Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roloff Sign vandalized, gun shots on Roloff Farm

Wow. Breaking news of sorts. Hopefully it's just a teenage prank, but firing shots at it? A little dangerous I'd say.

I'm simply passing this along as it was emailed to us. I will also say that there have been several inquiries today about "Roloff sign shot".

As emailed to the blog:

"Reporting that someone has shot up the Roloff sign - full report has not been aired yet."

"Apparently it happened this past Wednesday - and Matt is interviewed. Apparently someone damaged the sign with an axe the last week (?). This weeks damage include someone shooting the sign with a gun and reportedly putting feces on the sign. Both Roloff family members and TLC crew heard the gun shots out by the sign when it happened - and called police."

It is indeed true, although the Roloffs don't seem to be too concerned, just chalking it up to some pranks and vandalism:

Reported by Eric Taylor

Vandals hit Roloff Farms

HELVETIA, Ore. – Gunshots cracked the night air and stopped the friendly game of ‘capture-the-flag’ between members of the Roloff family, the stars of the TLC reality series “Little People Big World.”

“We were out playing capture the flag at night last Wednesday and we heard gunshots,” said Matt Roloff. The family is fine but the sign that sits outside their Washington County, Oregon farm is riddled with holes that appear to have been made by a sledgehammer and/or a shotgun.

Signs that tell visitors how to get to the pumpkin patch were also stolen. The missing signs did not disrupt business considering Roloff Farms is one of the most famous pumpkin farms in the country.

“People were able to find us. Obviously we are having our busiest day ever,” said Roloff, who zooms around the property in his ATV, keeping things running and posing for endless pictures taken by eager guests. Visitors have been coming to The Roloff Farm every October well before the Roloff’s became TV stars, but now most of the visitors are from out of state.

As for the vandalism, Roloff isn’t “too worried,” but he and his family, the film crew and authorities are keeping an eye out for those who pay a visit looking for something other than pumpkins.

Here is another article with another quote from Matt. It's just the latest in a string of vandalism and they're working with neighbors..

"We heard the shotguns go off and we raced out there one of the neighbors was out there concerned said his house was right behind the sign and somebody could have gotten hurt," says Roloff. "We'll see if we can figure out who did it and then I'd like to ask them why?"

The Roloffs say the shotgun incident was just the latest in a string of property crimes. They're working with neighbors to keep an eye out for trouble. "

There is now a news video of it. They introduce the segment as "The family was standing outside at the time, someone could have been killed..." Matt is interviewed. Most of the report is actually about how busy the farm is and the Roloffs having a record day in terms of number of visitors and the schedule for the rest of Farm business hours.

Here is another video with Jeremy and Zach, as well as Matt:


Sheri said...

Praise God that all the Roloffs are safe.

Now do you see why people like Rap541 are so wrong to spread their negativity about Jeremy James Roloff? Yes, you can say what you want about him and dislike what he does or says, but look at what type of people are out there.

Jason said...

Sounds like something Jeremy and his friends would do to someone else ;-)

Brandon said...

I get the feeling from the quotes in the article that Matt just LOVES the spotlight.....

Didn't they say once that they had video cameras monitoring the property?

Anonymous said...

I personally live about 10 minutes from them and we have had people damaging my parents mail box and signs up our road. There are just a lot of crazy thing happening in the area.

There is no reason for this kind of stuff to happen. Hopefully they will catch someone....

Rap541 said...

Yes sheri - Jeremy should just be allowed to call the n*ggers and F*gs "n*ggers and f*gs" without a word of protest. I mean, his public usage of such terms - and btw there is NO dispute that Jeremy used racist words - isn't HIS fault. Right?

He says f*g in a public setting, knowing full well its offensive... and its everyone else's fault. Perhaps if Jeremy James Roloff kept his proud Christin comments about Mike Detjen being his n-word to himself (the way he managed at mike's funeral to not go on about the n*ggers and f*gs says he has an idea whats appropriate)

I'd lend your words more credence Sheri if a) Matt wasn't an attention seeker and b) if vandalising signs wasn't a fairly common teen activity and c)if it wasn't just a few days before Halloween, where teens vandalising stuff becomes even more common.

I mean really, has no one lived in the country? Didn't we have an episode of this show with the Roloff boys shooting shotguns? I think it's way too early to assume all the queers and black are gunning for poor Jeremy whose big heart calls them n*ggers and f*gs.

Timothy said...

If they put feces on the sign, it is obviously vandals and nothing more.

As Anonymous and Rap said, it's fairly common. Obviously it's happening in the area and not just to the Roloffs.

Brandon, I'm with you. Matt is probably smiling ear to ear if all the news and tv stations say the Roloffs are under attack, but oh by the way, everybody come to the Farm and give us money!

Greg said...

Right on Rap, Brandon, etc.

It's close to Halloween, kids turn into vandals. It's happening in the area.

It's an important detail that it was MATT ROLOFF that said they heard gunshots. The report says it appears the holes were made with sledgehammer OR shotgun. We heard gun shots sound more dramatic...this is Matt Roloff we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Maybe balloon boy's flying saucer did it?

I don't like all these attention whores. Go away and stop sucking time in front of the camera please.

David said...

Look at the picture of the sign.

It doesn't look like gun shots. A couple of the "holes" don't go all the way through. They're dents.

Like Greg said it seems "Gun shots" is being perpetuated by Matt Roloff.

Greg said...

Also please notice that Matt had a chance to say that his wholesome family was at home playing capture the flag as a family....yeah right.

Rap541 said...

The one in the loop of the R looks like it could be a gun shot, but the dents make me think sledgehammer. If it's a metal sign, banging *could* sound like a gun shot, but again. It's the country - people shoot guns all the time.

David said...

Look at the denting and the ripping. That's an object hitting.

Below the "L", in the tongue of the "R", the "A" and the denting of the "M". Those aren't gun shots, imo.

And I agree the noise could be similar to that of a gun shot, but I'm not surprised that's what Matt is perpetuating.

Carrie said...

Well, I'm not bringing my family children anywhere near any place where there is a risk of shotguns being fired.

Ashley said...

What does Jeremy mean by "when it goes to guns, obviously it will push you over the edge"

Is he throwing a shotgun in the back of his truck and go seeking revenge?? ;-)

What does he mean by "It pushes you over the edge?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Jeremys enemys or something, you never know

Rap51 said...

And his enemies are?

There's a comment on one of the stories claiming the damage was visibe to the sign last Saturday. I don't lend a lot of credence to it.

Sheri said...

You know who. Gays and blacks that try to make Jeremy into a monster. People like you who are jealous of the kid and hate him for reasons I will never understand.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - why would gays and blacks hate someone who publically calls them racist words? I mean, wasn't Jeremy loving his many black friends and gay friends? You know, he actually spoke of having those friends in a Daddy approved video. And if Jeremy says it, its always the truth, right? Right Sheri?

I do find it interesting but not shocking that you're a bigot, immediately publically stating that it was blacks and gays. Got anything to back up your accusation other than your hate for the nonwhites? I mean really, even Zach thinks its dumb kids.

Sheri said...

Do NOT twist my words. I don't play your games.

You asked who could be Jeremy's enemies. I've seen gays and blacks villify the kid all over the internet and people like yourself.

I do not know or have proof of who committed the crime against the Roloffs. Someone said Jeremy had enemies. You asked who are his enemies. You are. Gays and blacks who villify him.

Craw said...

I'm glad Matt and Jeremy aren't intimidated by the jerks who did it.

Zach sounded scared or nervous. Jeremy didn't. Matt didn't.

Rap541 said...

Sheri I am not twisting your words at all. I'm white and straight and fyi - that shouldn't matter in the slightest.

Now, you've said "gays and blacks" are Jeremy's enemies. Is it because he calls them racist names, bigot?

I mean, I don't recall the bible saying it's ok for Jeremy to hate on the blacks (or the mexicans or jews or asians - all people Jeremy used racist words about). WHy are you ok with Jeremy calling people n*gger when black people, unlike the gays, aren't hated by god?

Why do you name "blacks" as Jeremy's enemies if he was just christian loving them with his n*gger remarks?

Btw - is here ANY indication in the news that black people or gay people are involved? I mean, other than your bigoted assumptions?

Sheri said...

I am not allowing you to play your games with me and extend your hate against Jeremy.

"Btw - is here ANY indication in the news that black people or gay people are involved? I mean, other than your bigoted assumptions?"

You lie. You twist words. You have no morals. I did not say they were or were not involved in this incident. You asked the question who is Jeremy's enemies. You are and gays and blacks who are oversensitive and have persecuted Jeremy over his words and beliefs. I do not know who committed this crime against the Roloffs. God knows, I do not.

haley said...

oh my just calm down about the jeremy thing, we all know it was very wrong what he said but go start a chat room somewhere if you want to fight about this AGAIN cause every time Jeremy comes up in one of these posts, good or bad, someone always turns it back to the same scandal thing. gosh

meg said...

"and gays and blacks who are oversensitive and have persecuted Jeremy over his words and beliefs"


I guess jeremy was just 'oversensitive' when people called his parents and brother 'midgets'.. its the exact same thing as him calling gays 'f*gs' and blacks 'n*ggers'. I mean.. thats what some people believe they are, 'midgets' but they like to be called little people instead, just like blacks dont want to be called 'n*ggers' or gays 'f*gs'.

they have a right to be offended if they wish, and dislike jeremy after what he said. im sure jer wasnt fond of the people calling his parents and brother midgets, because its offensive, right?

rap hasnt done anything but state an opinion. just because they dont agree with your loving jeremy thing, doesnt make it a lie.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with haley. It was wrong but it is also in the past. It is well past time to move on. Consider whether you would want someone constantly harping on your worst moment, or on foolish things you did or thought or said when you were 15. It's over, let's move on. How about a little charity? Treat others as you would have them treat you. Please.

Greg said...

For the Record because your saying inaccuracies, he was just 15, the comments that he got caught on were from when he was 15 to 17. They stopped because he stopped using Myspace. Mueller made the same type of comments online right up until the National Enquirer came out. There is no reason to think they stopped. Jeremy hasn't said that. Jeremy hasn't even said he was wrong. So enough of the "he was 15" crap.

Mark said...

I saw another news report. Is everybody missing something? What is wrong with these tv news anchors? Are they getting a cut of the Roloffs profits?

Stuff like "Once a year, Matt Roloff allows the public to come to his farm."

Matt talks about how people thank him for letting their family come...

Hello? Hello? They are charging people. They are making hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Who else gets thanked for making tons of money?

They ALLOW people to pay them money. What saints!

It's not the fact that they charge people and they make money for themselves that irks me. It's the media and Matt acting like the Roloffs are doing a service to the public by charging them to come to the Farm.

Sharron said...

Way overblown, imo. Vandalism is wrong and a pain. But if you know the layout of the farm it sounds a lot worse. It wasn't at their driveway, like a normal house and driveway. It wasn't even at the main security gate. It's a sign far away at Grossen Drive. The neighbors beyond the sign would be in more danger than the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

That's a very valid point, Sharron, especially considering that it's actually the neighbors who would have been in the most danger if a shot gun was being used. (The "jealous neighbors" theory of the crime has already started circulating).

My bet? Not jealous neighbors or angry blacks and gays looking for revenge but.... dumb kids committing vandalism since it's halloween time.

Liz said...

Vandalism is the pits, but I think they're putting to much importance on this. A $1000 reward and they're working with police. I hope the police are using their resources and time on more significant crimes than damaged and missing pumpkin signs.

I know the Roloffs are big celebrities who think they're important and get special treatment, but how about focusing on stolen cars and violent crimes against people instead of teenage pranks?

m said...

Little late but thats
Scary, and i'm glad nobody was hurt.

justin said...

Maybe they did it, probably its vandelism... But i bet it was 700 dollars in damage. The Roloffs seem totally like they'd claim 7,000 dollars in damage. Their insurance company probably caught them on a good day. I'd expect that clan to claim 70,000 dollars/ Its just the way they kinda seem 'scammish'.