Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Matt Roloff answered some questions -- are Matt and Amy Roloff headed for divorce?

Matt Roloff and his employee on his official message board, did another question and answer session. A lot the questions, in my opinion, were rather bland and not surprisingly, lacking hard or inquisitive questions. For some of the other questions, the answers were already known if you read this blog, and then for the questions that actually required a thinking answer from Matt...a lot of pandering to his "boardies" on his site that he basically ignores for the majority of the year.

Also, Matt usually uses these "Q & A's" to take not-so-subtle jabs at things he doesn't like. You might remember in a previous "Q & A" - Matt launched into a bizarre rant about (seemingly) our site, declaring that his family always welcomes "challenges" (apparently our interview offer). It was a bizarre and out of the blue rant from Matt, considering that they indeed did not accept that "challenge" and I completely understand their reasons - obviously it's easier to do "interviews" where you control the questions. However, it was bizarre for Matt to declare something like that when he obviously had no intention of following through. So why bring it up and rant about it? Odd.

Anyhow, I think Matt uses these Q&A's as a passive aggressive way to vent about things that are bothering him.

You know what I think would make for a great episode? Showing Zach's honest reaction to some of Matt's answers ;-) Like him or not, think he's disrespectful or not, I think it's well known that Zach is quick to call Matt on his "BS'ing" and in my opinion Matt was doing that a lot in these answers.

For anyone that doesn't know about Matt's board, you have to register to ask a question, in addition they had implemented something about having a certain number of posts, and the only people that usually stick around there are those who agree with all that Matt Roloff does and says. As a result there are about three or four people who do the majority of posting about their pets and remind a lot of people of a high school clique. If they praise Matt enough and insult the "haters" (ie. if you've disagreed with something Matt or Jeremy has done you're probably a hater....Amy, Zach and Jake seem to be fair game, as well as the physical appearance of the various girlfriends of the Roloff boys) enough Matt might give you a special shout out once a year. That is the site where they giggle at our site by calling us "Spit-wadder"...I don't think I need to further comment on the maturity of the adults there.

Basically this Q&A consists of Matt once again stating that he "chuckles" at everyone who disagrees and/or has a critical comment about him and pandering to the few people that post on his board by saying they are usually. Keep in mind, most people there make it known they believe all that Matt says and agrees with almost everything he does.

Anyhow. The goal of our site has always been to talk about the truth of the matters, so let us take a look at what Matt is saying and if we think he is being up front and on the mark? Feel free to make up your own mind though. That's always encouraged. Being a fan of this show, does not mean one needs to be void of an opinion of their own.

All the questions and answers are located in the above link. I'll discuss a few of the points and reference a few of the answers. Let's start with the big topic – Matt and Amy's marriage. People everywhere, after watching the show recently are inquiring about a Roloff family divorce? Are Matt and Amy headed for divorce? They have a troubled marriage? That was one topic that was addressed.

20. "Don't leave us hanging, are you and Amy really going through some marital problems, or is the show playing up what small problems you do have in order to make it look like more than it is?"

Matt's Answer: "Yeah I think the show is playing it up to make it look like it's more than it is. Amy and I are both definitely going through some changes. But I think they are making those changes look more like marital problems. Amy's doing more on her own. She went from being a school teacher and now she's out and about more and doing her own thing. But no, I wouldn't say we are going through marital problems as much as I would say changes as individuals like anyone goes through. The only difference with us is that people have a chance to watch and dissect us. Which is what we signed up to do. A lot of marriages go through changes and you never get to see it. Even close friends may not see it. But in our case, we have cameras here to see it. You're getting the luxury of seeing it good, bad or indifferent. Amy and I are deeply committed to each other and I don't think that it's as catastrophic as people may think."

Let's really examine this. Let's take Matt at his word and "the show" is making it look like marital problems and really there is nothing unusual going on in their marriage. I think they're crossing onto shaky moral ground there. It's quite clear "the show" is making it look like they could be headed for divorce with previews such as "Matt and Amy's relationship continues to deteriorate" and Zach stating that "the divide" (Zach's words) between Matt and Amy has been getting worse.

At some point, I think the Roloffs need to stop making it sound like it's the evil "show" doing this to them and that they are innocent. Matt and Amy are listed as producers of Little People, Big World. They continue to take the money, the trips, etc. and agree to continue the show in return for personal profit and the fame.

So if Matt is telling the truth about the stability of their marriage, then they're basically allowing a network to deceive the public and pretend like they have serious problems in their marriage when they actually don't. If a viewer watches these episodes in Season 5 and comes away thinking that Matt and Amy have serious marital problems, that they are unhappy and are headed for divorce -- don't blame (or in Matt's words "chuckle") at the viewer for how you're allowing your marriage to be portrayed to the world.

In a family that has 4 kids, one who is a 12 year old, would you be comfortable doing a show that is portraying it like you might be divorcing? Is money really worth that? Obviously the Roloffs feel it is. At some point though, the Roloffs can't have it both ways. They can't do television interviews and when asked by Oprah and local Portland AM hosts, if what the viewers see is real, answer yes it is and please watch because you'll see reality...and then allow the show to make it appear as though their marriage is in trouble -- in the name of good ratings and interest -- while then implying that the show is just deceiving the audience.

On to other topics:

1. A question about if they let the kids listen to music with bad language.

Matt's Answer: "Well, you know, Jacob we keep from listening to stuff that has explicit lyrics in them but Jeremy and Zach are 19 and they can listen to what they want. Fortunately they choose, as far as I know, not to listen to such music. That's just not their kind of music. They listen to a lot of Gospel and Christian music. They do listen to a variety but they like Country. Their favorite, well I think all my kids' favorite band may be Alabama. But if Jeremy and Zach wanted to listen to explicit music they certainly could. Molly doesn't choose to listen to such music I know for sure because she doesn't like it. And of course Jacob we don't allow."

I admit personally, I am finding the constant "we're a wholesome Christian family" image routine that Matt keeps insisting to be...hard to stomach, especially at this point after all that has unfolded. I think most informed people who follow the Roloffs are well aware that the Roloff kids, especially Jeremy and Zach are not foreign to using offensive language themselves. Honestly, while it is true from what we at Spiritswander know, that even Jeremy and Zach listen to Christian music, (we hear Zach is fond of a lot music from the 70s and 80s too) however the idea that Jeremy, Mueller and the gang get together on a Friday night and pump up the Gospel music is...quite ridiculous. For what it's worth, we hear that all three of the boys are fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and music such as that which is pretty common. Google some of their lyrics ... (not horrible lyrics in terms of "foul language", but certainly not gospel music ;-)

8. Will they have a behind the scenes episode?

"We're talking about. That's definitely a possibility."

As viewers know, so far the Roloffs have never acknowledged the show on the show. Free services that are performed in exchange for the publicity the company receives, are usually passed off (ahem, a lie) as "a friend of Matt's". Income from the show is never mentioned. Amy stated on the show for the Orlando vacation that "it was the first time we've rented a vacation home", actually it was a comp by Global Resort Homes responding to a request by TLC in exchange for the publicity the company had hoped to receive from the show. The presence of the crew has never been acknowledged (ie. when the kids are home "alone").

9. A question about Jon and Kate Gosselin. If TLC had ever discussed a cross-over of the two shows visiting each other and Matt's thoughts on the current situation?

"Well, we have sat down and had dinner with Jon and Kate and discussed the possibility of them coming here. But we were never really able to come up with a schedule that would work for all of us and the kids. But yes, we have had that discussion before and talked about how fun it would be for the little kids to be on the farm. As for why it's worked out for us and not them, I can't answer what's going on in their life because we don't know. But, we certainly empathize with them. We know how stressful it can be to be on a show and to have cameras in your house. It's very, very, stressful and difficult and not an easy task at all. We certainly feel very, very bad for what they're going through but we certainly understand living in this life we both have chosen to live in."

11. "Matt or Amy, what do you think of people on other boards and blogs who post really mean things about you and your family? Do you read any of that anymore?"

Matt's Answers: "We don't really read any blogs and sites because we're mainly busy. But we know they're out there. There's just some mean spirited people. It always surprises us how some people think they've got it all figured out about us and, more often than not, we chuckle because they have it so wrong."

Hmm. I think this is kind of similar to how every athlete in the history of the world claims to not read the sports columns about their play, yet they somehow, magically, know everything that was said about them and know who wrote what about them.

And I don't think I'm the only person who noticed Matt's clever wording to include the word "Spirit". Clever :-) but that kind of goes to my above point. For the record, Matt can have his own opinion of our site, but I don't consider it mean-spirited at all. We do allow reader comments - some of which I don't personally agree with but this site is for the fans and we all other fans to express themselves-- but as far as the content of the blog items or commentary on them, it's not at all mean-spirited we just aim to be truthful and that might mean disagreeing with what the Roloffs do or say sometimes.

And I must point out that the conduct of those that Matt is praising on his official site has been described by many as mean-spirited -- it's just not mean-spirited towards Matt Roloff. For example, after a recent quick browse of Matt's site, one of the people he gives a "shout out" to, felt it necessary to publicly declare that a 12 or 13 year old girl, Taylor, Jacob's 'girlfriend' "is not cute at all". I ask, what is mean spirited -- making derogatory comments about the appearance of a 12/13 year old girl who is only tv because of a friendship with a Roloff child, or the main reason why the Roloffs apparently feel our site is "mean - because we think Jeremy Roloff was wrong to use the N word and other offensive slurs towards minority groups? It appears to me that Matt welcomes mean-spiritedness if it is not directed towards Matt or Jeremy or defends the Roloffs.

We post any news items about the Roloffs whether it positive or negative, if we think fans would be interested, we pass it along. Readers of our site can trust that we don't censor information about the Roloffs whether I personally agree with it or not (as opposed to something like Matt's official site where there are fairly significant things that you'd never know about if you just got your Roloff news from there because they don't want people to know about certain things). Here we pass along everything. We also opened our episode reviews up to anyone who wanted to volunteer and got people with very different opinions. However, I'm not an idol worshipper. I don't automatically believe something because Matt Roloff says it and I have my own values about what is right and wrong. If Matt Roloff thinks that is "mean-spirited"...oh well.

Listen, we all know what this is about. This blog has been very firm about Jeremy's past use of racial and homophobic slurs. It's not funny or cute, not even when a Roloff uses them. I don't give the Roloffs special exemption because they're TV stars. In fact, I think he should have known better because of their own stance on the word "midget". Jeremy was wrong and unlike some people, he didn't feel the need to apologize or admit a wrong. I was disappointed in the the Roloffs dismissive attitude about it in their vague public statements about it, considering the original moral of their show and their own (positive) message about the word "midget" and how it is derogatory and hurtful. Matt and the Roloffs sort of put out a message ordering people to not talk about Jeremy's use of offensive slurs and not to care about it. We didn't obey to Matt's orders.

Matt's "boardies" like his chosen message board adminstrator who he conducts these Q & A's with is an adult who doesn't feel a teenager should be corrected/chastized/criticized for using words like the N word and the F gay slur. She advocates that "words don't hurt..." Matt obviously appreciates this defense of his Jeremy. Yet when the Roloffs and the LPA hold a press conference about their desire to ban the word "midget" from television, members of the Matt Roloff board cheer for them -- 'How can people be so insensitive to use the awful "M word? Go get 'em!...... I look at that and think: "Gee, the hypocrisy is too glaring to not comment on it. What happened to "words don't hurt..."?

And for the record, I've been very consistent that I don't think the word "midget" should be used. However, unlike the Roloffs and Matt Roloff's board that he is praising, I don't give Jeremy a pass to use slurs about other groups while cheering the Roloffs when they demonize the word "midget". Apparently, that's the way to win Matt Roloff's affection but that's not what I'm interested in.

13. As we stated all along, the twitter acount: is really Matt, however he doesn't use it often. He says TLC has been encouraging them to use it more, but claims they don't spend time online...Matt and Jeremy usually float that one out when they're being questioned/criticized for their lack fan interaction.

19. "Which forum members, if any, have you cracking up when you read their responses on the forum?"

Matt's Answer: "There's a couple of them that I've cracked up over. But most of the time with our forum, most of the members seem to be right on. They seem to get the truth. When you read some of these other crazy sites you laugh at the ridiculousness of their hypotheses and how far off base they are on things. I think our forum members have watched enough episodes of the show that they have a more balanced and accurate view point. They seem to have a more accurate picture of us. You know, they see enough to know that Matt has his good days and some days he's a jerk but that doesn't mean he's always like that. And yeah, some days Amy can be harsh but it's not every day. And so yeah, people on our forums seem to be smarter about it and see what's really going on.

A few points about that....

First of all, and I'm sure this would be denied until the end of time, however I have a feeling the Roloff site the the Roloff family members pay the least attention to is indeed The reasoning goes like this. The show is a business to them. Matt, through staff he controls, ensures what content is on his site. From a business standpoint, why be concerned with something you are in total control over? It would be like talking to yourself -- You know what's there and you know what's going to be said - what you want to be said.

Secondly there are only a few regulars over there and I think the reason for that is obvious -- the high school clique mentality, the immaturity, the "agree with us or be bullied" attitude, the secretive nature of the Roloffs even about things that are public knowledge (the Roloffs trek through Europe and World Dwarf Games results).

Thirdly, I'll use an example of a general attitude that Matt seems to be saying is "right" which in turn, I think makes Matt wrong :-). If you bought the Roloffs book, and believe the Roloffs were not lying, then you believe that Jeremy and his friends do not drink alcohol and it's because of his faith in God. If you were to suggest that you had doubts about that, you would not be welcome. Good Matt Roloff fans believe all that the Roloffs say so that means Jeremy does not drink alcohol.

I think *most* logical people really doubt that to be the truth. Just by general observation -- even Matt's own words on the show about Jeremy being such a rule breaker -- Jeremy and his group of friends don't give many the impression that they are the squeaky clean teens the Roloffs claim they are in the book and that the people on Matt's board have said he is -- people who Matt Roloff is saying is correct and the "smart" ones. In addition to the general impression of Jeremy and his friends, Jeremy in his own words online reminisced about their wild drunk vodka stories. His friends referenced Jeremy drinking and drunk. There have been pictures of Jeremy drinking alcohol. You can read the comments in a very poignant and sad article on this blog regarding the tragic death of one of Jeremy's friends. In the comments, friends of the deceased referenced certain "typical teen" behavior with Jeremy at parties-- and it was not done to ridicule or shame him.

So the Roloffs wrote in their book that Jeremy doesn't drink or engage in "bad stuff" like that, like most teenagers. The regulars on Matt's board that he is stating is right, believe Jeremy's written word in the Roloff book. Personally I think and I think the majority of people associated with this blog (even the hard-core Jeremy supporters) and the majority of our readers don't believe that is true. Let me make one thing clear, teenagers drinking does not make them worthless and it certainly is not uncommon. We just don't believe the image that the Roloffs are selling. Jeremy is very much like an average teen and that is average teen behavior.

So was Jeremy lying in the Roloff book about how he doesn't drink or do "bad" teen behavior because he and his friends only do things that please God? Are we good little fans who believe whatever Matt and Jeremy Roloff say publicly because we hope Matt might pat us on the head and might be our friend or do we form our own opinion based on logical facts? I'd love for a lie detector test to be performed so we could settle that one when Matt goes off about how wrong people are about his family :-)

21. Are the twins attending college now?

Matt's Answer: Yes. We are very proud of them. They seemed to have stepped up to the plate. They are attending a little local college. Taking classes and seem to be doing quiet well. They're really into it.

Yes, as readers of our site knew several months ago, Jeremy and Zach are attending Portland Community College with the majority of their friends that you see on the show (sans Scott LeSage). TLC cameras were also spotted at PCC the first week of classes.

22. How are the ratings so far for the show?

Matt's Answer: The ratings have been really good. In fact, surprisingly good. It's kinda like the Little Engine That Could. It's the tired, worn out, little show that's been around for almost 200 episodes. LOL And yet we just got ratings data today from last Monday and they were very, very, strong.

Hey, we passed along the ratings data to our readers a day before Matt received them! ;-) As we said in the item about it, on this one Matt is being factual, the ratings for the November 2nd episodes were very strong 2.4. Most episodes this season have been in the 1.7/1.8 range. Considering that the episode in season 4, surrounding the passing of Mike Detjen, had ratings of around 2.3, last Monday's episode rating for the 8:30pm episode were very impressive, although it might have been helped by being the lead in for TLC's 9pm program - the heavily hyped exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin which scored a 3.9 rating.

23. Matt's basically asked if he reads the stuff his "boardies" post.

Matt's Answer: "Yeah when we log on we get to see those signatures. I don't know if I've ever seen any videos. But we've seen different things. Remember, we don't spend a lot of time online. But we've seen various things and have laughed at them."

Again, I think the notion that the Roloff family are just too busy to use the computer like regular people (who usually are have more time in the day than the Roloffs do allotted to things such as work and the commute to work) is a little bit absurd. I think it's an insult to the public's intelligence. Gosh, one glance around almost any room in the Roloffs home and you see three or four laptops/computers all visible in one scene. That's a lot of computers going to waste! ;-)

And who exactly is "we don't spend a lot time online"? The entire family? Again, I would love to see Zach's and Amy's honest reaction to Matt trying to sell that as the truth ;-)

There are 4 adult Roloff family members, but apparently they're all too busy and hardly ever use use the internet? Right. Right..... Is anybody really believing this? Take Jeremy and Zach as an example. They have college course loads that are less intense than their high school schedule was (friends of the twins have said they have class 2 to 3 times a week including some online classes). Jeremy and Zach have no real jobs that occupy their time unlike the majority of people their age; other than to be filmed vacationing, playing soccer, going to dances and to be television celebrities. They aren't even involved in high school sports now. As of a couple of weeks ago, the cameras aren't even there. Yet they are too busy? Too busy doing what? Seriously, how much "fun time" do a couple of 19 year olds really need?

They certainly don't have a reputation for interacting with fans whose support provides them with all their material possessions and special privilleges that they love such as being able to have private meeteing with professional soccer general mangers/owners.

So personally, I wasn't particularly impressed with Matt's answers. It honestly astounds me that for all that Matt is a "people person" and a business man, that he has never realized how his involvement in things like that (the immature conduct on his offical message board - his remarks about "chuckling" at people who form opinions after watching the show he has agreed to be a part of, etc) reflect negatively on not only himself, but his family as well. When your family are the ones who are publicly at stake in terms of what people think and say about them, why would you want to egg people on? I find it very bizarre that Matt fails to realize that.


Kit said...

I chuckle, you chuckle, we all chuckle...


Timothy said...

The Roloffs need to take some responsibility in the dishonest portrayal on the show if that's what they claim when.

How is it a show of values to do something that is dishonest for money? Those aren't Christian values.

Jocelynn said...

I agree, Matt is not very likable when he does these things.

I think the Roloffs privately laugh at the fans who believe all. I can only imagine the reaction of Mueller and those kids if a Matt Roloff fan were to tell them that they believe Jeremy does not drink and all that junk. There would be some chuckling going on.

I like the show, but don't expect us to be stupid. The Roloffs are not always truthful.

Greg said...

The Roloffs don't go For 4 years they've been too busy...

Zach is a self described "computer nerd". As you said, they have computers coming out of their ears.

I hate it when celebs pretend like their lives are so much more complex and fulfilling than everyone else. They have no responsibility. They have more time than the average joe.

David said...

All I have to say is if I was Taylor's father, I would very fuming at Matt for buddying up online to a person that would ridicule my daughter for not being pretty enough.

I've seen Matt's board before unfortunately. They are very nasty towards Amy and many non-Roloffs (Taylor, Kirsten).

Matt likes his board because they think he's right. What an ego!

Jason said...

Matt is a coward. He won't answer tough questions.

Laura said...

I like Matt on the show and respect the things he's done in his life, but I was very disappointed in how he ran his message board. The behavior on there has always been very nasty and ugly.

If the Roloffs think the show is being dishonest, they need to look in the mirror. They are not displaying Christian values.

If the show is fake or staged, they are lying for money. They should be ashamed.

They are purposely creating drama about something as sacred as marriage because they love the money they get from the show. That's not displaying morals.

Janice said...

LPBW used to be good because unlike most reality shows, it seemed real.

If Matt is right, the show isn't real now because all the show is about now is Matt and Amy bickering, being miserable and the Roloffs receiving freebies while the kids act ungrateful.

Either money ruined the Roloffs or they sold their souls for the TLC $$$.

Expressed said...

Everyone knows I feel, but I gotta admit, the whole "Jeremy doesn't drink" stuff is really very stupid. That's one of the reasons why I don't post on Matt's board. I don't want to need to play stupid.

I get it. They lied because they tried to sell the book to some Christians who would like hearing that about Jeremy. People lie and Jeremy lied. It's not terrible. I lie too. But don't expect me to believe what it obviously a lie. lol.

I don't like how staged the show is feeling either.

Like you know, I never thought the Jeremy *scandal* was a big deal, but now I think he should have just said sorry and got it over with.

This blog is honest, it has the good or bad, that's why I started coming here.

Melissa said...

I'm surprised Matt says TLC told him to use twitter more. They told him to not post on TLC. I figure they don't want him talking because Matt doesn't come off very well.

Kim said...

Speaking as someone who is currently attending a community college, I don't like how Matt answered the college question.

"They are attending a little local college."

He is transparent. He's avoiding using the word "community" college.

Portland Community College is not "little". Corban college is a "little" college. Their high school was a "little" school.

PCC is not a small school. In 2007, over 86,000 students went to PCC. Enrollment is way up this year. Over a 100,000 is not a "little local college".

He just didn't want to say the word "community".

Kit said...

Kim, of course he didn't. Because, sad as it is, people still denigrate community college. PCC is a great institution. I will say that the Rock Creek Campus where the twins are *could* qualify as little in the physical sense, if you wanted to look at just that campus, although it's grown a lot in the last couple of years. Maybe Matt just likes the word "little." LOL...

Parker said...

Kim, I agree about Matt not wanting to say community college. At least we all know better and see right though him( not thats theres anything wrong with community colleges).

As for the Jeremy drinking thing, I agree with everything Expressed said, in this age it really isnt abnormal for teens to drink but just that fact that the roloffs play it off like Jeremy doesn't is what ticks myself and probably many others off

Brandon said...

It's rotten of Matt to suck up to his board. They bash Amy constantly.

Way to go Matt. Say the people who always bash your wife are right!

I don't understand how anyone can believe all of what Matt spews.

Too bad Jeremy isn't old enough to speak for himself yet. I'd like to ask him what his favorite Gospel tune is? ;)

Kyle Richardson said...

Wow. I found this blog post to be a bit presumptuous and even narcissistic. I mean, assuming that everything negative Matt is saying directly relates to your blog is a bit self-centered. I'm sure he has a lot more on his mind that your little blog. And as far as the Christian thing, Christians will always be placed under a larger microscope than anyone else. Every little slip-up or mistake will be magnified ten-fold compared to anyone else. The Roloffs are good people and you are picking them apart. Back off.

Spiritswander said...

Kyle, you're entitled to your opinion, however, honestly I don't think it's being narcissistic to think that Matt is at least, in part, referring to our blog.

There aren't that many Roloff blogs around. There certainly aren't many that the Roloffs are not happy with. In addition, in the past, Matt and Amy have referenced things about "blogs" that appeared to be specific to ours. People who have no association with our blog came to the same conclusion.

On Matt's official site we are known as "that" site or "that blog" because they have a rule against saying the name of our site. I honestly don't feel that it is presumptious to assume that those parts of the response were indeed directed towards our blog.

Greg said...

Christians like Jeremy are under the microscope because they use God to lie. If Jeremy didn't try to get everyone to believe he loves God too much to engage in bad teen behavior like drinking, nobody would care. When you say you have one set of values but don't show them, that's what puts you under the microscope. When you say something that is a lie and people find out about it, that's what puts you under the microscope.

There are Christians that do follow the principles in the Bible about behavior. There are Christian (and non Christian) teens who don't use foul language. Don't expect anyone with some knowledge about the Roloffs to believe that they would stay away from music because of a bad word or that a bad word in a song is a big deal to Matt and Amy.

Kit said...

Does anybody think that if Matt and Amy *are* having problems that they will openly admit to it? I actually think it would be quite typical of Matt to pile on the drama in the filming, and then publicly declare it was all done in the editing room by TLC. I think he really thinks he can play both sides of the game: "Yes, this is really a reality show and we're just living our lives in front of the camera," and "Oh, no, it's not anything like what you see on TV - TLC just picks out all the juicy bits and puts them together to create drama." That dichotomy lets him explain anything on the show the way he wants to at any given moment.

Brandon said...

Kit, you said that perfectly. That's exactly how they are. If it's about something positive or they're promoting the show, then what is on tv is exactly the way they are, they're just living their lives in front of the camera.

If it's about something negative, then it's all editing and anyone who believes what they see on tv is stupid.

SLC Boss said...

TLC stands for The Learning Channel. What TLC has learned is that divorce and controversy stir up ratings (see JK+8). The sad thing is that these are real people now subjected to hyper consumption of the capitalist machine. It is all about the dollar, dollar bills ya'll!

Anonymous said...

This - all this - is crazy.
Read a book people - there is no such thing as Reality TV - its an oxymoron. A word more descriptive I cannot find.

Peter said...

If I ever needed to be convinced that Matt is a lousy husband and a man, this is it.

His site ridicules his wife and two of his sons. He says they're right.

What kind of man does that? Endorses people who criticize his own wife and children? Everybody likes to have their ego stroked and Matt's board strokes his ego, but Matt endorsing people who malign his own wife publicly is a new low.

Carole said...

So many couples who have been married a long time say "we were happier when we had less" - Money often causes more problems than it solves in a marriage. In this one, being that Matt is such a dreamer, now that he has some money he can do alot of the things he wants to do and Amy, being the practical one, very often disagrees with his plans, the way he spends money and they go off in completely different directions. Matt is very self-centered Amy seems to be 100% into the mothering the kids. Speaking of which, I think she ought to insist they help clean the house up. It's really a mess. They go on so many vacations it seems like they are always either planning a trip or returning from one. Although it's great to take your kids on vacations, I think they need to stay home and settle down a little. Becoming more affluent has, as often happens, caused Amy and Matt to lose the closeness they once had. Sad but very common.

Andrew said...

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Anonymous said...

I think Amy is completely fed up & is just waiting for the kids to leave the nest. You can't live with the kind of stress Matt produces constantly. He should spend some money on therapy to deal with his constant "I am dying" issues. Most of all, I think the kids know. You can see it in Molly's face. I can't watch the show anymore. Any show that makes you stressed is not worth it. As for the official message boards, OMG some of those woman are absolutely obsessed with Matt. Step out of line or voice an opinion not in line with theirs your banned in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I have loved this family. I love their sense of humor and faith. They have helped me to accept people who are different as just people. However, I do feel fame may be seducing them, just like families in other reality shows. Maybe the network thinks a little marriage controversy will boost ratings. It disappoints me. Amy knows how seriously she should take her wedding vows and not flirt with the idea of separation over money issues. And certainly playing it out before the world is not going to help the relationship. I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

All the worlds a stage and each of us play our part. I liked the Roloffs from the beginning but when you put lens i front anyone, they are not there natural self,ever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Amy, My husband and I have spent the day (1/18/10) watching your show. We have been married 47 years and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. You are both very fortunate to have lived the lives you have and accomplished all that you have. Many people do not have a quarter of the accomplishments you both have. From the little bit we know about you and your family, may we make the following comments:
Matt seems to be right on target with the children and the upkeep of the home;
Matt needs to be more considerate of Amy when it comes to time off -- Matt and Amy need to get away together, without the children and spend some time to get to know each other again and why they fell in love to begin with;
Amy, you need to keep a better home. The way it looks on TV, no wonder Matt doesn't want to stay there! If you can't do it, hire a Housekeeper! What a mess! There is no excuse for keeping a house that looks like it has been ransacked. You all need to go through your "things" and unload them either donating them to a charitable organization, or throw them away.
Do think about our comments and your present state of life. Thank you.
JEL and WFL Long Valley, NJ

Anonymous said...

Another stupid tragic trainwreck of a show. Zach I applaud you for standing your ground and standing up to your father regarding the B.V.I. trip. Giving a 12 year old a cell phone was the worst mistake ever!! I also applaud Amy for taking a big interest in raising her children. Matt could careless about his children. He didn't even make an attempt to be on time for his son's graduation. What's up with that!!!
It's all about Matt which is sad. Matt open your eyes and take a good look around and see what is happening to your family!!!....


Anonymous said...

WOW truly amazed on varied opinions on here... very black and white too if you all live in the same house as the Roloffs and therefore know them inside out!!!

I've only just discovered LPBW programme about 2/3 mos ago and have to say got hooked on it very quickly. The only shows I've normally watched on H & H are Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, & Adoption stories....until I caught the Roloffs.

I even watched repeats after repeats of some of the episodes because of the entertaining contents on them.

And that for me is the reason I watch it...mainly for ENTERTAINMENT purposes!!

I think I had enough to contend with with my own family & my life to EVEN start disecting the ins & outs of this family and what they're up to when the camera is not on and when they're not on my TV screen.

So they make money out of all what????

They provide entertainment for those who love watching their show like me & millions others and therefore they earn it!

I say they should grab it as long they can because one day it will all be over.

And I wish some of their detractors will stop being so self-righteous and watch the show for what it an escapism and entertainment while you have nothing else better to do with you time.

And if you don't like them then stop watching & change is too short FGS!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how many people are picking the Roloff family apart! If you don't like the show.......don't watch it! ( but I really must say they HAVE to do some major house cleaning) I personally get a big kick out of the show.

Anonymous said...

I love the show and have for a while, but Matt. God what a horrible little man.

c jones said...

TO THE prior anonymous, Matt's making a very good living for his family despite being handicapped. It can't be much fun for him to go on vacations with the family and stay behind while they snorkle or climb rocks etc. In tonight's episode he took the eldest boy on a trip to Switzerland and they seemed to have fun. Meanwhile Amy was constantly complaining that Matt wasn't there to take charge. of course whenever he does take charge all she and the kids do is complain about him taking charge. I suspect any hardship in Amy running the team's participation in the international little people games was exaggerated by the show. She needs to stop the complaining. it makes her look bad as much as they seem to want to make Matt look bad.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so glad I found this blog... I was going insane posting comments about the Roloffs in my IMDB account and finding that keeps banning any derogatory comments against Matt Roloff or the show. I live in a town in Oregon near them and is common knowledge around here how horrible these people are (Except for Molly).

What can I tell you that haven't already noticed through the show. Oh, let me see. I think Matt and his dad are crazy Tea Party Republican wackos. If you hand around him and engage him(or his dad) talking you soon realize all his political views. For a guy who hates people that underestimate Midgets(and yes he is a mental Midget)he really have extremely biased views about minorities. I believe Jeremy's N word incidents are just a reflection of how that family see Black people in general. I think they even underestimate Camarino and call him all sort of beaner names. I couldn't believe it.

I think these TLC people really clean up those tapes a LOT.

I admit it. I was one of their biggest fans. I still love most of the early shows. But, this show is a disgrace by now. We need to start a petition to cancel this farce. Matt has turned from a nice little guy to a sticky ugly troll.

Truth May Or May Not Hurt said...

Anonymous at 6:48pm May 27,2010 You are a coward for making such either true or fake statements about the Roloff family but then you have the nerve to hide under the banner anonymous after posting such mean and hateful statements like calling Matt a midget, a sticky ugly troll, so what if Matt and his dad are republicans aren't we all in some type of voting party if we are in to voting and speak for what we beleive in and the correct term is little people or person not a midget let's say you are a man and you don't put out in the bed does your wife or partner goes out and talk about your performance in the bed, do they call you little Dick or numb, or if you are a woman saying these mean hateful things either your breast or to big or to small for your husband or partner do people call you to much breast or no breast at all I bet if you are reading this your feelings might just be hurt for what I am saying about you so maybe you should think before you say mean hateful hurting words or comments toward others I bet you are not the least attractive person, so what I am saying is truthful or not sometimes what you say to others may or will hurt. There is the old saying if you don't have nothing nice to say and you are not cleaning about what you say don't say nothing at all keep your damm meanful comments and statments to your own sorry ass self.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand them. Beyond the regular outrages, what really ticks me off is that they sell a bottle of dirt from their farm. Seriously, dirt. That's ridiculous and really shows how far they will go to make a buck.

I used to like TLC and the Roloffs until it seemed like they were taking over the channel. We call it "The Little Channel" because it seems like every time we tune into it, it's a show about LPs, which I'm sure Matt has influenced. I get it, LPs have a hard time, but I don't need to see 20 different shows about them.

Anonymous said...

I personally like the show. I also believe that any time any person is in front of a camera for long periods, things are going to get dicey. Drama sells. There has been many crises that I think are either made up, or spiced up for the sake of ratings. Having said that, is Matt really dying?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To everyone.Look, it's always been about money and it will always be about money. Your's is the choice to watch it, or not. Your opinions are just that, opinions. Simple solution, turn to something else, but stop acting like critics when you have little or no knowledge of what is staged and what is reality....OUT!

Anonymous said...

Why is Zach so rude and defiant to Matt? Amy does not show any love either! They both need to show some respect!

Anonymous said...

I think the show is great i feel as if i know them all and would love to meet them as for matts attitude i think its a great one to have had to face all that he has and to be now a success its simply what the american dream is all about hard work and a little fight now and then give them hell my little friends

Anonymous said...

I have much respect for matt&amy they have always worked really hard to raise there chirlden

Anonymous said...

just because you are a christian does not mean you do not have vaults or make mistakes or even have bad judgment.the bible tells us that judging others is also a sin. everyone is on their own persoanl journey..

You can only hope that your children grow into adults using the values that you tought them gowing up. ITS A TV SHOW

Dorothy Quill said...

Hi there Matt, Amy and The Whole Roloff Family.
I am so sorry that you are going to be leaving T.L.C. I am going to miss you all for sure..
I have watched you from start to finish and love you all.. Thank You for many Hours of joy.
I know you are quitting with this, but have you asked T.L.C. to do specials on you around the holiday's, so that we can all touch base with you once in a while to see how everything is going.. It's just so awful to make everything cut and dry.. I do understand though..
Much Love and Peace to you all..