Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More pictures of the Roloff farm and Molly's car

There are some nice pics of the Roloff Farm from another family who visited on the weekend. You can see that Molly already has a car of her own. It is the green Nova that was seen last year (some of the tours last season showed it sitting next to Jeremy's yellow camaro).

There is a picture of Amy and Jacob in this set as well as one of Ron and Peg. Jacob appears to be out and about more with the paying customers this year than last.



Anonymous said...

Gosh, those Roloff kids aren't spoiled or anything.... (rolls eyes)

Roxanne said...

If I went, I would hope I would get one of their friends as the tour guides. I think Bryan does some and Dan did some last year.

Why do they waste Scott in the parking lot? lol.