Monday, October 26, 2009

Vandalism at Roloff Farm - more details - $7000 worth of damage over 2 months

There is another article in the Oregonian about the vandalism to the Roloff Farm, this one as a few more details.

Vandals damage farm signs of Roloff family featured on "Little People, Big World"

By John Snell, The Oregonian
October 26, 2009, 3:14PM

HILLSBORO – Vandals have caused an estimated $7,000 damage to signs on the farm belonging to a family of dwarfs featured on the reality TV show "Little People, Big World."

The damage occurred over the past two months at the Helvetia-area farm of the Matthew Roloff family, according to reports filed with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The most recent incident happened last week.

The sheriff's office took reports on the incidents, but suspended their investigation because of lack of information about suspects. The Roloff family, however, has offered a reward for information leading to the arrests of the culprits.

The incidents began about two months ago, according to reports, when someone spread feces on the Roloff Farms sign on the property.

About two weeks ago, six holes were found in the sign and appeared to be caused by a hatchet or sledge hammer, wrote Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Amy Chewning. Chewning's report says the sign was also hit by two blasts from a shotgun last Wednesday.

Matthew Roloff also told deputies that 10 "Roloff pumpkin patch" signs had been taken in recent weeks.

Roloff's family is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for shooting their sign.

Roloff has dwarfism, as does his wife, Amy, and one of their children. Little People, Big World has been shown on The Learning Channel on cable television since spring of 2006. – John Snell


anna said...

omg people whom done it to their belongs and why?? jelouse that they have everything that they build that they dreamt of? or is they stars? whatever reason caused it? thats stuipd.. I love the show and admire their works that they dream of.. even matt had crazy ideas to add but made happen with love in it! my goodness i feel bad for them and wish those people whoever did it need stop and face it. i pray they will be caught!

anna said...

i also suggest to roloff family to set up nightcam video hide somewhere.. i know people cant see video cam bein hidden if u hide very well such as green/brown color to math the enivorment area of signs. i pray they get caught!!! i think it very disrespect...

David said...

$7000 worth of damage for those signs? I don't believe it for a second.

Katty said...

Hmmm...think Matt could have dreamed this up for the publicity? Jeremy *was* practicing his target shooting in the last episode. Has anyone checked the man barn for those missing signs?

David said...

Katty, I agree completely. I hope the police department aren't wasting too much time on this.

You have a suggestion. Jeremy and his friends shoot guns. Were they running around the woods? Maybe they were bored and drunk? Could they have went down to the road and fired a few shots into the sign? They destroy the house, why not the sign too?

kelly said...

I judge not until the truth is reveiled...

Anonymous said...

Vandals 2 midgets 0

Unless is a Matt stunt to claim 7 thousand dollars for those signs (Can't be 7 gs impossible no more than a thousand)

Another stunt to attract publicity and pity. Shame on you. Now I know that all midgets survive of the pity of others and also using devious tricks.

Thanks for the lessons in midget behavior Matt.