Friday, November 27, 2009

Nice story about Roloff family and Make A Wish Foundation

I hope all of the visitors to our site had a happy Thanksgiving :-) (those from the United States, but best wishes to all of our visitors from all around the world too!)

This isn't really recent, however it's a very nice article about the wonderful Make A Wish Foundation and the Roloff family.

Luke Inspired by Meeting Reality Show TV Star Matt Roloff

On Monday nights, Luke, a sweet three-year-old boy diagnosed with severe congenital scoliosis, always looks forward to watching his favorite TV show, Little People Big World, on The Learning Channel. When it came time to decide on a wish, Luke knew exactly what he wanted it to be - a trip to meet the star of the show, Matt Roloff.

Matt, along with his wife, Amy, and one of his sons, is a dwarf, but has overcome the challenges of his condition, has succeeded in the business world and now runs his own business - Roloff Farms in Oregon. Being small himself because of his medical condition, Luke relates to the family, especially the father, and was excited to meet the cast of the show. In March, Luke and his family traveled from their hometown of Bethlehem, PA, to the Roloff's farm in Oregon. In the days preceding the big day, Luke explored Portland, Oregon, and enjoyed watching the wildlife at the Oregon Zoo. When his gloriously sunny wish day finally arrived, Luke and his family were escorted in a limousine to Roloff Farms. At the entrance, Luke was met by Matt Roloff and his assistant.

Although Luke was shy at first, Matt's welcoming and friendly nature made Luke warm up to him. Matt took Luke and his family on a tour of the farm on the Mule, a special vehicle, and welcomed them into his home. Soon, Amy and their four children came home from work and school and were very sweet with Luke and the rest of his family. One of Matt's sons, Jeremy, offered to take Luke for another ride to the farm's tree house and pirate ship.

After a wonderful afternoon at Roloff Farms, Luke said in a very sweet voice to Matt and Amy: "I had a really nice time with you today." That night, Luke's mom, Tracy, said that Luke is going to be talking about his wonderful wish experience for a long time. Luke is very happy that his wish came true, and the memories of the whole experience are sure to stay with him for a lifetime.

Check out their website for the whole article and pictures and learn more information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation here:


Sheri said...

That is a touching story. There are many of these stories that the public will never hear about. The Roloffs are tremendous people.

I hope this will serve as a wake up call to those who dedicate much of their time looking to tear down Matt and Jeremy. These are good people.

"Although Luke was shy at first, Matt's welcoming and friendly nature made Luke warm up to him".

I would expect nothing less from Matt.

"Soon, Amy and their four children came home from work and school and were very sweet with Luke and the rest of his family. One of Matt's sons, Jeremy, offered to take Luke for another ride to the farm's tree house and pirate ship."

Those who make a hobby out of criticizing Jeremy's character should read closely. He is a gift from God who is guided by Christ as he has said many times. How many 18 year olds would rush home from school and volunteer to take a small child on a tour of the farm when there are so many other things Jeremy could have done with his time? He chose to spend his time making a dream come true for a small child.

Thank you Roloff family.

Anne said...

Be thankful for your health and the health of your loved ones and be thankful there are people like the Roloffs who always give back despite all of their material possessions. They still realize what is important.

Matt and Jeremy did stand out a little more. They are my favorites.

Craw said...

It's great that the Roloffs do those things.

I'm sorry but I think Jacob looks too happy in that first picture. He is not even next to the kid. He shouldn't look that happy, off in his own world. Jeremy has a nice balance of being friendly but not looking like he's having a party.

Hopefully Zach didn't say it was the kid's final wish like he did in the other story about Make a Wish and the Roloffs.

Diane said...

Was this the same day of their TLC photo shoot? Jeremy and Jacob are wearing the same clothes they wore for the photo shoot on TLC's bio section.

Raven said...

Craw, I have to admit the same thought crossed my mind about Zach. He didn't make the last comment to be insensitive. He's just not good at speaking and thinking about how what he says will sound to others including the party he's speaking about and their family. He should leave the public speaking to Jeremy. It was nice of Jeremy to actually hold the boy. He could have simply put in his time and ran off.

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs are a true Christian family. Thank you Matt for setting an example for us all. They give back, God blesses them.

Amber said...

I don't think people should compare who was nicer.

Both the Make A Wish Foundation and the Roloffs did a super job making sure Luke had a special day. That's what counts.

Greg said...

I don't mean to be a jerk because it's a great organization and a sweet but sad story.

But how can the kid relate to Matt? He is 3!

Raven, I don't know if you want Jeremy doing the talking in public. The last time he did that he wound up in the National Enquirer. They put the muzzle on him ever since.

M said...

Great article. ;)
I do think its really sweet of jeremy to hold and offer the child a ride. Its nice to see a kid who didn't have to be there(Luke came to see Matt) take time to spend time with this child.

Rap541 said...

How nice of the entire family. I wish they did more stuff like this.

Craw are you seriously now whinging that Jake smiled for the camera? Isn't your normal complaint that he looks unhappy? Could you pick one? Because he doesn't look "off in his own little world" - he's clearly smiling for the camera. Molly has a bigger grin on her face - is she ALSO "too happy"? Because she looks happier than Jake but you *don't seem to find it offensive*.

I wish Jeremy was required to do more things like this.

Kit said...

I think it was a nice thing for the Roloffs to do, but let's not canonize them. Nowhere did it say anyone "rushed" home to be a part of this event, and we know they are all capable of being pleasant, social folks, especially when there are cameras pointed at them. If my family, or yours, were asked to do such a thing, I think we would all respond in similar fashion. If not, you need to think about spending more time with your family than with the television.

That said, I'm glad the child and his family had a wonderful time. During one of my children's toddler years, we spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV, among other things, because of serious medical issues, so I understand how a 3-yr-old could get attached to a particular show. In our case, it was the Chicago Cubs, but hey, to each, his own.

Thanks to the Roloffs and the Make-a-Wish foundation for making at least a few days of this child's life more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

While I do believe that Jeremy was probably told he had to do this, along with all the kids, it's nice to see.

Jeremy may have his flaws, but he isn't a BAD person. There is good in everyone. It's nice to see the family doing something for somebody who isn't quite as fortunate.

Craw said...

Rap, you're right kind of. I'm serious. I don't feel like fighting right now.

Molly and Jake are too happy for my liking in that picture. I should have said Molly too. You're right. My bad. Molly and Jake are goofing around having a great time in that picture oblivious to what the picture is about. It's about the kid. It's disrespectful for them to be goofing off smiling and laughing with each other like that. That day is all about the boy.

Save the smiles and attention for the boy. Jeremy understands that.

Rap541 said...

Good Lord Craw.... everyone is smiling. Matt has a big grin on his face. Is Matt wrong? So does Amy, is Amy wrong? The two adults with the child- are they goofing off too since smiles are on their faces?

Jeremy and Zach are the only ones not smiling broadly. How about it Craw? What is the correct level of smiling? And if someone is smiling more than Jeremy - Like *Matt* and that little boy's family - are you going to have the balls to publically chide them too?

Anonymous said...

Craw, what in the world are you talking about? They're ALL standing around the little boy, smiling for the camera. The point is so that he'll have his picture taken with the Roloff's; I doubt he would want them to be frowning and looking upset in it...
They did a nice thing for a sick kid. There's nothing wrong with it.

Craw said...

If you don't feel the same way, fine. I have my opinion whether you like it or not.

Matt is not doing the same thing. Jacob and Molly look like they're busy tickling or playing with each other. That's not what the picture is about.

Anon and Rap and anyone else can think they weren't disrespectful but as a Christian I have done work with the sick.

If a team of something came to a hospital to visit a sick child and they enter the room, 2 of the team members are off to the side laughing up a storm to between themselves that would be disrespectful because they have the rest of the day to laugh among themselves. It's about the sick kid.

Rap541 said...

Again Craw- *Matt* is grinning broadly. The kid's adults are grinning broadly - what is YOUR OPINION - since you have no problem stating Molly and Jake are grinning too much? Amy is grinning - you are a proud Christian declaring Jake and Molly are grinning too much - what about Amy and the kid's family and PLEASE DEFINE WHY MOLLY WHO IS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA AND SMILINGF IS A BAD PERSON GOOFING WHILE MATT WHO IS DOING THE SAME THING IS FINE!

You're being asked to be exact Craw. Apparently there is such a thing as smiling too much - explain why Matt, Amy, and the kid's family are ok while Molly and Jake are BEING BAD. If you can define it enough to PUBLICALLY BADMOUTH THEM then you should be able to explain yourself.

If you have a rational reason. My bet? You don't have a quantifiable reason for chiding Molly but praising Matt.

Craw said...

Rap, you're being stupid. I said why Jacob and Molly were different. Do you have a drinking problem because you sound like you're in the sauce when you start with the ALL CAPS YELLING! I have my opinion and you can't change that!

David said...

Kit, I echo your sentiments. It's a nice story because it brought a smile to an ill child, but lets not get carried away with the sainthood. There are very few people that would refuse to co-operate with the Make A Wish foundation. The Roloffs didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

Brokenwing said...

Rap, you need to learn how to let people have their opinions. You can disagree and have your own opinion, but they are entitled to their opinions without you attacking them and demanding that they prove their opinion as though they are in a court of law.

It is Craw's opinion. She doesn't need to prove it to you, me or anyone else.

Brokenwing said...

Spirits, thank you for posting this, people can see what the Roloffs are really all about. They do things for others and give of their own time. I agree with Kit and David that a lot of people would also do it, but it doesn't take away that it is a good deed and shows they have good hearts.

It was nice of the entire family, but Jeremy did seem to go the extra mile, holding the boy and offering to take him on a tour. Considering all the criticism Jeremy gets and how many people think Jeremy is not a good person, it deserves to be talked about.

Rap541 said...

Brokenwing 0- since you're chiding me - Do you agree with Craw that Jake and Molly are wrong to be smiling while everyone else in the photo is showing a correct emotional response?

I mean... clearly you don't have a moral problem noting that my opinion is wrong.... is that all?

Do you agree with Craw? Or are you posting merely to snit? Because if you geniunely don't care about Craw's views - yes, Jake and Molly should be vilified for smiling while it's ok and fine for Matt, Amy, and the adults with the sick kid... or no, it shouldn't matter - the fact still remains that you're posting that I am wrong to ask for legit criteria for judgement.

But i bet you don't have the chops to actually stand behind Craw and say "yes I agree with Craw" - I think you're just bitching because Craw is snitting about Roloffs you don't care about so you don't mind if Molly and Jake are publically castigated for *smiling*.

After all, you want them to look bad in comparison to precious Jeremy, right? He's a boy...Molly is a woman and Jake is a man and *need* to be publically vilified for shaming themselvcs in this photo, correct?

Thats why you're defending Craw, right? Molly and Jake deserve to be vilified? Yes or no, Brokenwing - do you think Jake and Molly *smiled too much*?

Do you actually have an opinion of the photo? Or are you just trolling?

Rap541 said...

Craw- I notice you are not willing to define how Molly is smiling too much while Matt is not. Molly and Jake are NOT tickling each other, they are both looking at what I suspect is the camera and Molly seems to have her one arm around Jake. Matt and Amy are also broadly smiling. Molly and Jake appear, like everyone else, to be paying attention and posing for a nice photo. There is no evidence of horseplay and the other two photos show the same thing.

I could easily suggest that Zach and Jeremy look a bit dour in this photo - but I don't because I think it's just a matter of how the camera caught them. Perhaps you could find something better than "Smilng too much here and not smiling enough there"?

NJC said...

Psychoanalyzing a family based on how they smile for a posed picture? Why can't people just say what a nice thing the family did and leave it at that. Why does it have to become another in the long line of battles over which members of the family are saints and which are devils?

The kid is there to have fun. Not to be pitied. Smiles and laughter should be the rule of the day not something to be treated as abnormal.

p.s. As a non-Christian, non-gift from God, who is not guided by Christ, and who has done work with the sick I think what Jeremy and the whole family did was great but that you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn't do the exact same thing in the same situation.

Brokenwing said...

My opinion of the photo is that there is nothing wrong with it. It doesn't detract from the Luke's family enjoyment of the day.

I do think Jake and Molly look like they're having fun. By the position of Jake's arm and the extra wide smile, maybe they're tickling each other behind their backs? If that is what they're doing, I don't share Craw's opinion that it's disrespectful. I don't think it matters.

How come you can't do that, Rap? Have you ever said "xxxxxxx you're entitled to your opinion, but I personally disagree. There is nothing wrong with what Jake is doing or I don't see a difference between Jake and Matt or in my opinion, I don't think Jake and Molly are tickling each other."

They are opinions. This one is Craws. She thinks Jake and Molly are tickling each other in the photo and she feels it is wrong. I can disagree without ranting and raving like a lunatic about it, demanding that she convince ME to feel the same way.

Rational people don't go around shouting in all capitals demanding that another person prove their opinion. It differs from yours. It's that simple.

Brokenwing said...

NJC, I agree the important thing is what the Roloffs did and arguing about who was more into it distracts from the good was done.

But you have to understand why. Honestly, from the pictures and the stories, it does look like Jeremy went the extra mile. Considering Jeremy is the one family member who has his character as a person bashed the most, the one who you can go to google and find things all over the internet that imply that he's not a good person, that he's selfish and unkind and only cares about himself, among other things....considering all that, you should understand why people who like Jeremy feel the need to mention it when it's clear that Jeremy went above and beyond with something like helping the kid who was granted the Make A Wish.

Rap541 said...

Oh Brokenwing - you basically just confirmed that yes, the only reason you're chiding me is because it's me saying something. You don't even agree with Craw... but you get to snit at Rap so "Bad Rap!"... you don't have a problem with two *children* getting slammed for the audacity of smiling too much as long as a) Jeremy is praised, and b) you get to whine about me.

If I said "Jeremy was not smiling, his affect is inappropriate" - I know you would be on me like white on rice, declaring how Poor Precious Jeremy shouldn't be judged for ONE photo... but Molly and Jake? Oh Brokenwing could give two craps about that... go on and badmouth those kids... as long as Precious Jeremy is held up as better, Brokenwing doesn't care *what* his younger siblings are called.

Rap541 said...

NJC - I agree. I think its very good of the Roloff family to do this. The kid in question had a lot of fun, and no one seems to be reacting inappropriately.

Picking at the less favored for their expressions is just finding a reason to be hateful. As I said above to someone else, I could make an equally mindless snit that Jeremy and Zach both aren't smiling therefore they are detracting from this kid's special day... but really? I think it's just how those two young men look for the camera....But some people can't let their hate agenda go, which is why Craw starts the "Jake is smiling too much" whining. I point out it's ridiculous, and look, Jeremy defenders come running to demand that *everyone* has a right to their opinion.... Of course they never come running when I am being told to shut up.... I mean really, when did it become perfectly acceptable to defend someone for vilifying two children over *smiling too much*?

I bet if I trashed Jeremy for *smiling too much*, Brokenwing would NOT be telling my detractors how *I* have the right to my opinions. In fact, I have been told b Brokenwing on several forums to hesh up my opinions since she doesn't like them.

Rap541 said...

BtwBrokenwing - the reason I ask Craw to define what smiling too much is aka prove her opinion- is because its *definable*. The fact is - there are many people smiling broadly in that photo. Craw states Molly and Jake are smiling TOO MUCH while no one else is, but since Matt and Amy and the adult with the kid seem to be smiling broadly as well... there needs to be a definable difference in order to reasonbly judge Molly and Jake "wrong" and everyone else "good".

Unless of course, there IS no difference, in which case it's just an example of Craw saying something hateful for no reason other than she doesn't like Jake.

In other words, if there's something legit behind her opinion, I'd like to know what it is. Being able to prove one's opinions is a great way to convince the other side you're right. Stomping your feet and whining "I'm right, you're stupid" usually doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Brokenwing, you're setting a complete double standard here. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Craw the one who said that Rap is the one acting stupid? Craw is the one resorting to personal insults, and yet you're not calling her (him?) out. That's a tad hypocritical.

Brokenwing said...

Anon, you're entitled to feel that way, but I don't see it that way at all.

Craw stated her opinion. Rap attacked Craw for her opinion and demanded that Craw prove her opinion. It's ridiculous to demand that someone prove their OPINION.

People can look at the same thing and see and feel differently about it. It's called having opinions. Craw clearly feels that the reason why Jake and Molly have broader smiles is because they're tickling or playing with each other and Craw thinks they shouldn't have been doing something like that doesn't include the boy.

You can disagree with that, but it's ridiculous to demand that someone prove their opinion. All you need to do is say "Personally, I disagree. I don't think Jake and Molly are smiling wider than the others or are not tickling each other. I don't think what they're doing is disrespectful."

That's all you have to do. When Rap doesn't like someone because she knows they support Jeremy, Rap attacks their opinions and acts as though they aren't entitled to their own opinions.

Rap541 said...

And yet you never ever have the problem with "You're stupid" followd by the disagreement. *Never*.

And since this is a case where the public slamming of children (Brokenwing used to be against that when Jeremy was a child but now that it's NOT Jeremy, we can publically slam innocent children who are just doing the best they can) is actually *quantifiable* - You're damn right - I want to know what the definition of "smiling too much is" when Matt isn't and Molly is, and Amy isn't and Jake is... if we're going to allow children to be publically run down as *bad* in public over it.

Brokenwing, really - then next time I have a negative opinion of Jeremy and Craw calls me stupid - if you're not chiding Craw and defending me, you're a hypocrit. Since you claim this *isn't* "for the love of Jer"....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rap doesn't JUST state her opinion. If she did, nobody would say anything. If you don't have the same opinion as her, you MUST PROVE IT.

Rap541 said...

Ya know - the obvious response is to ask me to prove mine.... :)

I usually provide examples. In this case - Matt and Amy and the adults with the sick kid are smiling AS much as Molly and Jake. Therefore I don't understand why - if this "smiling too much" is a valid, quantifible complaint, why it can't be defined.

Here's another example. I say Jeremy Roloff clearly lies. I provide examples of said lies. Under this whole little "no one has to prove an opinion in order to be defended" I can say Jeremy probably rapes girls and people *should be defending my right to have an unprovable opinion*. I mean.... maybe he does, maybe he doesn't.... but I have the right to say in my opinion he does....

And apparently anyone who demands proof is wrong and bad, right? I mean, its just an opinion and I have every right to say it, right?*

See the problem with this arguement? If we're gonna play this way, then I better see a series of posts defending my rights to have opinions without proof. And trust me folks - if "Molly and Jake are smiling to much and I have every right to say what I think without a word of disagreement!" is how we're gonna play.... I damn well better not see anyone demand "proof" that Jeremy drinks. Because I have the right to say it without proof and any criticism of my comments needs to be polite "I disagree" and not "You're stupid".

Is that how we're playing? Or are these "I don't have to prove anything I say" rules of conduct ONLY for people who want to slam the lesser Roloffs - Amy, Zach, Molly and Jake?

Because I really don't think Jer's fans will like how *opinions* must be politely allowed now. :)

Brokenwing said...

Anon @12:35, thanks.

Rap...whatever. Honestly, you're being ridiculous.

Craw is not making criminal charges. She's stating her opinion on a picture. It's not that hard to comprehend. It is so arrogant for you to demand that someone convince you to feel the same way as they do or else they can't have their opinion.

She thinks Jake and Molly are goofing with each other in that picture. That's why she didn't talk about Matt. She thinks Jake and Molly are tickling each other. You don't. That's a difference of opinion.

Personally, I think they are playing with other because of the way Jake is standing in that picture.

Where I disagree with Craw is I don't think it matters. It didn't take away from the kid's picture. Craw thinks it was disrespectful. It's a difference of opinion. Rational people recognize that people can have a difference of opinion.

Rap541 said...

Honestly Brokenwing, I don't think think so and I am not shocked you're now calling me ridiculous. Guess only peopel who praise Jer and call those who don't "stupid" have the right to their opinion, huh?

I mean.... you never have a problem with rational Craw calling any opinion "stupid"... I mean thats polite disagreement, isn't it? You aren't chiding Craw for "You're stupid, that's stupid" because thats rational, thats Craw having a rational disagreement with someone... while my asking Craw to bring something to the table other than her hatred of Jake Roloff in order to accept the public badmouthing of the kid in this picture (You do remember Craw's point is that Jake is bad to smile here and deserves to be called out on it, right? A child being vilified for a photo on a website used to bother you.) is somehow "irrational".

Yer always fun when you act the hypocrit. :)

Kathleen Wells said...

I really miss seeing the Roloff family on TV. They are so caring and giving and do so much good in their lives in spite of their "limitations." I love them dearly and hope to see them back on the tube one day soon.