Friday, October 23, 2009

Matt Roloff filming a movie?

One of our blog subscribers was kind enough to pass along this bit of interesting information from his trip to the Roloff Farm for pumpkin season on October 17th. So we will share it with other Roloff fans (how the Blog works!) and you can make of it what you will.

"Last weekend, October 17th, my family and I went to Roloff Farms for their annual pumpkin picking and farm tractor tour. Our particular tractor tour was led by one of Molly’s close friends, whose name I can’t recall.

As we were driving past the Roloff house, she mentioned that Matt was currently busy filming a movie. I know that she wasn’t referencing the LPBW show because she specifically said, “Our LPBW camera crew has been filming the film crew who is filming Matt for a movie.” She didn’t mention much else, but I have attached a photo of Matt waving to our group as we passed by while he was filming. "

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Anonymous said...

matt and amy you are such a cute couple i pray that youve worked out youre differences the marrage problems you were haveing. it ould be a crying same if anything happened to it.dont forget the things you seen in each oter when you met and were so in love.wereal praying for you both and youre family. and amy im 5 ft tall and not a dwarf but i think mat is sooo good looking you cant give him up theres alot of women that would love to have everything ouve got