Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little People, Big World to return Monday November 30, ratings and schedule changes

A few people are confused that Little People, Big World was not on last week, however the Roloffs will be back with new episodes tomorrow night, Monday November 30th.

Little People, Big World was not on Monday, November 23rd due to TLC bumping them to gear up for the series finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8.
For those wondering, even though LPBW was not on, a bit of ratings news to use as a gauge.

The finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 received a rating of 4.318.

TLC's Cake Boss at 10pm drew 2.386 million viewers.

The most recent episodes of Little People, Big World (November 16th) drew 1.554 million viewers (Mother's Day episode) for the first half-hour and a 1.716 rating for the second half hour (Making The Grade).

Little People, Big World will be on tomorrow, so don't miss it. TLC has deviated somewhat from the original order they released. They skipped past "Amy On Her Own" and "Little Americans" (about the Iraq family coming to America and the farm). Scheduled for November 30th are episodes about the Roloffs trip to Utah. Since fans are always curious when episodes were actually filmed; The Roloffs trip to Utah was in June of 2009, which actually was after the twins had graduated:

Nov 30, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World Little Slickers

It's a Roloff family first as Matt, Amy and all the kids rough it on a Utah dude ranch. Cattle-drives and a fun poker game add to the excitement, and everyone waits to see whether or not Matt will get on a horse.

Nov 30, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World Unhappy Trails

With lots of dude ranch fun yet in store, Matt decides to leave the trip early. After Matt skips several activities, he goes home, leaving Amy to finish another vacation alone with the kids.

According to the TLC schedule they have up currently, they are now planning on airing the "Amy On Her Own" episode the following week, Dec 1st at 8pm, however, now it looks like the 8:30pm episode will be a repeat -- "No Matt Is An Island" -- the episode in the British Virgin Islands with Matt, Ron Roloff, Matt's friend Eric, Jeremy, Jake and Jacob Mueller.

Let's hear a big round of "Boo" and "Hiss" for already getting repeats! :-) The schedule is known to change, so perhaps there is hope. Although looking on the brightside, it means Season 5 Part A will run longer than originally expected, however viewers have come to expect two never before seen episodes a week, instead of just one.

Dec 07, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World

Amy on Her Own

Amy goes to Florida where she's the keynote speaker at a charity fundraiser and golf tournament. While she's there, she volunteers at a relief organization and has an inspiring visit to a children's home.

Dec 07, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World

No, Matt Is An Island

Matt travels with Jeremy, Jacob, Papa Ron and two buddies to the beautiful British Virgin Islands for an adventurous sailboat cruise. But Matt's increasing lack of mobility leaves him on the sidelines while the other guys enjoy all the activities.


Brandon said...

Sounds like they're pulling out the drama filled episodes first. "Unhappy" trails, Matt leaves ANOTHER vacation, the same theme as the whole season so far.

M said...

They are ridiculous with the time line! June then back to like march. From Nice sunny weather to rain and sweatshirts. Get it together TLC!

Expressed said...

I'm glad about the change. The dude ranch episodes sound fun.

It sucks about the repeats. Ripoff. At least in past seasons they made those "Lost episodes", they were semi new.

Tashapork said...

I am glad that there are new episodes on tonight of LPBW, it will lessen the sting from not getting to watch the show that used to proceed it. I am getting unhappy about rehashing the marital distress. Amy and Matt need to do something to help their marriage and stop complaining about it. Even if the twins are of age, Molly and Jacob still need parents. Actually the twins need them too especially since they are so immature. They act like fifteen year olds half the time, and sometimes six year old. Oh well, gotta love em.

Anonymous said...

I'm so over this shet. All the 'will they or won't they divorce' is starting to get old. Feck this negativity. And that cake boss show is so fake and staged. It sounds like they're reading lines. I'll check out the new season of Pawn Stars tonight. I caught a marathon and actually liked it.

Anonymous said...

my family has been friends with matts parents and i myself have limited things i can do, i feel matt should let amy know that he feels out of place when they do their vacationsbecause of his limitations.Inow its hard to do that i even have trouble.on matts latest newsletter he and amy are going to take some time off and work on themselves. Ihope them nothing but the best and hope they can film more shows in the future.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe most people understand what it is like to have someone with a serious illness. Matt's dwarfism and pain that he is in seriously affects everyone in the family. I knew a family much like the Rollofs and they went through some tough times before finding balance. I hope that Matt and Amy work through their problems...behind closed doors and are able to get back to where they want to be. My prayers are with them and their wonderful family. I love seeing them every week and believe that some conversations might be for the show, but a lot of it is dealing with serious limitations and burdens from medical bills and handicaps.

Rap541 said...

Anon at 11:20 - I don't disagree with you. I wonder if it's frustration point for Matt's family that he doesn't seem concerned in the slightest about taking care of himself. If we just take what we see on the show and what gets reported, he was told he needed to have surgery in the fall of 2008 "within six months". Now, its winter of 2009 and there have been no reports of Matt having surgery, but plenty of reports of Matt going to the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, a dude ranch in Utah, Ireland. He says he has diabetes but after making that announcement, on camera blows off any attempt to teach him how to test his blood sugar etc, and doesn't appear to have made any changes in his diet. He seems to have sleep apnea... I wonder if part of the problem with his family's supposed lack of concern is that he's not doing anything to ensure that he has a few more years with them and that those years aren't necessarily spent in a wheel chair.

Matt seems to like the dramatic health announcements but he doesn't appear to do any of the followup... which just might be frustrating to his family since they're required to be sympathetic over the pronouncements... but they aren't allowed to question his judgement when he scarfs down an enchilada or ice cream or when he just has to run around all day doing his thing... but complains of pain and being dragged out when its not really something he enjoys.

There's two sides to the story here. I imagine that hearing "Dad is dying, Dad is slowly collapsing, Dad is gonna be in a wheelchair soon" when Dad will cheerfully push himself to the max if Dad thinks its fun, starts to become manipulative and also confusing. Granted, I have been blessed with a father who did't have serious health issues while I was a teen but really, if my dad consistently told me he didn't expect to live long because of his health and proceeded to do a lot of things that pretty much guarantee his prediction... I'm not sure how I would feel about it