Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What college are Jeremy and Zach Roloff going to?

This is currently the most frequently asked question about the Roloffs :

In 2009, what are Jeremy and Zach Roloffs college plans? What college are Jeremy and Zach Roloff attending?

The answer is Portland Community College.

If you read the blog regularly, you know, as we posted the buzz which did indeed turn out to be correct, before it became rather public knowledge now.

Jeremy and Zach Roloff are attending Portland Community College.

We will also share with you things that the blog has heard over the first 2 weeks of Jeremy and Zach's college experience. People email the blog with all kinds of things because we exist for the fans and this blog has become a popular and trusted source for information and talk about the Roloffs and Little People, Big World. So we can share with you a few details we've heard thus far.

First I'll say that the Roloffs and TLC or some people with the show have a reputation for being a little....controlling when it comes to information getting out. I'll cite the World Dwarf Games and how apparently some of the participants and people there were told that the results were confidential and not to be revealed (which I think is rather ridiculous and obviously impossible for them to enforce since there were thousands of people attending a public atheltic competition). That gives you an idea with what the party line is on anything being known before it airs.

However, I think they'll need to overcome some of their control issues with Jeremy and Zach attending a public community college. Unlike Faith Bible, it is not a private school where they are attending with most of the people who have known them since kindergarten and don't view them as celebrities, but as friends and swear to secrecy on everything to prove their loyalty to the Roloffs which secure them special invites to the perks the Roloffs receive. They're now attending PCC with thousands of people, many of whom are "normal" people who know the Roloffs from television. Put yourself into the same situation, if you're attending college and you see someone from television, you're still going to focus on your own classes and your own reasons for being there, but you would probably mention to people that you're attending with people on tv or even if you don't watch the show, you would then probably mention that there are people at the college who trot in a camera crew with them and around campus.

That's what has been happening. Normal people are noticing the Roloffs and have told us about it. So we'll now share those things so far. And because this is "through the grapevine", so to speak, and coming from several different people and what they say they've seen and heard, feel free to put however much weight in it as you want. It's not really earth shattering anyhow, but since the blog exists for the fans, I feel I should pass along things like this to the fans.

*The TLC crew were spotted at PCC within a few days of opening day.

*The Roloffs are seen at PCC's Rockcreek campus.

*As noted, all but one of the Jeremy and Zach's closest friends are attending with them. Jacob Mueller, Daniel Meichtry, Bryan Roth and Jake Rempel (from the 'Zach's Charge' episode and the online "Jeremy vodka" story) have all been seen there.

*The one "DBU" friend that is not at PCC is Scott. He is at Oregon State University (according to people who have emailed the blog who are also at OSU). There is one sort of fringe friend from the show, Brendon, who is at George Fox University, the rest of the good friends of Jeremy and Zach are all at PCC with the Roloffs.

*On that note, we don't have an exact number, but the number of Jeremy and Zach's friends from Faith Bible High or Faith Bible Elementary is very high. Most fans won't be familiar with many of them, but basically the majority of their friends are going there. Perhaps between 30 and 50 Faith Bible friends. It seems as though almost every friend who at one time or another went to Faith Bible with Jeremy and Zach, are now attending PCC with the Roloffs.

*Someone at PCC told us they asked Jeremy how he was liking college so far and he answered "It's a lot of fun."

*To give you an idea on possible course loads, some who have spoken to a few of the Roloffs friends attending PCC, say their own schedule is either 2 or 3 days a week, including some online classes.

*How long are Jeremy and Zach planning on attending PCC? This is the overheard word on the street if you will....the plan seems to be one or two years at PCC then they are planning on transferring to a 4 year university.

It seems rather transparent that the "1 or 2" year figure that we've heard is directly tied to whether the show is renewed for a 6th season (I say renewed because personally, despite Matt Roloff's protests, I don't think the Roloffs would ever throw in the towel themselves regardless of what they say publicly -- they simply benefit too much). I think if they are signed for a Season 6, Jeremy and Zach will remain at PCC.

The plan, if that is indeed the plan, sounds like a good one to me. Remember, Rockcreek is less than 10 minutes from the farm. They are able to stay involved as ever in the show and milk the show for all the money and benefits they can for as long as they can, while at the same time they're getting a taste of college classes and getting a few pre-requisite courses that can be transferred to a 4 year out of the way. It sounds good to me. If it were me, I'd probably do the same thing.

That's the thing with the Roloffs and some of my personal opinions. I agree with some things they do and would do the same, it's just in general, I don't think some of their public statements are very honest and I don't think the Roloffs are very truthful about the motivation for some of their decisions.


Lori said...

The Roloffs are living a blessed life. I'm happy for them.

Anonymous said...

Ilove them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This family is lame and Faith Bible must not produce many scholars since most of them end up at the local junior college.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with a Junior college. and that was not very nice.
Most kids that end up at a Junior college go further than people with a masters degree and this is proven. I go to a Junior College and there's nothing wrong with that, it's sooooo much cheaper =)

take your negativity somewhere else, please =)

Anonymous said...

Way to go boys!! I went to Jr. college and it is great.

Anonymous said...

Thirty to fifty Faith Bible graduates, Class of 2009, at PCC? If so, that's a HUGE percent not going on to a four-year college. It should raise the eyebrows and suspicions of any parent considering enrollment of their kid at Faith Bible.

Like it or not PCC defenders, something's wrong when a group that large won't go to--or weren't accepted at--a four-year school.

If ever there were proof that Faith Bible is a scholastic joke, that percentage is it.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt mean that they werent accepted any where else. they just made a smarter decision to go to pcc first. i go to a community college now, it is not because i wasnt accepted to a 4year school, i wanted to improve my grades before.

Just becasue it is a large group doesnt mean anything. with this economy people cannot afford to send their kids off to a four year school right away

T Pratt said...

The broader point is that most of the kids from Faith Bible do, in fact, seem to be going on for some form of higher education. Community Colleges do a great job of preparing people for pursuing a 4-yr degree, particularly in that part of the country (I went to Clark CC right across the river from PCC and had a great experience prior to transferring to WSU and eventually earning a PhD). Perhaps Zach and Jeremy are actually getting BETTER treatment in intro classes with 30 people instead of 1000 at the big state schools.

Shadow said...

What would be enlightening, although you'll never know, is how those students did on the placement exams at PCC. If they nearly all placed into full-credit college-level courses, then perhaps they *are* just being fiscally smart and saving money on the first two years of college. If, however, they end up in the remedial classes, that would demonstrate that Faith is not preparing them well for higher ed.

Anonymous said...

My son is going to a community college for his first 2 years and it's not because he couldn't "get into" a 4 year college. He's planning on getting his PhD. and a community college is financially smart at this time. My nephew attends PCC Rock Creek and he's a very intelligent boy. I wouldn't knock those attending a community college. At least they ARE attending higher education!

Rap541 said...

Anon - in all seriousness, do you think Zach and Jeremy *could* have gotten into a four year school?

Yes or no?

I really don't understand why people are so defensive of making sound financial choices and attending community college by choice when its patently obvious that Jeremy and Zach are not in a "we need to consider money" situation.

Really, raise of hands, who here believes Zach and Jeremy got *accepted* to a four year school?

Who here believes the big boys even filled out applications for four year schools?

The twins are in community college because they didn't make the grade. Hell, Jeremy even said he was going to community college because he was lazy.

Does that mean Jeremy called *your son* lazy, anon? Because thats your logic here. Your son made a sound financial choice, but since the twins couldn't get into a four year school, people are saying *your son* couldn't get into a four year school.

Its the two dimbulbs who needed mommy and sissy to help them enroll in community college because they were "lazy" that are being knocked. If your son fits that description, then I don't know why you're bragging. If he *doesn't* fit that description, he's not being knocked.

me said...

Would like to see Zach and Jeremy move out on their own and get their own show, show them growing up and not have to watch Matt Roloff anymore.