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Guest Roloff Episode Review By Rap; Little People, Big World November 30th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

So Matt and Jeremy are shopping and Matt voiceovers about how the family has begged him to go tot a dude ranch. Ok um… I read about dude ranches inTrixie Belden mysteries….. I mean, it sounded cool when I was ten, in the 1980’s. I simply can’t believe the phrase “Please Dad, we want to go to a dude ranch!!!” ever crossed the lips of anyone in the Roloff family.

Jeremy and Zach live in filth. There is really no other way to describe their bedroom and there is no neat side to give Jeremy credit for. It’s disgusting and they are adults. Jeremy kinda mocks how whether Zach and Amy can ride a horse. There is a montage of bad vacation moments. Finally everyone enters the van, Mom is leaving and Matt is not ready.

Matt’s scooter is loaded, Matt in a cowboy hat is in the car. Matt hay bales how impatient Amy is. Amy asks about photo id. Various family don’t have it. Amy is pissed, rightly. I mean really, at least two of the “children” are adults. You need id to travel these days. The twins are OLD ENOUGH to remember 9/11. Jer jokes about needing his cowboy hat. No one seems amused. They make it to the Rocking R ranch. God if only there was a mystery, like with Trixie Belden.

They go riding. Matt says he had a horse as a kid. He says he’s scared of horses and goes on about how it is dangerous for little people. Amy notes the stirrups are an issue. They ride on horses while Matt rides on the Mule. Amy hay bales how horseback riding is challenging. Matt sends Jer down the “canyon” and is impressed. Amy “heads down the canyon” as well. Oooh ominous music Point - I won’t claim to be an expert horsey type but we weren’t seeing a super challenging course.

Amy seems too hesitant but I can see why she was led down on the rope. Hee, Amy falls off the horse. Matt is impressed by Cowboy Rock, which is cool, yes, Jeremy goes up a hill and is impressed with himself. Matt admits to living vicariously thru Jer. Now, not to brag but I used to ride and um…. This isn’t a hard ride that they are doing. A fun ride but not super hard. I mean, no offense but riding a horse is actually not hard. They start going on about poker and Amy notes Matt has a good face. Jeremy says he can read it like a book. Its cute.

So Matt and Amy seem to believe the whole “it’s a working ranch” and think they are actually helping the rancher and not paid guests. No, they are not helping, yes, this is well planned by the ranch. Matt goes on about how he loves Amy in a voiceover while they argue on camera.

Amy hay bales about how they have to work to help the ranch! But there are no stirrups for Amy and Zach. Jeremy, Molly and Jake head off to round up cattle. Matt seems to use a Mule to herd. Amy hay bales how it was disappointing to not ride but then their stirrups arrive and things are fun.

Matt goes on about how horses scare him but he’s gonna try it. In fairness, I can see entirely how he uncomfortable on one because for no other reason, his legs don’t seem suited to it at all. I can also see why Amy and Zach need special stirrups because if nothing else they aren’t kicking in the right places/

Jeremy hay bales about …. Stuff that matters but doesn’t actually say anything,

Matt and Amy hay bale how fun it is and there is a campfire.


Second episode

They try the barrel ride and fail with fun. Btw this is so not like bull riding. Amy notes Matt has bailed on a lot.

Amy tries milking something. I think it’s a goat or a cow, its hard to tell. She notes how Matt has baled a lot recently. The kids try roping crates and have fun. Amy hay bales about how the kids miss Matt and she does understand why he doesn’t like watching. She thinks he gets bored when he can’t do everything. He shoots a bow from the mule, and wants to leave. Everyone seems to be having fun and Amy seems pleased that he tried but is sad he wanted to leave. Amy heads off to see the sunset on a mule with Matt. She is frustrated he isn’t spending time with the kids. They head off on a steep climb. They seem to have fun but Amy seems a little stressed. They head up a plateau and its sorta unpleasant and there’s some hay bale back and forth about marriage… its unpleasant mostly…. They bitch and snipe on the way down with Amy calling Matt “Matthew”.

So its day five and Matt is leaving and Amy hopes he shows to the shooting. Jeremy shoots and fails. Jake shoots and hit’s the target. It seems like Jake won… Amy hits one….Zach seems worried about shooting against Molly and Haybels a lot over it. He seems ok with it. Someone needs to get him an m-16, really because soooo easy to shoot. Matt does not show up.

Zach is encouraged to ride a sheep. Matt wanders in to see Jeremy ride a calf….. Matt leaves early and says he feels bad. He implies he is leaving to do work. I sure hope he gets hauled in for abuse the way Amy was.

The kids seem down as Amy takes them to Bryce Canyon. Amy implies that it happens a lot. They head to Sunrise point. Amy notes that not having matt is less stress. They see Bryce Canyon stuff and ooooh. Because Utah so doesn’t advertise enough and this area is lovely. Amy seems pleased. Jeremy and Zach both hay bale how they wish Matt had made it. Amy notes how she wishes she had asked Matt to stay more often.

Amy hay bales how she isn’t happy that Matt left… and then kinda cries and sobs about the ikids. She says it is a low point and she thinks it is slipping away and that it is a crossroads and says after 22 years it is a lot to let go. Wow, this is pretty sad all things considered.

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World November 30th

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It starts with Matt and Jeremy shopping...again. That's been happening a lot this season. Oh wait, the whole family is there this time. Shopping for cowboy hats. They're heading off to a dude ranch in Utah.

*Am I alone on this, in that white shirt everytime I see Jake, I think of John Travolta in one of those old movies, Grease or something. haha.

* Jake doesn't like the cowboy look, he says it's time to get into this century.

* They're packing. Jeremy says he's bringing lots of shoes. Jer is stoked for horse back riding. He wonders how Zach and Amy will be able to do it since their feet won't reach.

*Amy and the kids are in the van leaving. Amy says Matt is going by himself. Molly calls Matt on his cell, Matt is in the house waiting for the rest of the family....communication lapse. Amy is pissed. With Matt now in the van, Amy drives away a second time. She asks the kids if they have ID, they don't. Amy is extra pissed now. She turns around again. They start out for the 3rd time, Jer jokes that he forgot his cowboy hat and they should turn back. Amy seems miserable.

*They're in Utah now. Riding horses. Zach says it hurts his back. They head down a hill. Jeremy goes first as always and does great. He loves it.

*Amy tries, it does look dangerous for her since her feet don't reach, she's just kind of balancing as she heads down. They come back from commercial, Amy couldn't do it on her own. She talks about how she did it though. Now the guy from the ranch is going in front of her with another horse leading Amy and her horse down slowly.

*Matt kids Amy about being scared, Amy doesn't appreciate it and says she wasn't.

*Jeremy and Jake climb to the top of a mountain. I must say Cowboy Jeremy is looking good in those old jeans :)

*Jeremy is riding up and down steep hills on the horse. He's having a blast! They all say Jeremy is a natural at it.

*Matt says he's so proud of Jer of being great at horse back riding. Matt finally says what fans have been saying forever. Matt admits he lives vicariously through Jeremy. By the way, I don't think that's bad in any way! It's nice. Matt and Jeremy are the most like each (and the 2 best Roloffs!) Matt would love to do all the things Jer can if he wasn't a dwarf with his physical limitations. There's nothing wrong with him living through Jeremy.

*The family plays poker. Matt talks about having a poker face. Jeremy says he can easily read Matt. Jer is right and Matt doesn't do well. I'm surprised everyone knows how to play poker. Surprise (not) Jeremy wins the poker game.

*Matt says Amy is a strong woman and that's what he needs. If he had a delicate flower of a woman he would walk all over her and they'd be in trouble.

*Molly says all of Matt and Amy's arguing is annoying. I agree with you Molly!!!! Right on sister girl!!!

*The Roloffs are helping the ranchers herd the cattle, moving them to a different area. They forgot the stirrups that fit Zach and Amy. The rest of the family goes on ahead. Amy is bummed. Zach looks like he might be sulking. Amy says she doesn't like relying on other people. Jeremy, Molly, and Jake are helping move the cattle along. Jake keeps on asking where Amy and Zach are. About 3 times. Get over it Jake.

*Suddenyly Amy and Zach have caught up with the rest of them. Jeremy tells us they all did great.

*Matt decides he's going to get on a horse. He tells a story about falling off a horse when he was a kid after a surgery when his bones were still sore and that was the last time he rode a horse until now. Jeremy looks really tired. Matt gets on with Jer and the people at the ranch. Matt says his body was sore just from sitting on the horse and the way it bent his legs.

*Cue the weekly Jeremy speech about Matt :) I kid, because it seems like every week in the new season there is a speech from Jeremy about being inspired by Matt, but it is sweet that Jeremy says this stuff. He talks about how despite Matt's physical disabilities, he doesn't let anything stop him from experiencing things.


2nd Episode

*Still at the ranch, the Roloffs are riding a barrell thing, it's like one of those mechanical bulls.

*Amy narrates that they're seeing less and less of Matt. Jeremy calls to Matt to ride the barrell, but Matt is nowhere to be found.

*Jeremy says the ranch is cool because it's different than the Roloffs farm. The ranch is well, a ranch. Their farm has pumpkins and maybe once in a while, they'll try to raise an animal. Ha. I love how Jeremy laughs at himself with stuff like that.

*Amy says she realizes these vacations aren't designed for Matt because of the physical toll it takes on his body, but she has no sympathy. She thinks Matt should still be there and be happy to watch his kids. Amy says she's happy watching her kids. I think it should be pointed out that it's easy for Amy to say that, she does participate in all the things with her kids.

*Matt and Amy hop on a mule to see a sunset. Amy is mad about Matt not being with the family much on this vacation and they're taking this drive because of that. Amy complains about the way Matt drives. Surprise Surprise. Amy complain about something Matt does? Get out! No way! ;)

*More marriage talk -- strong words from Amy....

Amy says more and more differences are coming out between them. She says they have moments of being happy, but they aren't. Her exact words are "With what has been said and done"...they've lost their friendship. They love each other but beyond that remains to be seen.....wait, what has been said and done??

*Now they're skeet shooting....Jake is good at it. Jeremy seems impressed. Jake tries to justify his video game obsession by saying video games are the reason why he's good at this. Jer and Jake have shooting contests.

*I could make a bad joke about Jake looking a little too comfortable with a shotgun.... ;) (a lot of people think Jake is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen in the future!)

* Amy tries and hits one. Zach is nervous shooting because of what happened way back in the first season, 2005 when he went flying after he fired the gun on the camping trip. Zach being nervous about this stuff is getting really annoying. Everything they try, he's reluctant. But I think this might be more of an editing thing. They play the dramatic music. Zach shoots and is fine. Just like the surfing. Just like the imitation sky diving thing. Just like the flying thing on their birthday.

*A guy at the ranch tells Zach to ride a sheep. He leans into it and grabs it's ears or head. He starts to slide off, but pulls it over instead. Poor little sheep. Cue PETA complaints against the Roloffs.

*Oh, this looks like fun. Jeremy is bull riding! Jer actually sounds nervous. He says this is where he busts a lung. He's not out for more than 2 seconds when he gets thrown off, but lands on his feet.

*Now for the 200th time tonight they're talking about Matt not being with the family enough and wanting to go home.....wait, I want more of Jeremy bull riding. He must have went more than just once.

*But now it's all about Matt not being involved and wanting to leave another vacation. Matt says he's leaving the vacation to go back to the farm. Jeremy says they now how to handle it because it happens so often.

*Molly talks about it and seems kind of pissed. She says Matt makes up some "crap" about needing to go back to the farm. She says it will be there later. She's not very sympathetic to Matt. I understand why he might want to leave. He can't do most of the things they're doing.

* Jeremy says it's disappointing to have dad leave. Zach says it's not a family vacation if they're not all there. I think he's just saying that because he set the rule for the whole BVI revolt.

*Now they're at a park. Amy says there is less stress without Matt because he makes it all about himself. Nice.

* The kids seem bored...except for Zach, surprisingly. Zach has a lot of energy.

*Jeremy says he's bummed that Matt needed to leave..

*Amy and Zach sit around a table. Amy's mood is down, complaining about Matt leaving again. Zach is still happy and says he had a great day.

* Amy haybales (thanks Rap! This is another way of saying talking to the camera), where did this come from? Amy breaksdown and starts crying. She started to say that she will never trade moments with her kids...and then she broke down crying.

*Amy says they are at a low point in their marriage. She says "Do Matt and I want to see if we move forward?" Amy says they're at a crossroads.

End of episode

A couple of quick thoughts...

*The worst part about Matt being on these vacations and leaving is that ruins the trip for us the viewers!! Every 3 minutes they have somebody talking about Matt leaving or Matt not spending enough time. I want to see more of their actual vacation! Show more of Jeremy riding the bull! What's the point of all this? They do all these great activities on these vacations and then they spend the episode every 2 minutes talking about Matt not being there, or Matt being sore or Matt leaving or missing Matt.

*The marriage stuff....I'm really sick of it! One of the reasons why is Spirits just posted Matt's newsletter earlier today. Matt talks about how everything is fine. Then what do we get on the show? We get them talking about how they're at a low point in their marriage and they've lost the friendship between them and all this crap. We get a whole episode of this, hell, we're getting a whole season of this and everything that Matt says online is that everything is fine between them. It's hard to take all this negative stuff on the show week after week if it's just lying drama. Enough already!

New newsletter from Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff and his staff sent out a brand new newsletter today.

I would say it's an improvement over the last couple of newsletters, as they have a brief update on each of the family members. In years past when Matt would send his newsletters, they were outstanding. They had a very friendly and personal touch, like the type you receive from your own family and friends, an update on how everyone is doing. More recently, they became much less personal and all about business. This one has a little bit better balance.

Matt Roloff newsletter November 30th, 2009

A warm hello to you & yours.....

I hope this newsletter finds each of you healthy and in good spirits!

Another fun pumpkin season is behind us ....Every season has its own unique feeling and this year it was how much our family enjoyed meeting so many of YOU. A heartfelt thank you to the thousands of wonderful visitors we had. Papa & Honey (my folks) who greeted guests in our Western Town, kept track of where everyone traveled from. We could not believe we had visitors all the way from Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, Australia & more. We had guests from every state in the USA (except Delaware), too. It was truly humbling!

Today... as Fall moves silently into Winter, it is the perfect time for our family to reconnect with one another and take inventory of the past six years of our lives. With the filming of just over 200 episodes under our belt we feel the magnitude and accomplishments of this journey more than ever before. Currently we are not in production and are taking a much needed (and may I add) well-deserved break from the hustle of our oftentimes hectic filming season.

The show continues to air to a world-wide audience and we will be forever grateful to our loyal fans who have stuck by us. We are also blessed with the seemingly never ending stream of new viewers to Little People Big World. Both Amy and I sincerely thank you and take to heart the feedback (both good and bad) that you have given to us over the years. Keep it up!

We are so excited about the current season that is being aired and hope you're looking forward to so many more episodes thru Spring 2010....

Family Updates!

Amy and I are enjoying and making the most of this unique quiet time. We realize more and more how essential spending uninterrupted time together is. It is wonderful to just catch up with each other and plan private evenings going out to dinner or a movie.

We also continue to help & advocate for little people everywhere. Hot on the heels of her hugely successful golf charity event (I am so proud of her), Amy continues to bolster her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (check out her upcoming cruise) I'm busy working on a local Grant for CoDa that would ultimately provide customized bikes for Little People Kids who cannot afford them. Wish us luck!

Both Jeremy and Zach are busy taking a variety of college courses and seem to have re-found their academic focus (even getting grades to be proud of)! Zach's one true passion remains his job teaching & coaching youth soccer. Could Zach own & operate his own business (perhaps sooner than anyone might think)? Jeremy recently got bitten by the "photography" bug and is seriously thinking about how to infuse this hobby into his plans for the future.

Molly knocked out yet another quarter of straight A's !! There is not much she can't do when she puts her mind to it. She is enjoying her newfound freedom that comes with being able to drive (but true to her nature, she can most often be found here at the farm absorbed in a good book or baking something delicious in the kitchen with mom).

And... the baby of the bunch... Jacob George. Never a lack of being a BOY in his system. (LOL) As the youngest, he's had to work extra hard to find his place but just like his brothers and sister he won't stop until he's made his own mark on our family journey. Jacob and I spent the entire day together just last week and he was so incredibly helpful to me. He continues to grow by leaps & bounds on all levels.

Farm Updates....

-- Need a unique holiday gift idea? Check out our new "cool" pumpkin soldier items! And.....during the month of December, "Our gift to you" ....Get a FREE Roloff Farms Logo safety clip light with minimum purchase of $30.00 or more. (visit our on-line store at: for details).

--"Private Farm Tours" ~ With so many visitors traveling from far away & with encouragement from the local visitors bureau we have decided to extend our Golden Pass Private Farm Tours. Please visit our website at for more information.

-- Speaking Website Launch ~ The honor of speaking to groups, universities & corporations across the country allows me to share my personal stories & messages of hope & resiliency. It also enables me to connect face to face with so many of you that inspire me. Though still under sure to visit my new speaking website at:

From our house to yours... we wish you a very happy, beautiful & blessed holiday season. Spend time making memories with those you love most!


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Little People, Big World to return Monday November 30, ratings and schedule changes

A few people are confused that Little People, Big World was not on last week, however the Roloffs will be back with new episodes tomorrow night, Monday November 30th.

Little People, Big World was not on Monday, November 23rd due to TLC bumping them to gear up for the series finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8.
For those wondering, even though LPBW was not on, a bit of ratings news to use as a gauge.

The finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 received a rating of 4.318.

TLC's Cake Boss at 10pm drew 2.386 million viewers.

The most recent episodes of Little People, Big World (November 16th) drew 1.554 million viewers (Mother's Day episode) for the first half-hour and a 1.716 rating for the second half hour (Making The Grade).

Little People, Big World will be on tomorrow, so don't miss it. TLC has deviated somewhat from the original order they released. They skipped past "Amy On Her Own" and "Little Americans" (about the Iraq family coming to America and the farm). Scheduled for November 30th are episodes about the Roloffs trip to Utah. Since fans are always curious when episodes were actually filmed; The Roloffs trip to Utah was in June of 2009, which actually was after the twins had graduated:

Nov 30, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World Little Slickers

It's a Roloff family first as Matt, Amy and all the kids rough it on a Utah dude ranch. Cattle-drives and a fun poker game add to the excitement, and everyone waits to see whether or not Matt will get on a horse.

Nov 30, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World Unhappy Trails

With lots of dude ranch fun yet in store, Matt decides to leave the trip early. After Matt skips several activities, he goes home, leaving Amy to finish another vacation alone with the kids.

According to the TLC schedule they have up currently, they are now planning on airing the "Amy On Her Own" episode the following week, Dec 1st at 8pm, however, now it looks like the 8:30pm episode will be a repeat -- "No Matt Is An Island" -- the episode in the British Virgin Islands with Matt, Ron Roloff, Matt's friend Eric, Jeremy, Jake and Jacob Mueller.

Let's hear a big round of "Boo" and "Hiss" for already getting repeats! :-) The schedule is known to change, so perhaps there is hope. Although looking on the brightside, it means Season 5 Part A will run longer than originally expected, however viewers have come to expect two never before seen episodes a week, instead of just one.

Dec 07, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World

Amy on Her Own

Amy goes to Florida where she's the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament. While she's there, she volunteers at a relief organization and has an inspiring visit to a children's home.

Dec 07, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World

No, Matt Is An Island

Matt travels with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies to the beautiful British Virgin Islands for an adventurous sailboat cruise. But Matt's increasing lack of mobility leaves him on the sidelines while the other guys enjoy all the activities.

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Ron and Peggy Roloff in Thailand, Ron badly cuts finger

As mentioned, Peggy and Ron Roloff are currently in Thailand. In addition to their blog, they are making You Tube videos. They have several. In this one, Ron badly cuts his finger and gets repaired.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nice story about Roloff family and Make A Wish Foundation

I hope all of the visitors to our site had a happy Thanksgiving :-) (those from the United States, but best wishes to all of our visitors from all around the world too!)

This isn't really recent, however it's a very nice article about the wonderful Make A Wish Foundation and the Roloff family.

Luke Inspired by Meeting Reality Show TV Star Matt Roloff

On Monday nights, Luke, a sweet three-year-old boy diagnosed with severe congenital scoliosis, always looks forward to watching his favorite TV show, Little People Big World, on The Learning Channel. When it came time to decide on a wish, Luke knew exactly what he wanted it to be - a trip to meet the star of the show, Matt Roloff.

Matt, along with his wife, Amy, and one of his sons, is a dwarf, but has overcome the challenges of his condition, has succeeded in the business world and now runs his own business - Roloff Farms in Oregon. Being small himself because of his medical condition, Luke relates to the family, especially the father, and was excited to meet the cast of the show. In March, Luke and his family traveled from their hometown of Bethlehem, PA, to the Roloff's farm in Oregon. In the days preceding the big day, Luke explored Portland, Oregon, and enjoyed watching the wildlife at the Oregon Zoo. When his gloriously sunny wish day finally arrived, Luke and his family were escorted in a limousine to Roloff Farms. At the entrance, Luke was met by Matt Roloff and his assistant.

Although Luke was shy at first, Matt's welcoming and friendly nature made Luke warm up to him. Matt took Luke and his family on a tour of the farm on the Mule, a special vehicle, and welcomed them into his home. Soon, Amy and their four children came home from work and school and were very sweet with Luke and the rest of his family. One of Matt's sons, Jeremy, offered to take Luke for another ride to the farm's tree house and pirate ship.

After a wonderful afternoon at Roloff Farms, Luke said in a very sweet voice to Matt and Amy: "I had a really nice time with you today." That night, Luke's mom, Tracy, said that Luke is going to be talking about his wonderful wish experience for a long time. Luke is very happy that his wish came true, and the memories of the whole experience are sure to stay with him for a lifetime.

Check out their website for the whole article and pictures and learn more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation here:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ron and Peggy Roloff are in Thailand

For anyone that is interested who doesn't already know , Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff are currently in Thailand.

Peg usually updates her blog with an entry about their time in Thailand every day or couple

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Little People, Big World November 23rd, Roloff family gets bumped for Jon and Kate Plus 8 finale

As if Kate Gosselin's popularity among many Little People, Big World fans needed another reason to take a hit, Little People, Big World will not be shown tomorrow, Monday November 23rd because of the series finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

According to the TLC schedule, at 8pm Monday, they are repeating "Kate: Her Story" - the exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin. Then at 9pm is the Jon and Kate Plus 8, Series finale.

Little People, Big World will return with new episodes Monday November 30th.

TLC has been known to switch their schedules up last minute, so to be on the safe side, Roloff fans might want to tune in tomorrow at 8pm just to be sure Little People, Big World isn't on, but as it stands now, they are not scheduled.

TLC's new series "Cake Boss" which seems to be their darling right now and beat Little People, Big World in the ratings last week, manages to avoid getting bumped tomorrow and will air as usual in their 10pm Monday slot.

Friday, November 20, 2009

University hopes to have Amy Roloff speak for $7000; Matt Roloff confirmed as speaker for cruise

Washington State University has an article about the desire of their disability association to bring Amy Roloff to campus in February as a guest speaker. The article states that they're seeking support to fund it because it costs $7000 to have Amy speak.

"The ASWSU Senate worked to amend outdated regulations and shared updates on the ongoing goal to improve campus life at Wednesday evening’s meeting.

Ashley Rockwell spoke on behalf of the WSU Disability Awareness Association. The association requested $2,500 from ASWSU to support an event in February to present information about disabilities. Rockwell said they hope to invite Amy Roloff, a public speaker made famous by TLC’s "Little People, Big World."

“I think it’s important that other organizations support us,” Rockwell said.

“People will come to see her. And if people learn about disabilities because they came to see her, that’s great.” Rockwell said the association cannot afford to invite Roloff without support because it costs $7,000 to bring her to campus. This would literally use every penny of the association’s budget, she said. The group is also requesting support from the Residence Hall Association, the ASWSU Executive Board and local businesses."


In other Roloff speaking news, Matt has been confirmed as a key-note featured speaker for a "" cruise to Alaska in August (27th to Sept 3rd, 2010).

The article describes Matt as: "celebrity father, multi-millionaire businessman, entrepreneur, father of four, renown speaker and a natural dreamer. He’s also one of the most recognizable people on television today.

Learn how to condition your mind and body to release at will the self imposed tension you feel and live with everyday.

This inspiring seminar will teach you how to focus your mind and relax in a special way that will act as a counter balance allowing you to develop more – healthier cognitive habits. It’s the true key to success, happiness and life fulfillment. It’s simple and easy to change your life when you know how. Meet top experts like Matt Roloff face to face and hear first hand how they did it!"

It looks like 2010 will be a busy year for the Roloffs and cruises, Amy Roloff also has her charity foundation cruise in late June: The Royal Carribbean, 'Oasis of the Seas cruise'.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another tough week for Little People, Big World, Roloff television ratings November 16th

It was another tough week in the TV ratings for Little People, Big World, TLC and the Roloff family. Another rating in the 1.5 range. The 8pm episode, the Mother's Day episode; was actually the lowest of the season (just a bit lower than last week). The 8:30pm episode was slightly higher, in the 1.7s.

They didn't get too much support from Jon and Kate Plus 8, again, although J&K did see an increase from the last weeks 1.6 debacle. This week, Jon and Kate Plus 8 received a 1.939 rating for their 9pm episode and 2.348 million viewers for the 9:30pm episode.

For those wondering, another TLC show, "Cake Boss", which TLC seems to be heavily promoting, recorded a rating of 1.793 million viewers.

Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.554 million viewers
Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.716 viewers

These are the rest of the ratings so far in Season 5 of Little People, Big World.

Nov 9th Little People Big World (8pm) = 1.573 million viewers
Nov 9th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.682 million viewers

Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8pm)- 2.110 million viewers
Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 2.410 million viewers-

Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.667 million viewers
Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) = 1.976 million

Oct 19 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.766 million
OCt 19 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.864 million
Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 2.198 million

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bonus video: Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller crash into a yacht

TLC released an interesting bonus video from the British Island vacation. It's worth watching; it should have made it into the actual episode that aired.

It features Jeremy and Mueller in a two-man sail boat. They flip, their boat somewhat crashes into an expensive yacht and a bunch of angry British men yell at them. This also marks the first time that Jacob Mueller actually speaks directly to the camera.

"When Good Sails Go bad"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World November 16th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them Rap541.

Before I turn it over to Rap, to avoid confusion "Amy hay bales", "Jeremy hay bales" is the term our reviewer Rap has coined to describe the Roloff family members when they give their confessional to the camera in the barn-like setting. If you look over their shoulders, there are bales of hay. Thus, Rap's clever term. This week we have pictures to illustrate :)


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

So Matt and Amy debate whether the table is too high. They seem to be playfully bickering at first and then it gets all ugly. Wow… this turned ugly fast. I mean, wow, really fast.

Clouds! The Farm! Matt in his office telling us how he’s heading off to Hawaii on a free ticket with no family for five days. I’m already sensing a disturbance in the Force on that one. Amy meanwhile roots about in the barn or the man barn, looking for a tent. She walks in from the rain, spies Matt in his office. She hay bales how its Mother’s Day and the twin’s birthday and Matt has decided to go to Hawaii with friends. Yup, I see why she is ticked off. Frankly I was trying to give Matt the benefit of the doubt on this one, that maybe this was a work thing but no. He’s bailing on his family for a vacation, over Mother’s Day and the twin’s birthday. Real nice. In the office Amy tells Matt that she is taking the kids camping. Matt hay bales how it was the wrong time but he needs to take care of himself. In the office, he complains that his iphone and headphones have been stolen. Oh wait… in fact he misplaced them. Kinda makes you wonder about the tv remote in earlier episodes doesn’t it?

Amy notes she won’t beg her husband to stick around. Sweet. I can almost hear “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” play in the soundtrack.

Matt takes off and basically justifies taking off as giving his family a vacation. Yeesh, try again there, Matt. You’re going to Hawaii and your family is eating burnt hot dogs by the road side in a van down by the river! Oh wait… is that a spoiler?

So the kids play with toy air soft guns. Because really, they don’t have enough toys that are dangerous, and god knows the Roloff kids have the self control to handle fire arms responsibly. Zach wigs out and goes running to shoot Jake (I think he was shot in the back by Jake). Zach shoots Jake in the face. Zach justifies it with making Jake tough. He really needs to see someone about the anger issues because really, this is starting to be a little disturbing. Jeremy walks off when it gets violent. Molly notes how dumb the entire business is. I find myself thinking how the entire issue wouldn’t come up at all if shooting each other with pellet guns was ever deemed “unacceptable” by any Roloff parents. Oh, and Zach? You’re almost nineteen here. Just because you have the height of a child, you don’t get to act like one anymore.

More gun fighting. Molly acts as the parent and hay bales how she’s the only smart one. Yeah, I can see that. She takes away the guns after it becomes obvious that Zach can’t back away or use self control. She notes that he is nineteen. I hear ya, Molly.

Amy buys herself flowers for Mother’s Day and notes how Matt went to Hawaii. This is a shockingly different birthday, for the twins. My goodness, Jeremy must have cried when he found out Mueller couldn’t come. Amy is annoyed with Zach over the shooting. I am shocked she didn’t take Zach’s side on that one. Finally they have a cake. Jeremy comments how wax is edible. Its good you’re reasonably attractive, sweetie. It is very much noted how this is not a big celebration.

Amy gets the kids out of bed to buy camping supplies. They shop and buy new stuff. The store clerk is off put by hearing how Dad is away. Molly notes the secret plan to bring flowers and chocolate for mom. Amy notes how disorganized they are. They seem to do ok for now.

Lots of Oregon scenery. Hood River. There’s wind sports but they can’t find the camp ground. There’s no fires in the camp ground, yeesh, that’s pretty lame. Amy seems to handle that well, and takes the family someplace different. Now they seem lost! Ohnoes!

Hee! They are camping in a van down by the river! There’s burnt hot dogs. It seems like fun. Amy hay bales about planning activities… wow did they just pull off by the side of the road? Now they kiteboard but it is an exercise in failure…. Matt calls and Zach goes on a rant about how mom and dad don’t communicate.

Now they kayak. Amy seems super worried it won’t be fun. Jeremy goes on about how relaxing camping is. Good for him. The kayaking looks fun… not exactly whitewater but frankly I’m not that adventurous either.

So now Zach notes “Dad skipped out on Mother’s day”. Ah, mommy’s little man. Amy goes on and on about how she likes simplicity. In fairness, this seems to be a very fun little trip and the flowers and chocolates were cute and fun. Molly notes how important it was to make mom feel loved. Amy notes that she is used to being away from Matt. How um… family friendly. But the camping trip did seem like nice family time. Pity Matt had that important need to have a vacation in Hawaii, huh?


Second episode

Now the kids speak Spanish as they play soccer and its like I am watching my neighbors. Molly seems to speak well. Jake seems ok at it as well, while Zach seems impressed but also annoyed at Molly’s Spanish.

Oh we’re at Faith. More Spanish. Molly hay bales how school isn’t that hard. She gets As.

Amy is heading to Beaverton! Woo! Molly has fussy demands for poster board. Amy notes how smart she is. Amy seems shocked and pleased by how studious she is. Molly notes her magical method of getting As. She studies and does her homework right away and she prefers getting As. Zach notes how he can’t do that. There are SO MANY COMPUTERS in that house. I mean, there’s a laptop everywhere there’s a flat surface.

Zach and Jeremy’s room is a pigsty. I mean completely trashed. Molly talks in Spanish to him and gets annoyed at how he doesn’t apply himself. Zach notes how he has senioritis. Sign language? Wouldn’t be my first pick as a second language but….

Molly cooks food for Zach. Somehow it comes up that Molly has a B in Math. No, a B+. Zach says things and Molly wants to mention his grades. They seem to be discussing midterms. Zach thinks she’s entering the Roloff Zone of Failure.

Molly speaks Spanish to Matt. Matt is sorta annoyed about her math test failure. In fairness I kinda see where the parents are coming from. On the other hand, its remarkable how *unconcerned* they are about the twins. Matt mentions college and Jeremy pointedly runs off. When asked about homework, he snits how he is a senior. I assume that was Jeremy showing his deep respect to Matt? Matt notes how concerned he is about the twins.

Amy hauls the twins to see the University of Portland. They seem to have difficulty filling out their forms and don’t remember their SAT scores. Amy tries to blame Zach’s failures on his lack of focus…. Amy, you should make him study. You’re not his buddy. Amy notes how the twins don’t have a clue how to function as adults. Amy tells Zach to make eye contact. Amy is concerned about accessibility - it’s a valid point. Zach for a change seems to not be overly concerned over his ability to reach. Amy thinks Zach is in crisis. I dunno… I think he just seems immature.

Jeremy goes on about how he and Zach are always together and he thinks that will change soon. That’s wicked deep.

Amy reads off midterm grades. Molly got a b+ and Amy makes a big deal. I sorta get the concern but I also see where Molly is getting put under a lot of pressure while no one is riding Zach for the D’s or Jeremy for the C’s.

Again, midterms. Midterms *after* Mother’s Day. Try harder, TLC.

Back at Faith, Zach has no school work and leaves his bag. He notes how he might not graduate. There seems to be a pretest cram session. They’re… “character matching” in an English Lit class? Gotta be honest, the more I hear about Faith Bibthe more I wonder just what the educational standard is there.

Wow, Jeremy looks diff in the hay bale. He notes how he thinks Zach is becoming bipolar. I would have more sympathy for Zach if he ever studied.

Molly studies. Zach plays with his phone. Zach watches soccer in the pigsty bedroom. Amy… knowing he is failing, lets him stay home from school and watch tv. Jeez my mom at least demanded I pretend an illness. This is why he is failing.

Molly is worried about her GPA. Is this an oral math test?

Wow, two episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 left? Hard to believe our long national nightmare is almost over!

Amy has more grades. She seems weirded out by the notion of getting her kids grades. She is pleased Molly got her grade back up to an A. Good for Molly. Amy notes that Molly is more focused than the twins. Amy is quick to blame it on Zach having an LP crisis. I can see it… but I think it’s less about being LP and more about having to grow up.

Guest Roloff episode review by Expressed: Little People, Big World November 16th

Our guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It starts with Matt and Amy playfully arguing in the kitchen. Matt wants the table shorter. They joke argue about how Matt asked Amy to 'come here' as Amy wipes the table clean.

*Matt tells the camera that a friend had an extra ticket for Hawaii, so he decided to go, just him. A 5 day trip no family. It also happens to be Mother's Day weekend and the twins 19th birthday. Matt says he might have picked a bad time. Yep!!! He says it might have a been a big selfish. Yep!!!

*Matt says the important thing when you've been married for 22 years, sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is leave and get away from them and let them be free of you. If everything is really great in their marriage like Matt said, stuff like this doesn't make it seem that way.

*Amy looks pissed as she talks to Matt in the office. Matt says he's missing his headphones and an i-phone. Blame Jake! Oh, I guess I was wrong. Matt found it. Amy doesn't care.

*Matt says in a marriage you go through ups and downs and his present to Amy for Mother's day is to leave her by going to Hawaii alone. Great.

*Jeremy, Zach and Jake say they're going to have an air soft gun war. They're a lot like pellet guns. Jer says Zach and Jake have the same emotional level. Zing for Jeremy at Zach! lol.

*They walk out by the driveway, Jake shoots Zach in the back. Zach asks Jeremy if Jake just shot him. Does anyone else notice that Jake always does that kind of thing to Zach and not Jeremy? Maybe he is smart after all.

*Zach is pissed and wants revenge. Jeremy once again displays his wisdom by saying this is going to get bad quick.

*Zach chases Jake. Jake is inside one of the 28 Roloff vehicles that seem to be in the driveway. Is this a jeep? It looks like Jake is trying to pull the door closed, Zach is pulling it open. He must have shot Jake. Next thing you know, Jeremy says Zach shot Jake in the face. Jake walks away crying. They show Jake's face later, he has a mark.

*I have to stop here for a second. How about all those who is more mature discussions? Jeremy or Zach? Nuff said. As much as I'll admit that it was kind of nice to see brat boy Jake get a taste of his own medicine (he always annoys people and then cries when it comes back to him), Zach is 19.

*Back to the show. Jake is pissed and looking for revenge. He has a shotgun! Wow. He looks a little too comfortable carrying that shotgun. I have a vision of him robbing a liquor store one day with the way he's holding that shotgun.

*Jeremy talks about Zach and Jake and how they get out of control. Once again Jer shows how smart he is. When things start to get like that, he just leaves. Molly tells the camera that she doesn't like guns. They cut to commercial with Jake sitting behind the wheel of the van. Maybe they have so many vehicles Jake has his own now? :)

*Jake and Zach are in a showdown. They don't trust the other to put the gun down first. Molly comes out to be the peacemaker and takes the guns away. She comments to the camera how pathetic Zach is. She can't believe he's 19 and just shot a 12 year old in the face. I agree with Molly as much as I think Jake deserved it.

*Amy, Jake, Molly, Zach and Jeremy gather around the table. They say they're having a very reserved birthday celebration. Jake looks miserable. Zach tells everyone that Jake is still pissed at him. Jeremy, Molly and Amy all get on Zach for shooting a 12 year old. Zach kind of laughs and says he has his own way of dealing with Jake when he gets annoying. Jeremy says Zach's way of dealing with it is the problem. Jeremy is sounding very smart this season.

*They say usually they have big birthday celebrations for Jeremy and Zach but this year they aren't really doing anything, just cake at home. I'm not a believer. Since there are no friends there, I'm sure they did something else with them.

*Amy is taking the family camping since Matt abandoned them. They go to a camping store. Fashion note: Did Jeremy cut his sweatpants and make them into shorts?

*They drive to the camping place. Amy is kind of rude telling the guy that she doesn't know where to go. They drive trying to find the camp site. They arrive somewhere. They're not sure if it's somebody house or a camp ground. Hopefully it's not someone's house because they're camping there anyway!

*Amy says they had trouble getting the tent up, the fire didn't go well, Amy's marshmallow or hotdog dropped into the fire. Amy says it wasn't a good first day.

*The next day they planned to go kite boarding, but there's no wind. Jeremy tried, but it kept on crashing. Blame that on the wind and not on Jeremy. He looks dejected. Amy says that didn't go well and the kids were bored.

*In the van about the only interesting thing that happens is Amy asking Molly what Matt said. Interesting that Matt called Molly and not Amy obviously.

*Zach's turn to sound wise, trying to redeem himself after the shooting Jake in the face ordeal. He says Matt and Amy don't communicate and communication is the key to any relationship.

*Next up is kayaking. I notice Jake and Zach are walking arm in arm so unless they were secretly trying to strangle each other they seemed to be over their fued.

*They say kayaking is peaceful. Jeremy says he likes camping, likes getting away from the noise and the stresses of home. Jer gets stressed?

*They're back at the camp site at night. Friendly music plays and smiles are shown. This scene is supposed to be a happy family scene, but I think the kids are bored out of their minds. Anyone else get the feeling that once they turn off the cameras, Mueller is going to jump out of the woods and then they'll have some real fun?

*They give Amy a gift, chocolates and flowers. The card they give her was blurred out.

End of episode


2nd episode

*Molly, Jake and Zach are playing soccer in the yard. Molly is talking Spanish. Jake talks Spanish too. He says Molly is crazy.

*They're at Faith Bible. I don't know if they really did all the filming at Faith in one or two days, but they show Faith more these days than they used to.

*Molly is getting A's. She says it's because she does her homework when she gets home from school. The boys do nothing all night.

* Molly helps Zach for a sign language test, but Molly says Zach gets distracted too easily.

*Jeremy is nowhere to be found so far.

*Molly failed a math test. Zach is shocked. Surprisingly, Molly doesn't seem upset. Zach thinks Molly is on the way to following in his footsteps of going downhill once you reach high school.

*They're having dinner. A Matt and Jeremy sighting! Molly says she failed that math test. Matt is shocked. At least Matt and Zach have some common ground on that.

*Matt asks about college for Jeremy and Zach. With that, Jeremy says it's time for him to go to the gym.

*Amy drags Jeremy and Zach to another University. This time it's the University of Portland. Jeremy and Zach seem very confused filling out paperwork.

*Someone from the University asks them how senior is going? Jeremy says it's going good. Amy doesn't like that answer.

*Amy starts going on about dwarf stuff, the height differences Zach faces. How Zach should ask himself if he would have trouble reaching things. Zach says he doesn't care about that stuff. If he can't reach something, he just asks someone. I give Zach credit for that.

*Amy says Zach is about to move out and it will be a shock to him because he won't be in his comfort zone. Rewind. About to move out? Maybe not :) Are they trying to trick people who just watch the show on tv into thinking Jeremy and Zach actually move away for college?

* They walk around the university. Jeremy talks about being together with Zach. They shared a room their whole lives, the same school, the same friends. He said if they finally don't stay together it'll be weird. Jeremy says it's always been a given that they do things together. Zach adds that if one signs up for a college, the other will sign up too. So much for separating.

*Molly did get a B+ on her report card. Amy is making a big deal about it. Molly seems annoyed that Amy's making a big deal about it.

*Back at Faith Bible again: It looks like they're all in the hall studying for a test. Jeremy is standing near a locker. I'll be honest, these episodes haven't been that great tonight so it's time for a Jeremy drool fest! Noell and others will understand. I think those shorts are the ones Jeremy wore at the famous graduation party pictures. Damn Jeremy looks good in those shorts!

* Back in class, Jeremy tells us that Zach has been up and down this year and everyone, him and his friends have noticed it. He loves or hates stuff. I think I heard Jeremy say Zach has his dwarf "stuff" going on. I think that's coming from Amy. More on that later. Jeremy says teachers have told Zach he might not graduate.

*Zach is doing horribly in school. He's doing so bad that he's feeling miserable about it. So Amy let him stay home for school. He's being lazy watching soccer on the couch in his room. That makes a lot of sense. You're close to failing, so skip school.

*Back at school. Why is Dan in Molly's math class?

*At home, 6 weeks later, Amy has another report card. Surprise, Molly's B+ is back up to an A. Amy is proud. She thinks Molly won't get distracted in high school like Jeremy and Zach did.

*Amy gives a big commentary about how Zach is going through an LP crisis trying to figure out where he fits in with his friends and into the world and that's why he's sucking in school. I think Amy is just making excuses for him. Molly even said earlier that Zach isn't giving any effort when she tried to help him study for a test. But Amy is blaming it on Zach being a LP and having a crisis.

End of episode.

These episodes weren't so hot. Lack of focus on Jeremy. They were kind of boring. At least Jeremy should get a reprieve in the talk for the next week.

The two points that stick out from this week are both about Zach. He shoots a 12 year old in the face with a pellet gun and he really sucks in school.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pop quiz about parenting with Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff answered a few questions about parenting. I thought her advice on the first question was very good.

GLOSS: What is your favorite “tip” juggling home family life? Or if there is more than one, do you have an overriding philosophy for parenting?

Amy Roloff: "Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are a lot more things to take care of and worry about then stuff that in the end doesn’t matter. Quality time and not quantity. When you are with your kids BE WITH THEM. Not just there. Do you see the whole game or just parts of it. Did you see more than just the A or B in a grade or do you also know what the test, paper is about. This time will go by fast. Parenting changes as your kids change, they grow up. Each child is an individual adjust for each child."

The full list of questions:

Friday, November 13, 2009

New TLC video: Matt Roloff takes Jacob and his girlfriend Taylor to a train show

TLC has a new video up that fans might enjoy seeing. Jacob, his girlfriend Taylor, his friend Levi go to a model train show with Matt and Taylor's father, Adam.

Amy says she was concerned that Jacob and Taylor were spending that much time together, so they were looking for ways that they could hang out together with adult supervision. Jake and Taylor walk arm in arm together through the train show. They apparently have "a song", but they forgot what it was :-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Worst Ratings of the season for Little People, Big World -- November 9th

It's a good thing that Matt Roloff decided to do his question and answer session last week and not this week.

When he answered about the ratings last week, it was on the heels of a very impressive showing, the highest ratings in a while for LPBW. This week were the lowest ratings of the season.

In watching this, I'm getting the feeling that LPBW ratings are closely tied to Jon and Kate Plus Eight (of course you probably know Jon and Kate follow LPBW on TLC at 9pm). Ratings for LPBW seem to depend more on whether J and K is a heavily hyped episode and less on the actual episodes of LPBW.

After a very impressive week in the ratings last week, they dropped rather dramatically this week. Only a week after getting the highest ratings of the season, they got the worst ratings of the season on this past Monday.

It seems significant that Jon and Kate bombed this week. Last week was the heavily publicized exclusive interview with Kate which drew a very good 3.9 rating. This week it was a "Best of"; a look back tanked with a 1.615.

However, what we all care about:

Nov 9th Little People Big World (8pm) = 1.573 million viewers
Nov 9th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.682 million viewers

These were the rest of the ratings so far in Season 5.

Nov 2nd
Little People, Big World (8pm)- 2.110 million viewers
Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 2.410 million viewers-

Oct 26th
Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.667 million viewers
Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) = 1.976 million

Oct 19
Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.766 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 12
Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.864 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 2.198 million

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Matt Roloff answered some questions -- are Matt and Amy Roloff headed for divorce?

Matt Roloff and his employee on his official message board, did another question and answer session. A lot the questions, in my opinion, were rather bland and not surprisingly, lacking hard or inquisitive questions. For some of the other questions, the answers were already known if you read this blog, and then for the questions that actually required a thinking answer from Matt...a lot of pandering to his "boardies" on his site that he basically ignores for the majority of the year.

Also, Matt usually uses these "Q & A's" to take not-so-subtle jabs at things he doesn't like. You might remember in a previous "Q & A" - Matt launched into a bizarre rant about (seemingly) our site, declaring that his family always welcomes "challenges" (apparently our interview offer). It was a bizarre and out of the blue rant from Matt, considering that they indeed did not accept that "challenge" and I completely understand their reasons - obviously it's easier to do "interviews" where you control the questions. However, it was bizarre for Matt to declare something like that when he obviously had no intention of following through. So why bring it up and rant about it? Odd.

Anyhow, I think Matt uses these Q&A's as a passive aggressive way to vent about things that are bothering him.

You know what I think would make for a great episode? Showing Zach's honest reaction to some of Matt's answers ;-) Like him or not, think he's disrespectful or not, I think it's well known that Zach is quick to call Matt on his "BS'ing" and in my opinion Matt was doing that a lot in these answers.

For anyone that doesn't know about Matt's board, you have to register to ask a question, in addition they had implemented something about having a certain number of posts, and the only people that usually stick around there are those who agree with all that Matt Roloff does and says. As a result there are about three or four people who do the majority of posting about their pets and remind a lot of people of a high school clique. If they praise Matt enough and insult the "haters" (ie. if you've disagreed with something Matt or Jeremy has done you're probably a hater....Amy, Zach and Jake seem to be fair game, as well as the physical appearance of the various girlfriends of the Roloff boys) enough Matt might give you a special shout out once a year. That is the site where they giggle at our site by calling us "Spit-wadder"...I don't think I need to further comment on the maturity of the adults there.

Basically this Q&A consists of Matt once again stating that he "chuckles" at everyone who disagrees and/or has a critical comment about him and pandering to the few people that post on his board by saying they are usually. Keep in mind, most people there make it known they believe all that Matt says and agrees with almost everything he does.

Anyhow. The goal of our site has always been to talk about the truth of the matters, so let us take a look at what Matt is saying and if we think he is being up front and on the mark? Feel free to make up your own mind though. That's always encouraged. Being a fan of this show, does not mean one needs to be void of an opinion of their own.

All the questions and answers are located in the above link. I'll discuss a few of the points and reference a few of the answers. Let's start with the big topic – Matt and Amy's marriage. People everywhere, after watching the show recently are inquiring about a Roloff family divorce? Are Matt and Amy headed for divorce? They have a troubled marriage? That was one topic that was addressed.

20. "Don't leave us hanging, are you and Amy really going through some marital problems, or is the show playing up what small problems you do have in order to make it look like more than it is?"

Matt's Answer: "Yeah I think the show is playing it up to make it look like it's more than it is. Amy and I are both definitely going through some changes. But I think they are making those changes look more like marital problems. Amy's doing more on her own. She went from being a school teacher and now she's out and about more and doing her own thing. But no, I wouldn't say we are going through marital problems as much as I would say changes as individuals like anyone goes through. The only difference with us is that people have a chance to watch and dissect us. Which is what we signed up to do. A lot of marriages go through changes and you never get to see it. Even close friends may not see it. But in our case, we have cameras here to see it. You're getting the luxury of seeing it good, bad or indifferent. Amy and I are deeply committed to each other and I don't think that it's as catastrophic as people may think."

Let's really examine this. Let's take Matt at his word and "the show" is making it look like marital problems and really there is nothing unusual going on in their marriage. I think they're crossing onto shaky moral ground there. It's quite clear "the show" is making it look like they could be headed for divorce with previews such as "Matt and Amy's relationship continues to deteriorate" and Zach stating that "the divide" (Zach's words) between Matt and Amy has been getting worse.

At some point, I think the Roloffs need to stop making it sound like it's the evil "show" doing this to them and that they are innocent. Matt and Amy are listed as producers of Little People, Big World. They continue to take the money, the trips, etc. and agree to continue the show in return for personal profit and the fame.

So if Matt is telling the truth about the stability of their marriage, then they're basically allowing a network to deceive the public and pretend like they have serious problems in their marriage when they actually don't. If a viewer watches these episodes in Season 5 and comes away thinking that Matt and Amy have serious marital problems, that they are unhappy and are headed for divorce -- don't blame (or in Matt's words "chuckle") at the viewer for how you're allowing your marriage to be portrayed to the world.

In a family that has 4 kids, one who is a 12 year old, would you be comfortable doing a show that is portraying it like you might be divorcing? Is money really worth that? Obviously the Roloffs feel it is. At some point though, the Roloffs can't have it both ways. They can't do television interviews and when asked by Oprah and local Portland AM hosts, if what the viewers see is real, answer yes it is and please watch because you'll see reality...and then allow the show to make it appear as though their marriage is in trouble -- in the name of good ratings and interest -- while then implying that the show is just deceiving the audience.

On to other topics:

1. A question about if they let the kids listen to music with bad language.

Matt's Answer: "Well, you know, Jacob we keep from listening to stuff that has explicit lyrics in them but Jeremy and Zach are 19 and they can listen to what they want. Fortunately they choose, as far as I know, not to listen to such music. That's just not their kind of music. They listen to a lot of Gospel and Christian music. They do listen to a variety but they like Country. Their favorite, well I think all my kids' favorite band may be Alabama. But if Jeremy and Zach wanted to listen to explicit music they certainly could. Molly doesn't choose to listen to such music I know for sure because she doesn't like it. And of course Jacob we don't allow."

I admit personally, I am finding the constant "we're a wholesome Christian family" image routine that Matt keeps insisting to be...hard to stomach, especially at this point after all that has unfolded. I think most informed people who follow the Roloffs are well aware that the Roloff kids, especially Jeremy and Zach are not foreign to using offensive language themselves. Honestly, while it is true from what we at Spiritswander know, that even Jeremy and Zach listen to Christian music, (we hear Zach is fond of a lot music from the 70s and 80s too) however the idea that Jeremy, Mueller and the gang get together on a Friday night and pump up the Gospel music is...quite ridiculous. For what it's worth, we hear that all three of the boys are fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and music such as that which is pretty common. Google some of their lyrics ... (not horrible lyrics in terms of "foul language", but certainly not gospel music ;-)

8. Will they have a behind the scenes episode?

"We're talking about. That's definitely a possibility."

As viewers know, so far the Roloffs have never acknowledged the show on the show. Free services that are performed in exchange for the publicity the company receives, are usually passed off (ahem, a lie) as "a friend of Matt's". Income from the show is never mentioned. Amy stated on the show for the Orlando vacation that "it was the first time we've rented a vacation home", actually it was a comp by Global Resort Homes responding to a request by TLC in exchange for the publicity the company had hoped to receive from the show. The presence of the crew has never been acknowledged (ie. when the kids are home "alone").

9. A question about Jon and Kate Gosselin. If TLC had ever discussed a cross-over of the two shows visiting each other and Matt's thoughts on the current situation?

"Well, we have sat down and had dinner with Jon and Kate and discussed the possibility of them coming here. But we were never really able to come up with a schedule that would work for all of us and the kids. But yes, we have had that discussion before and talked about how fun it would be for the little kids to be on the farm. As for why it's worked out for us and not them, I can't answer what's going on in their life because we don't know. But, we certainly empathize with them. We know how stressful it can be to be on a show and to have cameras in your house. It's very, very, stressful and difficult and not an easy task at all. We certainly feel very, very bad for what they're going through but we certainly understand living in this life we both have chosen to live in."

11. "Matt or Amy, what do you think of people on other boards and blogs who post really mean things about you and your family? Do you read any of that anymore?"

Matt's Answers: "We don't really read any blogs and sites because we're mainly busy. But we know they're out there. There's just some mean spirited people. It always surprises us how some people think they've got it all figured out about us and, more often than not, we chuckle because they have it so wrong."

Hmm. I think this is kind of similar to how every athlete in the history of the world claims to not read the sports columns about their play, yet they somehow, magically, know everything that was said about them and know who wrote what about them.

And I don't think I'm the only person who noticed Matt's clever wording to include the word "Spirit". Clever :-) but that kind of goes to my above point. For the record, Matt can have his own opinion of our site, but I don't consider it mean-spirited at all. We do allow reader comments - some of which I don't personally agree with but this site is for the fans and we all other fans to express themselves-- but as far as the content of the blog items or commentary on them, it's not at all mean-spirited we just aim to be truthful and that might mean disagreeing with what the Roloffs do or say sometimes.

And I must point out that the conduct of those that Matt is praising on his official site has been described by many as mean-spirited -- it's just not mean-spirited towards Matt Roloff. For example, after a recent quick browse of Matt's site, one of the people he gives a "shout out" to, felt it necessary to publicly declare that a 12 or 13 year old girl, Taylor, Jacob's 'girlfriend' "is not cute at all". I ask, what is mean spirited -- making derogatory comments about the appearance of a 12/13 year old girl who is only tv because of a friendship with a Roloff child, or the main reason why the Roloffs apparently feel our site is "mean - because we think Jeremy Roloff was wrong to use the N word and other offensive slurs towards minority groups? It appears to me that Matt welcomes mean-spiritedness if it is not directed towards Matt or Jeremy or defends the Roloffs.

We post any news items about the Roloffs whether it positive or negative, if we think fans would be interested, we pass it along. Readers of our site can trust that we don't censor information about the Roloffs whether I personally agree with it or not (as opposed to something like Matt's official site where there are fairly significant things that you'd never know about if you just got your Roloff news from there because they don't want people to know about certain things). Here we pass along everything. We also opened our episode reviews up to anyone who wanted to volunteer and got people with very different opinions. However, I'm not an idol worshipper. I don't automatically believe something because Matt Roloff says it and I have my own values about what is right and wrong. If Matt Roloff thinks that is "mean-spirited"...oh well.

Listen, we all know what this is about. This blog has been very firm about Jeremy's past use of racial and homophobic slurs. It's not funny or cute, not even when a Roloff uses them. I don't give the Roloffs special exemption because they're TV stars. In fact, I think he should have known better because of their own stance on the word "midget". Jeremy was wrong and unlike some people, he didn't feel the need to apologize or admit a wrong. I was disappointed in the the Roloffs dismissive attitude about it in their vague public statements about it, considering the original moral of their show and their own (positive) message about the word "midget" and how it is derogatory and hurtful. Matt and the Roloffs sort of put out a message ordering people to not talk about Jeremy's use of offensive slurs and not to care about it. We didn't obey to Matt's orders.

Matt's "boardies" like his chosen message board adminstrator who he conducts these Q & A's with is an adult who doesn't feel a teenager should be corrected/chastized/criticized for using words like the N word and the F gay slur. She advocates that "words don't hurt..." Matt obviously appreciates this defense of his Jeremy. Yet when the Roloffs and the LPA hold a press conference about their desire to ban the word "midget" from television, members of the Matt Roloff board cheer for them -- 'How can people be so insensitive to use the awful "M word? Go get 'em!...... I look at that and think: "Gee, the hypocrisy is too glaring to not comment on it. What happened to "words don't hurt..."?

And for the record, I've been very consistent that I don't think the word "midget" should be used. However, unlike the Roloffs and Matt Roloff's board that he is praising, I don't give Jeremy a pass to use slurs about other groups while cheering the Roloffs when they demonize the word "midget". Apparently, that's the way to win Matt Roloff's affection but that's not what I'm interested in.

13. As we stated all along, the twitter acount: is really Matt, however he doesn't use it often. He says TLC has been encouraging them to use it more, but claims they don't spend time online...Matt and Jeremy usually float that one out when they're being questioned/criticized for their lack fan interaction.

19. "Which forum members, if any, have you cracking up when you read their responses on the forum?"

Matt's Answer: "There's a couple of them that I've cracked up over. But most of the time with our forum, most of the members seem to be right on. They seem to get the truth. When you read some of these other crazy sites you laugh at the ridiculousness of their hypotheses and how far off base they are on things. I think our forum members have watched enough episodes of the show that they have a more balanced and accurate view point. They seem to have a more accurate picture of us. You know, they see enough to know that Matt has his good days and some days he's a jerk but that doesn't mean he's always like that. And yeah, some days Amy can be harsh but it's not every day. And so yeah, people on our forums seem to be smarter about it and see what's really going on.

A few points about that....

First of all, and I'm sure this would be denied until the end of time, however I have a feeling the Roloff site the the Roloff family members pay the least attention to is indeed The reasoning goes like this. The show is a business to them. Matt, through staff he controls, ensures what content is on his site. From a business standpoint, why be concerned with something you are in total control over? It would be like talking to yourself -- You know what's there and you know what's going to be said - what you want to be said.

Secondly there are only a few regulars over there and I think the reason for that is obvious -- the high school clique mentality, the immaturity, the "agree with us or be bullied" attitude, the secretive nature of the Roloffs even about things that are public knowledge (the Roloffs trek through Europe and World Dwarf Games results).

Thirdly, I'll use an example of a general attitude that Matt seems to be saying is "right" which in turn, I think makes Matt wrong :-). If you bought the Roloffs book, and believe the Roloffs were not lying, then you believe that Jeremy and his friends do not drink alcohol and it's because of his faith in God. If you were to suggest that you had doubts about that, you would not be welcome. Good Matt Roloff fans believe all that the Roloffs say so that means Jeremy does not drink alcohol.

I think *most* logical people really doubt that to be the truth. Just by general observation -- even Matt's own words on the show about Jeremy being such a rule breaker -- Jeremy and his group of friends don't give many the impression that they are the squeaky clean teens the Roloffs claim they are in the book and that the people on Matt's board have said he is -- people who Matt Roloff is saying is correct and the "smart" ones. In addition to the general impression of Jeremy and his friends, Jeremy in his own words online reminisced about their wild drunk vodka stories. His friends referenced Jeremy drinking and drunk. There have been pictures of Jeremy drinking alcohol. You can read the comments in a very poignant and sad article on this blog regarding the tragic death of one of Jeremy's friends. In the comments, friends of the deceased referenced certain "typical teen" behavior with Jeremy at parties-- and it was not done to ridicule or shame him.

So the Roloffs wrote in their book that Jeremy doesn't drink or engage in "bad stuff" like that, like most teenagers. The regulars on Matt's board that he is stating is right, believe Jeremy's written word in the Roloff book. Personally I think and I think the majority of people associated with this blog (even the hard-core Jeremy supporters) and the majority of our readers don't believe that is true. Let me make one thing clear, teenagers drinking does not make them worthless and it certainly is not uncommon. We just don't believe the image that the Roloffs are selling. Jeremy is very much like an average teen and that is average teen behavior.

So was Jeremy lying in the Roloff book about how he doesn't drink or do "bad" teen behavior because he and his friends only do things that please God? Are we good little fans who believe whatever Matt and Jeremy Roloff say publicly because we hope Matt might pat us on the head and might be our friend or do we form our own opinion based on logical facts? I'd love for a lie detector test to be performed so we could settle that one when Matt goes off about how wrong people are about his family :-)

21. Are the twins attending college now?

Matt's Answer: Yes. We are very proud of them. They seemed to have stepped up to the plate. They are attending a little local college. Taking classes and seem to be doing quiet well. They're really into it.

Yes, as readers of our site knew several months ago, Jeremy and Zach are attending Portland Community College with the majority of their friends that you see on the show (sans Scott LeSage). TLC cameras were also spotted at PCC the first week of classes.

22. How are the ratings so far for the show?

Matt's Answer: The ratings have been really good. In fact, surprisingly good. It's kinda like the Little Engine That Could. It's the tired, worn out, little show that's been around for almost 200 episodes. LOL And yet we just got ratings data today from last Monday and they were very, very, strong.

Hey, we passed along the ratings data to our readers a day before Matt received them! ;-) As we said in the item about it, on this one Matt is being factual, the ratings for the November 2nd episodes were very strong 2.4. Most episodes this season have been in the 1.7/1.8 range. Considering that the episode in season 4, surrounding the passing of Mike Detjen, had ratings of around 2.3, last Monday's episode rating for the 8:30pm episode were very impressive, although it might have been helped by being the lead in for TLC's 9pm program - the heavily hyped exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin which scored a 3.9 rating.

23. Matt's basically asked if he reads the stuff his "boardies" post.

Matt's Answer: "Yeah when we log on we get to see those signatures. I don't know if I've ever seen any videos. But we've seen different things. Remember, we don't spend a lot of time online. But we've seen various things and have laughed at them."

Again, I think the notion that the Roloff family are just too busy to use the computer like regular people (who usually are have more time in the day than the Roloffs do allotted to things such as work and the commute to work) is a little bit absurd. I think it's an insult to the public's intelligence. Gosh, one glance around almost any room in the Roloffs home and you see three or four laptops/computers all visible in one scene. That's a lot of computers going to waste! ;-)

And who exactly is "we don't spend a lot time online"? The entire family? Again, I would love to see Zach's and Amy's honest reaction to Matt trying to sell that as the truth ;-)

There are 4 adult Roloff family members, but apparently they're all too busy and hardly ever use use the internet? Right. Right..... Is anybody really believing this? Take Jeremy and Zach as an example. They have college course loads that are less intense than their high school schedule was (friends of the twins have said they have class 2 to 3 times a week including some online classes). Jeremy and Zach have no real jobs that occupy their time unlike the majority of people their age; other than to be filmed vacationing, playing soccer, going to dances and to be television celebrities. They aren't even involved in high school sports now. As of a couple of weeks ago, the cameras aren't even there. Yet they are too busy? Too busy doing what? Seriously, how much "fun time" do a couple of 19 year olds really need?

They certainly don't have a reputation for interacting with fans whose support provides them with all their material possessions and special privilleges that they love such as being able to have private meeteing with professional soccer general mangers/owners.

So personally, I wasn't particularly impressed with Matt's answers. It honestly astounds me that for all that Matt is a "people person" and a business man, that he has never realized how his involvement in things like that (the immature conduct on his offical message board - his remarks about "chuckling" at people who form opinions after watching the show he has agreed to be a part of, etc) reflect negatively on not only himself, but his family as well. When your family are the ones who are publicly at stake in terms of what people think and say about them, why would you want to egg people on? I find it very bizarre that Matt fails to realize that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Guest Roloff episode review by Rap541: Little People, Big World November 9th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541.. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

Episode one

Jake and buddies run wild with balls. Mom makes him a cake and they talk about how he’s getting older. He uses the power of his flailing hair to put out the candles. Really, Zach and Jeremy get an overnight group trip to the beach, and Molly gets an overnight trip and a balloon ride at 13... And Jake gets a cake with two friends and a used cell phone. Though a quite fancy cell phone.

Jake plays with a cell phone. He worries about sounding like a girl, and Amy teases him about being a man. It’s cute.

Matt calls to Jake and hay bales about how its time to get a cell phone for Jake. Matt lectures Jake on how to use the phone and says he put a limit on Jake’s texting. No using at night, no using it before homework… this sounds good… Yeah I think this is doomed. And in retrospect what limit was set?

Matt and Jake talk about texting. Amy hay bales that she was unhappy with the idea of the cell as a gift. Matt’s used phone for Jake is pretty nice for a 12 year old. Jake’s “girlfriend” is invited over for dinner. She seems nice. Jake noticeably has shorter hair in his hay bale confessions. Taylor seems super tall and I do think its nice Taylor’s mom was there.

Ah, rule breaking. Amy says she wants the phone, and they argue over it. Amy says he won’t get it back if he refuses. This is about five minutes longer than it should be. My mom would have taken the phone immediately.

A brief aside. I hate cell phones. Before we get into the rotten discipline issues here, I see no reason Jake needs a cell. If you’re worried about emergencies, get a locked phone or a prepaid. Don’t tell your kid to not go higher than your phone bill. This is simply asinine. I mean the first reason that this would never happen in my house is because there’s no reason to give a 12 year old a cell phone.

Matt and Amy talk about being on the same page on the phone. Or rather argue over it. Basically they can’t agree what to do - Amy wants to take it away, Matt wants to restrict it. Amy notes how more involved he is. Matt wants to make a decision or two. Amy hay bales how they don’t communicate before they parent. Amy leaves.

Three hours later - Matt tells Zach how pissed off he is that Amy has left and he has no idea where she is. Matt rails from the hay bale how she should respond to his texts. He’s pretending to be ok, but he’s clearly ticked off. Amy notes that she is an adult (and I note how constant harassing texts is one reason why I hate cell phones) The kids gather round to note how worried they are. Molly and Amy argue and Amy notes she told them all where she was and is annoyed at their concern.

Matt asks questions about the thing Amy went to. Matt seems curious… then harps on how he texted her. Matt hay bales how he wants her to text him every time he texts her. He goes on and on. Amy hay bales how she sometimes thinks that he’s checking up on her or spying on her. Amy notes “leave me a message”. Jeremy plays back up to Matt.

Amy and Matt talk about Jake’s cell phone. She runs down the rules. She wants the cell phone taken away if he breaks the rules. He proceeds to break rules….His hair cut changes periodically. Everyone notices the rule breaking…. Neither parent ACTUALLY enforces the rules. Finally Amy asks for the phone. He snits back and she takes it. Good.

Meanwhile Jake plays with a phone. Molly looks for a phone. Molly cheerfully rats out Jake hee hee hee. Molly starts the Inquisition and demands the phone or more ratting out. Molly is a good mom. Amy and Molly note that he might be a lil too intense with his girlfriend. All these kids have iphones? When the divorce comes, I really hope they downsize their plans. Amy actually does a nice job of saying no on giving back the phone.

2 weeks later.

Hee hee there’s a 2700 dollar phone bill. Matt seems annoyed. Dude, I can’t believe there’s any debate over Jake having a phone. That’s a semester of college for Zach and Jeremy! Hee!

(actually the fact that Jake wasn’t grounded, had the phone taken away, and every item of reasonable value taken away until he earned 2700 dollars irritated me. Also, um Matt? Weren’t you *limiting* his texting? Why wasn’t EITHER parent watching the bill?)

Matt somehow thinks cleaning his room will stop the 2700 texting bills. Matt also would have restricted soccer. Amy just wants to take the cell phone away. I’m genuinely wondering if the end result is neither. I also find myself wondering why they don’t have unlimited texting. Because really, there’s plenty of family plans with that. And again I point out how personally I don’t think anyone who is under sixteen needs an unlimited cell phone. Even a used fancy lil phone is kind of a ridiculous gift to a 12 year old especially when no one seems to care about his usage. At least not enough to gosh, LOG IN TO HIS ACCOUNT occasionally.

Jake’s hair has been cut. Amy takes away the phone over the 8000 messages. She says he wasn’t responsible with it. I think this was staged. Amy decides giving him a cell was a bad idea. Matt seems to agree to with Amy. Personally I think its ridiculous to even consider giving a 12 year old a cell so….

More to the point - this whole 2700 dollar bill was pretty nonchalantly handled considering that really, I know people who would view that kind of money to be a godsend right now.


Episode 2

So Keith? And Zach and Jeremy are cooking… or rather Keith is. Jeremy basically doesn’t help and then hay bales how they can’t cook. Yay Jer!

To the fancy indoor soccer league! Zach goes on about coaching. Todd? Gives Zach and Keith an opportunity to coach and notes they need a lesson plan and wants it written down. Keith seems as slack jawed as Zach on this. One of the big kids basically knocks Zach down. Amy makes the point that he really shouldn’t be scoring when playing with the kids. Zach does make an interesting point on how kids tend to look to the tallest. Still this looks messed.

Levi and Jake want more drills. Zach seems to take it seriously…. I just think this is an unrealistic career and Amy and Matt really need to break it down to him.

There are tickets to see the Seattle Sounders. Amy has arranged for Zach to see the game and meet the manager. I am a lil torn on this. It does seem like fun, but we’re also really to the point where Zach needs to start to internalize that coaching sports isn’t going to be a career and this really isn’t the way to do it.

Was Jeremy throwing a water bottle into the ceiling? Jeremy and Zach debate when to leave. Jeremy really seems to be reading his lines in the hay bale session.

They head out. Jeremy is wearing a pink shirt that seems girl cut, and overalls. Eh. They stop to pick up Jake. The boys chat about soccer. They discuss how Oregon is pronounced. They get caught in traffic and seem to be missing the game. Finally they get in and then they can’t find the seats. Oh, it’s a fancy suite level. Jeremy hay bales how the arena makes him hot. He notes how he would do anything to play with them. Funny… whatever happened to Jer’s dream of playing? Since unlike Zach, he isn’t medically disqualified.

Zach muses how he could be the first MLS coach. I find myself wondering just how many of the rejects on American Idol really do think they can sing professionally.

So the twins head out of the *hotel* that they stayed at for the night. Because that’s realistic for a bunch of kids. To get box seats and then stay overnight at a nice hotel. They meet the GM AJ and Zach is nervous about asking questions. They chat about coaching. The GM seems to present a realistic view that coaches tend to be ex players at the college and pro level. I think Zach isn’t thinking realistically here.

So they head back to Portland. Zach hay bales about how he needs a lesson plan. The plan seems to be “more drills less scrimmaging”. Zach is pretty finger pointy at Keith. They seem to be working a play. I kinda find myself wondering if this “job” is a real job.

Not shocked that they get the coaching jobs since it feels like a complete set up. There’s a lot of talk about Zach’s passion. Zach hay bales about soccer always being his career. Again, kinda reminded of those kids who scream the f word and then declare that they’re gonna kick Simon, Randy and Paula’s butts.