Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another tough week for Little People, Big World, Roloff television ratings November 16th

It was another tough week in the TV ratings for Little People, Big World, TLC and the Roloff family. Another rating in the 1.5 range. The 8pm episode, the Mother's Day episode; was actually the lowest of the season (just a bit lower than last week). The 8:30pm episode was slightly higher, in the 1.7s.

They didn't get too much support from Jon and Kate Plus 8, again, although J&K did see an increase from the last weeks 1.6 debacle. This week, Jon and Kate Plus 8 received a 1.939 rating for their 9pm episode and 2.348 million viewers for the 9:30pm episode.

For those wondering, another TLC show, "Cake Boss", which TLC seems to be heavily promoting, recorded a rating of 1.793 million viewers.

Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.554 million viewers
Nov 16th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.716 viewers

These are the rest of the ratings so far in Season 5 of Little People, Big World.

Nov 9th Little People Big World (8pm) = 1.573 million viewers
Nov 9th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.682 million viewers

Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8pm)- 2.110 million viewers
Nov 2nd Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 2.410 million viewers-

Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.667 million viewers
Oct 26th Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) = 1.976 million

Oct 19 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.766 million
OCt 19 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.864 million
Oct 12 Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 2.198 million


Expressed said...

Well. Kit? Do you think it's time for that "Jeremy goes commando" episode we talked about?

They need to do something to stop the bleeding.

The people who don't like Jeremy deny it, but ratings speak for themselves. Jeremy has not been the focus the last 2 weeks. Worst ratings of the season.

The show that had Jeremy shirtless on the beach and in the water was the highest rated.

Facts are facts. Jeremy sells.

Rap541 said...

Expressed -just because you keep saying it doesn't make it true. Hate to break it to you but the majority of the audience is not teen girls, its middle aged adults who watch Jon and Kate and who like family entertainment. Jeremy doing a strip isn't gonna help.

Tho for your sake I hope they go there :)

Kit said...

Expressed - I *was* young once, and had my share of crushes. Not quite as badly as yours for Jer, but then, we didn't have the Internet and blogging and all that, so maybe we just didn't have outlets to openly declare our love. :>

If TLC thinks that sexy Jer is what will make the show, then I'm sure that's what we'll get. Only I won't know about it, because I'm kinda past watching boy-men. I tune in to see what the family's about. If it's all Jer, all the time, I'm gone. He's not that interesting to me.

And although you think I hate Jer, I don't. He's 19, he's had his head turned by all the attention, and I don't particularly care for how he's acted. But he's young enough to grow out of his attitude, and I hope he does. I don't wish for bad things to happen to him, by any means.

Tashapork said...

The episode that I want to see is where Matt goes under the knife in front of the camera. Especially after all the times he's had Zach do it and even Jacob. I want him to see what it feels like and how he recovers. He had a tizzy about Zach being up there working on the bedrooms when he was recovering from major leg surgery so lets see. Also if TLC would quit rehashing the same issues, more people might choose to tune in and don't just do the same thing the Duggars are doing.

Expressed said...

Kit (and Rap), I hope you know I am (partially! lol) kidding about Jeremy "going commando".

Sure I'm not going to lie and say that myself or a whole lot of other people don't like it when Jeremy shows off his body, but seriously, it's about more than his body. For reals.

Everybody I know under 25 who watches this show watches because of Jeremy and his friends. They are normal guys, they have fun and it's fun to watch them. It's entertaining.

Look at the bonus clip about Jeremy and Mueller and the boat. That SHOULD have been on the tv show. It was a lot more fun to watch that clip than the 18 times they had a scene of Matt on the boat talking about being sore.
It was a great scene. I know some people are complaining about it, but it was still entertaining to watch. The more they have of stuff like that, Jeremy and his friends being themselves and having fun, the better the show would be.

The show is no longer about LP education. If it was, it would have been cancelled after the first season. The show being on has helped LP be accepted because hardly anyone I know even thinks about the Roloffs being LPs. They're just people. That's a good thing. But the show isn't about boring LP education. Watch the medical channel about operations having to do with dwarfism if that's what you want, but that's not what I want to see. The show has been successful because they made it all about the Roloffs. They are fun and interesting. Jeremy is a HUGE part of that appeal.

The more Jeremy, the better the shows are. If he happens to be shirtless or wearing tight jeans, that's just a bonus :)

M said...

They need to start promoting new episodes. Like they are doing with j&K+8 and cake boss. All the roloffs have is i graduated high school new episodes monday! Get on it TLC!

Kit said...

Expressed, I don't disagree with what you're saying, but then TLC should change the name of the show. "The Roloff Show," or "Roloff Farms," or "The Roloffs Roll On."

If Matt and Amy TRULY agreed to do this show to educate the public on little people and their issues and challenges, then they need to do that, and ratings be damned. Else I smells a whiff of hypocrisy...

Anonymous said...

LPBW is winding down. They can only do so much of the same old before people tune out. The show is contrived.