Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet our "Guest Roloff Reviewers" for the new season 5 of Little People, Big World

As mentioned in a previous item, for the brand new season of Little People, Big World, we're introducing guest reviewers to the blog. Last season was sometimes hit or miss on reviews due to time restrictions, but this year so far 3 people have graciously stepped up and volunteered to be a regular staple of the blog so that you the read reviews of the new episodes if you happen to miss it or just want to see what other people thought. The new season is now exactly one week away! Monday October 12th at 8pm on TLC.

By the way, these pictures don't have much to do with our reviewers, except that they'll be reviewing the 5th season so I thought I'd break up the text with some flashbacks of the past, the Roloffs from the original opening of LPBW! How they've changed!

I would like to extend a big hearty "thank you" to all who have volunteered. We aim to provide all different view points and believe we have a good cross-section of people with varying opinions. Their reviews will be based on their own opinions; it's meant to be informative and entertaining.

American Idol had Simon, Paula and Randy. We are introducing our 3 guest "judges" or reviewers:

1. Rap541

2. Expressed

3. Martin2005

To give you an idea of what their general views are about Little People, Big World and the Roloffs, they each were asked 6 basic questions.

1. Describe your feelings about LPBW - by completing this sentence....Little People Big World is...?

Rap541's answer: "...a trainwreck I love watching" :)

Expressed's answer : "...The only reality tv show worth watching."

Martin2005's answer: "... an amazing look at a family who doesn't let their short stature stop them from enjoying life and living their dreams on their 32 acre farm in Oregon, we are taken into their world of nonstop adventure!"

2. Who is your favorite member of the Roloff family?

Rap541's answer: "Tie between Molly and Jake"

Expressed's answer: "Jeremy James Roloff! Loads of fun, the party is where ever Jeremy is at. He's a positive person and makes the best of every situation. He also seems like a regular guy that I'd love to hang out with. I don't get that chance, so I have to settle for watching him on LPBW :) He's pretty darn cute and sexy too! :)

Martin2005's answer: "My favorite character would have to be Zach, he struggles the most as the only child in a family of four who has the dwarfism, he is also the twin of an average size brother thats gotta be tough!"

3. Who is your least favorite member of the Roloff family?

Rap541's answer: "Tie between Zach and Jeremy with Jeremy probably edging Zach out for the win as he gets older."

Expressed's answer: "Jacob. I think the rest of the Roloffs would agree ;-0) He's bratty, annoys his siblings, he's moody and is too much of a suck when things don't go his way."

Martin2005's answer: "My least favorite character would have to be Molly, she doesn't interact as much with the rest of the family, we don't see her as often as we do the brothers and Amy or Matt and she has so much to offer!!"

4. What are you looking most forward to seeing in the new season 5 of Little People, Big World?

Rap541's answer: "I'm curious to see how the Roloffs handle the economy and if the twins mature at all."

Expressed's answer: "Seeing the British Virgin Island vacation with only Matt, Jeremy, Mueller and Jake. Jeremy and Mueller are bestest friends and a lot of fun together. Matt and Jeremy are great best together because they are the most like each other, creative and fun! With that group of guys, how can Jacob not be annoying for once!? Will those 3 guys rub off on him? Tune in to find out! I will be for sure!"

Martin2005's answer: "I'm interested in seeing how the family has come along over the past year, what plans for the farm Matt has up his sleeves this time!"

5. What's the best thing about LPBW?

Rap541's answer: "The hard core porn. No seriously, the genuine love Matt and Amy have for their kids. I can't take that away from them."

Expressed's answer: "The Roloffs acting like normal, imperfect people that I am and like everybody I know are too."

Martin2005's answer: "The best thing about LPBW is the family is not shy nor reserved about what they show on camera, they don't care if their house is a mess, they don't care if people look and stare at them in the grocery store, they are a true and genuine loving family with a tight bond, they'd have to be after all the obstacles they've faced."

6. What's the worst thing about LPBW?

Rap541's answer: "Watching the kids act badly to others or to each other and seeing it excused."

Expressed's answer: "There is too long of a time between real time when stuff is filmed and the time that we actually see it. By the time they officially tell us Jeremy and Zach are done with High School and are going to PCC, in real life they'll probably be graduating from PCC by then!"

Martin2005's answer: "...theres really not a lot of negativity about the show really, just the fact that someday the Roloffs will stop the cameras from rolling, the twins will go off to college and we'll miss them - I really hope Matt gets his health problems under control too."

Thanks again to all 3 of the guest reviewers who have graciously volunteered their time and effort. It all begins one week from now, next Monday October 12th as the new season of Little People, Big World starts at 8pm on TLC.

If you want to see what looks to be basically the full set of photo shoot pics from the original opening, you can see all the pictures here:


Craw said...

~clap clap~ to Expressed!

~Boo hiss to Rap541! I wish there was ways to throw tomatoes ;-)

Martin seems good.

"American Idol had Simon, Paula and Randy. We are introducing our 3 guest "judges" or reviewers"

Hm. I can guess who the Simon is!!!! Who is the mean, negative one that everybody hates? I know!!! ;-)

Rap, you're the only one that didn't give a reason. What do you like about Jake??

Brandon said...

{off-setting Craw}

Yay for Rap! Yay for realism and someone who will tell it like it is.

Leanne said...

It should be fun. I most agree with Martin's answers. It's a great show. I like all the Roloffs.

Lori said...

Matt and Jeremy are my favorite Roloffs.

Jocelynn said...

Thanks! I'll look forward to seeing what you all have to say. I usually watch LPBW alone. No one else in my family watches. I do like to know what other fans thought after the show.

Dana said...

You can have your opinion, but personally I think naming Jake as your favorite Roloff and then saying Jeremy wins as the "least favorite" Roloff is rediculous.

That opinion is absurd. It doesn't have any logic and thought. I can understand some people liking Molly the most because she is a girl and stays out of trouble, but saying Jake is your favorite and Jeremy is the least is baffeling.

Jeremy is head and shoulders above Jacob in every area. BOTH Matt and Amy have said Jacob is their most challenging kid.

The only reason I can think for anybody to answer the way you did is if they're trying to get under skin and get attention.

I don't think Jacob is the devil, but there are more things to like about Jeremy. Saying Jacob is the best (favorite) and Jeremy is the worst (least) is rediculous. Jeremy is the best of the boys.

Rap541 said...

Dana - to be accurate I said it was a tie between Molly and Jake, not Jake exclusively.

Honestly,Jeremy lost a lot of points from me when he was calling Mike D his n-word and spending his time pretend kissing Mueller. If you want to hold him up as your favorite... good for you :)

I'm sure Jake, unlike Jeremy, is strong enough to bear unkind opinions. Thats part of why I like him.

Dana said...

What are you talking about? Don't talk about what fans say. Jeremy isn't strong enough to hear unkind opinions?

Jeremy had the National Enquirer calling him a bigot and a bunch of people on the internet calling him a racist. He's still enjoying life. He didn't wilt.

I doubt Jacob reads anything about the show from fans. That's a strange reason to name him as your favorite. Yeah, you said it was tie, that still means he was favorite tied with Molly.

Expressed said...

I agree with you Dana :) I've never understood what there is to like about Jacob. O.k I understand he doesn't grate on some people like he does on me and you (and his own family!!!), but what is there to like? I don't know. Even when he's not acting like a brat or a suck, the special "Jake episode" last year was really boring in my opinion. The episodes about Jer, Zach and the DBU are a lot more fun.

But I'll try to keep the peace with my fellow reviewer :)

Rap541 said...

Dana - Jeremy couldn't man up and apologize, he hid behind his family while his daddy apologized for him, and his friends run to post how mean everyone is to him. Sure seems like he needed defending since he didn't defend himself :)

But you've made it clear any opinion other than "Jer is the best" is going to make you mad. Tell me Dana, do you think its cute and praiseworthy that he called Mike Detjen his n-word? Do you call people your n-words? Do you think that's Christian and good, to call a respected father figure your n-word?

Sorry, but where I come from, kids who can't own up to their own mistakes aren't awesome kids. One reason I like Jake is that his mother actually disciplines him for the behavior she ignores in her older boys. I assume Amy has given up on her adult children.

Expressed - I look forward to your reviews :)

Expressed said...

Rap, if you read with an open mind, maybe by the end of Season 5, your walls will be covered in Jeremy James Roloff pictures! :)

Rap, Amy used to discipline Jeremy. Remember the soccer practice yelling matches? Even in the comment scandal, I remember seeing a lot from Jeremy about how he was grounded or in trouble because Amy was pissed at him.

I didn't like Amy as much back then. Both her and Zach have gotten A LOT better.

I think Amy has come around on Jeremy now. Zach doesn't back stab against him like he used to.

One of the other reasons why I like Jeremy loads more than Jacob is he would just be a better person to be around, ignoring age. Who would you rather be on vacation with in a long car ride, Jeremy or Jacob? There answer for me is Jeremy because he is lots of fun and is always in a good mood.

I think that was the turning point for Amy. On the Bahamas vacation she realized what a great guy Jeremy really was and she got off his case.

Bonnie said...

I'm glad the new season is here. It's been a long wait.

I don't agree with lot of things that the Roloffs do and they have become less likeable than they were in the first season, but I still like watching the show.

Noell :) said...

Im glad you represented all us Jeremy lovers out there! :)
Great answers!
And i cant waitttt to hear your review!!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Molly is ray of light out of the kids.