Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World November 30th

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It starts with Matt and Jeremy shopping...again. That's been happening a lot this season. Oh wait, the whole family is there this time. Shopping for cowboy hats. They're heading off to a dude ranch in Utah.

*Am I alone on this, in that white shirt everytime I see Jake, I think of John Travolta in one of those old movies, Grease or something. haha.

* Jake doesn't like the cowboy look, he says it's time to get into this century.

* They're packing. Jeremy says he's bringing lots of shoes. Jer is stoked for horse back riding. He wonders how Zach and Amy will be able to do it since their feet won't reach.

*Amy and the kids are in the van leaving. Amy says Matt is going by himself. Molly calls Matt on his cell, Matt is in the house waiting for the rest of the family....communication lapse. Amy is pissed. With Matt now in the van, Amy drives away a second time. She asks the kids if they have ID, they don't. Amy is extra pissed now. She turns around again. They start out for the 3rd time, Jer jokes that he forgot his cowboy hat and they should turn back. Amy seems miserable.

*They're in Utah now. Riding horses. Zach says it hurts his back. They head down a hill. Jeremy goes first as always and does great. He loves it.

*Amy tries, it does look dangerous for her since her feet don't reach, she's just kind of balancing as she heads down. They come back from commercial, Amy couldn't do it on her own. She talks about how she did it though. Now the guy from the ranch is going in front of her with another horse leading Amy and her horse down slowly.

*Matt kids Amy about being scared, Amy doesn't appreciate it and says she wasn't.

*Jeremy and Jake climb to the top of a mountain. I must say Cowboy Jeremy is looking good in those old jeans :)

*Jeremy is riding up and down steep hills on the horse. He's having a blast! They all say Jeremy is a natural at it.

*Matt says he's so proud of Jer of being great at horse back riding. Matt finally says what fans have been saying forever. Matt admits he lives vicariously through Jeremy. By the way, I don't think that's bad in any way! It's nice. Matt and Jeremy are the most like each (and the 2 best Roloffs!) Matt would love to do all the things Jer can if he wasn't a dwarf with his physical limitations. There's nothing wrong with him living through Jeremy.

*The family plays poker. Matt talks about having a poker face. Jeremy says he can easily read Matt. Jer is right and Matt doesn't do well. I'm surprised everyone knows how to play poker. Surprise (not) Jeremy wins the poker game.

*Matt says Amy is a strong woman and that's what he needs. If he had a delicate flower of a woman he would walk all over her and they'd be in trouble.

*Molly says all of Matt and Amy's arguing is annoying. I agree with you Molly!!!! Right on sister girl!!!

*The Roloffs are helping the ranchers herd the cattle, moving them to a different area. They forgot the stirrups that fit Zach and Amy. The rest of the family goes on ahead. Amy is bummed. Zach looks like he might be sulking. Amy says she doesn't like relying on other people. Jeremy, Molly, and Jake are helping move the cattle along. Jake keeps on asking where Amy and Zach are. About 3 times. Get over it Jake.

*Suddenyly Amy and Zach have caught up with the rest of them. Jeremy tells us they all did great.

*Matt decides he's going to get on a horse. He tells a story about falling off a horse when he was a kid after a surgery when his bones were still sore and that was the last time he rode a horse until now. Jeremy looks really tired. Matt gets on with Jer and the people at the ranch. Matt says his body was sore just from sitting on the horse and the way it bent his legs.

*Cue the weekly Jeremy speech about Matt :) I kid, because it seems like every week in the new season there is a speech from Jeremy about being inspired by Matt, but it is sweet that Jeremy says this stuff. He talks about how despite Matt's physical disabilities, he doesn't let anything stop him from experiencing things.


2nd Episode

*Still at the ranch, the Roloffs are riding a barrell thing, it's like one of those mechanical bulls.

*Amy narrates that they're seeing less and less of Matt. Jeremy calls to Matt to ride the barrell, but Matt is nowhere to be found.

*Jeremy says the ranch is cool because it's different than the Roloffs farm. The ranch is well, a ranch. Their farm has pumpkins and maybe once in a while, they'll try to raise an animal. Ha. I love how Jeremy laughs at himself with stuff like that.

*Amy says she realizes these vacations aren't designed for Matt because of the physical toll it takes on his body, but she has no sympathy. She thinks Matt should still be there and be happy to watch his kids. Amy says she's happy watching her kids. I think it should be pointed out that it's easy for Amy to say that, she does participate in all the things with her kids.

*Matt and Amy hop on a mule to see a sunset. Amy is mad about Matt not being with the family much on this vacation and they're taking this drive because of that. Amy complains about the way Matt drives. Surprise Surprise. Amy complain about something Matt does? Get out! No way! ;)

*More marriage talk -- strong words from Amy....

Amy says more and more differences are coming out between them. She says they have moments of being happy, but they aren't. Her exact words are "With what has been said and done"...they've lost their friendship. They love each other but beyond that remains to be seen.....wait, what has been said and done??

*Now they're skeet shooting....Jake is good at it. Jeremy seems impressed. Jake tries to justify his video game obsession by saying video games are the reason why he's good at this. Jer and Jake have shooting contests.

*I could make a bad joke about Jake looking a little too comfortable with a shotgun.... ;) (a lot of people think Jake is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen in the future!)

* Amy tries and hits one. Zach is nervous shooting because of what happened way back in the first season, 2005 when he went flying after he fired the gun on the camping trip. Zach being nervous about this stuff is getting really annoying. Everything they try, he's reluctant. But I think this might be more of an editing thing. They play the dramatic music. Zach shoots and is fine. Just like the surfing. Just like the imitation sky diving thing. Just like the flying thing on their birthday.

*A guy at the ranch tells Zach to ride a sheep. He leans into it and grabs it's ears or head. He starts to slide off, but pulls it over instead. Poor little sheep. Cue PETA complaints against the Roloffs.

*Oh, this looks like fun. Jeremy is bull riding! Jer actually sounds nervous. He says this is where he busts a lung. He's not out for more than 2 seconds when he gets thrown off, but lands on his feet.

*Now for the 200th time tonight they're talking about Matt not being with the family enough and wanting to go home.....wait, I want more of Jeremy bull riding. He must have went more than just once.

*But now it's all about Matt not being involved and wanting to leave another vacation. Matt says he's leaving the vacation to go back to the farm. Jeremy says they now how to handle it because it happens so often.

*Molly talks about it and seems kind of pissed. She says Matt makes up some "crap" about needing to go back to the farm. She says it will be there later. She's not very sympathetic to Matt. I understand why he might want to leave. He can't do most of the things they're doing.

* Jeremy says it's disappointing to have dad leave. Zach says it's not a family vacation if they're not all there. I think he's just saying that because he set the rule for the whole BVI revolt.

*Now they're at a park. Amy says there is less stress without Matt because he makes it all about himself. Nice.

* The kids seem bored...except for Zach, surprisingly. Zach has a lot of energy.

*Jeremy says he's bummed that Matt needed to leave..

*Amy and Zach sit around a table. Amy's mood is down, complaining about Matt leaving again. Zach is still happy and says he had a great day.

* Amy haybales (thanks Rap! This is another way of saying talking to the camera), where did this come from? Amy breaksdown and starts crying. She started to say that she will never trade moments with her kids...and then she broke down crying.

*Amy says they are at a low point in their marriage. She says "Do Matt and I want to see if we move forward?" Amy says they're at a crossroads.

End of episode

A couple of quick thoughts...

*The worst part about Matt being on these vacations and leaving is that ruins the trip for us the viewers!! Every 3 minutes they have somebody talking about Matt leaving or Matt not spending enough time. I want to see more of their actual vacation! Show more of Jeremy riding the bull! What's the point of all this? They do all these great activities on these vacations and then they spend the episode every 2 minutes talking about Matt not being there, or Matt being sore or Matt leaving or missing Matt.

*The marriage stuff....I'm really sick of it! One of the reasons why is Spirits just posted Matt's newsletter earlier today. Matt talks about how everything is fine. Then what do we get on the show? We get them talking about how they're at a low point in their marriage and they've lost the friendship between them and all this crap. We get a whole episode of this, hell, we're getting a whole season of this and everything that Matt says online is that everything is fine between them. It's hard to take all this negative stuff on the show week after week if it's just lying drama. Enough already!


M said...

I second being sick of the Matt and Amy drama. Enough! We don't need to hear about it every minute. Its like watching Jon and Kate with just with 4 less kids sometimes. Then the news letter about everything being perfect because the cameras are off. It just seems the marriage drama is now fake. Who wants to watch such now obviously fake "reality"?

Tashapork said...

Except for the ending of the second episode, I actually liked this week a lot better than I thought I would. It does bother me that TLC is trying to play up the marital drama and the ending hurt because it gave me pangs of Jon and Kate Plus Eight and I got very attached to that family (and this one too) but the dude ranch was actually quite neat. It didn't seem at all a repeat of the Gosselin show. The kids seemed really engaged in what was going on. I was actually scared for them as they were horseback riding up the hills, I know I couldn't do it. It was neat to see the different reactions to trying new things. I was happy to see Matt be honest about how he lives vicariously through Jeremy. I have seen some of that sentiment from Amy in regards to Molly doing things like going to the winter formal. This ahows things through an LP perspective. I do think many of them get tired after a certain amount of vacation and it might not hurt for them to plan shorter ones.

Noell :) said...

Great job Expressed! :)
I loved these episodes! They were really fun exciting :) (well besides the whole marriage thing anf matt leaving)
I love the cowboy look on Jer too :)

Jocelynn said...

Tasha, I enjoyed the Dude ranch episodes as well. Not necessarily Jeremy, but I agree with Expressed that it would have been nice to get to enjoy more of what they did without the storyline about Matt leaving: "will he or won't he?"

Jeremy did look like he had a great time on that horse. I would be surprised if he had never rode one before. Most of his friends do live on farms, correct? Someone must have a horse.

Expressed said...

Noell:) Thanks! :) I will say I liked Cowboy Jeremy with the jeans on more than Cowboy Jeremy with the brown overalls :)

M, yeah thanks for the back up on that! It's annoying. We don't get two minutes to enjoy what they're doing without somebody blabbing about how bad things are between Matt and Amy.

I read Matt's letter before I watched the show, it's like, if this is all fake why should I care? When Amy says they lost friendship and they're at a low point, am I to assume she's lying? Did she cry because it makes for drama and a storyline?

I wish they would get rid of the staged drama and be real.

Christine said...

Was that a bull that Jeremy was riding?

I think Jeremy was very fortunate that he happened to land on his feet.

Anonymous said...

jeremy looked so HOT on that horse tonight!!!

Meg said...

It's refreshing to see a kid like Jeremy have so much fun on family vacations. He appreciated the family time. Jeremy was excited about everything. He was never moody. He is a great kid.

I was disappointed that the thing Jacob and Jeremy did together involved guns. Jacob is too young to be having his interest in guns peaked.

Natalie said...

" Jeremy looks really tired. Matt gets on with Jer and the people at the ranch."

I thought the same about Jeremy. I don't know if it was that he was tired, but he looked different.

Does he normally wear make up when on camera?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and Jacob climbing the cowboy rock mountain was cool. Jeremy was helping Jake get up. They work well together.

Anonymous said...

I think there is something pretty big going on with the Roloffs that hasn't been addressed on the show. Something that involves the real reason that Matt leaves these trips. The mention of Amy saying "what has been said and done" seems to point to something other than the usual wear and tear of raising kids. A couple of veiled comments over the years about Matt's drinking? I don't know, but he talks about his pain quite often, and perhaps that causes excessive habits. Also, what has happened to his possible back surgery? Did I miss that episode?

Parker said...

Expressed, always like your reviews, and this week was no different. I agree with basically everything you said haha!

Not gonna lie, i was practically drooling throughout both episodes... everything Jeremy said and did was just so sexxxy!
Even if it might be wrong, I can see why tlc practically uses him as a sex symbol, just look at him! I also agree about the jeans Jer was wearing (:

Em said...

Parker, I agree. I like Expressed's recaps too. I feel shallow sometimes, but hey it's the truth. Jeremy is sexy.

I admit though I disagree with Expressed about Jeremy the person, but I agree about Jeremy the eye candy.

I think in real life Jeremy is very stuck up and not a very nice person. I agree with what Rap and Greg (?) said in the other review about Jeremy's tone. Off camera he can be very snarky and I have the feeling he plays to the cameras a lot. I think we've all heard how Jeremy and his friends treated fans and people in general when they didn't know they were going to be judged. They were rude and nasty. I think he's a self asorbed snob in real life.

But strictly looks, he is sexy, I have to give him that :) He really does have the best butt ever. I'm so embarrassed but it's the truth.

Parker said...

Em, i know how you feel, i feel like i shouldnt be gushing over Jeremys hotness but his sexiness is hard to ignore even if i know he's probably not the best person