Monday, October 5, 2009

Pictures of the Roloff family from the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Benefit and Golf Tournament

There are quite a few new and recent pictures of the Roloff family from the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Benefit and the Golf Tournament that was held on on Sept 13th and 14th in support of the DAAA and some local Portland Charities.

Everyone looks great and we hear it was an over-whelming success! Good show Amy! We hear Amy is planning on staying very active with her charity foundation. It will be a good idea to keep an eye on her charity foundation website (or you can trust this blog to alert you when something is up).

A couple of pictures at the Golf Course:

While most sport golf shoes on a golf course, Jeremy Roloff opts to go barefoot. He must have an aversion to shoes when on grass, he also went in barefeet for most of the graduation party held at Roloff farm.

Gotta love the Roloff boys love of soccer! Even on a golf course, you can't peel a soccer ball away from them.

Others at the Amy Roloff Charity Benefit:

Jen Montzingo

With Martin Klebba

You can see a few more of these pictures on a public album on photobucket here:


Em said...

Great pictures!!!!

I think so anyway. I haven't quite got by the first one yet.

WOW!! I'm sorry to sound so shallow and immature, but Jeremy truly does have an amazing ass! Look at the curve. Ha. I'm embarrassed now, but it had to be said.

Jocelynn said...

The Roloffs are such a good looking family. I'm glad the event went well.

Expressed said...

Em, I concur! The truth shall be spoken. A nice butt is a nice butt! lol.

Jeremy looks fantastic in the other pictures too.

Look at the last 2 pictures. I remember some people thought Jeremy and Jacob were looking alike? No way. It's not just their hair. Their faces are totally different. Jeremy all the way.

Zach's hair looks better that way than some of the other ways he has had it.

Anonymous said...

Is Jer growing a bit of a beard?

Lori said...

Amy is a wonderful woman for using the position God has placed her in to give back and help others. God Bless you Amy and your lovely family.

Lori Rogers

Ela said...

Amy looks terrific.

Jeremy looks better here than he does in the pumpkin pictures.

I don't like the way he has his tie. They shouldn't be worn like that.

Marie said...

Those are some of the better pictures of Zach I've seen.

Jake and Jeremy always get compared because they're the two average height boys in the family.

Jake has some attractive facial features, but Jeremy has a nicer smile.

Noell :) said...

I have to say that Jeremy is looking mightttyyy fineee in these pictures. :)
Em, He has the most amazing butt in the world.
Expressed, your totally right, they dont look alike at all.
Anonymous, I think he is, and im lovinnnn it! ahaha :)
Ela, Thats just Jer's style and i loveeee it. haha :)
All and all, i love jeremy and these pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Why would Jeremy not wear shoes on the golf course? I get not doing it home but at a real golf course is kind of weird.

Ashley said...

Excellent pictures!

I echo all of Noel's comments about Jeremy :)

Anonymous said...

Molly and Jacob are very cute together.

I don't like Jeremy. He always looks very obnoxious.

Noell :) said...

ashley, Thankssss! :)

Anonymous said...

He does have a nice butt, Noell.

If only we had those graduation pictures. LOL!

Noell :) said...

Those we the best pictures of his butt ever taken, Anonymous oct. 6. LMAO!

Em said...

"Those we the best pictures of his butt ever taken, Anonymous oct. 6. LMAO!"

Thank you Noell! And I agree with you and Anon about those grad party pics.

The one when Jeremy had his hands on his hips...oooolala! That was a picture for the ages! I try not to overreact but honestly I haven't seen a better picture of an amazing butt than that picture of Jeremy. Haha.

Somebody must have snagged those pics to save for eternity!

Anonymous said...


Somebody has those photos--I know the do LOL

Heaven knows what we'll see this season of the show!

Noell :) said...

omg i hope someone does, Em!
i was watching an episode i think it was the winterland one. and jeremy ran down the stairs with no shirt and cleaned zach's car and he like beant over and i was like OMG HIS ASSS! hhaah and i was like rewind, pause. :)

Em said...

I remember that scene! lol. Hopefully the new season will be filled with scenes like that :)

Noell :) said...

Omg i hope so!
I'll prolly break my DVR! ROFL!

Expressed said...

Hey Noell :), you've seen the pictures of Jeremy from the charity dinner and then the pumpkin season pictures? The Charity dinner was before the pumpkin season pics. Is it just me or do you (or anyone else) think his hair is shorter/got a haircut? I think it looks shorter in the pictures from the last weekend than it does in the golf charity pictures. If he did get his haircut, I guess that means he won't be shaving it short this year.

Anonymous said...

I soooo remember that Winterland episode, Noell. I hit the rewind on the DVR, too. Believe me.

Your so funny.

We are in for such a good time this season.

Noell :) said...

Expressed, i think he might have. But it doesnt matter to be because he looks amazing all the time anyway! LOL :)

Noell :) said...

OMG anon, im so excitedddd ofr this season! I cant waittttt! Ahahaha :)

CAS said...

As for the picture of Molly and Jacob, im not really feeling Jakes shirt i looks kind of wierd on him i dont know why

And I did notice Jeremy's butt, it always looks so good hahaha :)

Christine said...

CAS, Jake shirt looks weird because the neck is too big. I wonder if the neck was stretched? I think I've seen that shirt on him before and the neck wasn't like that. The V neck almost goes down to his chest, that's why it looks strange.

I like his hair though. I think he looks good with messy hair.

Does anyone what is that stuff the kids are always drinking that comes in what looks like beer bottles?

They've shown Jeremy and his friends walking around the kitchen drinking in those bottled. Obviously I think it's obvious Jeremy/Zach and their friends do really drink, but they wouldn't show that on tv, it can't be beer.

In the first picture it looks like Jake has one.

Where I come from, I don't know any soda or root beer that come in beer bottles. Is it something local to Oregon?

Amber said...

Ha, I agree with all the comments about Jeremy's butt :)

I hate to get scientific about it, but I think it's because of the dwarf genes.

LP have notorious large behinds. The Roloffs have joked about that and so has Jen Montzingo.

Maybe the dwarf genes on an average sized person like Jeremy just looks perfect.

The clothes he wears probably helps too.

The test will be wait about 6 years to see if Jake develops a nice Roloff butt like Jeremy or if it's something exclusive to Jeremy. ha. :)