Sunday, October 11, 2009

One day away from the new season of Little People, Big World...more pictures of Roloff Farm

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the big day, the start of the Season 5 of Little People, Big World, 8pm on TLC.

There are yet more pictures of the Roloffs and pumpkin season as people continue to blog about their trips to the farm.

There are lots of pictures on this site by Jordan Frasier

It looks as though they're building a couple of new things.

You can see all of Jordan's pictures here:


Expressed said...

I'm ready for the new shows :)

Those are good pictures. Nobody can accuse Jeremy of not working hard. Even back when Amy was quicker to get Jeremy's case, she saw how hard he always works during pumpkin season.

He's not in the house playing video games >:)

Noell :) said...

Im SOOOOOO excited!!!!! :)
Its like less than 24 hours awayy!!!!
Ohh and Jer looks beautifullll :)

Craw said...

"Nobody can accuse Jeremy of not working hard. Even back when Amy was quicker to get Jeremy's case, she saw how hard he always works during pumpkin season."

I totally agree Expressed. Look at this picture I found.

Jeremy is out taking pictures with people AND working up a sweat doing hard work.

Jacob is hiding in the house and on the porch. I don't care how old he is. It is the family pumpkin season. There is no reason why he can't at least go out and take pictures with people. Jeremy does that AND does the hard work with a shovel.

Rap541 said...

Do we have any evidence that Jake is hiding in the house for the entire pumpkin season? Because there's people stating that they have seen him working, and have taken his picture during pumpkin season. Craw, it's not very Christian to lie about other Christians. Jake is a Christian isn't he? Why are you maligning him? Did Jesus Christ tell you it was cool?

Because at last check, Craw, Jesus actually doesn't think its cool to bear false witness. I know you think you can spew whatever lie you feel like and say "sorry, Jesus, but now I accept you in my heart" but... after a while even Jesus figures out that you're just lying.

The commandments are for everyone calling themselves Christian, Craw, not just the uncool Christians. You're not much of a Christian at all if you think its acceptable to lie, knowingly lie, and just assume you'll be forgiven. After all, under your rather disturbing views of God, I can lambast Jeremy Roloff all I want with a huge grin on my face as long as I say "Sorry, Jesus" afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a male chauvinist Matt is. Always new it, tonight proved it. Amy he's had the rule of the roost too long. You & Molly deserve much better.

Craw said...

I wasn't lying. There are pictures of Jake in the house and on the porch.

Jeremy is out doing hard work with a shovel. Jake is inside and hanging out with friends.

The pictures are right there!!!

I haven't seen anybody say they've seen Jake working. Some people are saying he's sometimes standing off in the distance at the castle waving. He's not working like Jeremy.

Other people like the people posting pics on their blogs are seeing Jake on the porch or in the house.

Rap541 said...

Craw - your issue was that he wasn't even out to take pictures, and he has been. Do you seriously think Jake should be doing the same jobs as Jeremy? Driving a tractor etc? Because I think there might be some concerns from the local govt about child labor etc if Jake WAS doing those things.

Point - you have no evidence Jake isn't working. We've seen photos of Jake having his picture taken etc, so you really have no basis for your rant. Lies make Baby Jesus cry.