Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TLC Roloff Video clip -- Matt's project around the farm

TLC released another scene not shown on television yet. This one isn't too exciting, though. Matt brings landscapers in because he wants a sitting area in the back yard. Matt states that Amy is concerned about the cost because the boys are headed off to college. Amy wants Matt to talk to her before he says yes to projects. According to Matt, he is investing in the business; pumpkin season attractions.


Kit said...

That's Matt's answer to everything. Unfortunately, at some point, he's going to run out of room for the actual pumpkins. LOL...Or maybe not. His neighbors have already challenged his Disney Pumpkinland as being outside the allowable uses for farmland. Matt calls it agri-tainment.

Rap541 said...

Well, here's my thoughts.

I think Matt has a point about creating fresh attractions for the business, that investing in the business helps increase revenue and according to him, Amy doesn't see the cause and effect. The first is simply business 101 - sometime you gotta spend money to make money. The second? I think Matt got in a nasty lick at Amy - that she doesn't understand where the money comes from - on false pretenses.

Here's why. This particular project - a sitting area behind the house - in no way adds to the productivity of the farm. Sorry, I don't believe the once a year farm guests are the ones who will be using this particular piece of landscaping. Two hammocks sounds like a very nice little sitting area for the family.

In other words, he's not spending money on something that is an investment into the business. This project has no impact on pumpkin season at all... which means mean old Amy actually is making a good point about rethinking spending money on a large scale when the kids are heading off to college.

Denise said...

Off to college? Rock creek is only 6 miles from the house.

Kit said...

I guess my point was that Matt was building all these things *long* before he decided it was "good business." That's just his justification for doing it these days, now that the show (not the "attractions," BTW) has brought in tourists by the boatloads. And it's pretty obvious, especially from the comments at the end, that Matt has no compunctions about lying straight out to Amy (oh, no, we're not going forward with it, it's not a project), then going ahead and doing exactly what Matt Roloff wants to do.

And I agree, Rap, that this particular project doesn't sound like it will be in a public area, so even the "It's for the business" excuse doesn't hold water this time. I completely understand Amy's frustration.