Friday, October 2, 2009

Is Roloff pumpkin season in jeopardy on the eve of opening day?

With Roloff pumpkin season set to begin today, Friday October 2nd, is pumpkin season in jeopardy? Is this a ploy to stir in some drama and publicity for the arrival of pumpkin season? Or is there really a chance that the Roloffs will be shut down?

Via Matt Roloff's twitter account. This was Matt's original twitter account, back when his newsletter said that he indeed had a twitter but wasn't going to use it due to fake accounts. Anyhow, this Matt Roloff twitter account was recently confirmed by TLC as being the real Matt Roloff.

*"Washington County OR wants to shut down our Pumpkin Business due to some behind-the-times building regulations errrrrr"
Oct 1st

*"Every other state in America encourages Agri-tainment farms ...except Oregon"
Oct 1st

This is from Peggy Roloff's twitter account:

"we'll start working the pumpkin farm tomorrow hopefully..."

What will come of all this drama??

Update: What do you know, the crisis has been averted, and they did indeed open as scheduled.

"Yay! They let us open.... after we paid all our profits in advance to strong arm beaurocrats.. We are no officially open"

"whoops! meant NOW officially open . Fri-Sun 10-6"


Expressed said...

I don't think Matt would make that up.

I'm confident Matt will get it all smoothed out in time just like always. :)

Anonymous said...

"Building regulations"? On one of the new structures? Molly's castle perhaps? It must be something new if they haven't threatened to close them down before.

Worst case scenario, they'll just close whatever the attraction is that is causing the problem.

Timothy said...

I've become cynical of everything the Roloffs do or say because I don't think they can be trusted.

How were they going to film episodes about pumpkin season for the fifth time?

Every year they do the same thing. They're not prepared, it's looking like it could be a disaster, but they manage to pull through and have the most successful pumpkin season ever.

Now they have their angle. I can hear Matt saying "The county wants to shut us down!"...cue to commercial, fade to black.

Rap541 said...

Considering that when it comes to building regulations, all they have to do is not let the public enter the unsafe building, I can't imagine what kind of building regulation could shut the whole place down. They already don't let the crowds on the tree house or the pirate ship so it's not as though they don't know this.

Personally, until I see Matt complaining in the media (as is his tendency) I am assuming this is just typical manufactured drama.

Rap541 said...

Upon further thought - somethings to consider.

Nothing in the news (that I found anyway by searching for "Roloff" on The Oregonian site) about any problems at a popular fall tourist spot. Clearly whatever the crisis was, it wasn't newsworthy.

Second, just some food for thought. For months and months, the Roloffs have been very vehement about how they don't have Facebook or Twitter. It's been a great big NO. Suddenly, Matt has a twitter account, per TLC. Ok. But he doesn't seem to use it.

Until the opening day of pumpkin season. The busiest day of the farming season and there's a CRISIS to deal with! And suddenly Matt has time and inclination to.... twitter a complaint about how the farm is going to be shut down.

I smell manipulation.

Greg said...

You got that right Rap. Matt is such a manipulator. I just read the update.

Surprise surprise. No, not really. Not at all.

Do the Roloffs have an honest bone in their bodies?

Rap541 said...

Oh it's certainly manipulation. I have no doubt this will be billed as some sort of malicious pursuit of regulations... But lets look at the whole picture. There was a near tragic accident on this farm not so long ago due to a really not well thought out agri-tainment attraction. Thats first. Second.... building regulation problems generally aren't last minute affairs. Either someone made a complaint - which usually isn't something that can be ignored, or something got put off until the last minute.

And if money had to be paid, its unlikely that the local government was in the wrong. I mean, contrary to Matt's opinion building regulations exist for more reason than simply to screw over dwarf farmers.

Anonymous said...

Building regulations, or traffic jams that gum up the whole neighborhood?

If the county is hassling them, I'd guess the issue would be the latter.

And for good reason. Imagine living anywhere near the Roloffs and trying to get into or out of your property during the course of their pumpkin season. It's never been the Roloffs who have called the sheriff.

Somehow, I doubt that Matt has ever taken offered free pumpkins and jam around to his inconvenienced neighbors. (But I know I could be wrong.)