Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pictures of the Roloff family from a promotional photo shoot

You can see some pictures of the Roloff family from one of their more recent photo shoots, courtesy of photographer Heather Swanson.

There are individual pictures on this site:

On the photographer's official website is a photo stream of the Roloffs and some other entertainment personalities and TLC families.

Aside from the first picture that is shown (The Roloffs in matching red socks), there is a couple of Matt and of Amy, and another one of the entire family a few minutes into it.


Ela said...

Jeremy should stick with Daniel Payne (the senior picture photographer).

Jeremy doesn't look bad in these pictures, but not as good as the senior pics. I just don't like his hair in the promo pictures.

The other family members look good.

Except for the one of them outside with the shovels. That must have been at the same time as the pictures on the TLC website. Those are not good pictures of the Roloffs, imo. Terrible pictures of Jeremy.

Michelle said...

Zach looks a lot better with his hair lighter.

I'm not digging Jeremy's hair in the picture with the light blue shirt.

David said...

The Roloffs have really glammed up since the beginning (you can see it the most in Amy and Molly).

Someone needs to remind Amy of her comments about modeling and her kids that she made during the first season.