Thursday, November 12, 2009

Worst Ratings of the season for Little People, Big World -- November 9th

It's a good thing that Matt Roloff decided to do his question and answer session last week and not this week.

When he answered about the ratings last week, it was on the heels of a very impressive showing, the highest ratings in a while for LPBW. This week were the lowest ratings of the season.

In watching this, I'm getting the feeling that LPBW ratings are closely tied to Jon and Kate Plus Eight (of course you probably know Jon and Kate follow LPBW on TLC at 9pm). Ratings for LPBW seem to depend more on whether J and K is a heavily hyped episode and less on the actual episodes of LPBW.

After a very impressive week in the ratings last week, they dropped rather dramatically this week. Only a week after getting the highest ratings of the season, they got the worst ratings of the season on this past Monday.

It seems significant that Jon and Kate bombed this week. Last week was the heavily publicized exclusive interview with Kate which drew a very good 3.9 rating. This week it was a "Best of"; a look back tanked with a 1.615.

However, what we all care about:

Nov 9th Little People Big World (8pm) = 1.573 million viewers
Nov 9th Little People, Big World (8:30pm) = 1.682 million viewers

These were the rest of the ratings so far in Season 5.

Nov 2nd
Little People, Big World (8pm)- 2.110 million viewers
Little People, Big World (8:30pm)- 2.410 million viewers-

Oct 26th
Little People, Big World (8pm) = 1.667 million viewers
Little People, Big World (8:30pm ) = 1.976 million

Oct 19
Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.766 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 1.820 million viewers

Oct 12
Little People, Big World 8pm = 1.864 million
Little People, Big World 8:30pm = 2.198 million


Brandon said...

I wonder what they would be like if the Roloffs weren't on Monday nights or what will happen when Jon and Kate + 8 go into the TV show graveyard?

If I were TLC, I would be waiting before deciding about season 6 of Little People.

Expressed said...

Sigh. Do I dare point out that Jeremy wasn't shirtless this week? :)

Kit said...

Yeah, Expressed, you're right. Maybe what we need is an episode where Jer goes commando.

David said...

You're probably right. It's not about the quality or entertainment of each individual episode. The 8:30 episode always has better ratings. If I was choosing, the soccer episode at 8:30pm would have bored more people than the texting episode at 8:00pm.

Expressed said...

Kit, I guarantee that episode ('Jer goes commando') would do better ratings than a 1.5.

When is J&K going off the air? If they go off in the next week or the week after, it's scary to think what the ratings will be for LPBW when they show the boring episodes about Amy flying solo for a speaking engagement and doing charity work or another episode about the Iraq family.

It's time for LPBW to get desperate. Scrap those episodes and have Jeremy roll around on a beach somewhere. In the opening credits they show Matt lifting weights with Jer spotting him. If they have Jeremy doing a work out, it's time to pull that out of the woodwork.

Kit said...

Expressed, if they're "desperate," it's time to end the show. TLC can give Jer his own show, if that's where they think the money is, but since the premise of LPBW is that it's about the lives of little people, making the show about Jer kinda renders that moot, doncha think?

Afraid you'll just have to "suffer through" those shows where Jer isn't displaying his, uh, assets.