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Martin2005 Guest Roloff review: Little People Big World Oct 12

The third of our trio of guest reviewers is Martin2005. All opinions and statements made belong to the individual making them (Martin2005).

Written by Martin2005

Episode 1 - King of his Castle Review

What a dramatic start to Little People Big World Season 5! -

We began with Matt taking Amy around the farm giving her an earful of his ideas for the next big project. Amy didn't seem to enthusiastic when he mentioned a full scale Noahs Ark! What started as a joke turned into serious conversation about divorce as Amy expressed concern that the kids are growing up and Matt seems content to stay on the farm and build what he calls "Yard Art", she wants more out of life, she wants to travel and enjoy the other half of her life now that the kids are growing up.

During the episode Amy grew increasingly upset about money matters and Matt's spending habits as he announced his dream of buying another house! Meanwhile the castle that was 10 years in the making was finally finished though by now it was more of a pet project for Matt than 15 year old Molly. Matt tries his best to convince Amy that these attractions are for future revenue for Roloff Farms and Amy remains skeptical. A small argument brews in the kitchen over Matt's plan to purchase the investment property, tempers calm down as the family has a look at Molly's castle complete with throne and draw bridge, they celebrate with an outdoor picnic next to the castle. Episode II

Second Episode
- Last Dance

In the second episode Amy invites some fashion designers over to the farm to design an overcoat for Zach as the Winter formal dance approaches.

The formal will be the first for Molly and the last for Zach and Jeremy. Amy doesn't mind all the hustle to get the kids ready because she never attended her school dances not because she didn't want to but because she was never asked!

While everyone is busy rushing around Zach darts off to pick up a not-so-close friend of Molly's named Meredith - Amy raises suspicion as Meredith is a strange choice to join the kids at the dance - she quickly realizes she must be his date. During the dance Zach admits on cam of dancing with Meredith but when asked of their dating he simply says "No comment".

While the kids are enjoying themselves at the winter formal Matt and Amy try to have a nice dinner on the town. The topic of "What happens next?" is strongly on each others mind. Matt tells Amy he knows of her plans to travel but doesn't think she wants to be included in on his plans for the farm and doesn't feel welcome to join her on her travels. He jokingly says he will have the farm all to himself and his "girlfriends" sitting around the pool enjoying themselves with Amy out of the picture.

A look of extreme aggravation comes across Matt's face as the two finish dinner, lets hope season 5 doesn't bring us into a complete meltdown at Roloff Farms!!!


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