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Rap541's Guest Roloff Review of Little People, Big World new episodes Oct 12

The 2nd of our trio of guest reviewers is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the individual making them (Rap541).

Written by Rap541

Woo! New LPBW!

The credits have changed to show off Jeremy’s chest and to be short. Amy hay bales quickly how Matt is an idiot. Matt tells Amy in the Polaris mule how he wants to imitate Europe on the farm. Amy worries about money and wants a budget. Matt feels without a project he’ll die. Really? Really Matt?

Matt has a new office being planned. I think this is in the house. It is honestly hard to tell. They kid about divorce. Amy is surprisingly honest - she has different plans.

Matt hay bales about “Molly‘s” castle. He tells Molly she can claim the castle. She seems pretty bored since jeez, she’s almost old enough to be a teen mom, and probably gave up on playing in a castle when she was ten or so. Matt goes on about investment homes, and Amy is all jerky about buying a new house and improving it. Matt rails about risk and Amy thinks education is better than flipping homes. Amy walks off, and wants her own world.

Honestly, if I wasn’t convinced that LPBW is being set up to assume the “TLC Charmed” spot”, I’d be a little worried.

This is difficult, in all honesty to assess. This is like watching my own folks, when I was 15, discuss their options with money. I want to reach out and slap Matt because I see the mistakes he is wanting to make, but I also understand why my dad made similar mistakes. He was basically wanting to make things better, and now I can respect that, even though it didn’t work in some respects. Still, if Matt is actually paying to put a castle on the property, I wish he’d be honest and note that it will bring in more tourists. It’s pretty obvious from watching that Molly really has no plans to play in the castle. Drink a few beers with pals, maybe, but really, she’s a little old to want a play set.

Matt goes on about how he’s determined to make Molly’s castle before she’s pregnant at 19. On and on, basically someone other than Matt is building it and deep down I kinda wonder if there was no show, if the castle would ever be finished.. I’m just saying, I’d like to know how much of this was actually paid for and how much was volunteer “friends.” Matt goes on and on about how cool it is. Amy and Becky seem bored and annoyed and Amy points out how expensive building a play house for a 16 year old girl is. Matt wants a dwarf armor suit. I feel like pointing out that the average height of a knight was 5 foot aka not all that much taller than him. Amy wants to put the breaks on but NO.

Cut to the castle being built despite costs. I think its poured concrete. Matt hay bales about how cost has no impression on him when it comes to useless crap his kids are too old for. Yay Matt! Who wants to bet this was all donated?

Matt openly disses Amy’s concern about money. Molly is annoyed that she isn’t allowed to even pick the throne. She seems a tad annoyed. She notes its no longer about her. Suddenly they are unpacking swords and armor. Molly over talks about how she isn’t as excited as Dad about the castle. I’m not shocked. I mean, she’s not five. She’s what? Fifteen? That’s a bit old for a play castle.

A bobcat moves stuff. Jake moves the throne in, no sign of Jeremy anywhere. The throne is there! Jake thinks its cool.

Meanwhile Matt and Amy discuss investment property. Amy thinks there is no money. Jeremy seems to be in the background on the couch. Amy hay bales about how she worries about money. They argue on camera about the investment property and in some ways I think Amy won this one. She hay bales about how easily it gets out of control. On screen she rants about how she is the only one who cares. Zach demands food and Amy cuts up a pizza. Commercial

You know, I’d have more sympathy for Kate Gosselin if she didn’t act affronted at the idea that her soon to be ex husband wanted to see the kids off to school. Bitch? Stop and consider how many people have the husband run and hide for *years*.

Guys from Orange County Cycle? Boo hoo yer arguing. You are still on tv whining. The show was a lot better when you were about the bikes and the art of metal working.

We get a fanfare and Matt goes on about how Amy didn’t support him over the castle. Nice. That is sure to help the marital discord. Jeremy is shirtless and Zach drinks from a bottle. Molly hay bales about how excite she is in a near monotone. That doesn’t shock me considering she will likely never “play” in the castle and is probably already wishing the money was put in her college fund. Amy hay bales about how the castle is really for Matt. Yeah… Amy kinda has a point here as Matt goes on about he invested their savings in yard art. Jeremy notes how cool the yard art it. I wonder how cool these people would be if they actually had to pay for the “yard art” with no tv show. The episode ends a little bit abruptly.

2nd Episode

Zach and Jake fight with boxing gloves in the kitchen while tomato sauce is cooking. Amy says nothing. New shorter credits.

The McMansion. Rocky. Someone knocks. Oooh Fashion designers just wander in to dress the kids. They are noted as “friends” by Amy and are making snazzy clothes for Zach. The friends are not named and its really very anonymous considering that this is a product placement. The designer gets all designy with Zach. He says uh a lot. They do seem very nice and accommodating. Amy notes how nice it is to get custom clothes. Zach hay bales about zits. Yeah, no offense, but watching Zach work the Biore pads is not cool. I mean really, are zits this fascinating?

Molly dresses for the dance, her first winter formal. Amy makes it about herself and how she wasn’t asked. Oddly I can top Amy even though I am not super attractive, I was asked by Richard N, and Steve J. Richard had his senior photo done in his boyscout uniform, and Steve is now a professor of oceanography. I went to a party instead. With Steve, who actually was pretty good looking.

There’s lots of zit talk. Amy hap bales about zits. Oh jeez, really, it’s so not the reason Zach isn’t scoring with the hos.

Interestingly we’re 36 minutes in and hardly any Jeremy, friends, or Jake. Jake was the helper at the castle and Jeremy was showing off his six pack.In fairness, it is a nice six pack but frankly, I don’t recall Jeremy saying anything especially memorable. A lot of whinging later how he’s at his last high school formal. Cry me a river, son. Kids your age were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq the night you were all sad about your buds. Commercial.

I so don’t care about the Duggars having a grandchild.

Amy overviews about the dance. Matt interrogates Zach about how he doesn’t have a date. Matt hay bales how wrong it is that his boys don’t have actual dates. It is a bit surprising, all things considered. Zach goes on about how Molly’s dance should be special. Wow, this so reminds me of my brother buying me dresses and makeup and scoring dates for me when I was a kid.

Amy and Jeremy talk about dating. He wants to score with the bitches and have tons of chicks. That was his reasoning for not having a date, that he’d meet people there and bring home girls. Not “a girl” but girls. Nice. Amy hems Zach’s pants. Zach notes how he doesn’t give a crap. Also nice, considering the effort. The “friend” designers wander in with designer clothes that look expensive. Zach tells Molly to get pretty fast. Molly hay bales how she’s a girl and it takes time to be pretty. Jeremy goes on about how Zach doesn’t know anything about being attractive. Amy worries about corsages, and does Molly’s hair. Some chick wanders through the house who I don’t know. Amy hay bales about how she is having a midlife crisis since her kids are getting older. Matt seems pretty hands off. The kids rush about acting silly and Amy takes a ton of pictures. Oh I want her to come to Dragon Con. I do. Because she would go crazy with that camera and Amy Roloff taking pictures of Pimp Daddy Vader would be hilarious.

I can kinda relate to Amy here in that I met Leonard Nimoy over Labor Day and I had the thought that this guy, who was a pretty big part of my childhood from when I was four and figured out how to change the channel, was as old as my granddads, who are both dead. Time is moving on. I thought I had a pact to not get older, like Joey on Friends but yeah, it’s happening.

We get a house scene that I suspect is off since the winter formal is in January and the house has no snow etc. I mean, Oregon weather is moderate but really no snow in January? The kids tie tyes and Zach picks up Meredith. There is much picture taking. Wow this reminds me of my high school graduation . Except my mom and dad weren’t this awkward.

Wow, Meredith is hot and likes Zach, and Zach looks nice. I like Jeremy’s hair but I don’t care for the white vest. Interestingly Molly has the acne going on but Molly seems to appreciate Zach’s efforts to escort her. God, he reminds me of my brother. My brother recently offered to fly out because I may need some surgery, to remove the black evil in me, aka take out my gall bladder. I mean, that’s pretty sweet.

Amy notes that Zach forgot the designer coat and tells Jeremy to give it to him. Now we have the empty nest sequence. Again this so my mom.

Insert lots of Jeremy cam. This is “senior banquet”. There’s lots of pictures of kids in formal attire. Jeremy hay bales how he finds it strange, since it‘s his last winter formal. I mean really, does life end after high school? I remember things getting cooler but who am I to judge Jeremy’s deep deep thoughts? Insert “Sixteen Candles” montage. Except there is no John Hughes amusement.

Amy and Matt are… going out for dinner? Apparently the same night as the dance? I kinda doubt it but ok. Amy thinks Matt wants to relax and Matt thinks Amy is having a mid life crisis and isn’t interested in being relaxed with him. She wants to go to Venice. Matt wants to hang with his biotches and accuses Amy of wanting that too, in a passive aggressive way. She wants Spanish coffee on the Riveria, and Matt tells her to have fun. Nice.

This was a little bit cold, all things considered. I am not sure how I feel about these episodes.


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Expressed said...

Well Rap....we agree that Jeremy has a very nice six-pack! :)

Oh and we both figured Matt and Amy's dinner wasn't really on the same night like they made it seem.

Michael said...

I was surprised at the lack of Jeremy, Jake and Jeremy's friends too.

I think Jeremy and his friends have outgrown being followed by cameras if you know what I'm saying. [wink]

I also agree with you Rap about Jeremy shirtless. Is that what Jeremy uses the show for now is that how the show uses Jeremy? The only time he was in for the first 40 minutes was to walk around shirtless.

Dana said...

Rap, as usual you are way too hard on Jeremy.

Why can't Jeremy be sad about high school ending and growing up and leaving his friends? Because some 18 year olds are in Iraq? Come on.

Using serious things in the world to bash people is pathetic. Why are you watching a tv show when kids are dying in Iraq? It's natural to feel a little sad about something coming to an end or the last of something like Jeremy said.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I feel bad for you that apparently the majority of eighteen year old Christians (I assume you don't associate with non Christian teens) that you know simply don't care about anything but FUN TIMES. I know some kids who, despite being Christian, have bigger things to worry about at 18 and a half than going to a dance and bringing home more than one girl. How do you feel about Jer's comments on that btw? Wishing you had your daughters at Faith Bible so they both could be Jeremy's Winter Formal scores? I mean, its Christian to plan to attend a dance stag and pick up as MANY girls as possible, right? You, and of course Jesus, want Jeremy to bring home more than one girl since thats CHRISTIAN, correct?

You as a mom want your Christian son proudly declaring he's going to a dance stag so he can score more than one chick. I mean, as a Christian, you think thats how boys should treat girls? Like trashy little toys to be thrown away after a night? How *Christian* of you and Jeremy :)

Yes or no Dana, based on *what Jeremy said ON CAMERA about his plans for the ladies* would you be happy if he used your Christian daughters like that? :)

Craw said...

Rap, Jeremy was just joking! Do you know what a joke is? Is Jeremy allowed to joke?

As a girl, I'm not at all offended by what Jeremy said.

Why the snide comment about Jeremy not being there when Jake was moving the throne?

Jeremy is a popular guy. He doesn't hangout at home all the time like Jacob. He probably wasn't even there.

I noticed you didn't comment about how Jake probably scratched the throne up by pulling it the way he did. I bet you wouldn't have ragged on Jeremy if he had done that.

BCA said...

It is something that any perfectly normal and healthy teenage boy Jeremy's age would say.

Anne B said...

Rap, if you watched the show you would know in the second season Amy specifically said Zach AND Jeremy respect girls a lot. All the teachers say they do. Zach said Jeremy does.

Are you saying Jeremy doesn't respect girls? Who knows more about it, you or Amy/Zach/ Jeremy's teachers?

Brandon said...

I liked your review, Rap.

Jeremy is always given credit for being the slave of the family and "always" helping Matt even though he doesn't. When Jake or Molly does it, the same people don't care because it's not Jeremy the Great.

I don't think Jeremy respects girls or women. This isn't the first time.

Maybe the girls at Faith are smarter than we think and that's why Jeremy's still single...

Jeremy has already offended gay people, black people, Mexican people, why not women too!?!?

Rap541 said...

Anne - Young men who respect women don't go to a dance stag and openly brag on camera how they'll be bringing a few ladies home. Amy says Jeremy respects women? Good for her. But Jeremy is being judged on his own public comments, not what his mommy says. Likewise, it may be perfectly normal for a "boy" to say, but Jeremy is an adult and lets have a raise of hands? Everyone who thinks what Jeremy said was fine? Do you have daughters? Would you like your daughters to be with a young man who said that? Or is it just peachy keen respectful when just Jeremy says he wants a couple ladies?

Carol said...

They must be rushing to get a story line. Why are they talking about what they'll do next? Amy made it sound like it was happening next week.

Hello Amy. Jacob is 12. Molly is just beginning high school.

The twins aren't leaving home anyway!

I found that bizarre. What's next? Having the couples on "Bringing home the baby" talk about their plans when the kid moves out??

Rap, nice review. I enjoyed reading it. I liked Zach last night. I would much rather have him as a brother than Jeremy. The fight with Jake was friendly playing. That's what brothers do when they're close. I would like to see Jeremy do something like that with Jake but he never does.

Could anybody imagine Jeremy decorating the vehicle to make Molly's night special when he's has the dance, too?

I hate to sound mean, but Jeremy turning into a "Himbo" (bimbo for guys). He doesn't do anything kind, thoughtful or intelligent. He strolls in and out of the room to have people oogle over his body.

He's a nice enough looking guy, but the rest of him is a turn off. He has no substance to his character.

Timothy said...

Rap, good review.

Personally, the worst part of the whole show was all the talk about money. It's clear they are not hurting for money.

The treat the audience like their stupid. If they talk about financial problems, the viewers will believe them and forget that the Roloffs are stinking rich.

Everytime they talk about money, they're talking about something that is fake since they will not acknowledge the show as income.

Rap541 said...

BCA - same question to you - if its such a "healthy" thing for a "boy" to say - would like Jeremy to treat your teen daughters to such "health"? I mean, if it's "healthy" and "normal" for Jeremy to pick up a few girls at a dance, those girls he brings home? You want them to be your girls, right? I mean, its healthy for your teen daughters to get picked up by a man together? That's Christian values, right? Jesus would approve?

Anonymous said...

Very immature Rap with the teenage pregnancy jokes.

Rap541 said...

Well, if it's healthy and Christian to head home with a boy from the school dance, and a few of your female friends, perhaps my jokes will become timely predictors.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to the money "problems" - Amy should make Matt deposit an amount equal to what he spends on his toys and yard art in an investment or trust account. She gets financial security; he gets to play with his blocks. Of course, with the income from the show, and all the donated/paid for extras, we know the whole discussion is a bit of a farce anyway. Yawn... Call me when they get divorced and Matt starts hanging out with his girlfriends on the Riviera, and Amy gets a reverse mullet two-tone haircut and starts fanatically organizing the house. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Okay people, seriously? Jeremy Roloff definitely isn't the most thoughtful guy around, but he is a 19 year old guy. Just because he is Christian doesn't mean he's perfect. Duh. You all expect him to be like Jesus or something. Relax. You either over praise Jeremy which or basically call him scum. When he says these things you have to realize, again, he is a 19 year old guy. He could have said A LOT worse than that, not to mention the fact that he was probably joking. If he was serious, however, if it bothers you that much, maybe you shouldn't watch the show. Let's get real.

Kit said...

"Still, if Matt is actually paying to put a castle on the property, I wish he’d be honest and note that it will bring in more tourists."

Really? Do you *really* think one more "attraction" is going to bring in more tourists? As I hear it from the local news, they pretty much max out in attendance during the very limited pumpkin season already, and the farm is not open to the public the rest of the year. Plus I'm pretty sure that any commercial visits to the castle would be limited to walking around the main floor, as access to the uppper levels wouldn't comply with OR safety regulations.

Matt does what Matt does because he can. Pure and simple. Whether it pays off or not is not in his calculations. He's just one of those "I want what I want when I want it" types who just happens to be lucky enough to have found a way to afford it. Think back to the beginning of the show - they were struggling to make ends meet, because without the publicity of the show, no one cared about viewing his "yard art." Portland has plenty of pumpkin patches to compete with the Roloffs on pure "attraction" appeal. The show was a means to an end, and it has paid off handsomely. Not every "Matt" is fortunate enough to walk into a bonanza like the Roloffs did.

Rap541 said...

"Really? Do you *really* think one more "attraction" is going to bring in more tourists?"

I think that was the origanal plan, yes. Look, I may be giving Matt too much credit for thinking long term but five years from now, the castle on the farm will still have appeal that say, the tv show won't have. Did Matt have to pay for it? We have heard that if its shown on the show, TLC pays and the article posted implies that this was a donated service (tho I am more than willing to see proof Matt actually paid cold cash for the castle.)

Alfred said...

Hey Rap, do you have to continue to bash Christians in almost every comment you make?

Take it easy there, try to tone down the anger just a bit.

Rap541 said...

Alfred, I say this in all sincerity. I know many fine Christians. One of my coworkers, a delightful woman with three kids, and a husband, who is frankly more of a soccer mom than Amy, was "oh heck no I don't let my sons say that about girls". Why? Because she's a parent who geniunely cares how her boys treat others. She also wouldn't let a kid who spoke the way Jeremy did take her daughter anywhere. Why? Because it indicates how little he values the girls in question. I don't see any of the people who say they don't have a problem with Jeremy's attitude towards girls willingly stating that they would like their daughters to be treated so well.

I'm told Jeremy is a great Christian... is he eve required to act Christian or follow basic Christian rules? Or, as long as he says he loves Jesus (funny, I have never heard or seen Jeremy on camera commit to his love of Christ) he can take your daughters home because jerking around multiple women is cutie pie Christian and healthy? You want your daughters to be "healthy" with Jeremy? I mean, its healthy for a 18 year old man to lust for multiple women... I wonder, is it healthy and fine for Molly to be say, one of Mueller's multiple girls?

I am really amazed that so many people who profess to be a cut above morally due to their religion seem fine with teen "boys" being promiscious.

Melanie said...

How can you be so heartless?

Rap, you're probably not a bad person, maybe you think it's a game or a hobby to run down Jeremy on the Internet, but where is heart? Is it really worth it? What are you accomplishing?

I'm not blaming only you, I'm talking about everybody who has crucified Jeremy for every mistake he has makes.

Like you have said, he is a normal kid. Why say nasty things about him. Do you hope he feels bad? Jeremy might not read this blog, but I know that he knows about it and I know that some of his friends have seen what is said about Jeremy. It is safe to assume he has heard the criticism.

Does he really deserve it? He's not perfect, but he's not a bad person.

He's a normal kid who has the pressure of having people like you judge his every move. You're right they choose to do the show and they make money from it, but there is still pressure.

Let me ask you a question. What would you do if Jeremy committed suicide? No, I don't think he would because he is a strong person, but I am asking because he is a human and it's not nice to have people talk about you with venom like you do all the time.

How would you feel knowing that your postings might have contributed to someones downfall? Would you stretch and say oh well he deserved it because he could have quit? That doesn't change that you're contributing negatively to another person.

I am being a bit dramatic, but you never know how people are affected by things no matter the front they put up. Is what you do really worth it?

Thanks for listening.

Brandon said...

I'll let Rap answer, but I have to add this since you mentioned suicide (as you said, I think that is reallllyyyy far-fetched for Jeremy of all people (if there is 1 Roloff that I could never see having depression problems it is Jeremy! out of the boys anyway).

Since you mentioned suicide and caring about the feelings of others, if you follow the Roloffs on the internet and you sound like you do, you probably have already heard that Jeremy's friends who he says he loves and has had so many fun times with, told fans, teenage girls whose only real crime was liking Jeremy, that they are huge losers and should kill themselves because nobody could like someone who is that big of a loser.

Or how about Jeremy himself ridiculing a girl from Puerto Rico that made a fan page about him. Jeremy laughed at her where he knew she could see it, Jeremy and his buds were calling her a loser and laughing at her picture with his friends.

What about their respect for other people? It bugs me that people play the poor Jeremy card, what about his feelings, when Jeremy and his friends have a history of trampling on people's feelings. If you're really concerned about people and not just Jeremy, the people Jeremy and his friends have been cruel to most likely are a hundred times more emotionally fragile than Jeremy...

Rap541 said...

Melanie, first, there is Brandon's point, that the fans who hold Jeremy up as a fine Christian never hold him accountable when he's acting badly. Yes, he and his buddies have been what I consider to be down right mean to some fans - and *his fans* always excuse this behavior even though there is no indication that the behavior has changed. I won't rehash his language much except to point out that for all the concern you're showing for poor Jeremy who might get depressed because someone on the internet pointed out that he's being a bit disrespectful of women, meanwhile he gets a free pass to say whatever nasty racist thing that comes into his head.

Here's a thought - have you stopped and considered that you're throwing throwing a fit over a VERY small portion of a review? Heck, I said he had a nice sixpack, and didn't snark on his appearence. But have a problem with his comments about the ladies? Melanie - you're so concerned about Jeremy... have you concerned yourself with the women he might be leading on? Have you ever been in a relationship where you found out the guy was playing another women? Did you like it?

If Jeremy is sent over the edge because he can't bear to hear that he isn't a nice guy over some of his comments, he's not the trong person who laughs at people like me that you all insist he is.

(and frankly I don't think people realize how nasty "Jeremy and his family just laugh at fans like you" really is, but thats a whole nuther point)

Anonymous said...

I also thought it was very odd that Amy kept on taking about the kids growing up and leaving- Did she forget about Jacob?? He is still a kid.
Why does she always talk about divorce? The kids must love having their parents talk about how their marriage is failing on tv- good times!
I have teenage sons- the Roloff twin's behavior is totally normal for their age.
They should stop the show for the kids' sake and let them finish growing up in private.

Anonymous said...

You guys are nuts. Jeremy is your average teenage boy. Get some lives and stop trying to parent him. It's freaky. You think he cares about any of you? No.

Anonymous said...

ANON 7:05-
Your exactly right!
Worded Perfectly!:D
Totally Agree!

Rap541 said...

Again -1) I'm not sure "he doesn't care about anyone's opinion but his own" is the compliment about his character that you think it is.

2)If he's an average teen, then he's not flawless by definition.

3) He's an adult choosing to be a reality show star. That means he's not "hands off".

To use a different example, it's alway struck me as odd that the people who whinge the most about poor Jeremy being a teen so everyone should shut up and not be negative.... never seem to have a problem when his much younger brother is similarly attacked by Jeremy fans. I mean, I am pretty sure I'd get a "right on!" if I called Jake a nasty brat with no other comments.... VBut Jeremy needs his buddies to come protect him? He's a man isn't he? I mean, if he truly doesn't care what people say - as people who are clearly implying that they know him personally are saying - then why are his buddies so desperate to slam down any negative talk?

And why don't these people, who are all about protecting average teens etc, care in the slightest about any other Roloffs being attacked?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not protecting Jeremy at all. He isn't perfect by any means. And I am definitely not complimenting him by saying that. I don't think he's the angel that some girls make him out to be, but I also don't think he's the scum you make him out to be Rap. I'm just saying he is no different from your average teen. Also, I don't think he chose to be a reality show star.

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't just "protect" Jeremy. If you were talking about any of them that way I would probably disagree with you. I don't in any way feel like I know the Roloff's personally. I just think that people need to keep in mind that this is reality television. I think they are "real" for the most part. You Rap, however, expect them to be some perfect family, setting perfect examples.

Rap541 said...

Anon - I only expect that because fans tell me how Jeremy is a SUPER CHRISTIAN who never lies and never drinks, and I should believe him always because Jeremy simply never lies. Are you on board with that? Oh, and suggesting Jeremy isn't perfect means one is a hater who the Roloffs like to laugh at.

Are you on board with ALL of that, person who won't even use a nickname that can't be traced? I mean, it's pretty easy to take say you would stand up for the minor roloffs when you can then deny " I wasn't THAT anon poster , don't you DARE assume I said that even tho I won't use a real nick"?

Because really, the anonymous function is getting a bit tiring when its clear its being used as a way for people to play games.

Rap541 said...

So you're ok with how Craw speaks about Jake? Interesting, considering Craw's hatefilled comments about a 11 year old. Says a great deal about *you* as well, that you don't think its apropriate to protest those remarks, especially since you're playing the reality show card. :)

Anonymous said...

First of all Rap, you make no sense at all. I didn't see what Craw said about Jake and they are just as messed up as you are if they are talking about an 11 year old. I CLEARLY said some fans are way too nuts about it. They see Jeremy as an angel which he clearly is not. But you shouldn't criticize those people because you do the exact opposite. You go above and beyond to prove Jeremy is a loser. Why do you care to prove your point to them so much!? If they want to think that, let them!
As for the "nick name", I didn't put one because I'm not some "superfan" who cares that much, unlike you. Even if I had put a nickname, you still wouldn't know who I am so maybe you should think before you speak, or write in this case. ;)

Anonymous said...

And also, I could care less if Jeremy, a 19 year old boy laughs at me. He can do whatever makes his little heart happy. I have better things to do with my life. I don't come on here every day and try to change teenage girl's minds, unlike some people.

Rap541 said...

Then... in all seriousnes, if you have better things to do, and don't care in the slightest... why are you posting at all? Really... you don't care but you spend this much time defending Jeremy?

And while your issue is that I am negative, you don't care that a younger Roloff is constantly targetted by Craw (amongst others)with public negative comments. Sounds like you're just stalking me :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Seriously? Don't flatter yourself. Do you even read what I write at all? Once again I'm not defending him at all. You just say the same things over and over. I'm not saying it again. Read what I wrote, if not, you're loss. I'm not spending my time talking to somebody as think skulled as you.

Rap541 said...

Hun - you're the one who keeps responding (and the one who doesn't like Jeremy being criticized, insists you don't like the superJer Fans but also doesn't see fit to chide anyone for running poor Jake down)

I'm sorry that you don't like my opinions but "Jeremy doesn't give a damn about what you think anyway" really isn't incentive to change them. Likewise your whole "You come here every day to criticize Jeremy because you're obsessed!" arguement starts to fail when you personally clearly respond to my every post. Oh, and insist you just don't want obsessive criticism but don't have a problem with any other Roloff being targeted.

Seems like you're as thick skulled as I am. :)