Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roloff school trouble, video of an extra scene; Jeremy and Zach Roloff

TLC released a rather interesting video with an added scene that viewers didn't see on Monday night. It's the scene where Zach is upset at the low grade he was given in speech class. Many viewers commented on the tension between Jeremy and Zach in that scene and later in the show.

In this video, Matt and Amy discuss that. Matt asks if Jeremy and Zach got into a tussle. Amy said it's a disagreement over how they were each graded. The subsequent conversation between Matt and Amy essentially turns into Matt and Amy arguing about Jeremy being a better speaker than Zach and if it's fair. You can probably guess which parent is backing which kid. :-)


Brandon said...

I'm torn on this. I'm more on Amy's side, except it wasn't like Zach had the "content" and was just missing the flare.

But Amy is right. Some people are more comfortable standing up in front of a crowd and some aren't going to be as flamboyant as others. It's just not an area that some people are going to excel in. Jeremy's better at BSing.

Besides, it's not like Jeremy's speech about skin was that great.

I love how quick Matt is to proclaim that Jeremy is the best and has more talent than Zach.

Dana said...

That's bull! Matt is right as usual. He didn't say anything wrong. He's right.

It's a SPEECH Class! That's what they're getting graded on. Jeremy is better and more talented than Zach. He is. That's the facts.

Amy is babying Zach as usual and making excuses for him. Matt is just telling it like it is.

Jason said...

I thought Matt was going to add at the end "You do the same with each kid and they're so different. Jeremy is the most wonderful son ever and Zach sucks."

Can Matt make it anymore blatant who his favorite is, at least out of the boys? No wonder Zach and Jacob act like they can't stand Matt.

Matt has been putting down Zach since the first season for not being Jeremy and having Jeremy's personality.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I hear what you're saying, but really, here's why Zach did so poorly, and it has nothing to do with his "flare" vs "content".

He was told to do an impromptu speech on the word "popular" and changed his word without permission to "grass" and then talked about soccer. He completely didn't do what was asked, and the teacher even commented on it. I mean lets not kid ourselves, Jeremy's comments on skin "Uh, it has wrinkles" was hardly an inagural address, but he at least kept on the topic he was assigned. (That the class didn't appear challenging for middle schoolers is a different issue.

Dana - why can Matt "tell it like it is" but can't discipline his kids? Seems like a concerned father would have taken Zach out and had a sit down complete with removing priveledges until grades improved? Oh right - because it's easy to be a parent when you just do sound bites for the camera and let the kids raise themselves, and then whine about what a martyr you are.

Zach needs to put more effort into school and btw, so does Jeremy, and neither parent was willing to actually DO anything that meant not being the twins pals, and look what happened - both the dimwits eded up in community college.

happynow...anon said...

oh wow Rap i was agreeing with your whole comment there until the end statement about community college.Theres nothing wrong with going to one.I go to one and im actually pretty smart.Sometimes theres other reasons for going to one other than your too stupid for any other college.:(

Natalie said...

Yeah Rap, that was a snobby comment. CC aren't just for stupid kids. A lot of classes that are required can be taken at CC's or at 4 year University. The difference is the cost. Maybe you come from a rich family with an unlimited supply of money, but many 18 year olds and their families do not.

Stop looking down on people who go to Community Colleges.

Kara said...

Rap I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the community college comment at the end. Community college isn't a thing to frown upon; they're still institutions in which someone can work on receiving a higher level of education. It isn't reserved for "dimwits", and many 4 year universities accept transfer credits from community colleges. Universities are expensive, and community college is a great way to save money, so please, don't look down upon those who go to community college. What difference does it make which school they go to? Atleast they're continuning their education after high school.

Dana said...

Rap, you showed your true colors again. You hurt a lot of hard working good people who are attending community colleges around the country. You demand that Jeremy apologize. Are you going to apologize for your hurtful and uncalled for comments?

You're also name calling. That's not very mature. Dimwits? You shouldn't call anybody that, but especially not Jeremy. You know that it was Zach did bad, not Jeremy. Zach got the F's and the D's. Jeremy ended up making honor roll. Matt has always said Jeremy was a very smart boy.

Dana said...

Rap, Matt tries, but Amy handles the kids and their school grades. Amy has called it "her territory. She barks at poor Matt whenever he tries to get involved.

I remember Matt trying to get the kids to stay home and do homework Sunday. Amy didn't back him up. Amy told the kids Matt was wrong. She told them they could go. Matt tries to put his foot down, but Amy gets in the way. She needs to support Matt more and Zach needs to take more responsibility. Jeremy showed maturity when he was annoyed. Even Jeremy realizes Zach needs to get serious and prepare.

Rap541 said...

My only issue with the boys attending community college is that based on the show, I am quite certain its the only option they had.

There's plenty of bright people who attend community college because they simply can't afford the cost of a four year school. There's no shame in that. However, please don't attempt to tell me that Jeremy and Zach simply couldn't afford to do better than community college - because they clearly can. They're not attending PCC because its the best school in the area, they're attending it because they didn't have the grades to get into the 4 year schools their "snob" parents took them to. I mean really, Matt and Amy weren't suggesting community college for the boys now were they?

Believe me - I know plenty of folks, including my dad, who had to start in community college for financial reasons. But don't try to tell me the Roloff twins had the grades needed for PSU and simply couldn't afford it.

Dana - Matt is a man, correct? He makes himself involved in things he cares about, correct? But "Poor lil Matt" can't stand up to his wife over his son's grades? But he CAN stand up to her over a castle remodel? Why is Matt's role as a parent simply to be a sad lil victim?

Rap541 said...

Happy now, and Kara - my intent was not to hurt your feelings over community college. However, I stand by what I said about the twins. They're not attending PCC because they are good students who can't afford a four year school. They're attending PCC because the only admission requirement is to be 18 years old.

Anonymous said...

I would never sneer at any community college or at any person enrolled in one. They exist to meet needs not addressed by four-year schools and are invaluable, for that reason, to a huge population.

Among the useful things they do, not acknowledged here, is 1) they accept anyone who walks through the door and 2) they are experts at remedial education.

The Roloff twins qualify in both areas.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's speech may have been better than Zach's, but that's not saying much. That's like saying that a jack russell terrier is bigger than a chihuahua. Technically true, but so what? A terrier is still a small dog. By the same token, Jeremy's speech was better compared to his brother's, but it still sucked. Can't believe that is the type of work expected in an advanced class. My teachers expected more out of me in middle school.

HappyNow...Anon said...

It could be the boys didnt meet the grade requirements for another college or it could be that the community college set better with their plans for now.We dont know and its not fair to put down community college or the boys because atleast they are going to college,thats always good right? But as far as the Matt thing goes, i think Matt and Amy know when to pick and chose their fights.Like with building new stuff around the farm,Amy knows when to butt in and out.Matt knows when to butt in and out with the kids because Amy is clearly more the there type of parent.She puts in alot and does alot for the kids when Matt doesnt.So for Matt to come in and think he can control situations that he is never there for,is probablly frustating for Amy and she fells he needs to back off.They know when to fight on something and when not to...Maybe to help there marriage.

Expressed said...

"or it could be that the community college set better with their plans for now."

HappyNow, you are right. I agree. Like Spirits said in the article about it, PCC made sense for them for a lot of reasons.

They won't say it, but we all know. One of the reasons why they are at PCC and stayed minutes from home is so they can film the show. People talk about elephants, that's the elephant that matters!

Even if they could, why go to a 4 year college just so they can impress strangers and give up a big source of income and fun times.

As far as I'm concerned, if Jeremy moved away to college and wasn't around, the ratings would tank and the show would be cancelled.

I bet with their ages now, Jeremy and Zach get money that they can spend of their own now from the show. In other words, they have a GREAT paying job that is tons of fun, with tons of benefits. They could sleep til Noon everyday and do whatever they wanted all the time if they wanted. Instead they are going to PCC and taking some classes on top of everything.

PCC makes sense for them for a lot of reasons and they shouldn't be put down for it.

Hmm. said...

Rap, you usually make very good points, but the CC one was pretty ignorant.

I totally agree with Expressed. Also, with some careers, it is not necessary to attend a four year school.

Rap541 said...

I'm not apologizing. The twins aren't in community college because they had the grades to get accepted at a four year college but just couldn't afford it. They are in community college because it's the only school they could get into and it would look really bad *on the show* if they weren't off to college.

I've been pretty clear that I genuinely respect people who attend CC because they have to worry about money. My dad did it. But lets stop kidding ourselves that a two year community college degree is as good as and as respected as a four year degree.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Rap541. It is a well documented fact that both boys were slackers when it came to school/homework despite the half-arse attempt of Amy (and sometimes even Matt)to convince them how important getting good grades was. Oh well, now they get it, but now it's TOO LATE. And BTW, it is ALSO well documented that the WHOLE family, each person individually, receives MILLIONS of dollars a year, hence, regardless whether the boys go to college or not, the whole family is set for life. Molly will definitely go to good college of her choice. She ROCKS! I love the whole family and can't wait to see how their lives unfold in the hopefully MANY years (shows!) to come!

Jocelynn said...

Becky, I don't doubt that the Roloffs are raking in the cash, but I doubt each member of the family is receieving "millions of dollars a year". Jon and Kate Gosselin weren't even making that and they are more popular than the Roloffs.

Jeremy and Zach will be helped by what they have and will make from the show, but it won't be enough to leave them set for life. Especially not with the life style they've gotten used to.

Cathy said...

I don't think college is a priority for the twins because of the money they get from the show.

It would be hard to convince them to care about school when they're getting everything they ever want just by goofing off in front of a camera.

Matt and Amy had the choice, but for myself and my family, I think it is a horrible way to raise kids.

It teaches them to have no work ethic. You can see that with Jeremy and Zach. From what is said, they don't even make time for the fans because it is not fun.

They've been raised that the only thing that matters is that they are having fun and getting what they want.

It shouldn't be a surprise that they're without character, work ethic and respect for others.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that Matt and Amy take for granted that the twins automatically must go to a four year college! This is an attitude that lots of parents seem to have nowadays.

Neither young man appears to be "college material"....their grades are terrible - especially Zach's.

I think both should try out some courses at a local community college to build their learning skills, discipline and find out what interests them.