Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Oct 19

The first of our guest episode reviewers is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed)


Written by Expressed:

1st episode:

The second week of new episodes is here. Matt is in the house trying on ski boots. Jeremy and his friends are in skiiing attire sitting around the house as Matt tells us he wants to go skiing again. I know where this episode is going and there is already one downfall. Skiing means Jeremy will be covered by layers of clothing. But it should be a great episode. It's the two best Roloffs - Jeremy and Matt!

Cut to the great new opening. Now that they've teased us with Jeremy being shirtless, it's on to the episode.

* Jeremy and Matt go to a ski rental shop. Jeremy's snowboard is worn. It costs $100 to fix it, so he wants to get a new one and looks at Matt. This is why Jeremy and Matt are great together. Matt is a pushover :) Is there any doubt Matt will buy Jer a new board?

*Matt is getting sore and asks Jeremy to rub his shoulder. What a nice son. Jeremy looks concerned and massages Matt's shoulder.

*Matt wants to go skiing before his health gets too bad that he can't do anything. It's his "Bucket list". He also wants to go skiing with Jeremy because he doesn't get much one on one time with Jeremy, his favorite son...Ok Matt didn't say that last part, but we all know it's true and justified (more on that later).

*Jeremy thinks Matt is on a suicide mission.

*There's a scene at Matt's doctor's office. The doctor brings in the skeleton. That's a bad sign. His discs are degenerative, the Dr. tells Matt he will need to have spinal surgery within 6 months. Matt asks if somethings goes wrong with the surgery will be paralyzed.

*Matt's back at home, Amy tells everyone that she thinks Matt exaggerates when he gets back from the doctor. He always makes it sound like he's on his deathbed. Matt does seem down, but what do you expect after being told you'll need spinal surgery? Matt announces to the family that he hopes won't be paralyzed. Ok, now I'm seeing Amy's point. I think Matt likes to play up the worst case scenario.

*Matt announces he wants to go skiing on final time. Amy says it's not a good idea. I can't read Jeremy. Is he worried or does he think Matt is crazy? Jeremy looks serious.

*Now there is a weird scene by the kitchen. Matt is trying out a contraption that is supposed to help him. He puts a bandage around his head, Jeremy and some buddies fill something with water and hang it on the door. The bandage around Matt's face tightens. This must be comedy for the camera. Matt makes some funny faces. Amy says he's embarrassing.

*Matt tells the camera that everyone told him not to go skiing. That makes him want to do it even more. Jeremy doesn't know what to expect.

*Jeremy and Matt are ready to leave, Jeremy is driving. Interesting outfit. He has soccer shorts and long pants/long underwear?

*Now it's some Jeremy and Matt quality time in the car as they drive to the ski hill. A subject everybody will be interested in. Jeremy and girls! Matt says Jeremy has been single for a year. Jeremy says he likes it. It's easier without a girlfriend and girls will always come around. Matt keeps on interrupting him! Matt, be quiet! People want to hear from Jeremy about this! Matt says something about how he told Jer so or what he did, Jeremy says he needed to find it out for himself.

*Matt and Jeremy arrive at the hill. Jeremy is being very sweet. He helps Matt out, rigged up Matt's crutches to be homemade ski poles and helps Matt put on his ski boots.

*Matt gives another speech about how everybody told him he's crazy to go skiing, he's going to kill himself, but no risk, no reward.

*I am wondering how Matt will ever do this...Jeremy tells the camera he's not sure Matt will even make it down the first hill or will they need to call an ambulance. Cut to commercial.

*They go and Matt is really good! He's fast and can stop surprisingly well. What was all the fuss about now? He made it look so easy. Great job, Matt! Now we see where Jeremy gets his adventurous spirit from. Even if it looked easy, how many people would be willing to try it if they had Matt's body?

*Matt and Jeremy spend the day skiing and both say they're having a blast. They high five in the ski lift. What a great father and son duo. They're having a great time and nobody is complaining. That's why Jeremy and Matt are mine, and so many other people's favorite Roloffs. Adventure and good spirits.

*As they pack up to leave, Jeremy tells Matt that if Matt isn't sore in the morning he will be officially impressed and he will actually mean it this time. Hmm...was that a hint that Jeremy doesn't always mean what he says? ;-)

*On the car ride home Matt says he's already getting sore. Jeremy says he's not, he wants to run a mile. The enter the house....and no one cares. Amy gives Matt a "oh hey, how are you and says she'll be back later." Matt comments to the camera about Amy's lack of concern.

All in all, that was a good episode with the two best Roloffs. I hope everyone will applaud Matt for being up to ski. Who would have thought? It was great to see Jeremy and Matt spend one on one time. Something occurred to me watching this episode. I think Jeremy is the only one who looks like he cares about Matt. Molly does sometimes, but in this episode Jeremy seemed to be the only one inspired by Matt and realized it was a big deal for him to ski.

2nd episode

*Amy is ringing a cowbell waking everybody in the house up. And I do mean everybody! It looked like Molly had 3 or 4 friends downstairs. Amy made her way upstairs to Jake's room. He might have been alone. He looks disgusted at the cow bell noise. At least he is too tired to whine about it. Ha. Amy goes into Jeremy and Zach's room and there is a few friends in there too.

*Jeremy shirtless alert! This season is starting off on a high point! They never let us go too long without giving us Jeremy shirtless. Jeremy and Zach are riding their bikes to soccer practice. Jeremy is without a shirt and looks great. He stops and waits for Zach while his friends pass him. Jeremy tells the camera it's important to wait for Zach.

Commentary time. Wow Jeremy is so thoughtful. Last episode with Matt and now with Zach. Where is all this thoughtfulness coming from? Jeremy was always fun and cool, but this is a high point for Jeremy. Either he's just maturing into an even better person or he's giving it to all of his critics who said he was selfish.

*Now they're at practice. Zach calmly explains that he can't play because of his poor grades. What? They aren't making a very big deal about that one. So much for all the stuff Zach used to say about him being the smart one vs Jeremy...

*Jeremy is shirtless alert #2 continued. Jeremy shirtless for the entire practice.

*Jeremy continues being amazing and supportive. Jer explains that he feels bad for Zach not being able to play because he knows what it means to Zach and it's his last year. Zach acts like it's not a big deal, but Jeremy knows Zach is bummed.

*Amy is watching on the sidelines. Jake is there? Is he dead? Seriously? He's lying face down and motionless on the grass....he must be sleeping. Practice must not be too interesting.

*Amy says she was shocked when Zach's grades got him benched. Back at home, Matt doesn't seem to know much about it. He asked Zach why he wasn't playing. Zach told him poor grades.

*If you thought it was surprising Matt didn't know, even more shocking to me is Zach was telling Matt a soccer story, he said "Do you know big Dan? Daniel Meichtry? What?? How could Zach wonder if Matt would know who Dan is??

*Zach dug out an old chair that was somewhere on the property. He calls it his thinking chair. Mike had made it for him when he was tutoring him. Zach seems excited about it. He tells Amy he knows exactly the place for it and puts it at the end of his bed.

*Later in the episode Zach gets upset when the chair is gone. He asks Amy if Matt had someone clean out their room. Amy tells him someone did clean it and she hoped they didn't throw it out because it was old.

*Later on we find out that Amy planned a surprise for Zach. She had the chair refurbished, but they kept Zach's carved initials on the arm that Mike had made. Jeremy puts it in the room. This scene seems a little staged. The camera is in the room, Zach walks in and finds the chair. Staged or not, it was sweet that Amy did that for him because the chair was made by Mike.

*Amy calls Jer and Zach into her office. She's arranged a trip to Corban College but she knows they aren't prepared. Jeremy looks a combination of disgusted and bored and in shock. I think I heard the word PCC muttered in the back (by Zach, did they already know?) , but no attention was paid to it. Jeremy still looks pained by the whole discussion. He says he doesn't know what he wants to do. Amy asks him how he will support himself. He says "Money" and smiles.

*Fast forward to the Roloffs at Corban for their tour. Jeremy and Zach look floored. I can tell they don't want to be there and it's something they need to do for show.

*Corban is a private Christian college. Zach surprises me with this next comment. He says Corban is like Faith Bible continued. Zach goes on to say it would just be more Faith Bible and they still wouldn't be thrown to the real world. Hold on a second. That sounds like a lot of the debates I read on this site! There's nothing wrong with it if they had gone to Corban. I don't like the "it's not the real world" comment. I never expected Zach to be on that side of the issue.

*They meet with the Corban soccer coach. Jeremy wants to play college soccer. The coach asks Zach if he thinks it's realistic that he can play or if he's thinking about coaching. Zach wants to be part of the team and then move to coaching them. Basically what I think it was like at Faith Bible.

*Now we're back at Faith Bible. By the way, we've had a lot of Faith Bible school scenes in the last year. In the first couple of seasons they almost never filmed at school. Zach is taking a test to get his grades back up. The teacher is really nice. Zach gets a B-. He can play on the team again.

*Another soccer game. Their last soccer game. A big crowd has gathered and a lots of girls to cheer Jeremy...I mean, the team on ;-) Molly has a sign. On one sign it says "Mueller is the bomb", on the other it says "Scott rocks my socks".

*Matt came to the game, Amy seems annoyed. Jeremy scores a great goal. Zach almost scored, but the goalie saved it. Zach tells what happened and how his glory moment was ruined.

*Being the last soccer game, they dedicated the game to Mike Detjen. Amy says a few words on a Mega-phone. Zach and Jeremy give her a rose.

*Jeremy is sad because he doesn't know what he's going to do with college, so that could have been his last game.

That's it for this week. I got this off real quick, haven't had time to ponder it beyond that.

These episodes were great because they both had lots of Jeremy. What can you say about Jeremy? He took the most amazing son award in the first episode and now he takes the most amazing brother award. Then he scores a great goal for the soccer team.


Brandon said...

I'm not buying Jeremy as Mr. Thoughtful. I think it's an image rebuild. If there wasn't a camera around do you think Jeremy would be full of inspirational thoughts about Matt? Would he be so positive about Zach and wait for him? The crew (we're not supposed to think about them) probably told him to stop so they could have something to film.

Noell :) said...

Again, you did AMAZINGGG! :)
Jeremy shirtless episodes are deff. my favorite! lol :)
At first when Amy went into the boys room and i saw someone on the couch with their shirt off, i thought it was Jer. But it was actually Brian, Jer was under his blanket on his bed. hahaha.
And i thought it was funny when Zach said something about how its their only day to sleep in and Amy woke them up and Brian said, and she seemed like she really enjoyed it. hahaaha.

Em said...

Jeremy looked really fine riding that bike and at practice.

His friend Scott practiced shirtless too. I understand why Molly says Scott rox her sox. :)

Noell, I hope I wasn't the only one annoyed/disappointed that Jeremy was buried under the covers when Amy was waking them up.

I think Jeremy HAS read the criticism. I remember the winter formal on the boat when they went to a lookout tower. Jeremy ran up the stairs talking about the view when Zach was trying to get up the stairs with crutches. Dan helped him. Jeremy got criticized a lot for not waiting for Zach.

The bike scene seemed like Jeremy trying to make up for that.

Timothy said...

About Jeremy being thoughtful...

He's either:

A) maturing and becoming a better person, learning more about empathy even if it is towards family. If he is, good for him.

B) He's aware of what will get him stroked on the head and what will earn him praise, with perhaps urging from the producers who don't want one of the stars to have such a negative image like Jeremy does.

Considering Jeremy's "And if that happens, I'll be impressed and ACTUALLY mean it" I have my gut feeling which one it is. I have a feeling long before the show, Jeremy was the type of kid who knew what to say to charm and then laugh at the person's stupidity for falling for what he said.

Char said...

Matt and Jeremy are very good together. Matt is good for Jeremy and vice versa. They have love and mutual respect.

Rap541 said...

Expressed, nicely done :)

Timothy, Yeah, I get your meaning.

Anonymous said...

What was with Matt's assistant dressing Jeremy? Jeremy couldn't put his own hat on?

Timothy I agree about Jeremy. It was out of character. I think Jeremy wants to help his image.

Kit said...

Uh, was ANYONE besides me paying attention? In the bike ride, Jeremy stopped ever so briefly for Zach to (sort of) catch up, then went on and on about how he and "his" (note, not "their") friends NEVER waited for Zach, and it was up to Zach to put forth the extra effort to keep up with them. Which I thought was a bit snarky...

And what's with Jeremy's psychoanalyzing Zach and pretending to know all about Zach's feelings and reasons for doing/not doing things? If I had a brother that patronized me like that (albeit with a lot of TLC encouragement, I'm sure), I would have told him exactly where he could place his head. And shame on TLC for putting Jeremy's thoughts about Zach on film, rather than more of Zach himself. Way to build family spirit and support!

Whether Jeremy in person is anything like Jeremy on the show is a debatable issue, but the show Jeremy creates a pretty high gag factor in my throat.

Brandon said...

Kit, well said! Your thoughts about Jeremy are all bang on, in my opinion.

I don't think people were listening to what Jeremy actually said, because it was supposed to be one of those touching Jeremy speeches. He stopped and that's all people will take out of it.

Noell :) said...

No Em, you deff. wernt the only one! ahaha :)

Craw said...

Kit, are you serious?

Like Expressed said, Jeremy was thoughtful throughout the show. How can anybody take issue with what he did?

Jeremy stopped and waited for him. He got crucified by people before for not thinking about Zach. This time he's riding his bike, notices that Zach is way behind. Jeremy stops and waits for him.

I knew what Jeremy meant. He meant it was important for Zach to be part of the group and for them not to exclude him because it's hard for him to keep up.

I don't think there was anything wrong with Jeremy saying "my friends". I recall Zach sometimes saying "Jeremy and his friends" too. Both of them sometimes say "our friends" and sometimes they say "my" or "Jeremy's".

"Psychoanalyzing" are you joking? He was being thoughtful, thiking about what it's like for Zach. It shows he does think and care about Zach. He knows him well enough to know even though he puts on a front like he wasn't disappointed, he did. I would say the same thing about my sister over something like that.

I've never seen Zach be sympathetic to Jeremy and explain what Jeremy is feeling inside.

TLC and Jeremy have nothing to be ashamed of. Jeremy showed that he's sensitive to Zach. People bash him for not thinking about Zach. When he does, it's called patronizing him.

Kit said...

You say tomato, I say tohmahtoh. I suspect it's a matter of taste - I've never been attracted to the Matt/Jeremy personality style - and age/experience ("hotness" disappears over time, and what's left is what you have to live with). I respect your right to adore Jeremy and find no wrong in him, but I defend my right to express my opinion as well. I'll agree to disagree with you...

As for Jeremy's comments about Zach - whatever his purpose, I woud not want my sibling professing to a TV audience what HE thinks are my inner fears or disappointments or weaknesses or anything else. If I want that to be a matter of public record, I'll make those statemenbts myself. Zach tends to be more quiet than Jeremy about personal matters, and I have a feeling he would have been a lot happier if Jeremy had kept his mouth shut, even if he was "well-meaning" or "caring" or "understanding." That was Zach's issue to discuss or not. Again, just my opinion. Maybe he and Jeremy discussed it beforehand and Zach told him to go for it. But I'm thinking not...

Justin said...

Kit, the thing I noticed about the bike ride (not impressed) was when Jeremy stopped. Two friends were behind him. They were on a long straight road. Zach was nowhere in sight. The camera was in front showing the whole long straight road and Zach wasn't even in sight.

That's how far ahead the schmucks went before it occurred to them that maybe they should wait.

The other thing I noticed at the soccer practice was how small some of the kids were. I assume they were on the team. Grade 9's? They didn't look much bigger than Jacob.

They also had their face blurred out. There was one behind Jeremy when he was doing his drill.

Katie said...

Is anybody alarmed by Jeremy's substantial muscle/weight gain? This was only a year ago. It's nothing compared to the Jeremy I'm seeing on the show now.