Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ron and Peggy Roloff in Thailand, Ron badly cuts finger

As mentioned, Peggy and Ron Roloff are currently in Thailand. In addition to their blog, they are making You Tube videos. They have several. In this one, Ron badly cuts his finger and gets repaired.


Greg said...

Wow. I feel bad that Ron was in pain, but saw a different side of Peg in that video.

I get that she was concerned about Ron, but how rude was she to their young guide at the hospital?

"What did you do to him??"

"I wish it was you" (I don't think she was kidding.)

"Pray for him!"

That wasn't the loveable Peg I've seen portrayed on LPBW.

I'm kind of appalled at how they spoke to that guy. He was very concerned for Ron. He didn't deserve to be spoken to like that.

Sheri said...

God bless Ron and Peg Roloff. They are true Christian examples.

Greg your comments were uncalled for. I did hear Peg laugh after she and Ron said "I wish it was him".

If she sounded agiated it was because of her love and concern for her husband in a foreign country. Her behavior was what you would expect from a loving wife. I wish Amy would show that type of concern towards Matt. Amy could learn a lot from Peg.

God bless the Roloffs.

Greg said...

Sheri, like I said, I don't think she was kidding, yes I heard the laugh after Ron said his bit. It was the tone. It was rude.

Imagine if it was Jeremy "Gift From God" Roloff. If some visitor to the farm cut himself, he was nice enough to go to the hospital with the injured person. If he had been spoken to like Peggy spoke to this young Thai guy, I know you would be on here saying it was rude. You can tell by his reaction he was shocked they said it.

The reason why I commented was it gives me a taste of what Peggy might be like when the TV cameras aren't around.

Anonymous said...

Greg, you're right. Peggy also didn't even consider him when she was talking about the masks. She said everyone else is wearing one. That fellow wasn't. Did Peggy not even consider him?

Penny said...

You all would look that deep into a simple home video. I think she is being completely fine. The man with them was also joking along with her.

Seriously? I would love to see what some people make out of an actual issue. I don't think you know what "rude" is.

M said...

I wonder how hospitals are like in Thailand... Like the medical care. It looks alright, maybe more basic then here in the states. Sucks to hurt yourself on a trip.

Jocelynn said...

M, that's what I was thinking too. Maybe it was my ignorance, but the hospital looked pretty good to me. Better than what I expected.

IMO, Peggy was a little rude, but it's understandable that she wasn't in the best of moods.

Expressed said...

Poor Ron :(

I would describe Peggy as more "snappy" than "rude".

Anonymous said...

I think Peg was absolutely fine in this clip. Good humored and concerned and not at all rude. Everyone was trying to joke and stay light about this. They are a sweet couple, maybe a little bit dizty at times, but that can be endearing too.