Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video preview; Where Jacob Roloff fits in -- Season 5 Little People, Big World

TLC has released 3 video clips for Season 5 that viewers haven't seen yet or slightly longer versions of scenes from the first two weeks of season five.

The first one is called "Where Jacob fits in". Amy and Jacob play around with boxing gloves in the kitchen, while Amy speaks to the camera about Jake's place now that Jeremy and Zach are getting older.

The next one is a slightly longer version of what viewers saw last Monday when the Roloffs visited Corban. In this one, Amy is left out when they visit the guy's dorm.

The third clip is the scene about Molly's castle from the season 5 premiere, except that this clip includes a bit with Jeremy and his friend Brendon, helping Matt clear some branches around the castle.


Christine said...

Watching the castle video, I'm convinced of something.

Jeremy definitely gets make up done by professionals make up artists on the show.

I've been wondering why one minute he looks really handsome and the next I don't think he looks all that attractive.

All you have to do is look at the difference in Jeremy's face when they're outside by the castle compared to the interview.

Christine said...

It's from 1:29 to 1:49. It's like there is 2 Jeremy's!

Sheri said...

Christine, you don't know that. It's unfair for you to speculate on something you don't know.

So what if he does? They are on a TV show. Must you attempt to ridicule him? What are you accomplishing?

Craw said...

I'm shocked Jake didn't get knocked out by Amy!! >) He must be getting tougher.

Christine, Jeremy looks fine outside. Don't start something where there is nothing to start.

David said...

Christine, I don't know about his looks, but you can practically see Jeremy reading. Watch his eyes shift and glance to the side.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - people who are on tv shows get make up all the time. If you fully embrace Jeremy wearing makeup and having it adjusted, why do you take offense? I mean, do you find it a problem if he does wear makeup? I can pretty assure you he does, so why have a problem when someone notices? Isn't it real? Do you have a problem with Jeremy wearing makeup? Please justify your negative reaction and nasty comments and commands to Christine. She is merely noticing the production value and you as a Christian are treating her like a piece of garbage.

BTW - are you ever going to acknowkedge that my first comment,in the "Adam Garland is dead" thread was one of sympathy about his situation and your first comment was a whine over Jeremy and yet you publically chewed my butt? I mean, are you ever going to acknowledge how rude and out of line you were lying about me in a public forum? I would forgive you if you had the dignity to admit you were completely out of line (particularly since my posts and yours are evidence) but since you're not willing to admit fault, I will bring up your nasty and easily proven wrong via posting history accusations until you show some character.

Mind you - I don't expect you to have any character. You think Jeremy has a right to be racist, but I continue to hope you prove me wrong, despite your nasty lie that I didn't express any sympathy to poor Adam Garland when I clearly did.

You know, its a sin to bear false witness. Pretty sure its in the Old Testement

Jocelynn said...

What does the boxing gloves have printed on them when Amy lays them down at the end? She says "these are very special"

Is that the company name or did they have something inscribed on them?

Those must have been the gloves Jeremy and his friends were using in the season 5 preview when he was boxing in the wrestling mat with his friends.

Jim W said...

Amy has it all wrong with Jake. She's been talking about making that kid feel special for 3 years while he acts like a brat.

Stop making the kid "feel special" and demand better behavior.

If all you do is make a kid feel special, most likely he will act like the brat that Jacob is portrayed as.