Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little People, Big World TV ratings for Season 5 (TLC)

Everyone was very curious to see what the television ratings would be like for Little People, Big World in the new season five. Let's face it, whether or not there will be a Season 6 will probably depend on what the ratings are like for Season 5.

Just before I get to that, I'll mention that traffic for our blog has been through the roof in recent weeks and months. Monday nights on season 4 used to always generate the most hits to the site, however, even during the hiatus traffic kept increasing. Since season 5 has started it has been bigger than ever. I would say thank you to everybody reading, but nobody associated with our blog makes even one cent off the blog so it doesn't really have an impact ;-) Nah, seriously it is nice to know that the site is so popular, so thank you for reading.

Okay, what we all want to know, the television ratings. To give you a gauage here are some numbers in the past.

LPBW's season 2 premiere was 1.7 million viewers.

LPBW's season 3 premiere shot up to an average of 3 million viewers (those were the episodes regarding Matt Roloff's DUII trial).

In season 4, the highest rated episodes were the ones about Mike Detjen's death. They were around the 2.3 million range.

To give you another idea, Jon and Kate which does better ratings than LPBW, were around the 3 million mark on average before all the scandal and everything went crazy. Jon and Kate's divorce episodes were watched by more than 10 million people.

However, the recent ratings for Jon and Kate are dropping like a bomb. Three weeks ago the ratings were high in the high 1's. Two weeks ago (the same night as LPBW returned for their season opener) Jon and Kate's ratings climbed from that showing, to 2.5 million. This past Monday (Oct 19) Jon and Kate scored 1.966 million viewers.

So how is Little People, Big World and the Roloffs doing thus far in Season 5?

TV Ratings
Oct 12 Season premiere:

8 pm "King of His Castle" = 1.864 million viewers,

8:30pm "Last Dance" = 2.198 million viewers

Week 2:

Oct 19
Little People, Big World

8pm "Downhill Dwarf" = 1.766 million viewers

8:30pm "Game Over" = 1.820 million viewers


Expressed said...

The episodes about Jeremy gets better ratings :)
There were the two long shirtless Jeremy scenes in "Game Over". That must be the reason for the rise in ratings from the first to the second.

Jocelynn said...

So they seem stable?

Timothy said...

That's what I take from it, Jocelynn.

The X factor I wonder about is if those numbers which are good enough for a cable show, are good enough for shows like Jon and Kate Plus 8 and LPBW considering the expenses paid by TLC?

The Gosselins and Roloffs are making a lot more than other TLC shows. TLC must have a hefty budget to be able to send the Roloffs on a vacation around the world every few months.

Point, TLC is spending more to produce these 2 shows than they are on some of the others.

Anonymous said...

1.9 and 1.8 for the start of the season is not great.

On an old show like Little People, Big World, ratings usually fall after the premier. What will it be by mid-season?

They are hanging their hats on the twins graduating to pull in the viewers at the end of this part of the season. That won't compete with Matt's DUI or a "cast member's" death.

Michael said...

Judging from those numbers, they have a core audience around 1.8 million. It flucuates depending on how interesting the episodes appears.

I would be surprised if it dipped too far below 1.8/1.7 because that's the core audience that will watch no matter what. That will probably be good enough for more seasons.

Anonymous said...

Another issue is that they are competeing against other tv shows. I'm a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother that comes on a 8, so depending on which is more interesting is what I watch. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal viewer of LPBW, but have been disappointed with the tone of the show since new season began. Too much tension and arguing. It used to make me feel happy to watch and now it makes me sad. Amy seems to only value her children and the kids disrepect Matt. Zachery is growing more arrogant as time goes on. In his new soccer coaching job, he is so bossy to his assistant and acts like a little tyrant. Jacob has always come across as "not behaving, not listening", but he is really out of control this season. I am so afraid they are going to have problems with him. Unless Amy stops acting like "Kate" on Plus Eight, I'm afraid that I won't be tuning in much longer. If she only wanted children and not a husband, she should have just used a sperm donor. And zachery and Molly didn't look mature by not going on trip - they looked rather stupid. Their mother wasn't even going to be home. There have been many occasions when Matt had to stay home to work and he graciously sent the rest of his family off to have time. They should have spent this time with their father. I lost my father much too young and I'm so glad I spent all the time with him I could. It also breaks my heart to see how hard Amy has become about Matt's difficulties. Amy should be thankful that her health is so good. It is apparent that Matt suffers with a lot of pain and has to try very hard to live such a fruitful and active life. Mostly disappointed in Amy and in Zach who is so much like her. Stubborn and loving to pick fights and to argue. Sad, because this was a delightful show in earlier seasons. In my opinion, the nicest person on the show is Jeremy and I think he will go far. He is very kind and you can tell he too hates the bickering.