to do is go to the dance single and come out with 4 dates." - Jeremy Roloff.

That's it for this week. I tried to rush this to get this off as soon as possible so I might have things to add to add to it. What did you think? It's great to have the Roloffs back! I like the episodes with the kids a lot more. The second episode was better, but not the greatest. There wasn't a lot of Jeremy tonight. The first episode was all Matt and Amy. The second episode focused more on Molly and Zach. There is room for improvement in future episodes but it's great to have the Roloffs back on tv! :)


Want to read different perspectives on the show? Two different reviewers:



Jocelynn said...

Good review Expressed :) Don't agree with all you said, but good job.

The subject of divorce and the cloud of uncertainity about their marriage sort of brought the episode down.

I don't think Molly was meaning to slight Jeremy. She was just being honest. Zach was more thoughtful.

Zach seems to have a closer relationship with both Molly and Jake than Jeremy has with them.

Jeremy is closer to Mueller than Zach is...

I thought the "Jeremy camera" was probably a stipulation by the Roloffs. The show wants to see some of the dance, but the kids don't want the whole crew interfering with their dance and their "fun" so they do it themselves.

I agree re: Matt and Amy's dinner. Strange. I know from reading this blog that she did end up taking Molly and Jake around Italy. Whatever happened to "family" vacations?

Noell :) said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I LOVEEE IT!!!! :)))))))))
Expressed, Me and you are like exactly alike :) lol.
I was so excited when i saw the new intro and jer was shirtless! I was like, "i know Expressed is gonna bring it up in her review." lol
You did an AWESOME job!
Jeremy is amazing, and we need someone like you to get that point across to all the people who dont think so(and i dont know how they dont...hahaha)!
Again, AMAZING job Expressed! :)

Thomas said...

Was anyone else getting gay vibes from Jeremy tonight. He was acting really flamboyant. He's really proud of how he looks and he also said something about being good when it comes to fashion.

The scene where he was doing Zac's hair in the bathroom really set my gaydar off.

Rap541 said...

Nicely done, Expressed:)

Lori said...

Expressed, I think the divorce talk was all TLC editing BS.

I can tell by the previews for the new episodes they're going to work that theme.

Will they go their separate ways? Will they divorce? They'll answer it with a No. It's just a hook to keep people watching. It's the same reason why they make previews look like a Roloff is seriously injured. They've done that with Zach and Jeremy several times.

tashapork said...

Please don't let this be another train wreck. Remember when the family loved to be together. Yes, they had issues and differenes, but now you can cut the tension with a knife.

Expressed said...

Thanks everybody! :)

Thank you Noell:)! I thought of you too :)

"Was anyone else getting gay vibes from Jeremy tonight."

Agghhh! No Thomas no! Jeremy did not seem gay tonight. Why do gay people always think everybody else is gay? It's really annoying.

Jeremy is fantastic style. Guys can have good style. It doesn't mean they're gay. He was being a good brother to Zach by helping him because Zach has no clue. Ha. Aren't people always bashing Jeremy because he doesn't get more involved with his siblings? He helps out Zach and gets gay people calling him gay. ~sigh~

Dana said...

Great review Expressed.

I thought Molly was being a bit thoughtless in these episodes. She didn't appreciate what Matt did and then she disrespected Jeremy by saying it's wonderful to have a brother like Zach.

Craw said...

Dana, I agree about Molly. The only difference between what Zach did for Molly and what Jeremy did for Zach was that Zach didn't make a speech about how great it is to have Jeremy for a brother.

The new opening rocks!

Anonymous said...

Overall agree with your review. I thought Zach showed more personality and energy than usual - maybe confidence and maturity. I have to say that final scene at the restaurant with Matt and Amy seemed close to home - but my feeling is that it was inserted when the twins went to college, not during their last year in high school. The empty nest syndrome.

Michelle F said...

I agree with everyone about the gloom about divorce. It's not something to be joked about or played with like it is a toy.

If it's all a ploy by TLC and the Roloffs to duplicate Jon and Kate Plus 8's rating shame on them. These real kids. It can't be good for them to have their parents pretend like they might get divorce. Even if they jump out of the bushes at seasons end and say "Haha we were just kidding, we're not getting divorced, thanks for watching"....that's just wrong and not good for the kids.

Carol said...

Anon, I agree about Zach as well. He appears to be very confident now. He acts like he enjoys doing the show.

"but my feeling is that it was inserted when the twins went to college, not during their last year in high school. The empty nest syndrome"

It was before summer. Amy talked about Italy. They did that over the summer. The twins are still living at home from what I understand. There shouldn't be empty nest syndrome. All 4 kids are still at home.

Rap541 said...

"I thought Molly was being a bit thoughtless in these episodes. She didn't appreciate what Matt did and then she disrespected Jeremy by saying it's wonderful to have a brother like Zach."

In fairness, Dana, Matt didn't finish that castle for her, it was clearly for him - he didn't even let her pick the throne. She's also a 16 year old girl who probably doesn't even want a play castle anymore, and is likely well aware that the castle isn't being built "for her" but as an attraction for the farm.

As for disrespecting Jeremy by praising Zach? Are you serious? You seriously think Molly was out of line for being touched that one of her older brothers went out of his way to make sure she had a good time at her first dance? Who made an effort, Dana? What did *Jeremy* do for his sister? God forbid Molly say something nice about Zach without "but Jeremy is better in all ways, I love Jeremy best and even though Zach made the effort, as a sister, I have to praise Jeremy for what Zach did, and point out how much better a person Jeremy is".

Good lord, and people say I am negative. God forbid Jeremy not be praised and held up. He was off in his own little world, and Zach was making an effort to include Molly and Molly is just a hateful little bitch for daring to praise Zach and not praise Jeremy too. I mean, Jeremy was the prize brother last night, right? Everything Zach did, well, it was *secretly* Jeremy?

Dana said...

"As for disrespecting Jeremy by praising Zach? Are you serious?"

Rap, yes I am serious. She has two twin brothers. It is thoughtless and not very nice for Molly to pick one and say and it's great to have a brother like Zach. Like Expressed said in her review, when there are twins and someone says something like that, it is a shot against the other twin.

Molly being thoughtless there reminded me of one of the old episodes when Zach was with his dwarf twin friends. Zach (and his friends if that wasn't bad enough) said he wished he had a dwarf twin.

I hope Jeremy doesn't watch the show or take what his twin and sister says because they aren't very thoughtful when they speak.

"He was off in his own little world, and Zach was making an effort to include Molly"

You saw the show. You had it in your review. Jeremy was not in his "own little world". He helped Zach out. Like Expressed said, why didn't Zach go on about how cool it was to have a brother like Jeremy?

The bottom line is if you're a girl with twin brothers it is tasteless and thoughtless to tell the world that you think it's cool to have ONE of them as a brother.

As for Matt, Molly didn't appreciate what Matt did. None of them did and that's too bad because Matt deserves better. Do you know how many girls would love to have a father that cared enough about them to do things like that and make something that interesting in honor of them?

Molly should have shown appreciation.

Molly's not a bad person, but she must be in her selfish teenager stage because she is not being very thoughtful towards Matt and Jeremy.

Thomas said...

Dana, you're an idiot. I'm sure if Jeremy did something nice Molly would have praised him too.

Zac did something nice and Molly showed gratitude... get over it.

Rap541 said...

Dana - what did Jeremy do for Molly that was equal to what Zach did? You're all in a tither over this, that Molly was appreciating what Zach did for her. What did Jeremy do that she wasn't appreciating? Because I didn't see Jeremy even speak to Molly, let alone make any effort to make her first dance special. Zach did. Why should *Jeremy* be held up by Molly when Zach was the one who made the effort to be nice to her? I don't understand why Jeremy deserves a compliment from Molly over what Zach did. You're wilfully misinterpreting what she said because she didn't praise Jeremy. Yes, she has twin brothers. If Zach was being a little brat, should she say BOTH her twin brothers are brats? I mean - they are twins and if Zach does something good, you want both Zach and Jeremy praised equally, so I assume if Zach is a rude little jerk, then we're all allowed to note that "the twins" are rude. After all, they're twins.

But let me guess - you're going to insist that when Zach acts badly, Jeremy should NOT be included, but when Zach earns a compliment, his twin brother Jeremy should ALSO be held up and complimented, correct? Molly has twin brothers and if she praises Zach for what Zach does, she's not giving credit where credit is due, but in fact is viciously maligning her brother Jeremy.

Wow, Molly should be tarred and feathered for being such an awful kid to not publically praise Jeremy for the kindness Zach showed her. I mean, really, it's completely reasonable to think she shoudl have been on her knees thanking Jeremy for Zach's kindness, because they're twins and therefore Jeremy is ultimately the only one who really matters.

In fact - Molly had every right to say what she did. Zach went out of his way to do something nice for her as her brother. I don't understand why you think Jeremy should be praised for Zach's actions, particularly when I am certain you would not like it if Jeremy's good acts led to Zach being praised.

I think Molly showed ample appreciation for a play set that she will never use and was only completed because Matt finally got around to it after ten years. Really, it so wasn't about Molly, or doing something nice for Molly, and she clearly knew it.

Anonymous said...

For the Molly situation, again, do you people expect these kids to be perfect or something? They are your average teenagers. I don't think Molly was rude in any way. She was right, the castle wasn't for her, it was for Matt. She isn't stupid. As for the insulting Jeremy by saying that about Zach,are we serious? Zach did do more for Molly than Jeremy did. He deserved the praise, Jeremy didn't. I'm pretty sure Jeremy doesn't care one bit. She was saying she is lucky to have a brother who would do that for her. That's Zach, Jeremy did nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'll sum up all this on-going talk by saying that all the kids have no respect for their mother & father and are all spoiled brats!
The house is a pig pen.
The latest episode where Jacob runs up a $2,800.00 cell phone bill. They take away his phone (hello) I would hope they would. But wait, the next episode he's seen in the back seat of the van playing with his phone again.
Matt, well he's really crippled up, he might as well enjoy what he's got because he'll be buying the farm at a young age. Amy, she'll never be married again,there can't be two people in this world to make the same mistake that Matt did. What a genuine B***h.
TLC should have programs that represent strong family values, not a bunch of swearing, disrespectful brats living in a pig sty.
How many hard working familes get to go on "well deserved vacations" like they do. They spend money like it grows on trees.
For all you little people lovers,I wish the whole tribe nothing but bad luck.
How's that!

Anonymous said...

These people are pigs! The kids sleep on bare matresses (no bottom sheet) like a bunch of dope addicts in an aboandoned house! The kids kicked in bedroom door being left in that condition shows the parents have ZERO control or respect. The kids $2800 texting phone bill was tossed off like he had left his bike in the driveway or something. That kid should have to get a job and work the $$ off! The parents are falling into the same story line as Jon & Kate did. Gee, it looks like they are really having relationship problems. Gee, they dont want the same things in life anymore. Gee, one of them is getting antsy and the other is doing most of the narrating. Does TLC script these stories??

Anonymous said...

After watching tonight's episode of the family going to Rockin' R Ranch and then on to Bryce Canyon (without Matt)...I don't know, folks, the ending sure sounded like the Big D is beyond the sunset for Matt and Amy! Amy even broke down and cried at the end, saying she didn't know where their relationship is going. She walked off into the sunset alone. The kids said over and over and over again how they're used to not being with their dad anymore. It was sad. Jer sure looked good on that horse, though...

Anonymous said...

I think that these shows spoil the relationships. When you take the man out of his roll of making ends meet and give them endless funds to do what they want to do it spoils all of them. I seen them all get more selfish as thier series moves on. Its all about them. They pick on one another seeking to have more and more significance. Same thing with Jon and Kate. Take Jon out of his roll as a bread winner, Inflate the head of Kate and that starts the ball rolling. She showed nothing but disrespect for him later in the show and like most men he fled to where he gets some respect. Not that its a good excuse for him to be an idiot. He should of grown some balls earlier in thier relationship.

Anonymous said...

Please please please don't even whisper divorce! My husband is divorcing me this year after 24 years of marriage/I am so so sad I can't stand it. You have a beautiful family with 4 kids still at home. You should go to a counselor to discuss differences. It is worth it.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Matt following the last episode? He fell to the floor as if it was a heart attack??