Monday, November 2, 2009

Guest Roloff episode review by Expressed: Little People Big World Nov 2nd

Our guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

TLC's previews were wrong and it turns we get the BVI episodes tonight after all! :-) I thought we were in store for a boring episode about Amy speaking in Florida doing charity work. I'm glad it was wrong!

*It starts. Amy and Matt argue about furniture or something. There is a playful tone to this one. Matt asks Amy when has he ever failed her. Amy tells Matt life is not all about you.

*Opening credits. The Jeremy shirtless fix.

*Matt is planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Molly says she is excited to go.Amy can't go because she has a speaking engagement scheduled. There was miscommunication.

*Matt and Jeremy go shopping for sun tan lotion. I think Jeremy is the only one in the family that does anything with Matt. This is the third week in a row that Matt and Jeremy went shopping together. Matt says they spent over $175 on sun tan lotion.

*Back at home, Zach is mad that Amy is not going on the BVI trip. Oh gawd. Zach is being a major baby. Sulking. They were going somewhere for breakfast but Zach is refusing to go. He's being a major suck.

*Zach talks to the camera. He says there is a divide between Matt and Amy. Zach explains that Jeremy sides with Matt and he sides with Amy.

*Jer tells the camera there is always major drama between Matt and Zach. Jer says Amy and Zach are very black and white, Matt is grey and Jer is grey.

*I won't lie for the rest of this review and I won't even try to be impartial as you can probably guess. I'm on Matt and Jeremy's side!

*At the breakfast that Zach refused to attend, Amy doesn't sound all that upset she's not going. Not as upset as Zach.

*I'm sure this is for the benefit of the camera and the audience, Matt asks Amy who is going on the BVI trip. Amy's throwing a pity party that she can't go. It's transparent to me. Zach made a major ordeal about it so now Amy is saying she's upset too. Amy is complaining about Matt's poor planning.

*They come back from a commercial and Amy explains there was a major and I mean MAJOR fight between Zach and Matt last night. You know all the major fights happen when the cameras aren't there and this sounds like a hell of a fight. Amy said things were said between Matt and Zach that shouldn't have been said. From what Zach is saying to the camera, he was bitching at Matt about not wanting to go without Amy, Matt called Zach a crybaby. Go Matt!!!!! Matt is totally right. Zach is insulted that Matt called him a baby. Zach is all pissed because he wants Matt to beg and plead for him to go. Zach thinks he will hurt Matt's feelings if he refuses to go. Then they got into the name calling and things are tense!

*Zach calls Molly in behind close doors. Oh great Zach. Zach is now making Molly cry. I hear Molly crying behind the door. Zach is trying to get Molly on his side. Zach starts asking Molly if she's still going to go. Talk about a house divided! Molly doesn't like all the conflict, but she wants to side with Zach. They show Jake on the stairs but I don't know if he was actually listening to all of that.

*Amy and Matt in the office. Amy tells Matt he should talk to Molly and Jake about the trip. I guess Matt has only talked it over with Jeremy. Hey, we all know Jeremy is Matt's favorite and for good reason! :-) With Zach not going, Matt calls his dad, Ron. He's talking to his mother, Peg. Matt makes the mistakes of calling it a father and son trip, Amy jumps all over him because Molly is going too. I thought she was angry because he called it a father son trip without Zach, but she's pissed because he's not including Molly.

*Matt and Zach meet with the cameras in the office. Matt's trying to be nice. Zach is whining that Matt isn't begging enough. Oh God, I've had it with Zach's whining. Cry me a river. My dad wants to take me on a great tropical vacation. Oh poor me! The hardships! Talk about being spoiled! Zach should talk to kids who never get to vacation anywhere. Zach is still whining because according to him, Matt isn't selling Zach on the trip as much as Zach thinks.

*Jeremy says he has zero idea why Zach is not going. Jer, sure you do. It's because Zach and Matt hate each other.

*Zach's guilt trip on Molly worked. Molly has declared she's not going. Zach and Molly meet with Amy in her office like they are plotting something. They tell her that they're not going. I think Amy looks excited. Amy says Jake won't want to go if Molly and Zach aren't going.

*Now the the three of them call Jake in to see what side he's on, ask him if he wants to go. Amy says all the tension has been hard on Jake. They call him into the room and Amy wants an answer now!

*I don't like Jake, but for a sec, I felt for him being caught in the middle. But now he's speaking....Jake is whining that Molly and Zach are the only ones who would do anything with him. That's another shot at Jeremy. Gee Jake, when will you figure out that the reason why Jeremy never wants you around is because you always whine like this?

*Awkward line of the night. Zach and Molly want to go attack Matt with the news that they're refusing to go on this wonderful vacation. Amy said Matt's in his room because "He's had too much tonight"....."too much", too much drama? People are going to be all over that one. I think she meant he had too much to drink so it's not a good time to talk to Matt when he's "like that".

*Jake has decided that he is going!

*Matt says he's inviting his best friend since childhood, named Eric. Papa Ron is coming and so is Mueller.

*What starts off as a harmless conversation in the kitchen between Matt and Zach, with Matt telling Zach that this Eric and Matt were best friends turns into a major argument! Matt says Eric and Matt were closer than Jer and Zach are with Mueller. What? You're pretty bad viewer if you haven't picked up that it's Jeremy and Mueller who are tight, not Zach and Mueller, but whatever. Zach is arguing that there's no way Matt and Eric are better friends than the twins are with Mueller. Matt is getting upset. Zach is getting upset. Zach storms away. Talk about a fight over nothing.

*This episode is really making it clear how bad things are between Zach and Matt. I know some people will always claim editing for drama, but I think this is the real story here. Matt and Zach hate each other.

*The first half hour episode ends with Amy telling Zach that she's pissed that she's not going on the BVI trip.


2nd Episode

*Jacob is a lump on the couch. Jeremy tells Jacob to get his laundry ready to go on the trip.

*Opening credits, they change them up a bit every time. We get an added Jeremy shirtless glimpse! Jeremy is swimming in the ocean.

*Amy says it's the morning that she's leaving for her speaking engagement and Matt, Jer and Jake are leaving for their trip.

*Mueller is there ready to leave. He asks Zach for a high five, probably wondering if Zach is going to be pissed at him since Mueller gets to have all the fun because Zach is being such a huge baby.

*Mueller and Jeremy on the plane. It's the "Mueller cam". Mueller asks Jeremy what Zach and Molly will do since they're missing out. Jeremy laughs. Jeremy is happy. Hey lets all admit it people, Jeremy is happier that he gets a vacation with his BFF than with moody and sulking Zach.

*Jeremy and Matt are filling their paperwork out in red. They get told off because only government officials use red ink. They don't care and it doesn't matter -- they're tv stars! lol.

*I admit I don't like Jake, but am I the only one wondering why they didn't have Jake bring a friend? He does have a couple of friends. This trip is Matt, Grandpa Ron, Matt's life long friend Eric and Jeremy and his BFF Mueller. Why not leave Grandpa or Matt's friend at home and bring another kid for Jake? Would make sense to me.

*The captain of the boat gets Jeremy, Mueller and Jake working on the boat. It's the usual contrived scene showing them struggling to get the boat sailing. They come back from commercial and the captain says they all did fantastic.

*Jake talking to the camera. He says at home Mueller beats him and Jeremy ignore him, but on this trip they were better and treated more as one of their friends. As usual though, Jake sounds miserable while saying this. What a downer this kid is. I hope everyone can figure out why Jeremy usually ignores him.

*Jeremy tells the camera that he loves Mueller more than Zach. Well, not really. Well, actually, yeah basically that's what he was saying. Jeremy said Mueller is a lot more fun to sail with than Zach because Zach would be a baby and not want to do things. I think we all know Jeremy has a better time with Mueller than he does with Zach.

*Back on the farm, Zach complains about Jeremy and Mueller. It's what I was saying earlier about Mueller being friends with both of them. Now Zach is saying that. Jeremy and Mueller are inseparable. He's the third party. Whenever you have three people, one guy is always left out and he doesn't fit in with Jeremy and Mueller.

*Zach plays basketball and with Molly and her friends and tries to look like he's having a great time to convince everyone that he's not a loser for whining his way out of great tropical vacation. Zach disses his friends again by saying that he's more free to be himself when he's around Molly's friends and doesn't get teased for the stuff he says.

*Back in the BVIs, Jeremy goes scuba diving. Jeremy looks super pumped up. He's huge. His body looks rock solid.

*We get clips of Jeremy, Mueller and Jake playing in the water and on rocks, but it's distracting because the voice over is Matt talking about how much pain he's in. They keep flashing from Jeremy back to Matt on the boat. I wish they'd stick with showing us what Jeremy was doing.

*Jeremy gives his usual sweet speech to the camera about it being sad that Matt's health is declining and he's sad that Matt can't do everything he wants to do anymore.

*They all go on ATV's, Matt rides with Jeremy. Matt is feeling sore and in pain. Matt stayed on the boat while the rest of the guys went to dinner.

*Mueller says him and Jeremy will live and die together.

*Back in Oregon, Zach is still desperate to try to act like they're having a good time. Very desperate. He takes Molly and her friend to a waterfall. Zach tries to make it seem interesting. He even says it's better than a trip to the BVI's. He says Matt and Jeremy needed to go all the way to the BVI's to get it, but he found a good time right there in Oregon. Yep Zach, keep on trying to convince yourself of that! LOL. You whined yourself out of a fabulous vacation.

*Zach talks more about how bad his relationship is with Matt. His refusing to go on this trip was really about him standing up to Matt. Zach tries to make it sound like it's a life lesson that at times in life you have to stand up for yourself. You sure showed him Zach. LOL. You whined your way out of a tropical vacation that your "horrible" dad wanted to take you on. Well, I'm sure Mueller (and Jeremy!) was very happy that you're such a suck!

*In the BVIs the guys are at billionaires, Richard Branson's private island! Matt says they were "lucky to get a special invite". Oh yeah, this is typical of the normal family :-) Just last week, Bill Gates invited me to his private his island. I'm glad for them because Jeremy and Matt are great people, but it is kind of funny how they never come out and say they get all of this stuff because they are tv stars. Just admit it! Psst...we know they're tv stars, we are watching the show. LOL.

*Matt climbs up a hill with his friend Eric. I see Jake in the back ground, but Jeremy and Mueller are no where in sight.

*The guys have their final dinner in the BVI's. Matt says it was a great vacation and they made the best of it with everyone who did want to go along.

*Jeremy says Zach missed out big time.

*Back at home, Molly is regretting not going and was dreading Matt and Jeremy being insensitive and coming back telling them about what a great time they had. They don't show them return, so we don't know if they did or not! lol.

*The show ends with Amy telling Zach she's proud of him....for what????? For being a baby and yelling at Matt.

End of the episode. There is a mile long list of credits and hotels, etc, that are thanked. It's even longer than usual.

I'm glad TLC's episode guide was out of order. I wasn't expecting the BVI trip tonight. The major points I'm left with is this.

*Zach and Matt really hate each other. I think I can tell when there is manufactured drama and when things are hidden. I think the animosity between Matt and Zach is hidden most of the time. They can't stand each other. Zach is baby and turns the other family members against Matt.

*Jeremy is getting fed up with Zach. For the second week in a row there was some tension, not as obvious as between Zach and Matt, but some tension between Jeremy and Zach. Jeremy is tired of Zach being a baby and a suck. Zach hates that Jeremy and Matt get along.

*I always like seeing Jeremy shirtless, but for some reason, this episode wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. Like I said in the review, they never really focused on that, it was always quick filler so they could vocalize how much pain Matt was in. I would have rather seen more of what Jeremy and Mueller and Jake did.


Noell :) said...

I love it again!
Seriously, i feel like we are exactly the same ahaha!
I love Jer, you love Jer.
I hate Jake, you hate Jake.
I think Zach is a crybaby, you think Zach is a crybaby.
hahha we are exactly the same! :)
I love reading your reviews!
Ohh and one thing i thought was cute tonight, was when they were at breakfast and Molly couldnt decide what to get and Jer told her to play rock paper scissors, and it was really cute :)

Jocelynn said...

Zach and Matt need family therapy. There are some deep issues between them.

I didn't realize that Molly was that attached to Zach in the family war.

I agree that Jake isn't very expressive in his interviews, but take it easy on him. He's only 12 talking in front of television cameras.

I've also noticed the increasing divide between Zach and Jeremy.

Kaile said...

I feel like most people take Jeremy's side for the sole fact that he's an attractive guy. Not saying that he was wrong in this case, but I'm just saying that regardless of the situation, Jeremy seems to be in favor because of his good looks & shirtless scenes.

Anyway, tonights episodes were kind of sad. I don't have an opinion on whos right and whos wrong.. I could see where both sides were coming from, but the last scene from the first episode from tonight where Zach just exploded was just rude and unnecessary. Zach was obviously tired of his dad's shenenegans which caused him to explode...but Matt and Zach need to straighten that out.

I would also like to note that I love Zach & Molly's relationship. They seem so close, which is really nice. Zach is especially sweet to her and her friends.

Justin said...

The best part tonight was finding out that Zach is sick and tired of the Jeremy/Mueller act.

Brandon said...

"Jeremy seems to be in favor because of his good looks & shirtless scenes."


More truthful words have never been spoken! That has everything to do with it. If Jeremy was not considered attractive, I don't think you would find many people siding with him as they do now.

Anonymous said...

I read this situation differently. I think that jeremy is maturing faster than Zach and so Zach feels more comfortable with Molly and her friends, while at the same time Zach is maturing enough to start to develop his own identity and not want to follow Jeremy around all of the time. I think Zach was caught up in the drama between Amy and Matt and he felt he needed to take sides. While I think Amy needed to make it clear that this was about going on the vacation and not a mom vs dad issue especially since she wasn't going to be home anyway. Amy was still so mad at Matt and probably rightly so that she couldn't articulate that. I don't know why Matt didn't consult with Amy when planning such a big trip. I could see that Amy was trying to teach Zach a lesson that his decisions have consequences that he has to live with. If Amy wasn't going to go, I wish they had tried to do something to make Molly more comfortable about going like inviting Grandma and Grandpa or one of Molly's friends. It is kind of awkward for a teen girl to go on a vacation like that with a bunch of guys. Jeremy and Matt have a lot in common and they want to make Zach more like them instead of accepting him for who he is and he senses that. He might have felt that Jeremy and Matt were going to bully up against him without Amy there. I was glad to see that the guys were making an efford to include Jacob, I know he's pesky so its nice to see.

Roxanne said...

I think Zach also has issues with Mueller.

He's jealous of how close he is with Jeremy. I don't blame him for that.

Debbie said...

The only heart warming aspect of this show was that it is nice that Zach and Molly are really very close.

Craw said...

I'll need to collect my thoughts.

Zach sucks!!!!

Best thing said all night...

Jacob Roloff -- "At home, Mueller just beats me up".

I knew I liked Mueller for a reason! HaHa.

Anonymous said...

Zach has hatred in eyes when he speaks to Matt.

It has to be more than a simple personality conflict. WHY does Zach hate Matt so much? Psychology students? Suggestions?

I agree Expressed. Jeremy was happier that Zach didn't go.

Timothy said...

There is a lot to say about what we saw tonight.

Zach is stubborn and was being unreasonable, but Matt has to act like a father.

STOP name-calling your own kids!

He has already called Jacob a "sissy man"

Now he calls Zach a "cry baby".

He is their father, it's not a school yard disagreement with some kid you don't like.

Anonymous said...

They should have showed the blow up between Matt and Zach. That would have been the most exciting thing ever in this series!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Zach/Matt rift has anything to do with Matt's drinking?

Jocelynn said...

Tashapork, that was very thought-provoking. Good post.

I think you're right on the money about Zach sensing that Matt and Jeremy want Zach to more like them instead of accepting him for who he is.

I think that is the crux of the problem between Zach and Matt.

The only point I would disagree with is that I wouldn't say that Jeremy is maturing faster than Zach. I don't think Jeremy is mature. Jeremy just wants fun, thus more easy-going.

That's not necessarily a show of maturity.

Timothy said...


Regarding Jacob Roloff. I know we got the one sound byte from Jacob about the vacation (the only time he spoke in the entire second episode) but I'm skeptical how much they actually included him.

Anonymous said...

Well, aside from the TV cameras, the lifestyle of the rich and famous and a few other details, they seem pretty much like your average family.

Amy showed glee when she thought she had the majority of the kids on her side, seeing her point of view. Matt actually looked like the more sympathetic figure in the show to me. Seemed pretty classy in offering up the tickets to friends after the two kids declined.

I am not convinced that this is not a story line to put new zest into the show. The Roloffs have always struck me as a strong family that are close. But, I do not know if Matt is a lout when he drinks or how much he drinks. Is Amy a bit superior in attitude because she has a college education? Amytude ?

I do believe that Matt is the driving force in this family. I like him. He is creative, lives life to the fullest and generally seems to be a happy nice guy. I like most of them, that is why I watch. I do enjoy the style of older shows when they were more of a team and not at war.

Did anyone notice that AMY went to her speaking engagement the same day that the BVI trip started, and then Amy returned the night before the guys returned from the BVI's? So Ma went on her trip, Matt and Jer went to the BVI's, Zach and Molly stayed home and watched the paint dry. You have to ask yourself at this point, what is the point? Molly and Zach are either brain dead or this is a manufactured story line. I lived in Virgin Gorda and I have visited Washington, there is no doubt in my mind that any teenager that would refuse this trip is in need of the aforementioned therapy!

Now, I would score this a win for Jeremy and MAtt. Amy is making herself look bad. I get the feeling that they want us to think (or maybe there really is) a power struggle between Matt and Amy as well as other members of the family. Matt 1 Amy 0

I just am not sure that I buy it all.


Megan said...

Something doesn't sit right with me about Jeremy's new found physique. I wonder how he got like that? It wasn't that long ago when he was very skinny. Almost over night he is starting to look like a body builder.

Anonymous said...

I've been disturbed by the way Amy keeps total control over her children's discipline. She gets furious with Matt if he dares put a toe in. I think that is why the kids tend to side with Amy, she lets them lay around, not study and make a mess.

It was really a sad sight to see Amy egging her kids on to skip the vacation with Matt. I understand her anger, but using your children as a weapon against your spouse is cruel.

The entire family would have nothing if not for Matt and his vision. He has spent time with them, showed them how to build things, drive tractors, etc. What many children would love to have in a dad.

It's really sad as Matt's health is deteriorating and we know that he will not live many more years.

I'm not excusing Matt's spending habits, but I think if Amy would be a little less confrontive with him and included him in her circle with the children, she would have his ear more on those things.

Brandon said...

I might have missed something, but I didn't see Amy "egging" her kids on to skip the trip.

Zach made the choice on his own. Molly made her decision after talking with Zach.

Amy didn't pressure them into not going.

Greg said...

Jake was totally reading when he said Jeremy and Mueller treated him like one of their friends. You could see his eyes looking. As staged and scripted as Jeremy's touching words about Matt.

Anonymous said...

Snap! said...
Amy is causing all the drama in the house. She seemed almost giddy when Zach and Molly wanted to stay home. Amy is trying to show the world- look what I have to put up with!
Zach should respect his Dad- Zach treats him like dirt. I would tell my 19 yr old- if you don't like the way this family works- you are old enough to move out. Matt and Amy seem like they don`t function as a couple without the kids.
The parents should be a couple and bring the kids together- not 2 people who divide the kids loyalties between them.
I have a son Jeremy`s age- I don`t think he is taking anything to build up his muscles- that is what a fit 19 yr old looks like. They are skinny when they go through their growth spurts then they gain muscles. Very normal.
TLC loves the drama because it brings up the ratings. The Roloffs are the next Gosselins.
I predict they will split up before Molly graduates.

Greg said...

I'm wondering about Jeremy's sudden muscular build as well. The "thin" or "skinny" Jeremy wasn't just when he was 15 which is natural for a lot of teen boys, but it was just last year. His body is completely different.

Was it not rumored that he was aiming to pursue modelling career? This was in March. Was he gearing up for it by enchancing his body?

delilahboyd said...

I found this blog through a Google search, and am I glad I did! I've been wondering, for a few episodes now, how long Matt and Amy's marriage can possibly last. I don't watch the new episodes very often, but I caught one about Molly's Castle, and I couldn't believe the level of anxiety Amy was demonstrating about Matt's spending... as if it was new behavior. Then, I checked the Comcast show listing and saw that the Roloffs were planning ANOTHER RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE TLC-SPONSORED VACATION.

I can't take another TLC staged vacation (Gosselins, Roloffs, and Little Couple). That's all their producers seem capable of thinking of these days.

I've also wondered about the Matt v Zach/ Matt + Jer/ Molly + Straight A's and future scholarships that will help her get the H out of Dodge in a few years/ Amy v Housework/ WTH is Wrong With Jake? dynamic that's been simmering for a while.

I have a weird feeling that Zach has finally figured out that Matt is not (I repeat: NOT) going to support him like a TV star for the rest of his life, and he (Zach) will have to get a job and learn to take care of himself. Probably sooner than later.

Why else would Zach pitch such a hissy fit over the opportunity to go on vacation unless it's to spite his father on camera? Also, by taking Amy's side, Zach is hoping Amy will continue to let his laziness slide.

As for Matt's drinking, that's probably not something ever to be discussed on camera, and Amy got as close to the truth as possible when she said, "Matt's had too much tonight..."

Anyway, thanks for the blog! I was beginning to think that I was the only viewer concerned about the major Roloff family power struggle I've noticed lately.

Kit said...

Hmmm, I know the Jeremy-lovers will jump all over this, but gotta say it...

Why would Zach not want to go on a vacation without Amy? Because he knows that Matt and Jeremy would make it a miserable experience. I wouldn't go on the "trip of a lifetime" if it meant going with people who so obviously do not like me - especially if those people are FAMILY.

It's been pretty obvious for some time that Zach is "odd man out" when it comes to Matt. Matt simply can't stand not to be worshipped, and Zach is tired of the game. Amy is tired of the game. Jer is happy to be in the game if it means freebies and not having to work. Kiss it, Jer!

Molly (I suspect) decided not to go because who would want to be the only girl around Matt, Jeremy and Mueller? Eewwwwww...

I hope Jake had some fun. For those who ask why Matt didn't invite a friend for Jake? Because it was way more important to have a friend for Matt than for one of the sons he doesn't like. He took Jake along only because he kind of had to.

This show will last maybe one more season. I see some of the same problems heading their way as another family. Easy money and "stardom" have revealed the fame whores. Let's just give them their own show and be done with it. The Matt and Jeremy show! Each week, TLC gives Matt an obscene amount of money, and he either builds a useless toy with it or goes on a vacation with Jeremy. And Jeremy flexes his pecs while he stares soulfully into the camera and intones words of wisdom that ALL of us should live by. Or "wrestles" with Mueller.

Maybe Kate could guest star, and she and Matt could have a showdown over who is more obsessed with being "famous."

Dana said...

"Why would Zach not want to go on a vacation without Amy? Because he knows that Matt and Jeremy would make it a miserable experience. I wouldn't go on the "trip of a lifetime" if it meant going with people who so obviously do not like me - especially if those people are FAMILY."

What I see is very different than what you see.

Jeremy is very good to Zach. Jeremy "not liking" Zach is hogwash. Except when Zach is being a jerk, yes, Jeremy is tired of it.

You were being sarcastic, but I for one would love to see a Matt and Jeremy show. That's how family is supposed to treat each other. Matt adores Jeremy and Jeremy respects and appreciates Matt.

People complain about Jeremy's speeches about Matt, but I don't hear any of those other ungrateful boys of Matt's speaking sympathizing with Matt's declining physical condition.

haley said...

I always look forward to the new episodes and usually once i notice there are only a few minutes left until next week, i get sad, but i didnt like this week as much...
everything is fighting between almost everyone in the family
and if nobodies fighting then their sulking around
and if their not doing that then they are on another tlc vacation

for me the best part was the molly/zach time, since they were basically the only ones not fighting and its cute to watch how close they are. :)

Kit said...

"Matt adores Jeremy" and therein lies the problem. Thanks for stating it so concisely. Matt has a wife and three OTHER children. Maybe if he "adored" them a bit more, they would "respect and appreciate" him as well. Problem is, it's Matt who needs to be "adored."

We all agree Matt and Jer are two sides of the same coin. But parenting is about loving all your children and accepting them for who they are. You don't get to pick the ones you like (well, not if you want to be a GOOD parent). Parenting is not about giving your kids expensive toys and trips so they will "respect and appreciate" you.

Don't you find it just the least bit revealing that Matt won't participate in trips HE didn't think of? Boat trip on the Mississippi? Oh, gotta go home RIGHT NOW because I'm the only one who knows how to water pumpkins. Trip to Europe? Nah, I have more important things to do. Matt is reaping what he's sowing. Period.

Honestly? I would love to see Zach move out. But I wonder if he has any access to all the money the FAMILY has earned over the past few years, or if Matt is controlling it all and doling it out to his favorite for snowboards and sunscreen (and pink floaty toys).

Jeremy is very good to Zach? Where? When? How? By "allowing" him to tag along with him and Mueller (but ONLY if he can "keep up")? By giving him "fashion" advice? Guess I missed that show. Please provide details...

Yeah, I'll agree that what you see IS very different.

Expressed said...

Thanks Noell!:) That is funny and cool. haha. I'm glad we're the same too.

Craw said...

Expressed, good review. I felt the same way as you and Noell.

It was good but not as good as it could have been. The stuff Jeremy and Mueller did was filtered down to about 20 seconds. They should have two episodes in the BVIs like they did for Hawaii, Bahamas and Orlando.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed Jake's whining about Jeremy even BEFORE the trip!

"Only Molly and Zach will play me" whine whine whine. That's all that brat ever does. If Jeremy had heard him complaining BEFORE the trip, Mueller and Jeremy should have made a point of ignoring Jake.

Kind of like the time Jeremy was trying to tell the idiot (Jake) that they would come back for him, but Jake was sulking and had the nerve to call Jeremy an idiot.

I wanted to see for myself if Jake actually acted better with Jeremy and Mueller, but I still don't know. I would have wanted to hear Jeremy talk and say Jake wasn't his usual annoying self, but Jeremy never said anything about Jake.

I'm glad you commented on Jake's attitude when he talks too. It doesn't matter what he's saying. He looks miserable.

It shows how smart (or not) Jake is. Out of his two brothers, who is he more like? The moody, grumpy one.

I can't believe in the other review people are whining about Jeremy having more fun with Mueller than the drama queen (Zach). Do you all forget what Zach was like in New Orleans? If his moods are bad enough, he won't do squat unless there are 20 people begging him to give it a try. Gee, I wonder why Jeremy likes having Mueller there more.

Noell :) said...

Your exactly right!
Zach was the biggest crybaby when they were in New Orleans, i hated it. If i was Jer i would want my friend to go too so i wouldnt have to put up with that little baby.

Talia said...

i feel like Jake is gonna be a moody teenager, i can tell haha

Anonymous said...

Zach hangs out with Molly & her girlfriends.Girls,females, chicks.
Jeremy prefers Meuller,& & wrstling with shirtless men in the garage.
Wake up.
You are dreaming girls. Ain't gonna happen. Now your brothers...

Rod said...

Glad I saw the show for myself. This review is about what I'd expect from my 12 y/o daughter & her friends at a sleepover......JEREMY IS GOD!!!!!!!


Expressed said...

Well Rod you might get relief tonight because I think we're going to get not 1, but 2, Jake episodes.

Jake is an irresponsible brat going wild texting.

Then Zach coaches Jake's soccer team.

Oh great, out of the 3 brothers, they focus on those two.

Noell and I will feel like we're serving a prison sentence forced to watch the brat and the cry baby for the whole hour.

Hopefully the producers will give some of Jeremy, that way the entire hour won't be a waste.

Craw said...

Expressed, don't forget about me! :(

All of us Jer fans who don't like Jake should do an over under on how many times he cries tonight. LOL.

I'm getting a headache right now thinking about the whining later tonight.

How many times will he yell at Matt or whine about Jeremy?

I just know Zach is going to make some smart a** comment about how he's coaching Jake's team and Jeremy isn't.

Linda said...

My hope tonight is that Jacob doesn'texpose his underwear to the world again!

I don't care if some call them "boxer shorts" now. What I saw a couple of weeks ago was a mockery. That's not how a Christian boy is supposed to dress.

PL said...

I missed that show. Can someone please fill me in on what happened? What did Jacob do?

Linda said...

Trust me, you're better off if you didn't see it!

Jacob came waltzing through the play room (in a bad mood) looking like he was trying out for the Junior Chippendales! Except they dress classier than Jacob...

He had no shirt on, his jeans were around his knees (really, they were). His underwear was completely exposed. It was horrendous.

I am not surprised Matt has trouble connecting with that kid.

Rap541 said...

Basically if Jeremy had been dressed the same way (and he has)they'd be oohing and ahhing how hot that particular style was.

See the reaction Jeremy gets for some of his more questionable choices sometimes. Likewise I distinctly remember a season one episode where 15 year old Jeremy got in trouble (with Zach) for running up a ridiculously high cell phone bill. While Jake will be vilified, no one will dare admit that they are being unfair and ridiculous in holding Jake accountable for something they thought was cutie pie when Jeremy was three years older.

Linda said...

Rap, I don't ever recall seeing Jeremy dressed as "slutty" as Jacob was in the episode we were discussing.

I'll watch the episode tonight, but Jacob is 12, maybe 11 depending on the time of year this episode was filmed. Jeremy was 16. As I recall, it was Zach with the high cell phone bill (he was talking to Jen Montzingo in Seattle).

I've never seen Jeremy speak to Matt like how Jacob spoke to Matt when he was questioned about moving the remote control.

Do not excuse Jacob's behavior tonight. I'll be reading your review! :)

Tay said...

If I understood your response to me right. You treat Jake like your precious special one because it's not his choice to be on the show.

That's a cop out. I wish they we saw Jeremy when he was 12. Matt said Jeremy had a great work ethic.

Linda, you're totally right. Jake looked like a stripper.

Craw said...

Rap is defending the runt (Mueller's name for him) already.

I know you'll find a way to blame his bad behavior on Jeremy.

Linda said...

Rap, I've seen Jeremy's waist band of his "boxer shorts" showing a few times. Never have I seen it as bad as what I saw with Jacob.

Judy said...

Don't compare Jeremy to Jake, Rap.

Jake's entire butt (I've never wanted to mention a 12 year old's butt before - yuck!) was showing. I've never seen Jeremy like that either. Linda pointed out the difference.

They have very different attitudes. You see it in how they treat Matt and how Matt reacts to them.

I've wondered if Jake suffered some permanent damage from the trebuchet accident that makes him act this poorly.

I don't excuse Zach, but I understand why Zach has the chip on his shoulder. It can't be easy being the only little person with 3 average size siblings.

There is no excuse for Jake. How can one son be such a joy like Jeremy and the other have an attitude like Jake?

Rap541 said...

So let me get this straight - If Jeremy does it, its cute, and people here are calling Jake brain damaged and slutty?

How exactly was he slutty? Why isn't it *slutty* for Jeremy to trot about shirtless, with his undies showing and his muscles on display? Seems like a LOT of people are pointing out how sexy SEXY YUM the show is now that Jeremy's rocking bod is being used for ratings... that sure seems sluttier but its *Jeremy* so its Christian and of course *innocent* Jeremy at 19 just displays his body to show his joy in Christ while his *slutty* little brother wants to be seen sexually.

You guys do understand you're calling a 12 year old slutty for something you're openly condoning in a teenager who you also insist on praising for taking his shirt off, right?

If you genuinely believe he has *brain damage*, how can you reasonably expect him to act better? Seems like if you geniunely believe the kid has something seriously wrong - you'd realize that you're basically bullying a kid with brain damage and stating that the brain damage is no excuse for him not being equal to his 19 year old brother.

Wow. Are you of you parents? Do you hold your kids to this standard?

Taye - trust me - I have no love for cell phones, or for Jake's 'tude at times but seriously - children don't raise themselves. Also I think you're unreasonable in expecting a 12 year old to emulate a 19 year old in every way... particularly when he does and you then deem it *slutty* and do everything to insist how the same behavior in the older boy didn't happen or is somehow ok.

How many of you folks email Matt about his brain damaged slut-son? I mean, you do realize you're calling a kid on a reality show a brain damaged whoreboy based on the editing?

Rod said...

Expressed, I don't have much use for Jake or Zach either, but they do have names. No, I don't worship at the altar of Jeremy, but I have not and will not address him by anything other than his name. You excoriate anyone who dares to hold Jeremy accountable for his words/actions or fails to kiss his feet, yet you feel no pain at all referring to his brothers as runt/brat/crybaby, etc.

The blind deification of one so undeserving would be astounding had I not seen it before, frighteningly so in 1969.

NJC said...

Just curious if any of you who think it's appropriate to call an 11 year old boy a whore and a brat based on the limited piece of his life a tv editor who's sole job it is to create drama chooses to share with you, can recognize this gentleman with his pants down under his butt?

Oh no it's Jeremy! And unlike his little brother who was dressed that way early morning in his own house, he's outside showing the whole world his unmentionables.

Some of you people really need to remind yourselfs that this is a TV Show. You're not seeing anything that producers and editors haven't chosen to show you. Jacob walked around his own home with his underwear showing. It was the TV crew who chose to share it with the whole world.

Tay said...

I don't think Jake has brain damage from the accident. I think that's digging for an excuse for him acting bad.

My problem wasn't that Jake didn't have a shirt on. You can't compare Jeremy, an 18/19 year old the works out to a 12 year old that walks around with his pants around his knees.

If Jeremy looked the way Jake was in that scene, you would have probably had snarky comments asking if he goes to church that way.

Expressed said...

Rod, you can address them how you want. I might disagree with it though.

I'm not going to be over-sensitive choosing my words. Jake acts like a brat. Zach can be a cry baby a lot of the time, including in last week's episodes. Hence "brat" and "cry baby".

Even Matt calls Zach a cry baby! :)

You can describe Jeremy however you want. I might disagree with it, but you can call him what you want. If you don't like my descriptions for Jake and Zach, it would be more productive for you to discuss why you think Jake isn't a brat and why Zach is not a cry baby, rather than complain about my choice of words without anything to back it up.

Jocelynn said...

NJC - Nice find!

I was starting to wonder if I was the only one who remembered Jeremy dressing the same way.

I honestly don't understand all the comments about Jake's pants sagging, when, in my opinion, he's emulating Jeremy (I could be mistaken, but I don't see Zach dressed like that, Jake is copying Jeremy).

I'm not not bothered by any of it for what it's worth. Kids will always have fashion style that their parents don't like or understand.

Linda said...

NJC, thanks for the picture. That is regrettable. I don't believe that is typical for Jeremy and he did not appear on the television show that way.

It's harder to get an accurate picture of a still photo like that. In Jeremy's defense, he is busy delicately shaving his friend's head, his jeans could have been loose and slipped.
That's not what happened to Jacob on the show. I also remember Jeremy's sweat pants falling down when he was leaning over making boxes for Matt's stools. He kept on lifting them back up. It was not intentional. That's not the same thing as Jacob who walked through the room three or four times like that.

Expressed said...


I haven't commented on the "Jake's boxers" drama. I don't think that's a big deal. It's Jake's attitude that I don't like.

Though you have to admit there is a difference between an 11 year old and Jeremy who was 17 in that picture (it's a great picture by the way).

If Jake was a tan as Jeremy and had a butt like Jeremy's, I don't think anyone would have been complaining. (wink). He's not. He's an 11 year old and I don't think people want to see an 11 year old looking like that. I don't think it's a big deal though.

Jake in that cleaning up scene and Jeremy in that picture is about the only similarity Jake has with Jeremy.

Nobody who defends Jake really ever answers why Matt, the father of both boys, clearly has very different opinions of Jeremy and Jake.

Rap541 said...

Linda - its regretable? Not "slutty"?

Didn't you say it was "slutty"? I believe you called a 12 year old slutty over wearing his pants down over his butt... but his sexually mature older brother doing the same is merely regrettable? Not slutty?

And since Jeremy clearly has no compunctions about standing outdoors with his butt hanging out his jeans with no shirt... I can't help but wonder if you'd agree Jake just might have seen this as acceptable? Since no one was calling big brother a first class slut with brain damage for doing it?

Expressed - The similarity is that BOTH have their butts hanging out covered by their boxers and the 12 year old is being called a brain damaged little slut while the kid old enough to know better is being excused. Even tho ALL the boys in the Jeremy photo are affecting the same "slutty" style... Precious perfect Jeremy merely was concetrating too hard and really did nothing wrong.

I notice no one who used the term "slutty" cares to defend it.

Rod said...

Expressed, you can call em Beowulf for all I care. Just remember that when someone decides to do the same in reference to Jeremy. Nothing from the cult crying foul & demanding *respect* when none is given.

For the record, I find all 3 of them (Jeremy, Zach & Jake) equally appalling.

Kit said...

"Nobody who defends Jake really ever answers why Matt, the father of both boys, clearly has very different opinions of Jeremy and Jake."

Well, we do, but you don't want to hear it, so I guess the answer doesn't exist. Matt has a very different opinion of Jeremy and Jake because Jeremy kisses up to Matt and tells him exactly what he wants to hear and jumps on board with all of his schemes because they are "cool." Matt and Jeremy are exactly alike in personality, so Jer has the whole act down, and knows exactly how to play the "old man" to get what he wants.

Jake either hasn't figured that out yet, or is not interested in playing the game, even if it means his father thinks he's a crybaby or brat. How sad that your father's "love" for you depends on whether or not you share his personality and blindly follow his every move.

Zach HAS figured it out, and sees exactly what Jer is doing and seems pretty disgusted and/or depressed by the whole thing. Knowing that no matter what you do, you're not going to be able to compete with the "golden boy" for dad's favor is a pretty tough thing to grow up with. I seem to remember a very telling comment from the show where he, Jer and Matt brought the revamped VW bug back to Oregon. He said something like "Yeah, Dad and Jeremy are so much alike, and EVERYTHING is the COOLEST thing they've ever done or the GREATEST experience or the BEST car in the world..." That's not Zach's personality, and it never will be, and for Matt to play favorites among his children based on who is most like him says more about Matt than it does Zach or Jake.

Expressed said...

Rap, Jake's look didn't bother me.

Jeremy is old enough to know better? Know better of what? It's the style and it works for Jeremy! Show 50 people that picture NJC posted of Jer. I bet 45 of them would love it!

You're off the track with this brain damage stuff. One person wondered out loud if Jake had lasting affects from the accident to explain/excuse his attitude and behavioral problems. It had nothing to do with his boxers.

Once again, I wasn't bothered by it, but you're being silly if you're ignoring that there is a difference between a kid Jeremy's age dressing a certain way and little boy like Jake.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - again - the difference is that BOTH are wearing their jeans down to show their boxer covered butts and its WRONG for Jake and its OK for his much older brother.

I don't really care whether you find Jeremy HOT in the picture - thats your stock answer, its ok because Jeremy is CUTE and if you ask people, they will say its cute so Jeremy can do whatever he pleases. Ok, we all get your "ITS CUTE SO ITS FINE" view.

My point was - when Jeremy does it, its fine, when Jake does it, its bad. Several people proceeded to protest, stating Jeremy had never done such a thing to such extremes, that Jake was "slutty" and Linda stated that he was not a Christian due to how he was wearin his pants.

Jeremy is then proven to wear his pants the same way - and yes AS THE OLDER CHILD is clearly not emulating Jake, and guess what? You say it looks good (as usual) and Linda (the "slutty" and "not Christian" viewpoint) merely says it was regrettable. Not slutty, and Linda did not question *Jeremy's* religious faith.... I would like to know why its ok to call one slutty and excuse the older?

I'd also like to know why it's "slutty" on a prebuscent child but ok on a sexually mature teen? Why its unchristian on a 12 year old but ok on an adult?

Or is it, as I suspect, a double standard? As I said if Jer does it, people praise it no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to realize that Matt must have a drinking habit that hasn't been that detectable previously (except for the DUI episodes). For whatever reason, perhaps his health, maybe the drinking is escalating and the family is becoming more alienated. His stature has surely gotten worse from even last year episodes. It may be purely a TV show, but one thread of reality has visibly shown the regression of Matt's physical deterioration.

Rap541 said...

"I don't believe that is typical for Jeremy and he did not appear on the television show that way."

He absolutely did appear ON the show that way because people commented on it at the time. Of course they weren't calling him a "slut" and "not Christian", at the time I recall most of us just found it funny how the boys were modeling wanna be skinhead gangbanger fashion.

I assume Linda that you do NOT consider Jeremy slutty and non Christian but do think his much younger brother should have known better? I assume then that you consider Jake much smarter and more responsible than Jeremy since he's accountable like an adult at 12 while poor baby Jer at seventeen just didn't know better since he's a "child"?

God, next you'll allclaim Jeremy was just imitating Jake since Jake is the one he learned it from.

dkg said...

Yeah Judy,

You are on a message board freaking out about someone exposing their NONE nude rear end and how deplorable that is. Think honestly, about what you are saying. 6 million plus killed in concentration camps, global warming, 10,000 kids dying a day from water borne diseases, terrorist, cancers, AIDS, family members dying and we are born in the nude from the womb, and you are on here, saying how awful it was that a 12 year old boy, a young kid in his own home was wearing his jeans low??

Anonymous said...

The only reason why you side with Jeremy because you think he's hot. You think that he does no wrong!!! HOW RUDE!!

Tyler said...

I think that Jeremy has some growing up to do! And the only reason you on his side is because he's hot! You act like he does no wrong! The whole show has gone down hill! It no longer relates to people! Its all about money!!!