Saturday, October 10, 2009

Molly's castle and thousand pound pumpkins at Roloff farm

Two separate notes here.

There is a recent article about the company who completed Matt's infamous "Molly's castle" structure. Some of the inside of the castle (the dungeon) can be see in some of the pictures in our article with Corey Duggan about the Statesmen sponsorship event that the Duggans attended at Roloff Farm.

The castle was completed by Mike Bresnan and his crew at Rock and Stone Works over the winter and spring.

Within two months, Bresnan began pouring the first of more than 30 yards of concrete on the walls and floors.

"The main structure was already built," Bresnan said. "We finished a little bit of the arched roof and poured the concrete walls."

Visitors enter through a drawbridge and find themselves in a courtyard.

"You go past it and there's a throne room with a dining room on the left," he said. "Off to the right is a dungeon with a couple of cells."

There are stained-glass windows in the rear and circular stairs lead to the tower.

"Basically, it's the size of a house," Bresnan said. "If you were building the whole thing, it would cost a couple-hundred thousand dollars."

In a complete separate story, thousand pound pumpkins will be trucked into the Roloff Farm on Monday. Perhaps inspired by the giant pumpkin weigh-off at another Oregon Farm, Bauman Farms, the winner of a "Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off" will be trucked into Roloff Farm on Monday and put on display for their pumpkin season and television show.

Here is a couple of videos of the one held at Bauman Farm last weekend including the giant pumpkin being dropped into a pool of rubber ducks which raised money for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Mentioned in the second video is the fact that Bauman Farm also has a bunch of activies going on every weekend for the month of October for families looking for things to do (zip-lines, peddle carts, mazes, slides, rock wall).


Greg said...

The castle is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Went to Bauman today w/ the family.
It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

What was up with Amy & Matt? They seemed to have some kind of argument there at the end when they were at dinner. I hope they get to talk things out and rekindle that connection.