Monday, November 30, 2009

New newsletter from Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff and his staff sent out a brand new newsletter today.

I would say it's an improvement over the last couple of newsletters, as they have a brief update on each of the family members. In years past when Matt would send his newsletters, they were outstanding. They had a very friendly and personal touch, like the type you receive from your own family and friends, an update on how everyone is doing. More recently, they became much less personal and all about business. This one has a little bit better balance.

Matt Roloff newsletter November 30th, 2009

A warm hello to you & yours.....

I hope this newsletter finds each of you healthy and in good spirits!

Another fun pumpkin season is behind us ....Every season has its own unique feeling and this year it was how much our family enjoyed meeting so many of YOU. A heartfelt thank you to the thousands of wonderful visitors we had. Papa & Honey (my folks) who greeted guests in our Western Town, kept track of where everyone traveled from. We could not believe we had visitors all the way from Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, Australia & more. We had guests from every state in the USA (except Delaware), too. It was truly humbling!

Today... as Fall moves silently into Winter, it is the perfect time for our family to reconnect with one another and take inventory of the past six years of our lives. With the filming of just over 200 episodes under our belt we feel the magnitude and accomplishments of this journey more than ever before. Currently we are not in production and are taking a much needed (and may I add) well-deserved break from the hustle of our oftentimes hectic filming season.

The show continues to air to a world-wide audience and we will be forever grateful to our loyal fans who have stuck by us. We are also blessed with the seemingly never ending stream of new viewers to Little People Big World. Both Amy and I sincerely thank you and take to heart the feedback (both good and bad) that you have given to us over the years. Keep it up!

We are so excited about the current season that is being aired and hope you're looking forward to so many more episodes thru Spring 2010....

Family Updates!

Amy and I are enjoying and making the most of this unique quiet time. We realize more and more how essential spending uninterrupted time together is. It is wonderful to just catch up with each other and plan private evenings going out to dinner or a movie.

We also continue to help & advocate for little people everywhere. Hot on the heels of her hugely successful golf charity event (I am so proud of her), Amy continues to bolster her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (check out her upcoming cruise) I'm busy working on a local Grant for CoDa that would ultimately provide customized bikes for Little People Kids who cannot afford them. Wish us luck!

Both Jeremy and Zach are busy taking a variety of college courses and seem to have re-found their academic focus (even getting grades to be proud of)! Zach's one true passion remains his job teaching & coaching youth soccer. Could Zach own & operate his own business (perhaps sooner than anyone might think)? Jeremy recently got bitten by the "photography" bug and is seriously thinking about how to infuse this hobby into his plans for the future.

Molly knocked out yet another quarter of straight A's !! There is not much she can't do when she puts her mind to it. She is enjoying her newfound freedom that comes with being able to drive (but true to her nature, she can most often be found here at the farm absorbed in a good book or baking something delicious in the kitchen with mom).

And... the baby of the bunch... Jacob George. Never a lack of being a BOY in his system. (LOL) As the youngest, he's had to work extra hard to find his place but just like his brothers and sister he won't stop until he's made his own mark on our family journey. Jacob and I spent the entire day together just last week and he was so incredibly helpful to me. He continues to grow by leaps & bounds on all levels.

Farm Updates....

-- Need a unique holiday gift idea? Check out our new "cool" pumpkin soldier items! And.....during the month of December, "Our gift to you" ....Get a FREE Roloff Farms Logo safety clip light with minimum purchase of $30.00 or more. (visit our on-line store at: for details).

--"Private Farm Tours" ~ With so many visitors traveling from far away & with encouragement from the local visitors bureau we have decided to extend our Golden Pass Private Farm Tours. Please visit our website at for more information.

-- Speaking Website Launch ~ The honor of speaking to groups, universities & corporations across the country allows me to share my personal stories & messages of hope & resiliency. It also enables me to connect face to face with so many of you that inspire me. Though still under sure to visit my new speaking website at:

From our house to yours... we wish you a very happy, beautiful & blessed holiday season. Spend time making memories with those you love most!



Expressed said...

I'm all for Jeremy getting hobbies, but he should stay on the right side of the camera. I was not a fan of the "Jeremy cam". Jeremy should be in front of the camera.

The Jake bit about Matt spending the day with him and saying he was helpful to him...sounds like Matt is aware of what most people think about Jake and how he's so disrespectful to Matt.

Greg said...

Spirits, I think Matt added the "personal" stuff because he knows people were getting sick of him hocking stuff all the time and not even making an effort to appear genuine.

He's easy to see through.

It IS all about selling. He wants to get the fans spending money for Christmas on Roloff stuff.

Too bad he didn't realize how the "private tour Golden Pass" at $250 was in bad taste and disgustingly greedy.

Anonymous said...

So....reading between the lines, what he's saying is the show is totally fake.

On the show they are on the verge of divorce.

In real Matt says they're having date nights.

Becky said...

It sounds pretty upbeat and encouraging to me that they are doing OK as a family and all the drama being shown this season seems to be all it is: Drama!

Here's hoping for many more episodes of this wonderful show!

David said...

Then if it's all fake Drama, why watch?

Craw said...

I agree Becky. Good to know the Roloffs are doing good despite what some of the doomsayers want to believe :)

I laughed at the Jake part. Matt can't really say anything specific that's good about him. lol. I remember one of the old letters and all he could say about Jake was that he was playing video games a lot. lol.

M said...

After reading about half does anyone else feel like its kinda like a good bye letter in the begining? Like incase we don't make our qouta thanks for watching!

M said...

So Matt and Amy just need to be away from the camera to make their marriage work? Maybe its time to end the show and work on that. Don't shoot the messenger! I don't want the show to end either. But drama isn't good even if it fake.

How many careers does Jeremy need?!
Every other day its a new career for this boy.
I guess Jeremy's pilot, business, sports management, catamaran boat sailor, fire fighter and photography career is really taken off! :)

OMG a Roloff safety book light FREE with a minimum purchase of 30.00?! Sweet! I'll enjoy it for the 3 minutes until it dies, the safety breaks(how do you make a safe book light... I didn't know they were such a safety hazard!), or the Roloff logo peels off. :D

Anonymous said...

The show needs to go back to its roots talking about dwarfism and the impact it has had these past few years. We have not seen the Roloff at LPA convention the last few years; what's happen to his business selling stool; Where are their little people friends doing now?

Parker said...

dont forget jeremy the model, from back when that gorgeous close up picture of him was on the tlc commercial ;)

Tashapork said...

M, I kind of agree with you about the goodbye sentiment, maybe this will be the last season, maybe they are trying to get the ratings up to see if they should continue on, maybe Matt is very pessimistic about his health right now. Who knows, I just wish them the best and hope that if they decide to stop the series, they at least do yearly updates or something.

Crystal said...

Matt and Amy's marital problems in the recent episodes occurred earlier this year during filming, so it's plausible that they worked through their differences and are on better footing now. Yes, it's also plausible that parts of the show may be fake, but there's a large time difference between now and 6 months ago. (And even if the situations *are* faked, who cares? The Roloffs are still entertaining to watch. Most reality shows are "faked" anyway through many layers of editing.)

Em said...

M and Parker, Don't forget under water welding! :)

M said...

OK lets start a Jeremy future career tally! So far we have Jeremy wanting to be:
* pilot
* business man
* sports management
* professional soccer player
* own a professional sports team
* catamaran boat sailor
* fire fighter
* under water welder
* a model
* cowboy (more a joke then anything)
* own a custom auto repair shop for classic cars or something like that.

I'm I missing anything?? I feel like I'm missing some lol

I'm not saying its not good to dream. More power to him to wanting to "live big" but he really jumps from wanting to do one thing to another. Kinda like when he realizes he'll have to work at being something then he'll switch to another.

Jocelynn said...

Great list, M! I love it.

The good news is he may be getting more realistic.

Photographer is more realistic than pro soccer player. He has the money to buy a good camera. He has the means to travel to great places to take pictures. He has connections with the crew.

Anonymous said...

But does he have the discipline? I doubt it. Just as I doubt he would have had the discipline for his *phantom* modeling career. He & Zach have the same disease..."if it ain't soccer, it ain't sh*t. Especially if I have to work at it"

Dana said...

It's good that Jeremy has many interests. He shouldn't be mocked for being interested in many different things. The kid loves life.

Compare that to Zach who only wants to be a soccer coach. Jeremy has a bright future ahead of himself, whatever direction he chooses.

Michelle said...

Notice how Matt refuses to say that Jeremy and Zach are at community college?

Diane said...

Like Matt said tonight, he walks over people (unless they're strong).

I don't trust what he says and I think he lies a lot.

Sending a "newsletter" to communicate with fans is very 1942.

If they care so much about their fans, why don't they do like almost every other celeb and interact with them on Facebook or twitter?

That's right, the Roloffs don't because they don't talk to fans.

TLC tells them to use things like twitter, but they don't. Because they love their fans so much! (barf)

They don't because they're too busy. All year round for 5 years! (barf)

They don't because they don't use computers! (barf).

Matt is the most insincere person.

Carol said...

I don't believe Matt about their marriage.

I don't think Amy is that good of an actor. If she's faking it all, give her an Emmy!

This is the second time Amy has broken down crying talking about her family. There are problems.

Tashapork said...

I've been thinking about it and maybe the marriage is in trouble in Amy's eyse, while Matt thinks things are pretty much fine. It is possible that it could be a menopausal hormone issue for Amy, or related to an alcholism problem for Matt. I don't think Matt, who sees things in practical terms can understand why Amy gets upset when she sees things in emotional terms. He sees, I can't do much of this stuff and I have work at home so I should just go home, or I got a good deal for five days in Hawaii, I should take advantage of it and Amy sees things differently. She sees his leaving as him rejecting her and the kids and the symbolism of him not being able to put them before his work or that if she was really important to him he would make every effort to stay home for mother's day. Matt sees "I have money, I can build a castle" Amy sees if Matt really cared about me, he would save for our retirement so I don't have to worry. I did notice that some of the family's reactions are similar to what goes on in alcoholic families, if that is the case Matt could be in denial.

Victoria said...

It is immoral for the Roloffs to charge people that amount of money to what amounts to idol worship.

My Jesus would not approve. A small fee to walk the grounds, perhaps. They are promoting the idea that they are special, more than the public and that's wrong. False Gods. Idol worship. They are no better than the public. It doesn't matter that they are people who will pay. It is a reflection on the Roloffs own morals. Charing people $250 so they can meet you and talk to you is wrong.

Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zachary,

You're not God. Stop acting like you think you are. I think you're good people, but you've been spoiled. Find God again.

Matthew 5:38-42

Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks you, and don't turn away him who desires to borrow from you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jeremy express interest in being an engineer at one point? (To add to the career list) I could be off base on that as I don't pay that much attention to Jeremy. -- EHM (I couln't type in a name.)

Carol from Australia said...

God bless your entire Family & may you all have a "Wonderful" Christmas together :-)