Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Roloff episode review by Expressed: Little People, Big World November 16th

Our guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It starts with Matt and Amy playfully arguing in the kitchen. Matt wants the table shorter. They joke argue about how Matt asked Amy to 'come here' as Amy wipes the table clean.

*Matt tells the camera that a friend had an extra ticket for Hawaii, so he decided to go, just him. A 5 day trip no family. It also happens to be Mother's Day weekend and the twins 19th birthday. Matt says he might have picked a bad time. Yep!!! He says it might have a been a big selfish. Yep!!!

*Matt says the important thing when you've been married for 22 years, sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is leave and get away from them and let them be free of you. If everything is really great in their marriage like Matt said, stuff like this doesn't make it seem that way.

*Amy looks pissed as she talks to Matt in the office. Matt says he's missing his headphones and an i-phone. Blame Jake! Oh, I guess I was wrong. Matt found it. Amy doesn't care.

*Matt says in a marriage you go through ups and downs and his present to Amy for Mother's day is to leave her by going to Hawaii alone. Great.

*Jeremy, Zach and Jake say they're going to have an air soft gun war. They're a lot like pellet guns. Jer says Zach and Jake have the same emotional level. Zing for Jeremy at Zach! lol.

*They walk out by the driveway, Jake shoots Zach in the back. Zach asks Jeremy if Jake just shot him. Does anyone else notice that Jake always does that kind of thing to Zach and not Jeremy? Maybe he is smart after all.

*Zach is pissed and wants revenge. Jeremy once again displays his wisdom by saying this is going to get bad quick.

*Zach chases Jake. Jake is inside one of the 28 Roloff vehicles that seem to be in the driveway. Is this a jeep? It looks like Jake is trying to pull the door closed, Zach is pulling it open. He must have shot Jake. Next thing you know, Jeremy says Zach shot Jake in the face. Jake walks away crying. They show Jake's face later, he has a mark.

*I have to stop here for a second. How about all those who is more mature discussions? Jeremy or Zach? Nuff said. As much as I'll admit that it was kind of nice to see brat boy Jake get a taste of his own medicine (he always annoys people and then cries when it comes back to him), Zach is 19.

*Back to the show. Jake is pissed and looking for revenge. He has a shotgun! Wow. He looks a little too comfortable carrying that shotgun. I have a vision of him robbing a liquor store one day with the way he's holding that shotgun.

*Jeremy talks about Zach and Jake and how they get out of control. Once again Jer shows how smart he is. When things start to get like that, he just leaves. Molly tells the camera that she doesn't like guns. They cut to commercial with Jake sitting behind the wheel of the van. Maybe they have so many vehicles Jake has his own now? :)

*Jake and Zach are in a showdown. They don't trust the other to put the gun down first. Molly comes out to be the peacemaker and takes the guns away. She comments to the camera how pathetic Zach is. She can't believe he's 19 and just shot a 12 year old in the face. I agree with Molly as much as I think Jake deserved it.

*Amy, Jake, Molly, Zach and Jeremy gather around the table. They say they're having a very reserved birthday celebration. Jake looks miserable. Zach tells everyone that Jake is still pissed at him. Jeremy, Molly and Amy all get on Zach for shooting a 12 year old. Zach kind of laughs and says he has his own way of dealing with Jake when he gets annoying. Jeremy says Zach's way of dealing with it is the problem. Jeremy is sounding very smart this season.

*They say usually they have big birthday celebrations for Jeremy and Zach but this year they aren't really doing anything, just cake at home. I'm not a believer. Since there are no friends there, I'm sure they did something else with them.

*Amy is taking the family camping since Matt abandoned them. They go to a camping store. Fashion note: Did Jeremy cut his sweatpants and make them into shorts?

*They drive to the camping place. Amy is kind of rude telling the guy that she doesn't know where to go. They drive trying to find the camp site. They arrive somewhere. They're not sure if it's somebody house or a camp ground. Hopefully it's not someone's house because they're camping there anyway!

*Amy says they had trouble getting the tent up, the fire didn't go well, Amy's marshmallow or hotdog dropped into the fire. Amy says it wasn't a good first day.

*The next day they planned to go kite boarding, but there's no wind. Jeremy tried, but it kept on crashing. Blame that on the wind and not on Jeremy. He looks dejected. Amy says that didn't go well and the kids were bored.

*In the van about the only interesting thing that happens is Amy asking Molly what Matt said. Interesting that Matt called Molly and not Amy obviously.

*Zach's turn to sound wise, trying to redeem himself after the shooting Jake in the face ordeal. He says Matt and Amy don't communicate and communication is the key to any relationship.

*Next up is kayaking. I notice Jake and Zach are walking arm in arm so unless they were secretly trying to strangle each other they seemed to be over their fued.

*They say kayaking is peaceful. Jeremy says he likes camping, likes getting away from the noise and the stresses of home. Jer gets stressed?

*They're back at the camp site at night. Friendly music plays and smiles are shown. This scene is supposed to be a happy family scene, but I think the kids are bored out of their minds. Anyone else get the feeling that once they turn off the cameras, Mueller is going to jump out of the woods and then they'll have some real fun?

*They give Amy a gift, chocolates and flowers. The card they give her was blurred out.

End of episode


2nd episode

*Molly, Jake and Zach are playing soccer in the yard. Molly is talking Spanish. Jake talks Spanish too. He says Molly is crazy.

*They're at Faith Bible. I don't know if they really did all the filming at Faith in one or two days, but they show Faith more these days than they used to.

*Molly is getting A's. She says it's because she does her homework when she gets home from school. The boys do nothing all night.

* Molly helps Zach for a sign language test, but Molly says Zach gets distracted too easily.

*Jeremy is nowhere to be found so far.

*Molly failed a math test. Zach is shocked. Surprisingly, Molly doesn't seem upset. Zach thinks Molly is on the way to following in his footsteps of going downhill once you reach high school.

*They're having dinner. A Matt and Jeremy sighting! Molly says she failed that math test. Matt is shocked. At least Matt and Zach have some common ground on that.

*Matt asks about college for Jeremy and Zach. With that, Jeremy says it's time for him to go to the gym.

*Amy drags Jeremy and Zach to another University. This time it's the University of Portland. Jeremy and Zach seem very confused filling out paperwork.

*Someone from the University asks them how senior is going? Jeremy says it's going good. Amy doesn't like that answer.

*Amy starts going on about dwarf stuff, the height differences Zach faces. How Zach should ask himself if he would have trouble reaching things. Zach says he doesn't care about that stuff. If he can't reach something, he just asks someone. I give Zach credit for that.

*Amy says Zach is about to move out and it will be a shock to him because he won't be in his comfort zone. Rewind. About to move out? Maybe not :) Are they trying to trick people who just watch the show on tv into thinking Jeremy and Zach actually move away for college?

* They walk around the university. Jeremy talks about being together with Zach. They shared a room their whole lives, the same school, the same friends. He said if they finally don't stay together it'll be weird. Jeremy says it's always been a given that they do things together. Zach adds that if one signs up for a college, the other will sign up too. So much for separating.

*Molly did get a B+ on her report card. Amy is making a big deal about it. Molly seems annoyed that Amy's making a big deal about it.

*Back at Faith Bible again: It looks like they're all in the hall studying for a test. Jeremy is standing near a locker. I'll be honest, these episodes haven't been that great tonight so it's time for a Jeremy drool fest! Noell and others will understand. I think those shorts are the ones Jeremy wore at the famous graduation party pictures. Damn Jeremy looks good in those shorts!

* Back in class, Jeremy tells us that Zach has been up and down this year and everyone, him and his friends have noticed it. He loves or hates stuff. I think I heard Jeremy say Zach has his dwarf "stuff" going on. I think that's coming from Amy. More on that later. Jeremy says teachers have told Zach he might not graduate.

*Zach is doing horribly in school. He's doing so bad that he's feeling miserable about it. So Amy let him stay home for school. He's being lazy watching soccer on the couch in his room. That makes a lot of sense. You're close to failing, so skip school.

*Back at school. Why is Dan in Molly's math class?

*At home, 6 weeks later, Amy has another report card. Surprise, Molly's B+ is back up to an A. Amy is proud. She thinks Molly won't get distracted in high school like Jeremy and Zach did.

*Amy gives a big commentary about how Zach is going through an LP crisis trying to figure out where he fits in with his friends and into the world and that's why he's sucking in school. I think Amy is just making excuses for him. Molly even said earlier that Zach isn't giving any effort when she tried to help him study for a test. But Amy is blaming it on Zach being a LP and having a crisis.

End of episode.

These episodes weren't so hot. Lack of focus on Jeremy. They were kind of boring. At least Jeremy should get a reprieve in the talk for the next week.

The two points that stick out from this week are both about Zach. He shoots a 12 year old in the face with a pellet gun and he really sucks in school.


Parker said...

I agree, there needs to be more of Jer :) and his fashion style just adds to his overall hotness

But, it was kinda nice to have a Molly episode, cause she's my next favorite and is rarely noted

Tashapork said...

I am getting tired of seeing all of the fighting between Amy and Matt, there is never any resolution to it and they never do anything to make things better. I was glad that the kids thought of their mother for mothers' day, but surely they have enough money to buy her something nicer. Matt also could have arranged for her to get something nice. Maybe he did and due to TLC’s editing powers we didn’t see it. kayacking did look fun and it made me want to try it. I think if Zach is having so much anger that he doesn't see anything wrong with shooting a twelve year old in the face with a pellet gun, Amy and Matt need to get him some serious help. It isn't the wound that is the problem, although Jake could have lost an eye, it is the attitude behind it. It is kind of sad that fifteen year old Molly needs to be a parent for nineteen year old Zach and kind of sad that Jeremy didn’t intervene.
The next episode was another episode about grades. They may as well call season five Marital Distress and Grades. They were all panicky about Molly’s B+ when if Jeremy or Zach would have gotten the same grade they probably would have rolled out the red carpet for them. That is why some of these smart kids end up having emotional problems, they are afraid to not be perfect and they are very stressed out. I don’t think Amy understands Zach’s problem. I don’t see it as an LP crisis, I see it as a poor rich boy/ celebrity got to his head crisis. He thinks he is going to be rich his whole life and not have to do anything. He thinks he will get whatever he wants because he is Zach Roloff. I may be wrong, but that is just how I see it. I care about the Roloffs and have grown attached to them over the years, I hope they aren’t self destructing.

Greg said...

I don't totally approve of Zach shooting Jake (especially not in the face) but Expressed, your question deserves an answer.

"Does anyone else notice that Jake always does that kind of thing to Zach and not Jeremy?"

Yes I notice that. I think Zach knows the answer to that too and that's why Zach is so determined to get revenge.

Jake is bigger than Zach. He wants to be the little brother picking on his "big" brother.

That's why he doesn't mess with Jeremy. He thinks he can handle Zach because he's taller.

I don't approve of what Zach did, but I wonder, if Jake shot Jeremy, would Jeremy have been all calm and collected? It's easy to say someone else was wrong in their reaction when it doesn't happen to you. I don't think Jeremy would have said "Oh, that's alright". He would have wanted to look tough and not take crap from his 12 year old brother. For Zach it's even more of a sore point because of his size. He doesn't want his younger brother to be seen picking on him.

Anonymous said...

Both episodes......more irrefutable evidence that Molly's the only one in the family with more than 3 functional brain cells.

Susan said...

The air gun crap is proof that the boys in this family have no common sense. They're wild.

Jeremy doesn't get off the hook completely. Molly at 15 or 16 had the common sense to break it up. Jeremy just walked away. Jake shouldn't shoot people and Zach needs to show some restraint.

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree with most everything that Tashapork has said...I think Zach's anger is NOT a LP crisis like Amy is trying so hard to convince us, the public. I think part of his anger is from his parents fighting and Amy constantly wanting the kids to side with her over Matt and make herself look superior and like the better parent. This all looks so familiar, kind of like what Kate did to Jon a few years ago. Maybe all this "speaking" and traveling around has gone to her head like it did to Kate and now look at her, she's admitted she's like to take a whole lot of what she said and how she treated Jon back. I think Amy is very disrespectful to Matt when most of the time he's just trying to better the family and make things nice for her and the kids. What man wouldn't want a cleaner home??? He's even tried to hire help and she even blew up about that, he really cannot win with her. I don't blame him for getting away by himself. She had no respect for him even when he called to check in, what kind of mother/parent makes those snide remarks to her kids about their dad when he calls? If you ask me, only a woman looking for a divorce! Not fair to Matt after all the work he's done on that farm!!! Not fair to those kids, shame on Amy, she's really messing with their heads and has no idea how it will effect them later on.

Anonymous said...

I think Zach is going through a depression since a lot of the symptoms are happening in him.

Anne said...

I enjoyed the first episode. The camping trip was alright. Zach does need anger management lessons. That was not acceptable. Susan, no go. It wasn't Jeremy's fault. Don't pin this one on him.

Kayaking would have been more fun if there was a wind that day.

I also questioned Amy's decision to allow Zach to stay home from school.

Rap, I wouldn't scoff at Jeremy for his comment about being together with Zach at twins. It was a valid comment.

MSN said...

Zach was wrong, but Jacob is out of control.

I really do wonder what Jeremy would have done if Jacob had shot him?

Cindy said...

Kudos Expressed. I had the same reaction to Jeremy on the trip. His heart was not in that trip. He was obviously forced to be apart of it.

Rap541 said...

"Rap, I wouldn't scoff at Jeremy for his comment about being together with Zach at twins. It was a valid comment."

It's easier to respond to your comments about my review when you make them in my review post, not Expressed's.

Jeremy looking at the camera and stating the *obvious* is hardly a deep thought. Oh, and intentioally walking away from his father and snottily spelling "Senior" - was that Jeremy showing his love and deep all encompasing respect for his admired father? I wonder :)

Cindy - yes poor poor Jeremy, forced to spend time with his horrible family. This was clearly yet another example of nineteen year old child Jeremy being child abused by his awful mother and brothers and sister. Imagine how he must have cried the entire time.

Makes you wonder why Matt left him behind with the family Matt doesn't like.

Kit said...

One thing that struck me when I heard it - the comment about "Whoever signs up for college first, the other will just sign up as well." I wonder if the boys even realize that you don't "sign up" for college like you do for a high school soccer tryout? And not knowing their SAT scores? EVERYONE knows their SAT score.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Jacob shooting Zach and Zach shooting Jacob is that Zach is an adult now.
If he keeps responding to Jacobs instigations like that he will have Child Protective Services on his case. Some one needs to give Zach the news that he is an adult now.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! This is my first post regarding the Roloff's and I have to 100% agree with Tashapork and Anonymous (#2). I think the price of 'fame' is eating away at the foundation of this family. I also think Amy treats Matt like a sack of garbage most of the time and she encourages her children to do the same. If she has issues with her husband then it needs to be between her and Matt. Nothing that man does for her is ever good enough.
Zach is a mamma's boy and needs to grow up. Amy needs to grow up as well and learn to appreciate her husband.
I think TLC is once again putting a marriage on display so that we can watch it self-destruct.
Add it to the list

washington state said...

The Roloff's are right behind the Gosselin's.
Sad to watch

Rap541 said...

Kit - its interesting that there's no consideration at all by *anyone* that the twins could go to seperate schools.

Brokenwing said...

"its interesting that there's no consideration at all by *anyone* that the twins could go to seperate schools."

In my opinion, it's because Zach doesn't want to and Amy doesn't want it too. I think Amy knows Zach needs Jeremy.

Jeremy explained he hasn't really thought about it because it was always a given. Jeremy is a nice kid who doesn't like to conflict. It would be a lot for Jeremy to tell Zach that he wants to go somewhere (like a college) without Zach. Jeremy would be made to feel guilty, in my opinion.

Zach needs Jeremy a lot more than the other way around. Zach is always very quick to answer. He snapped, almost in a panic a couple of years ago before the remodel when Matt suggested they get separate bedrooms. Zach also was quick to answer the college question about signing up right after.

Zach is very lucky to have Jeremy and that Jeremy allows it. It would be nice if Zach showed his appreciate more.

Anonymous said...

Just brace yourself for Rap's ridiculous comments, brokenwing, they are coming...

NJC said...

Didn't they say Jacob grabbed a BB gun not a shotgun? Not trying to excuse it at all, it's still very dangerous, just trying to clarify.

Rap541 said...

Anon - while I think Brokenwing has shown herself to be a member of the "Poor child Jeremy, the much put upon victim and essentially perfect, innocent and blameless" club - I still think both young men would do well to be seperated and not treated like they have to do everything as a team.

Noell :) said...

Expressed, again you did amazing!
Im sick of Zach and Jacob fighting all the time!
I didnt mind seeing more of Molly, Molly is my second favorite :)
I love Jer's style, he really looks good in what he wears. Most people couldnt pull his style off. But he can, for sure! :)

Carol said...

Zach could be going through an LP crisis. For the most part, he hasn't needed to adust to be an LP like most others. The same friends since kindergarten, being apart of the cool kids at school because of Jeremy, his home is custom built for him, he has his parents as LP examples. When he's out in public, a lot of the time his celebrity status shines brighter than his dwarfism. I can guarantee Zach gets friendlier service than the average person.

He could be realizing how difficult things can be outside of the sheltered live his parents have created for him. I think depression is common for little people. I remember reading about another LP family. The mother said her kids had a very tough time and she was actually raising her grand daughter because her LP daughter had a breakdown, if I recall correctly.

Even Jen Montzingo has mentioned on her blog that she has seen a therapist (very couragious to be honest about it) and Jen seems much more 'together' and grounded than the Roloffs.

BCA said...

Jacob's problems have to be addressed. Our family likes Jeremy a lot. We would like to see him step as the brother and as the man in the family that Matt cannot fulfill because of his physical condition.

Jacob has to be put in his place and be taught a lesson. We have seen him hit a girl, Molly. We have seen him attempt to pick on a dwarf. A boy needs to be taught how to be a man and how to be respectful. Left Wing Liberals know not what they speak of. Old fashioned discipline is the only way that gets results. We would like to see Jeremy put Jacob in his place the next time he acts up. He wouldn't do it again.

Jeremy is a wonderful young man that makes Matt proud, however the one change in him I would like to see is for him to be more authoratative when Jacob is acting up instead of removing himself from the situation as his nature.

Jacob could learn a lot from Jeremy, but if he won't Jeremy should teach him a lesson when he acts like that.

I am confident if Matt was an average size person he would have disciplined Jacob and we would not see him act as disgraceful and be as disrespectful to his parents and siblings as he is today.

Craw said...

I totally agree, BCA.

I keep hoping one of these days Jake is going to piss Jeremy off and he will go off on him and lay the smack down on him. lol.

You never know, we don't see everything that happens. It could happen. Jake said Mueller beats him up and we never see that :) Jeremy might too sometimes, but he does seem to ignore him instead of getting involved.

It would be fun to see it happen on camera. He should have done it when that little brat called him "you stupid idiot" after Jeremy was explaining that they were coming back home to get Jake later.

Or the time they were playing WII and Jake was faking punching Jeremy, trying to ignore him. He looked like a little psycho then too, but Jeremy was too focused on the video too care.

I can tell by what Jeremy says when Zach snaps at Jake that Jeremy thinks Jake deserves it most of the time, but I'd like to see Jeremy lay the smack down on Jake too.

Expressed said...

Thanks Noell:) We do. I hope some of the shows that are coming are better than the previews. Amy doing charity work on her own in Florida, the Iraq family...

I don't mind Molly either. She seems like a nice person. She just isn't as interesting or as fun to watch as Jeremy. I'm sick of Jake and Zach being brats and cry babies, too.

Craw, I remember the big RV fight between Jake and Zach. I was surprised when it started, Jake called to Jeremy "Jer, get him off!" That made me think that Jeremy sometimes helps Jake when he annoys Zach enough that he reacts.

It would be interesting to see what Jeremy would do if Jake tried to pull crap with Jeremy. Jake is a coward how he does it Zach and not Jeremy.

Before anyone gets upset, isn't part of the big brother fratenity, that they're supposed to beat up little brother sometimes? Some big brothers do it unprovoked. When little brother is as bad as Jake, it's more than warranted!

NJC said...

Some of you people are sick. Big smiles because a 19yo loser friend of the family enjoys beating up a 12yo. Oh gosh if only we could see it on tv it would be so great!

I have 4 brothers and yes we got in fights sometimes but never anything close to a beating and never just a random let's beat up the younger one. I'll tell you one thing for sure though, if one of my friends enjoyed beating on my little brother, he'd be in for a major beating of his own. He certainly wouldn't be sailing around the Caribean with me.

Punishment is useless unless you actually explain why the kids being punished. Random beatings teach nothing other than the bigger guy wins.

Somebody needs to sit that kid down and set down the law for his own sake. There will be consequences if you break the rules. Then if he acts up follow through with the punishment. (btw I'm not saying that can't be corporal punishment if they think thats the best way) They let him get away with too much and he knows whatever punishment they give him isn't going to hold up. Heck he tells them right to their face that they're not going to follow through and they don't.

I do see a role for Jeremy in this too. Jeremy's a good kid. He's been in the exact same situation that Jake is, growing bigger than his parents and brother, but he's managed to handle it sympathetically without feeling the need to throw his weight around. He should try to get it through to Jacob that you don't treat family like that.

Based on this edited tv drama depiction of Jacob he seems to be some one in need of help. Whether it's his parents and family setting him straight, professional help or some cobination of both I don't know. I do know that a beating by the neighbor boy isn't going to cut it.

Anonymous said...

Jacob seems to get hurt a LOT!!! Personally I think he likes the attention....

Expressed said...

Oh come on, NJC! Don't take it so literally.

"if one of my friends enjoyed beating on my little brother, he'd be in for a major beating of his own. He certainly wouldn't be sailing around the Caribean with me."

Jake said 'Mueller usually beats me up and stuff'. You don't actually think he leaves him bloody? Be realistic about it. Like the time on the vacation in Michigan. They were in the hotel room. Mueller choke-slammed Jake onto the bed. Jake was laughing. Actually I think Jake likes that Mueller gives him attention. The other time Mueller was kneeling or sitting on Jake, pretending to punch him in the side. Jake laughing called to Amy to tell Mueller to get off. Amy said Jake started it.

I am SURE that's what Jake meant by Mueller beats him up. Not an actually violent beating.

And no, none of us are sick. The kid is a pest. He goes around annoying people and won't stop. Do you remember when Mueller was sitting quietly on the couch, Jake kept on hitting him with a pillow? Mueller asked him to stop. Jake kept hitting him. Mueller then called Zach in to beat Jake up and make him stop. As usual, Jake ran away crying.

When a kid is being a pest like that, saying "no, stop", just isn't going to cut it.

Rap541 said...

I'm sorry expressed, but it is kinda sick to cheerfully advocate that Jake get a beat down from Jeremy.Would it make you hot and excited to see Jeremy give Jake a smack? Maybe Jeremy could strip to the waist so you can see his muscles ripple as he "disciplines" his brother?

All the more hilarious is the notion that Jeremy "walk away from dad when dad has serious questions about the future and snottily spell senior" Roloff is mature enough to discipline himself, let alone someone else.

NJC said...

Oh i get it. The punishment that's really going to straighten out Jake is a playful "smack down" that he laughs about and enjoys the attention from. That's what you guys meant?

I have to say that I disagree with your take on that. Seems like people were talking about something a little more painful. And no I wouldn't put up with a 19yo hurting my 12yo brother no matter what kind of pest he was being. If a 19yo can't figure out a way to stop a 12yo from hitting him with a pillow other than calling in a beating, then that guys got more serious problems than the pillow.

And btw, I wrote nothing about the proper reaction being to say "no stop". Not sure where you came up with that. As a matter of fact I specifically said I wasn't ruling out corporal punishment, just not from some 19yo neighbor. Excuse me if I don't get the same glee as some others do from the thought of a televised smack down of a 12 year old.

Nora said...

Did you see when Amy went to get the kids up?

Jacob sleeps in his clothes. I have High Definition TV. I could see it from the door. He was wearing jeans and a sweater. Laying on top of the covers face down.

Why is he sleeping in his clothes? Jacob has no structure. This contributes to why his bad behavior. Bed time should be structured. The experts confirm this. No TV, no cell phone, no hand held video games. Off with day clothes, into pajamas and lights off.

That's how it should be done. Amy didn't look alarmed that he was sleeping in full clothes. Amy should force him to become more structured.

Jacob's room was a pig sty too! There were piles of clothes and toys from the foot of the door to the foot of the bed.

In another episode, Amy was leaving in the early morning hours. Jacob was sleeping on the couch, again in a full set of clothes. Doesn't this kid know what his bed is for?

Expressed said...

Maybe Jake is like a wind up toy...he annoys until the time runs out and then drops. Maybe Jeremy carries him back to the play pen (his room), drops him on the bed and that's why he's in his clothes? ;)

All the kids seem to sleep on the couches a lot.