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Guest Roloff episode review by Rap541: Little People, Big World November 9th

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541.. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

1st Episode:

Episode one

Jake and buddies run wild with balls. Mom makes him a cake and they talk about how he’s getting older. He uses the power of his flailing hair to put out the candles. Really, Zach and Jeremy get an overnight group trip to the beach, and Molly gets an overnight trip and a balloon ride at 13... And Jake gets a cake with two friends and a used cell phone. Though a quite fancy cell phone.

Jake plays with a cell phone. He worries about sounding like a girl, and Amy teases him about being a man. It’s cute.

Matt calls to Jake and hay bales about how its time to get a cell phone for Jake. Matt lectures Jake on how to use the phone and says he put a limit on Jake’s texting. No using at night, no using it before homework… this sounds good… Yeah I think this is doomed. And in retrospect what limit was set?

Matt and Jake talk about texting. Amy hay bales that she was unhappy with the idea of the cell as a gift. Matt’s used phone for Jake is pretty nice for a 12 year old. Jake’s “girlfriend” is invited over for dinner. She seems nice. Jake noticeably has shorter hair in his hay bale confessions. Taylor seems super tall and I do think its nice Taylor’s mom was there.

Ah, rule breaking. Amy says she wants the phone, and they argue over it. Amy says he won’t get it back if he refuses. This is about five minutes longer than it should be. My mom would have taken the phone immediately.

A brief aside. I hate cell phones. Before we get into the rotten discipline issues here, I see no reason Jake needs a cell. If you’re worried about emergencies, get a locked phone or a prepaid. Don’t tell your kid to not go higher than your phone bill. This is simply asinine. I mean the first reason that this would never happen in my house is because there’s no reason to give a 12 year old a cell phone.

Matt and Amy talk about being on the same page on the phone. Or rather argue over it. Basically they can’t agree what to do - Amy wants to take it away, Matt wants to restrict it. Amy notes how more involved he is. Matt wants to make a decision or two. Amy hay bales how they don’t communicate before they parent. Amy leaves.

Three hours later - Matt tells Zach how pissed off he is that Amy has left and he has no idea where she is. Matt rails from the hay bale how she should respond to his texts. He’s pretending to be ok, but he’s clearly ticked off. Amy notes that she is an adult (and I note how constant harassing texts is one reason why I hate cell phones) The kids gather round to note how worried they are. Molly and Amy argue and Amy notes she told them all where she was and is annoyed at their concern.

Matt asks questions about the thing Amy went to. Matt seems curious… then harps on how he texted her. Matt hay bales how he wants her to text him every time he texts her. He goes on and on. Amy hay bales how she sometimes thinks that he’s checking up on her or spying on her. Amy notes “leave me a message”. Jeremy plays back up to Matt.

Amy and Matt talk about Jake’s cell phone. She runs down the rules. She wants the cell phone taken away if he breaks the rules. He proceeds to break rules….His hair cut changes periodically. Everyone notices the rule breaking…. Neither parent ACTUALLY enforces the rules. Finally Amy asks for the phone. He snits back and she takes it. Good.

Meanwhile Jake plays with a phone. Molly looks for a phone. Molly cheerfully rats out Jake hee hee hee. Molly starts the Inquisition and demands the phone or more ratting out. Molly is a good mom. Amy and Molly note that he might be a lil too intense with his girlfriend. All these kids have iphones? When the divorce comes, I really hope they downsize their plans. Amy actually does a nice job of saying no on giving back the phone.

2 weeks later.

Hee hee there’s a 2700 dollar phone bill. Matt seems annoyed. Dude, I can’t believe there’s any debate over Jake having a phone. That’s a semester of college for Zach and Jeremy! Hee!

(actually the fact that Jake wasn’t grounded, had the phone taken away, and every item of reasonable value taken away until he earned 2700 dollars irritated me. Also, um Matt? Weren’t you *limiting* his texting? Why wasn’t EITHER parent watching the bill?)

Matt somehow thinks cleaning his room will stop the 2700 texting bills. Matt also would have restricted soccer. Amy just wants to take the cell phone away. I’m genuinely wondering if the end result is neither. I also find myself wondering why they don’t have unlimited texting. Because really, there’s plenty of family plans with that. And again I point out how personally I don’t think anyone who is under sixteen needs an unlimited cell phone. Even a used fancy lil phone is kind of a ridiculous gift to a 12 year old especially when no one seems to care about his usage. At least not enough to gosh, LOG IN TO HIS ACCOUNT occasionally.

Jake’s hair has been cut. Amy takes away the phone over the 8000 messages. She says he wasn’t responsible with it. I think this was staged. Amy decides giving him a cell was a bad idea. Matt seems to agree to with Amy. Personally I think its ridiculous to even consider giving a 12 year old a cell so….

More to the point - this whole 2700 dollar bill was pretty nonchalantly handled considering that really, I know people who would view that kind of money to be a godsend right now.


Episode 2

So Keith? And Zach and Jeremy are cooking… or rather Keith is. Jeremy basically doesn’t help and then hay bales how they can’t cook. Yay Jer!

To the fancy indoor soccer league! Zach goes on about coaching. Todd? Gives Zach and Keith an opportunity to coach and notes they need a lesson plan and wants it written down. Keith seems as slack jawed as Zach on this. One of the big kids basically knocks Zach down. Amy makes the point that he really shouldn’t be scoring when playing with the kids. Zach does make an interesting point on how kids tend to look to the tallest. Still this looks messed.

Levi and Jake want more drills. Zach seems to take it seriously…. I just think this is an unrealistic career and Amy and Matt really need to break it down to him.

There are tickets to see the Seattle Sounders. Amy has arranged for Zach to see the game and meet the manager. I am a lil torn on this. It does seem like fun, but we’re also really to the point where Zach needs to start to internalize that coaching sports isn’t going to be a career and this really isn’t the way to do it.

Was Jeremy throwing a water bottle into the ceiling? Jeremy and Zach debate when to leave. Jeremy really seems to be reading his lines in the hay bale session.

They head out. Jeremy is wearing a pink shirt that seems girl cut, and overalls. Eh. They stop to pick up Jake. The boys chat about soccer. They discuss how Oregon is pronounced. They get caught in traffic and seem to be missing the game. Finally they get in and then they can’t find the seats. Oh, it’s a fancy suite level. Jeremy hay bales how the arena makes him hot. He notes how he would do anything to play with them. Funny… whatever happened to Jer’s dream of playing? Since unlike Zach, he isn’t medically disqualified.

Zach muses how he could be the first MLS coach. I find myself wondering just how many of the rejects on American Idol really do think they can sing professionally.

So the twins head out of the *hotel* that they stayed at for the night. Because that’s realistic for a bunch of kids. To get box seats and then stay overnight at a nice hotel. They meet the GM AJ and Zach is nervous about asking questions. They chat about coaching. The GM seems to present a realistic view that coaches tend to be ex players at the college and pro level. I think Zach isn’t thinking realistically here.

So they head back to Portland. Zach hay bales about how he needs a lesson plan. The plan seems to be “more drills less scrimmaging”. Zach is pretty finger pointy at Keith. They seem to be working a play. I kinda find myself wondering if this “job” is a real job.

Not shocked that they get the coaching jobs since it feels like a complete set up. There’s a lot of talk about Zach’s passion. Zach hay bales about soccer always being his career. Again, kinda reminded of those kids who scream the f word and then declare that they’re gonna kick Simon, Randy and Paula’s butts.


Expressed said...

Our common ground is that they handled the $2700 way too nonchalantly. They have no concept of money anymore.

Also the part aboout the trip (meeting the GM) being absurd for a group of kids.

To their credit, I guess they have stopped the "we're just like you" promos a season or two back, right?

Jocelynn said...

You were spot on about the phone bill. It was obscene.

I like the show, but sometimes the disreguard for money and normal life experiences become hard to take.

I hope those kids realize just how lucky they are to have some of those opportunities (such as chatting with a General Manager of a professional team), but I don't think they do.

Brandon said...

Rap, I felt Amy's big speech to Jacob at the end was staged too.

I felt the same way about Jeremy's interviews. He sounds more like he's reading with every show.

Peter said...

The show should be retitled Little People, Out of this World!

$2700 is my mortgage for THREE months!!!!

They don't even care. Jake didn't even realize how disgusting it was.

Then Zach thinks he can be a manager of a sports team just because he loves it. But hey why shouldn't he think that could happen? They get given meetings and tickets handed to them for doing absolutely nothing.

Anybody else think Jeremy seemed very...mellow? (except at the game).

Tashapork said...

Rap, I agree wtih you totally on the cell phone. Maybe $2700 doesn't mean much to the Roloffs, but that is a complete month of living for most people I know. I can't imgaine that the cell phone company won't work with Matt to switch his plan because that is just absurd. What is more absurd is Jake's attitude. If they don't reign him in, he will get in big trouble. I think the haircuts show that this issue had been going on for a long stretch of time. What really worries me is Matt and Amy's relationship. It could be editing or they could be in deep trouble

Rod said...


Never mind the phone bill, if i'd mouthed off to my mother like that, i'd have got a 1 way ticket thru the wall. Not only from her, but by each of my 4 uncles individually.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone notice that there were two different phones?

The phone Matt gave him was not an iPhone. Amy gave him an iPhone.

Kit said...

What's the line? "We can do everything average people do, just in a different way."

Yeah, "different" is the operative word. One of the things that's really getting to me on *all* of TLC's "reality" shows is how they try to pretend that someone in the family is actually doing these things. Amy says "I arranged for the kids to go to a soccer game and meet the GM..." like any mom in America could do the same thing if she'd just pick up the phone.

Rap, I thought the exact same thing about Jer's "...notes how he would do anything to play with them." Except, apparently, actually work at playing soccer. Jer has a tall athletic build, he's got athletic ability, and he lives within 5 miles of one of the state's best club programs for developing soccer talent. Does he play for that club in high school? No, he plays on the small local club Amy was working for when the show started. Now, maybe he tried out for the better club and didn't make it, but for some kids, that would be a wake-up call. Want to play at the highest level (like, um, ODP, or college)? You need to practice and train. However, I suspect it's more FUN to sit in a luxury box with a freebie scarf and dream about being out on the field. Heck, maybe Amy can call and arrange a tryout with the team?

The phone thing, although I only saw the last few minutes of it, was absurd. *Maybe* you could make a case for a 12-yr-old having a cell for things like soccer practice is over early, or I'm at the north corner of the mall when you come to pick me up, but yeah, handing the kid a phone with no restrictions is pretty darn dumb. And if Matt is sending 1-2000 texts a month, they really do need to look into the unlimited texting option. Of course, I'm sure their entire phone bill is charged as a business expense anyway, so it's not like it "really" matters, but Matt and Amy have to have something to do for 30 minutes.

Zach's job? Well, maybe he'll grow into it (no pun intended). No, I don't think he'll ever make it to the MLS level, but with time, he could probably be a decent youth coach, and maybe even up to the high school or junior college level. He needs to actually work at it, attend coaching certification sessions and the like, but he seemed to be enjoying it once he had a clear plan of what to do. It may be a set-up job, but since neither he nor Jeremy have had "real" jobs where they had to answer to someone other than Dad, this will be good for him.

BTW, did anyone notice Zach calling himself a dwarf?

Lauren said...

Why was Matt set on giving Jake the cell phone? He usually doesn't give Jake any thought. Was he trying to give Jake something to get him on his side, like how he buys Jeremy's affection? It seemed unusual, imo.

Kit: What was wrong with Zach calling himself a dwarf? I believe he said he wants to be the first dwarf to coach soccer. Dwarf is the term that many LPs prefer. LP or dwarf are usually preferred, but it varies depending upon the person.

Cindy said...

Kit, I always enjoy reading your messages.

You nailed exactly how I'm feeling about this show. Stop with the lies and deception about "I arranged" or act like any parent or kid in America can have these things happen to them.

Almost every reason why this show became popular in the first season is now gone.

Brokenwing said...

Kit and Rap, imo, you're being very unfair to Jeremy for his comment at the soccer game.

I interpreted his comment as meaning he's realized he's not going to be a professional soccer player.

If he says he has that dream, people laugh at him and say he's unrealistic or has the mind of an 8 year old.

Look no further than Zach in this episode. Some people are laughing at Zach for having the dream and thinking it's possible for him to be the 1st dwarf coach at a high level.

Jeremy more or less concedes that he's not going to be a professional player and you two are maligning him for it.

Anonymous said...

Snap said...

I think this whole show was staged. It was scripted- it just seemed off. I don't think there was even a $2700 phone bill. Wouldn't you get an unlimited texting plan? It was all staged to show that they can parent the kids.
In the second episode we see what the Roloffs are
really like. No drama- just a regular family.
When there is alot of drama- cell phones, parents fighting, Zach being "Zach" it is scripted. When they are just regular folks- kind of boring- that's reality.

Timothy said...

Snap, I'm in agreement about it being scripted. I'm skeptical about the phone bill too.

I disagree that the second episode was them being a regular family. As Kit said, what mother of an a regular family "arranges" for her kids to get free tickets in a suite and a private meeting with the co-owner of the team? Regular family my foot. That was set up by the show too.(but I recognize your larger point.)

Penny said...

Of course they have opportunities other normal families don't have, they are on TV. Their lives are picked apart by people like all of you, so why not have some perks! I would do the exact same thing if I had the chance.

They can't act as an average family just to relate to you people. They are reality TV stars. Besides, everything they do is "wrong". If you are all disappointed with how the show turned out, maybe you should stop watching.

Kit said...

The thing about Zach calling himself a dwarf is that in the first season we were subjected to endless "education" by Matt about how *all* these terms are derogatory and insulting, and little person was the *only* acceptable term. Then, after the Jeremy language debacle, all of that diatribe vanished, and all of a sudden, it was okay to use the word dwarf. Methinks I smells a whiff of hypocrisy, or redirection, if you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Snap said.....
I meant regular in the way they were interacting with each other. There was no scripted drama in this episode. The tickets and the meeting was definitely not part of a regular life.

Timothy said...

Snap, understood and agreed.

Kit, you're right that Matt has done back tracking on "Midget" after the Jeremy debacle, but "Little Person" was never the only acceptable term. It's what the Roloffs suggest the most, however I recall Amy (on Oprah?) stating that "Little Person, "Short-statured", "LP" and "Dwarf" were all acceptable. They do call it the "World Dwarf Games" etc. I've heard some people say they prefer "Dwarf" because that is the medical condition (dwarfism).

The one thing that is usually agreed upon by all is that "midget" is unacceptable...except by Matt after the Jeremy fiasco. Then he said context is what matters.

Cindy said...

Penny, then they shouldn't market the show that way, that "we're just an average family". If that's how they promoted the show for 5 seasons and it is, expect people to comment on it when they are no longer relatable.

Vicky said...

I was surprised Jacob said everyone thinks his voice sounds like a girl on the phone. Some boys do at that age, but not Jacob.

He does have non stop attitude though. Did you hear his tone after the opening credits when Amy asked him who he was talking to? "Jer!!"

Jeremy thought Jacob sounded like Amy??

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice that when Matt first gave Jacob the cell phone it was a different phone than the iPhone that he put in the drawer when they took it away from him?! The first phone looked to be a LG Dare from Verizon..... Anyone else confused?!

Rap541 said...

Point - after a second watch, I think a great deal of this episode was exxagerated and staged. I think they legitemately had a problem with Jake texting. However, I don't understand how any parent in this day and age doesn't have unlimited texting when there's already multiple kids in the home with phone.

During the "month", its implied the phone is taken away multiple times. Jake seemed into it but the timeline doesn't jibe with 8000 texts, and the phone being taken away so much.

Also really hard to believe Amy and Matt don't know how to log in to check on the activity of *Matt's old phone*. Coupled with the complete lack of concern over how 2800 dollars just got thrown into the fire and the reality that Matt kept disagreeing over taking the phone, and then the rather friendy and not angry taking of the phone... I think Jake ran up a bill and got his phone taken away... But frankly I am not buying the 2800 dollars if only because it all seemed too... not quite believable.

If Matt doesn't have his kids on unlimited texting plans, I question his good sense. :)

Anonymous said...

Jacob is the result of the worst parents i have ever seen.. He behave like that because that’s the only way he get some attention or "love" its really sad that a great kid like him is treat like that … don’t judge him … he did wrong yes but he doesn’t understand that yet, he will, one day when he away from his family he will be the Man everybody talks about…

Natalie said...

On a positive note, did anyone notice when the kids were in Seattle at the hotel, they were awake and leaving the hotel at 9am to be at their meeting on time?

Amy wasn't there and they got up themselves!

Oh...maybe it was the crew who got them up...or Keith perhaps?....hehe. I can always hope.

Chantelle said...

Am I the only one horrified when they show the inside of Zach's van? Not the mess, but the roof!

I realize it is Zach's van or they gave it to Zach, but they spray painted "Roloff" into the roof! On the inside!

I've never heard of spray painting the inside of a vehicle.

Sheri said...

Your first sentence was correct Natalie. It's a normal part of growing up. Some people just look for negativity. When kids get on their own, they are more independent because they have to be. That's not just for the Roloff kids, it is the majority of kids.

The kids did get up on their own without Amy. Why are the naysayers quiet on that front? I notice that didn't get mentioned by this reviewer.

Chris said...

Chantelle, they probably used the spraypaint when they camped out for Mueller's birthday. When they slept in the van.

They put it on thick. That's a lot of paint. Imagine being in the van while they were doing that. I wonder why they would do it? Paint fumes cause...? :)

Rap541 said...

Sheri - because everyone involved was previously shown getting up at 11am only because Amy was dragging them out of bed? And hotels will politely boot you out at check out while Amy will let you sleep in? And the twins were being "wrangled" by production assistants?

Got anything to say to that other than "Jeremy got up without his mommy once, now he's an incredibly mature man".

When we see this nineteen year old getting up *at home* because he has class... then I will be impressed that he managed to learn an aspect of responsibility that *my brother* figured out when he was nine.

Btw Sheri - are you ever going to concede that I was the one who expressed sympathy about poor Mrs. Garland's son first while you turned the topic into "poor Jeremy" and accused me of *not* expressing sympathy? I mean... you're not taking that lie to the grave are you?

Sheri said...

How do you know they were being "wrangled" out of bed by production assistants?

It was a simple situation. They needed to depend on themselves. They did it. You and your like-minded lot had snarked about the Roloff twins ability to manage in the real world without Amy waking them up.

I recognized that it was typical teenage behavior. When they're out on their own, they will do fine. When they have the security blanket of Amy at home, they will rely on that. It's not unusual and undeserving of the ridicule. I've seen it from you. "Wittle baby Jeremy needs mommy to wakey wake him".

The boys did what everyone who realizes the Roloffs are a typical family thought they would. You were silent in your review.

I'm not going to discuss something that is months old. The story was about the tragic loss of a young Christian boy and a mother's grief. You (and others) insisted on turning it into a witch hunt on Jeremy James Roloff by attacking alleged behavior. An obligatory "That's sad" doesn't erase that your focus was to attack Jeremy's character.

Rap541 said...

I *know* they were being wrangled by production assistants BECAUSE THE CAMERAS WERE THERE. They were not "two young men alone"... they had an entire camera crew taking care of them. I don't think pointing out ever time the boys are led through life by adults would go over well since you ALSO tend to complain about it.

I AM going to discuss your nasty untrue accusations because you *did wrong* and made a public UNTRUE allegation against me and when it was pointed out that in fact my first post was an expression of concern for the family involved while your first post was about defending Jeremy (and NOT expressig a word of grief to the family) you... sat silent and acted in an unchristian manner, lying and bearing false witness. I *strongly* suggest you reread that thread and consider the public untrue accusation you made versus what actually was said.

Because Sheri.. I am not the one who lied. You are. I don't expect an apology. You're not moral enough to handle it.

Sheri said...

You do not know they were wrangled by production assistants to get up on time. The show loves drama. I am sure they would have enjoyed being able to show the boys scrambling around to get to their meeting if they had slept in. Assuming they were woken up by the crew simply because the crew was with them on the trip is unfounded on your part.

I explained myself. I did not lie. It was clear what you were doing. It was immoral. You used the thread to primarily attack Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

You do not know that they got up without help, either. Therefore you don't get to give them credit for it, since we do know that they were wih a production team who was more than likely on a schedule. In reality both of our opinions are unproveable.... I just have past history (the twins needed help) and circumstancial evidence (the rather obvious issue of the camera crew being there to keep things on track) on my side.

"I explained myself.

Actually you made the accusation and then ran off, couragously refusing to respond. :)

Here's a link to the thread.

A quick read thru will show *you* that indeed, you never made another post after your unfounded accusation, and after I pointed out that in fact, my first post was an expression of sympathy (and in fact shared a story about a death near to me to point out that unexpected health issues can sadly fell young people, or in other words, I wasn't the one who started the drugs talk) as was my second post. Your first post was to complain about Jeremy being attacked by Greg and an anon poster.

SO in fact, you accusation - that I didn't express sympathy first, is a lie. And you yourself did not express a word of sympathy to the Garland family until AFTER you made sure that your first post was to defend Jeremy.

I strongly suggest you reread that thread. You're making a fool of yourself.

Penny said...

Personally RAP, I think you are making a fool out of yourself. Did Jeremy do something personally to you? It's pretty creepy how much you despise him. Just saying...

Rap541 said...

Personally Penny - I don't dislike the kid at all, I just don't like being told by Sheri,for example, that when Jeremy speaks, he always speaks the truth and suggesting otherwise makes me a "hater" when there's *clear* evidence that Jeremy James Roloff has lied about underage drinking. I'm a hater because I don't believe him?

How about it Penny? Do I deserve to be *hated on* by Sheri for pointing out that Truth Always Jeremy has not only stated he does not drink because God doesn't like it and that he got drunk after stealing Dad's vodka and almost burnt a barn down?

I mean - do you honestly believe BOTH things he said are true and therefore I am just being mean?

Why does this kid deserve such protection?

Penny said...

Listen, I totally believe that it's true. No doubt about it. But let people believe what they want. Why do you have to try to convince them? If they want to believe that, let them. You go so out of your way to make sure people know that Jeremy lies. Just let it go. Who cares, really?

Sheri said...

Rap, the fact is you don't know that Jeremy drinks.

You THINK he does. You believe rumors and gossip. That does not give you a right to go around calling him a liar because YOU don't believe him.

As for his comments with or from his friends, you can't use that as fact. You don't know the context. I witnessed a 17 year old Christian calling his 17 year old Christian friend a "crackhead" on Facebook because of the friend's goofy expression in a picture. Does that mean the person is doing crack, has an addiction to crack? Of course not! It was a joke. You have no idea what was going in their conversations.

You don't know that Jeremy drinks. You have no proof. Therefore you have no right to call Jeremy a liar based on something YOU THINK.

Rap541 said...

Penny - do I deserve to be called a liar in public? Honestly - if I could say "I think it's likely Jeremy les" *without* being called an immortal deviant hater attacking a defensless innocent Christian boy... Do you think I'd press the point?

Do you really think I deserve that? Look at Sheri's responses and consider - You think its possible Jeremy drinks and lies.... There fore you are *immoral*, Penny. You are a *hater*,Penny. You are *defaming* a Christian, Penny. Just like mean ol Rap.

I don't like being insulted or called a liar when I have seen proof Jeremy WHO HAS NEVER TOUCHED ALCOHOL BECAUSE GOD DOESN'T LIKE IT drinks. There's picture. There's also witnesses, some of whom have posted here. I see no reason why I have to accept being treated like garbage because folks like Sheri can't handle accepting the tiniest bit of criticism. Jeremy isn't Jesus, he's not the Second Coming, and I see no reason that anyone should be treated poorly over their opinion of a slack jawed nineteen year old kid who's only claim to fame is having dwarf parents.

Sheri - that kinda goes to you, too. Just because you insist every single person who says they saw Jeremy drinking in Europe or with his buddy Adam is lying... I've seen pictures of Jeremy drunk, Jeremy drinking etc etc.

You told me once I was lying because if Jeremy says it, its true. Since Jeremy has said he drinks, why am I wrong to think he drinks - since you had a hissy fit when I didn't accept his every word as truth? Tell me sheri - how can Jeremy be always speaking the truth when he says two exactly opposite things? He *lies*, thats how. And you demanding he be held up as perfect is exactly why I continue to make the point.

Btw Lil Sheri Couragous - I notice you have NOTHING to say about our previous run in where you in fact were hateful and nasty and made an untrue accusation. :)

Sheri said...

Where is the proof? If you have all this proof, where is it? It's funny that how on the internet people like you talk big about people in the public eye, they talk about proof of this or that, but they never back it up. Where is this picture of Jeremy James Roloff drunk? Put up or shut up.

Jeremy does not say he drinks. He was speaking to a buddy at 16 years old. You don't understand the context of what was said. You ignored my example of the "crackhead" comment on a picture. When kids speak to each other there is a lot of joking going on.

Rap541 said...

What exactly is the missing context of "We stole dad's vodka?" :)

Sheri - Jeremy was all over Europe drinking this summer. Ask around. I got it pretty easily from the peope who you were calling liars.

So being sixteen and speaking to buddies is a free pass to lying? :) Oh wait.... it's "joking" :) I think Jeremy jokes an awful lot about drinking.

How is one to know when Jeremy is telling the truth when he isn't lying but joking?

What IS the difference, per Jesus, between lying and joking?

Btw - Sheri - are you absolutely, swear on your soul to Jesus Christ go to hell if you're wrong, certain that Jeremy always speaks the truth and never drinks? You would hand to god swear it? :)

Because I have NEVER seen Jeremy James say he was joking about his myspace comments.

Penny said...

Rap, are you really that insulted? It's a blog site. They don't even know you. If you don't like being "attacked", why do you post in the first place? Ha. Once again, if you didn't try to push your strong opinions upon everybody, you would probably get more respect.

How about we all just relax. Who really cares about Jeremy's personal choices? Honestly.

Penny said...

Also, it's legal to drink in Europe if you are 18...

Rap541 said...

Penny - in all seriousness, if I told someone they were immoral and a liar... would you defend me against that person's anger with "its a blog site"?

I don't mind heated discussion in the slightest. But there can be no discussion when one side says "Jeremy always speaks the truth and you're an immoral hater if you say different". Thats not discussing it. I am more than willing to listen to an arguement about what a nice guy Jeremy is - but you know? I'm not gonna bend over and say "yes i am a liar please beat my ass more since Jeremy always speaks truth no matter how often its proven he doesn't so I accept your nasty names as I deserve them".

Got it? I don't see you telling Sheri to back off, and she is just as obstinate. I don't see you telling Sheri to relax or to stop with the strong opinions.

Btw - I am not the one who says Jeremy doesn't drink. I don't even have a problem that he was drinking in Europe - and he was. What I have a problem with is your buddy deaming EVERYONE who says they saw Jeremy drinking in Europe *LIARS* since "Jeremy says he doesn't drink and Jeremy doesn't lie".

You fine with being lumped in with the liars? Sheri? You do think Penny is wrong to doubt Jeremy's word, right?

Penny said...

Oh my goodness, Rap. You think others are rude and "unchristian like". Listen to yourself. You're crazy!. Who cares?! You don't even know this family! What does it matter?!

For the sake of anybody who reads this blog, get a life.

Rap541 said...

So Penny, in other words, you don't have a problem with people being called liars by Sheri regardless of the truth of the situation... but I am rude to call Sheri unchristian? :)

And of course you aren't going to tell *Sheri* to stop the creepy obsessive "Jeremy is the best boy EVER" defense.... but you do deem my pointing out that Sheri maligned me and others by calling us liars "crazy.

So should I simply bend over and let Sheri spank me for my "lies"? :) SInce you don't have a problem with Sheri calling people liars? Even though you do believe Jeremy occasionaly imbibes and did drink in Europe - one of the places that Sheri insists he didn't? :) I mean - we all deserve to be called liars, right? Over Jeremy?

Penny said...

No, I don't have a problem with Sheri calling people liars. Especially ones she doesn't know. And if you hadn't opened your mouth, she wouldn't have done whatever made you so angry. Keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself, and you wouldn't have to bend over and get spanked, although, it would do you good.

Rap541 said...

Penny - for real - are you listening to yourself?

Really? Sheri gets to namecall *over a blog* - something you seem to abhor but you want me silence? Why is that, Penny? I mean why do you care so much over something you were telling "who cares??" over that you have to keep picking at it?

For someone insisting "who cares" and "let it go" - you just made your agenda clear.... Funny how only *I* should let it go and you just gave Sheri a free pass to namecall. Aren't you nice?

Who cares, indeed. :) For someone who doesn't care, you just can't stop telling me to shut up. Why is that? Why are you so involved in a blog that you don't care about? :)

Anonymous said...

Careful Rap. If you dont back down the Manson girls (Expressed, Craw, Noelle, Sheri & Penny) will come after you for badmouthing

Anonymous said...

"For the sake of anybody who reads this blog, get a life"

Oh, you mean like yours.......?

Rap541 said...

Anon - hee! I'm the Vincent Bugliosi of this farce :)

NJC said...

Boy Rap I don't know how you can argue with that logic. You need to keep your "ridiculous opinions" to yourself, but people can call you anything they want because they don't know you. Makes perfect sense. About as much sense as atributing God like qualities to a kid you don't know because he's hot and a Christian.

Penny said...

I love how you all assume just because I put Rap down, I'm in love with Jeremy.

To set the record straight, I'm way too old for him and I actually agree that the kid is a moron. I just think you're all nuts for the way you trash this family.

Penny said...

To answer your question Rap, it's because you are unbelievably annoying. Nobody who posts comments speaks quite like you do. Have you ever said anything positive? You really don't answer my question. Why do you watch this show? It clearly irritates you to the point that you feel the need to lecture teenage girls who think Jeremy is "hot".

Who cares if they think he is hot. Who even cares if they think he is Jesus? If they want to have that unrealistic fantasy, let them! It's not your job to tell them what a moron he is! It's not like they actually have a chance with him anyway.

Rap541 said...

Penny? Do you get it? For someone who "doesn't care" - you're consistently responding to someone on a topic you "don't care" about. You clearly *do* care because you've picked a side.

People who trash Jeremy for his real and imagined flaws? You want them to shut up. You state "who cares" and blog incessantly how these people, myself among them, should stop and why? Because you "don't care" so much!

People who trash said posters, like SHeri calling everyone liars? You advocate that. You've drawn the line. Attacks and insults by pro-roloff fans? You don't have a problem with people blogging that way - but people defending themselves? You throw the "who cares" card.

If you "don't care" about blogging about the Roloffs, I question why you're here....since it's a blog site for the Roloffs. See the problem?

Since you "don't care" about blogging.... that you pointedly picked a side is interesting. Why its just blogging that bugs you into "Stop posting cause I DON'T CARE" mode... I find it increasingly bizarre that you're only telling me stop. I mean... you "don't care" about Sheri's views, yes or no? You do insist she's wrong, even though you've publically applauded her for calling me a liar over something you admit I am right on....

That's kinda why people doubt your motives, honey. :)

NJC said...

The second part of my comment was not directed at you specifically. I'm sorry for dumping you in with the Jeremy can do no wrong cuz he's hot crowd. Not all that sorry though because you had no problem saying I was nuts cuz I trash the family. I've never once trashed the family. I like the family that's why I watch the show.

The first part of my post stands. I find it hard to believe that you don't see the hypocracy of the way your treating Rap. Rap has to just shut up and Sheri can call him/her anything she wants because no one knows who Rap is. You'd have a lot more credibility if you called out Sheri for some of her transgressions the way your calling out Rap. Rap has just as much right to post on here as anyone else. If you don't like what he/she has to say don't read it.

Rap541 said...

NJC - thank you. I'll own "being rude" any day, but not " I don't care but you have to shut up, and I don't know you but you have to shut up since I don't care, and Sheri doesn't know you and I don't know you but its ok for Sheri to name call you in a dishonest way in public even tho she doesn't know you and even I think she's wrong...and I don't care but you deserve to be treated badly."

I'm a pretty good sport but really.

Penny said...

Rap, once again you can't answer the question. I like to come here to read people's comments and I like to see what is going on with the Roloff's, because I actually like them. You don't seem to and it is very bizarre to me.

Comments are one thing, and I think that's great, but you go so overboard. You don't just state your opinion, you make it so that if somebody doesn't agree they are wrong and "unchristian" or some other weird insult.

All I'm saying is you wouldn't get as insulted as you do if you didn't start it. Yes, people do go right back at you, but really I don't blame them. You are an instigator. Just take it down a notch. You never say anything positive.

Really, I just wonder why you come here at all?

Rap541 said...

Penny - I watch this show because I think it's hilarious. I also think some of the fans are hilarious.

Penny - when a proclaimed Christian like Sheri - and Sheri has proclaimed that - states that anyone who says they saw Jeremy drinking is a liar, simply because Jeremy says he doesn't drink and is also a Christian, then yes, religion is going to come into it.

You say "who cares" when *I* am insulted and give a free pass to the insulter so I don't take your one sided "just be positive don't say anything that might upset the pro-roloff crowd and I won't cheerfully endorse your being viciously attacked" views.

If thats what you want - be positive alway or SHUT UP because the conseqence is being smacked down by the pro Roloff fans - I seriously suggest you might enjoy the board.

But I strongly suspect you're already quite familar wth that site considering you're espousing its views.

Anonymous said...

That was a great review Rap, thanks. Just found the site and your reviews always entertain and speak the truth. Keep up the good work! Jen.

Rap541 said...

Thanks! I hope you check out Expressed's reviews as well for a good alternate view.