Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Roloff Episode Review By Rap; Little People, Big World November 30th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

So Matt and Jeremy are shopping and Matt voiceovers about how the family has begged him to go tot a dude ranch. Ok um… I read about dude ranches inTrixie Belden mysteries….. I mean, it sounded cool when I was ten, in the 1980’s. I simply can’t believe the phrase “Please Dad, we want to go to a dude ranch!!!” ever crossed the lips of anyone in the Roloff family.

Jeremy and Zach live in filth. There is really no other way to describe their bedroom and there is no neat side to give Jeremy credit for. It’s disgusting and they are adults. Jeremy kinda mocks how whether Zach and Amy can ride a horse. There is a montage of bad vacation moments. Finally everyone enters the van, Mom is leaving and Matt is not ready.

Matt’s scooter is loaded, Matt in a cowboy hat is in the car. Matt hay bales how impatient Amy is. Amy asks about photo id. Various family don’t have it. Amy is pissed, rightly. I mean really, at least two of the “children” are adults. You need id to travel these days. The twins are OLD ENOUGH to remember 9/11. Jer jokes about needing his cowboy hat. No one seems amused. They make it to the Rocking R ranch. God if only there was a mystery, like with Trixie Belden.

They go riding. Matt says he had a horse as a kid. He says he’s scared of horses and goes on about how it is dangerous for little people. Amy notes the stirrups are an issue. They ride on horses while Matt rides on the Mule. Amy hay bales how horseback riding is challenging. Matt sends Jer down the “canyon” and is impressed. Amy “heads down the canyon” as well. Oooh ominous music Point - I won’t claim to be an expert horsey type but we weren’t seeing a super challenging course.

Amy seems too hesitant but I can see why she was led down on the rope. Hee, Amy falls off the horse. Matt is impressed by Cowboy Rock, which is cool, yes, Jeremy goes up a hill and is impressed with himself. Matt admits to living vicariously thru Jer. Now, not to brag but I used to ride and um…. This isn’t a hard ride that they are doing. A fun ride but not super hard. I mean, no offense but riding a horse is actually not hard. They start going on about poker and Amy notes Matt has a good face. Jeremy says he can read it like a book. Its cute.

So Matt and Amy seem to believe the whole “it’s a working ranch” and think they are actually helping the rancher and not paid guests. No, they are not helping, yes, this is well planned by the ranch. Matt goes on about how he loves Amy in a voiceover while they argue on camera.

Amy hay bales about how they have to work to help the ranch! But there are no stirrups for Amy and Zach. Jeremy, Molly and Jake head off to round up cattle. Matt seems to use a Mule to herd. Amy hay bales how it was disappointing to not ride but then their stirrups arrive and things are fun.

Matt goes on about how horses scare him but he’s gonna try it. In fairness, I can see entirely how he uncomfortable on one because for no other reason, his legs don’t seem suited to it at all. I can also see why Amy and Zach need special stirrups because if nothing else they aren’t kicking in the right places/

Jeremy hay bales about …. Stuff that matters but doesn’t actually say anything,

Matt and Amy hay bale how fun it is and there is a campfire.


Second episode

They try the barrel ride and fail with fun. Btw this is so not like bull riding. Amy notes Matt has bailed on a lot.

Amy tries milking something. I think it’s a goat or a cow, its hard to tell. She notes how Matt has baled a lot recently. The kids try roping crates and have fun. Amy hay bales about how the kids miss Matt and she does understand why he doesn’t like watching. She thinks he gets bored when he can’t do everything. He shoots a bow from the mule, and wants to leave. Everyone seems to be having fun and Amy seems pleased that he tried but is sad he wanted to leave. Amy heads off to see the sunset on a mule with Matt. She is frustrated he isn’t spending time with the kids. They head off on a steep climb. They seem to have fun but Amy seems a little stressed. They head up a plateau and its sorta unpleasant and there’s some hay bale back and forth about marriage… its unpleasant mostly…. They bitch and snipe on the way down with Amy calling Matt “Matthew”.

So its day five and Matt is leaving and Amy hopes he shows to the shooting. Jeremy shoots and fails. Jake shoots and hit’s the target. It seems like Jake won… Amy hits one….Zach seems worried about shooting against Molly and Haybels a lot over it. He seems ok with it. Someone needs to get him an m-16, really because soooo easy to shoot. Matt does not show up.

Zach is encouraged to ride a sheep. Matt wanders in to see Jeremy ride a calf….. Matt leaves early and says he feels bad. He implies he is leaving to do work. I sure hope he gets hauled in for abuse the way Amy was.

The kids seem down as Amy takes them to Bryce Canyon. Amy implies that it happens a lot. They head to Sunrise point. Amy notes that not having matt is less stress. They see Bryce Canyon stuff and ooooh. Because Utah so doesn’t advertise enough and this area is lovely. Amy seems pleased. Jeremy and Zach both hay bale how they wish Matt had made it. Amy notes how she wishes she had asked Matt to stay more often.

Amy hay bales how she isn’t happy that Matt left… and then kinda cries and sobs about the ikids. She says it is a low point and she thinks it is slipping away and that it is a crossroads and says after 22 years it is a lot to let go. Wow, this is pretty sad all things considered.


Sheri said...

I knew you would down play Jeremy's impressive ability to ride the horse. He did a fabulous job. It's not easy to hop on a horse without experience and do as well as Jeremy did. Matt had reason to be proud.

Brokenwing said...

You can have your opinion, but about your comments about their room? Personally, I have a feeling I know who is responsible for most of it and it isn't Jeremy. Zach has even admitted several times that Jeremy is the cleanest person in the family.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - have you *ever* ridden a horse? I don't pretend to be an expert.... but Jeremy wasn't being asked to be "an expert rider". He was at a *dude ranch* where paying customers are put on horses and taken on easy trails. He isn't a cowboy, he's not an equestrian, he is someone who had his ego puffed at a place called a "dude ranch" and the fact that you think he went on vacation to a play ranch - because thats what a dude ranch is - and has done something to be proud of by *vacationing* says a great deal about your bias.

Rap541 said...

Brokenwing- if Jeremy is so clean, why is his room a pigsty? Is poor put upon Jeremy forced by violence from his twin to live in filth? Why is his room so dirty if he is neat? If Zach is the only dirty one, why does the neat Jeremy WANT to live in filth? I mean, he's 19, BK - he can make choices for himself, and he chooses to live in the sty with out a word of protest. Personlly I wish he had his own room so we could see how dirty he lives. :)

Brokenwing said...

Rap, can you give me this much? Do you admit that Zach, several different times, has said that Jeremy is neater than he is?

The room isn't that gigantic. You know how messy Zach is. It's not a stretch to think most of the mess comes from Zach. It's not like there is baracade on Jeremy's side of the room that keeps Zach from coming over there.

Tashapork said...

What I think is interesting is whose bedroom is never shown on the show. I wonder what it looks like. The apple never falls far from the tree. Cleanliness is one area that has zero priority in that house. Matt's office can even get pretty messy and he isn't that well organized unless Becky helps him. I love the Roloffs, but they need to hire a couple of maids.

M said...

I bet they are both messy. Maybe Jeremy might be "cleaner" but the room is still a mess and it is his room too. It's no excuse. I used to share a room with my sister, and when my(I am not a neat and orderly person sometimes - I'll admit it!) got on her side she would literally pick it up and chuck it onto "my side". So it was either clean it up or have broken things. Jeremy can't do that? Go hey Zach put this crap away or I'm throwing it out?

Kit said...

For anyone with any athletic ability, riding a horse is *not* difficult, especially with a Western saddle and the type of horses they have for "dudes." And the type of rides they had on the ranch would not have been especially challenging for an average height person, even the "grand canyon." My daughter was doing those types of rides on a family vacation at the age of 9 with no previous riding experience.

On the other hand, I didn't see Molly or Jake trying it, so we'll never know if focusing on Jer was for the ratings (see, Expressed, they read your blogs!), or because he was the only average height kid to try it. Kudos to Amy for trying it - getting a trail horse to move when you can't kick him is pretty difficult. Most of those horses don't respond easily to just reining, which is about all Amy could do. And balancing in the saddle on a steep downhill ride(without grabbing on to the saddlehorn, please note) is pretty darn good for someone whose center of gravity is much higher than that of an average height person and who can't hold on with their legs.

As for whether or not Matt could participate in the activities and if that was his real reason for leaving early - he rode his "mule" during the horse rides, he played poker with everyone, he could certainly have watched his kids shoot skeet and arrows (isn't that what FAMILY vacations are for?). The only thing that would have been nearly impossible for him was the Bryce Canyon trip, and we don't know if they did that BECAUSE Matt had left, or if they had planned it all along.

One thing I found a bit weird - everyone constantly asking Where's Matt/Dad? It made it sound like he was staying in a separate room from Amy. And no one ever mentioned why he wasn't at an activity - was he not feeling well, was he on the computer/phone doing business, was he hanging out at the swimming pool, was he sleeping off a hangover? The silence on that tended to shade the interpretation to the negative side.

Dana said...

As usual, I felt the family was very ungrateful towards Matt, except for Jeremy.

What has happened to Molly? She has turned into a brat herself. I didn't like the way she spoke about Matt returning home. She's supposed to be the smart one. Surely she knew the reason why he was leaving.

Only Jeremy gives Matt the respect he deserves. I love seeing Matt and Jeremy together. Jeremy is very sweet to his dad, always there to give Matt a hand. I was happy when Matt expressed the pride he has in Jeremy.

It's very sad how some people (Kit and Rap) attempt to diminish Jeremy's accomplishments and skills. No, not just anyone could have rode the horse as well Jeremy did. Even the owners commented on how good Jeremy was. Are you that jealous of Jeremy that you must attempt to tear down his skills? He is a very talented young man.

Anonymous said...

all of their rooms r filthy! i dont understand how people can b so lazy and filthy

Judy said...

"Jeremy kinda mocks how whether Zach and Amy can ride a horse."

Jeremy was NOT mocking. You're not being factually accurate. He wondered how. That is NOT mocking.

Greg said...

Judy, Rap is right. He was mocking them. Look at the smirk on his face. Also if you see it again, listen to his voice when he says "I'm not quite sure". That is a mocking voice.

This is part of the reason why I think Jeremy is a prick. It's so clear if you pay attention, it's clear that he's a little smart a$$. But he's smart enough to prop himself up in front of the camera and spew some sweet BS, bat his eyelashes and smile for the camera. He's a phony. No wonder why he's Matt's favorite.

Katie said...

Who cares what he was saying in his room about Zach riding the horse. Did you check out the shorts he was wearing and how he was sitting?? They were tight!

Package shot!!!!! LOL!!!!

Brandon said...

Rap! I'm disappointed in you. You missed it! I thought you were hawk eye for these things :)

When they went back for Matt. Jeremy got the scooter. You didn't catch it? I'll put it this way....the garage is not the only thing Jeremy has hit.

The mature 19 year old, was being cute and riding on the back of Matt's scooter across the driveway. Except he didn't stop in time. He slammed it against the door of the van. I hope there wasn't a camera in the bag hanging on the end of it, because he rammed it into the side of the door. DOH!

I wonder what some Jer lovers would say if that was Jake? Remember how immature Jake was when he rode on the back of the shopping cart? At least Jake didn't ride into the van door!

Rap541 said...

Brokenwing, sure. Zach has said that. Now can you admit that there's not an inch of the room that is neat? And that Jeremy doesn't appear to be threatened by Zach, or handicapped, so if he wanted his half of the room neat, he has the ability to accomplish it? Btw Brokenwing, aren't you demanding I prove an opinion here? I *thought that wasn't ok... oh wait... unless *Jeremy* isn't being praised! I forgot - when Jeremy is concerned, then opinions matter :) Then you want proof.

The proof hun, is that he chooses to live like a pig.

Dana - its a dude ranch. The people there are paid to put newbies on horses and make them feel like cowboys. The very fact that Amy was led thru the trail Jeremy "magnificently rode like a natural" says that they weren't on a difficult trail.

Judy - Greg explained the mocking well, thats why I think it's mocking. Btw everyone does understand that I am being asked to "prove" my opinions by multiple peope, correct? So when I ask people to prove their opinions, I am not the only person who does so?

Just checking if thats clear to everyone? :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds so incredibly boring.

Anonymous said...

I love the show and never miss an episode. I am amazed what these parents have accomplished. I truly applaude Matt and Amy for their involvement with the kids. But I think Amy has gone too far with her complaining about Matt. LOOK WHAT SHE HAS!!! Look at how far they've come. She acts like Matt has zero participation with the kids and that he tries to be a bully and spends too much. Get off it Amy! You wouldn't be where you are today if it wasn't for Matt. Just ask yourself if you could live without him? By the appearance of his health he's not going to be able to participate much longer in ANYTHING. So if he makes the effort to participate SOMEWHAT, leave it at that. Don't forget, he's busy at home making all the money!

Kit said...

Dana - not jealous of Jeremy, but don't worship him, either. If you believe he is a fabulous professional-quality horseback rider based on this show, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to express it. If I believe he was a paying customer at a dude ranch being "praised" by a staff member to look good for the cameras, that's my opinion, and I'm entitled to express it. I cited my family's experience with similar events to demonstrate why I believe my opinion is valid, but you are free to ignore that experience. We all have our opinions, and they don't happen to agree with each other's. You say potato, I say potahto. Whatever. I'm going to continue to express my opinion and interpretation of what I see on shows, and you are free to do likewise. You'll notice I'm not castigating you for your opinion - I will not challenge your Jeremy love, because that's your filter through which you view and interpret the show. Fair enough. I have a very different filter, based on my life experiences, preferences, and personality. That's all. If you don't like what I say, then simply skip my posts.

Anonymous said...

I always think my house is messy- until I see the Roloff house. I have a husband, kids and pets too. My house is so clean in comparison.
If you spend one hour a day on your house it can stay livable. They let the house go to the point where the clean up is overwhelming. I have a friend whose mother would scream at the kids about cleaning. Now my friend has a house just like the Roloffs. Amy has said her parents were very strict and she didn't want that for her kids.
But come on- it starts to be gross if you never clean up.

Julie said...

"Even the owners commented on how good Jeremy was. " -- Dana

*snort* Right. What else were they going to say? "Eh, you're doing okay for a beginner, but this trail ain't so tough!" Yeah, sure. They're the ranch owners, the Roloffs were guests. You honestly think they'd do anything BUT praise Jeremy?

Rap541 said...

Julie makes a good point. Whether Jeremy *is* a good rider or not (I'd say, in all honesty, he seemed to do well for a beginner, but so did Molly and Jake) the *reality* is that the ranch offered up the free vacation in exchange for advertising. They're not going to get air time if they basically laugh and hoot about what poor riders anyone is - what they, as a business want, is a nice little showcase about how easy it was and how all the raw beginners had a good time and rode horses without too much trouble. They're also not going to get air time if they treat the situation unprofessionally or mistreat a "paying client" by badmouthing their abilities in what ios essentially a commercial for their business.

This is a situation where you do have to look at what is actually going on versus the storyline the show is attempting to portray. After all, for all we know, that shot of Jeremy riding easily was preceded by Jer falling off the horse several times and needing a lot of coaching. What you see is Jeremy sitting on a horse... what you don't see is how long it took to get that shot.

I know the "editing" arguement can be played by both sides, but frankly it does have to be considered that the sponsors want their product put in the best light and will grin and bear a lot to get the free advertising. To use a less "Jeremy" example - remember when matt dug the hole for the pool? And the pool guys basically had to redo it but made nice to the camera about how Matt was helpful?

Ashley said...

"for all we know, that shot of Jeremy riding easily was preceded by Jer falling off the horse several times and needing a lot of coaching"

Good point, Rap. I wondered about Bucking Bronco Jeremy. Do you think that was his only try? He basically fell off before he started. I think that was his most glorious try and thats what they showed.

Carol said...

Rap makes an excellent point. I saw the feedback on the website for the Ranch. They are advertising it as a place for families to take their kids.

They want parents to see the Roloff kids having a great time and think "Bobby and Suzie will have a good time riding horses too. It's looks so easy and so fun".

If they showed any of the kids falling off the horse or not being able to get the horse to move, parents watching would plan something else for their kids to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Jeremy fan either, but you have to give credit where credit is due. He did really well, especially on those hills.

Brokenwing said...

Rap, all I'll say to you is you should follow Kit's example of how to disagree and allow a person to have their opinion while disagreeing with it.

Dana, I've never understood that either. Some people are so determined to tear Jeremy down and make sure he isn't praised for anything. Regardless of the subject, if someone is complimenting Jeremy, certain people rush in to demean whatever Jeremy did.

Ashley, I disagree. If Jeremy had fallen hard, they would have shown it. They want drama and action. I am sure all of the Jeremy haters would have loved to have seen Jeremy fall.

Kit said...

Okay - how about we all agree on the following: "On camera, Jeremy did not fall off the horse while riding up and down hills and trotting/galloping on flat land. Neither did Amy, Molly, Jake, or Zach. Matt did not fall off the horse while being led around the ring."

Credit has been given.

Brokenwing said...

Kit, you may disagree, but I think to most people, Jeremy was impressive. None of the other Roloffs rode the horse like Jeremy. He was impressive riding up and down those hills. People are commenting on Jeremy because he did stand out. If we had seen Jake or Molly ride like Jeremy, people would be complimenting them. But we didn't. It was Jeremy.

Kit said...

Brokenwing - just have to say, if you don't want Rap or anyone else responding "vigorously," then it has to be a two-way street. You can't insult other posters and not expect to be insulted in return. I've seen a lot of that directed against Rap, and in fact, my post was directed at Dana, who was accusing me of being jealous of Jeremy and trying to "diminish" him. Whether or not we agree with any poster's POV, I think (hope) we can respond without bringing in name-calling and accusations.

In fact, I have, in the past, asked the moderator to remove one of my posts where I thought I had "crossed the line" in commenting on the family. While I will not hesitate to express my opinions, I do try to think about what I am posting.

Rap541 said...

Sure Brokenwing, Jeremy is a born equestrian. He was at the dude ranch on vacation and he whipped long tme riders because if Jeremy wants it, he does it and it *was Jeremy* always. I mean, he deserves sooooo much praise for....

For vacationing well. My god, he's sooo incredibly talented at horse riding, I heard he's been considering the Olympic team - I mean, people were SOOOOO IMPRESSED BY HIS TALENT. What's everyone talking about? Not the marital discord but how Jeremy James showed off yet another AMAZING SKILL AND HE STOOD OUT.

What was impressive? He wasn't galloping, or jumping... he went up a small hill, a hill his dwarf mother negiotated with *minor* assistance... so lets all get down on our knees and praise him for his IMPRESSIVE skills? Maybe you could commnt on how he wwas immediately bucked off the calf? Was that impressive too? Perhaps Jeremy's next stop, now that he ha impressively shamed horse back riders everywhere, he can head off to the pro bull riding circuit.

After his impressive modeling career, and his impressive showing as a pro soccer player - I mean I have told how impressive he is in those skills too. Maybe we should all send Jeremy letters telling him how awesome a rider he is since he can ride a horse on a dude ranch as a vacationing guest. After all, people who vacation really deserve the praise :)

BTW NK - I notice that you DO NOT tell people that I should not be asked to prove my opinions. I apparently DO have to prove my points - which I have done - which proves again that you're a hypocit who only whines about opinions when your buddy Jer isn't being deemed impressive for his every act.

Because Jeremy ramming Dad;s scooter

Julie said...

Rap, exactly. Now, I'll go ahead and say that Jeremy did decently for a beginner, from what we saw. I do know people who would absolutely suck riding a horse, beginner trail or not. HOWEVER, I also know plenty of people who would do just as well as Jeremy did. I'm one of them -- I'm certainly not an expert, but I have ridden a horse before and did well enough...for a beginner. Just like Jeremy did. But I'm not a born equestrian, and neither (I'd wager) is Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Julie - exactly. He did really well for a beginner, but honestly a) I would expect any reasonably person to do as well, it was a dude ranch, and a dude horse, and not a prancing stallion negiotating a nearly impassable mountain pass and b)The other kids seemed to do just as fine. If that was the day's trail, then obviously they are went on it (and we are talking about trails where Matt's Mule can also go. He did fine for someone new to riding.

But impressive? It would have been impressive if he was eight or nine, and calling him impressive every time he performs a basic skill diminishes the accomplishments of people who really do excell.

Dana said...

They didn't all do it. Only Jeremy went up and down the big hill. If Jake did it, why didn't they show him. If Jake did it, don't you think Matt would have said he was proud of Jake? The people from the ranch would have praised Jake?

Jeremy did it. He is what was on camera. It was Jeremy who the people from the ranch praised. It was Jeremy that Matt was proud of.

Rap541 said...

Dana - honestly, you're the one who argues we don't see 24/7 on camera. They were all riding the same trail. The employees of the dude ranch are not going to say anything unpleasant about guests when they are obviously seeking free advertising.

Jeremy riding a horse is certainly nice, but praiseworthy and an impressive display of talent? As I said, calling it impressive that a reasonably fit man rode a dude ranch horse (a horse that is ridden by beginners on a daily basis and therefore not difficult) while on vacation diminishes the accomplishments of people who are impressive riders.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is a hot mess, i'm loving it, hell yes.

Julie said...

In case it's not clear: I am not trashing Jeremy. He did very decently for a beginner from what we saw. What I *am* criticizing is how Jeremy's fan club seems to feel the incessant need to constantly inflate his accomplishments. You aren't doing the boy any favors by acting as if he's the second coming of Christ. (<-- And yes, that's hyperbole.)

Anonymous said...

Let's get off the "Jeremy Bandwagon" and focus on what the show is really about...little people!

Anonymous said...

Rap 541 I died laughing at your review!!! I too am a former Trixie Belden fan, you are now the only other person I know who read them. I agree all the Roloffs needed were some matching "Bob-White" jackets and we would have been set!!! Great review, I thought it was a very fair and impartial piece. I was very saddened by the dissension between Matt and Amy. This does not bode well, if this is what they are showing us what are we not seeing????

Rap541 said...

Hee! Wasn't Trixie and pals the best? Really, I would have loved to have seen some "Bob-White" jackets out there. Those books are really the only place I have ever seen "dude ranches" referenced!

And thank you for your kind words. Yes, I do wonder, if this is how they present the family to tv, just what is happening.

Momma Sierra said...

Hey I have a weird (?) about this episode. In the beginning of part one while they were all rushing to get into the car, Jeremy was wearing these cool socks that were white with stripes of red and blue. Does anyone know what brand they are. My kids thought they were cool and wanting them for X-mas. I tried as hard as I could to find them, but had no luck. Thanks for helping out this mom of 2