Friday, November 6, 2009

The Future of Little People, Big World....the cameras have left the building (Roloff farm)

Filming for the 5th season of Little People, Big World wrapped up last weekend.

There has been no official word yet on the future of LPBW beyond season 5 (Part B will be televised in the spring as usual).


Parker said...

its really annoying that were going to see stuff that happened during pumkin season during basially June.

I hope they have another season though!

Danica Castro said...

wait? so there will be no new episodes? or are they just not continuing after season 5?

Spiritswander said...

There will be still new episodes. As noted, by the time they air on television, they are more than 6 months old.

New episodes (new as in the fact that you haven't seen them before) will air into December (the end of Season 5 Part A).

They will take their usual hiatus for a few months and Season 5 Part B will return in late Feb/March or April usually.

Up until last weekend, they were still filming for Season 5. Now they're basically gone (it's not unheard of for the crew to return to film a special occasion (they did that for Matt's DUI trial), but they are gone as far as every day filming for Season 5.

The big question is if there will be a Season 6. If not, then this will pretty much have been the end of the line.

Expressed said...

Parker, I agree. It sucks.

Forget 6 months old, they're almost going to be a year old.

If the 2nd half of season 5 is on in March, April and May 2010, that's when there will be stuff from June 2009 (Grad) July 2009 (Europe) and pumpkin season Oct 2009.

I have no idea, but I think there will be a season 6. Those ratings were good. I think it's a little bit because of the marriage drama they're creating and a lot because they're exploiting Jeremy's body. This show would die in a heartbeat without Jeremy.

Expressed said...

Jeremy should be like a TV actor and hold out for his fair share of the cut since I think he is the one more responsible for the good ratings.

I like Molly usually, but why should her slice of the pie be the same as Jeremy's, when people aren't watching for Molly?

Rap541 said...

Because its a reality show about a family. Realistically, if he demands more of the cut, he's pretty stating he is more important than anyone else in his family. Considering Jeremy would not be on television at all if he didn't have dwarf parents and a dwarf brother it would be incredibly ungrateful of him to demand a larger cut.

And Jeremy is not an actor. That's a much more difficult job than being on a reality show.

Expressed said...

For the record before this goes off into another direction and turns into a bash Jeremy session, I said that. Not Jeremy.

He probably wouldn't do that, but personally, I think he deserves it and it would be fair because he's more important to the success of the product. Why was Tim Allen making more for Home Improvement than the actors who played "Al" or "Wilson"? Because the show without him would have tanked.

It doesn't matter if he's not officially an actor. It's a tv show. Money is made because fans watch it.

Do you want to take a friendly bet that if they ever air the episode about Amy giving a speech in Florida and doing charity work, that it will not get as good of ratings as the BVI episode that just happened to have Jeremy shirtless for most of it and having lots of fun?

Rap541 said...

Do you want to take a friendly bet that there would be no tv show for Jeremy at all if his family was all average height?

I know *Jeremy* didn't say that,Expressed - but I hope you would stop and think how selfish what you said makes Jeremy appear. Why does Jeremy *deserve* a bigger cut? What has he done - other than be born into a family of dwarfs?

Personally I think you're ignoring the lead in factor of the Jon and Kate horror show. Wanna bet "The Jeremy Roloff Show" never happens?

Expressed said...

You're right there wouldn't have been a show without Matt and the dwarf element, but it doesn't exclude that a big reason why ratings are still strong for this old show that is no longer about "See how LPs live!" is because of Jeremy.

Be honest Rap. Why do you think the producers are sprinkeling shirtless scenes of Jeremy into every episode, including the opening credits? Do you honestly think they don't think it's a way to get ratings?

I don't think it's a coincidence that the highest rated episode this season was the one that exploited Jeremy's body the most.

Kit said...

Expressed, I actually would be glad if TLC gave Jeremy his own show. Because it would last about five minutes, and then we could all be done with Jeremy. No matter how gorgeous you think he is, there simply aren't enough of you to create the audience needed to make a show successful.

I don't hate Jeremy, but he's not the reason for the show. If TLC wants to make him the poster boy, they certainly can, but I, for one, will not be watching.

Rod said...

Neither will I Kit. TLC, PLEASE spin Jeremy off onto his own show. That of course would necessitate his being on his own so none of the rest of the family could 'pollute' his airtime. That way his fan base can have him all to themselves without us mean spirited haters holding him accountable for his words/actions (since, obviously, his parents won't).

There IS a spin off I would watch, but the premiere episode would open with him getting off a bus & standing on some painted yellow footprints.......

On second thought Kit, you're right. He wouldn't last 5 minutes and thankfully, neither would the show.

Peter said...

Rod, well said! Especially about Jeremy not being held accountable.

Parker said...

Wow, so many of you are eager to see Jeremy fail. Though I agree the show wouldn't be as good without Jeremy, he's not the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

The taping for the show always end after pumpkin season and taping always resume before are right after the christmas holidays in order to give the tlc production crew and the roloff family a break of filming also to regroup themselves especially the production crew half of their life and time is filming the show in oregon. tlc and matt roloff have to much investments into the show for it to be cancelled so i for see this show on the air for at least two more years if not longer since the end may be near for jon and kate plus 8 or kate plus 8 tlc need a good family oriented show to keep the network going. to be honest i never look at tlc until i saw the preview of little people big world commercial while fliping my tv and i knew from the preview i would be watching it and i did since it originaly started airing on saturday nights at 7pm back in 2006 until now

Kit said...

Anonymous at 10:17 - If the ratings for the show keep falling, TLC will have no qualms about pulling the plug. They've already announced The Cake Boss (ick) will take the JK+8 spot for now, and they have several new shows they have been "auditioning" lately. A show is only as secure as its most recent ratings. As the investment prospectus says, "Past performance is no guarantee of future results."

Brandon said...

I wonder how much of LPBWs 5 season run can be attributed to the fact that they've been on before J&K for most of their run? I wonder what the other TLC shows got (ratings) when J&K were new and LPBW was on hiatus.