Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video preview of the Roloff family in the British Virgin Islands

There is a video with a sneak peak of the British Virgin Island vacation that will be featured on an upcoming episode. They actually took the vacation back in March. It's Matt, Jacob, Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller.


Expressed said...

This should be the highlight of the whole season! :)

The happy exploitation of Jeremy's body continues. Thank the Lord! :)

Jason said...

I don't share your excitement. Yet another freebie vacation, this time Mueller gets to tag along again. Yipee.

Em said...

Is that Jeremy with the floaty device jumping into the ocean at 20 seconds or is that Mueller?

123 said...

Is Jeremy on steroids? I'm not kidding. Look at 0:41 seconds. He is chisseled. How did he become like that so fast? His upper body has the look that men have when they're taking stuff.

Anonymous said...

maybe thats why jeremy was uncharacteristically irritable in the last show. chemicals mess with your body and how they act.

Roxanne said...

Why does the preview say: "Matt travels with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies"?

Who is the other buddy? It looks like it's only Mueller, Jeremy and Jacob. Are they counting crew members as buddies now?

Noell :) said...

Expressed, I dont think i can even waitt till monday! ahahha im soooo excited! and i cant wait to hear your review on it! :)

Expressed said...

Noell:), I feel the same way! But, you'll need to wait longer. This was a tease. The BVI vacation is not Monday. It's the week after :(

I wish we could skip a week! Honestly, Monday's show sounds boring. It will be painful knowing what we have to look forward to in 2 weeks.

Next week is a boring episode about Amy being alone in Florida. She does charity work. Good for her, but these episodes are always boring when they're about an Amy or Matt solo trip where they do charity work.

The second episode sounds like it will the start of the Jeremy/Mueller/Matt/Brat (but hopefully he'll be tolerable being around Jeremy and Mueller for a week). It will probably be where Matt talks about wanting to do the vacation, but not the actual trip. That's the following week.

You (and me and the majority of the LPBW audience, imo!) will need to wait longer than just 4 days to get an hour of Jeremy's body in the sun for a whole hour! :)

EPISODE 7: Amy on Her Own

Amy goes to Florida where she's the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament. While she's there, she volunteers at a relief organization and has an inspiring visit to a children's home.

EPISODE 8: Zach's First Stand

When Matt plans a Caribbean sailing vacation on a week that Amy can't get off work, the scheduling conflict divides the family. Upset that it won't be a true family vacation without his mom, Zach leads the charge to mutiny against his dad.

haley said...

ahh i cant wait till this episode, Jeremy is to hot to wait an extra week :)

but it seems like recently in this new season they are really embracing his body and hotness...every commercial has something with him shirtless,not that im complaining!

when did this trip actually take place?

Spiritswander said...

"when did this trip actually take place?"

March. It was during March break 2009.

Noell :) said...

Aww Expressed, i was was so excited!
I cant waitt! :( this is gonna be the worst week of my life hahaha!
Hopefully they at least show jer shirtless once this week! If they dont im gonnna be pretttyy upset with tlc! ahha

Jocelynn said...

According to an article by the BVI tourism board, the episode is tonight. I guess we'll see soon.