Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 new bonus Roloff videos of Little People, Big World released by TLC

TLC has 5 new videos up of Little People, Big World, most of which are bonus or deleted scenes not shown in the episodes that aired on television.

I believe the video that will be of the most interest to viewers might be the video titled "The Boys Meet With The Soccer Coach" during one of the college visits Amy took Jeremy and Zach on (before they ultimately ended up going to Portland Community College). Jeremy's future in soccer has been a long running theme on the show ever since the first season of LPBW.

I thought it was nice of Zach to attempt to build Jeremy up to the coach by telling him about all of Jeremy's All Star selections throughout his high school years. You get the impression that quite a bit of their meeting was left out of this very brief clip. The coach didn't appear to say anything too critical from what is shown in this clip, however judging by Jeremy's facial expression at the end of clip and Amy's comment, the coach must have said something to shake the Roloffs confidence that Jeremy could make that team.

Amy's comment on the meeting: "From a mother's point of view, what I heard? Basically Jeremy, you're not going to make this team because you do not push yourself."

The other clip that viewers might find fun is entitled "Race The Barrells" -While at the Rockin' R Ranch in Utah; Jeremy, Zach and Amy race (or attempt to) race a horse around barrells while being clocked.

Another video "Giddy Up" was basically included in the episode on television. Amy and Zach get on a horse.

Zach coaches soccer is another video clip; Zach tries to think up drills for the soccer team he is coaching.

"Dinner's Ready" features Amy and Molly going to "Dinner's Ready". Amy is leaving for a few days for her Florida trip (which viewers saw as Molly's frozen pork meal that Jake and Matt weren't exactly excited to eat...). Amy explains that she's concerned if she doesn't get food ready for Matt and the kids they will only eat junk food while she's away.


Dana said...

Now that is the Amy I know and don't like. What is wrong with her? She is so negative. Always a stick in the mud. I thought she outgrew putting down Jeremy. Obviously not. She almsot looks happy in the office, like she can't wait to put Jeremy down. I wish Matt was there to help Jeremy see the positive, instead of negative Amy. She is too eager to blame her own son.

Craw said...

Dana, you took the words out my mouth. Trashing Jeremy has been one of Amy's favorite past times. She's been on this crap about how Jeremy doesn't push himself in soccer since the show started. I don't know what that has to do with what the coach said. He didn't sound that negative to me. Why does it even matter? They weren't going there, where ever that was anyway. Amy must have got out of "slam Jeremy" rehab. This seems like it's about grades, not Jeremy pushing himself in soccer.

Brandon said...

Hehe, guess Jer isn't the best guy to ever ride a horse after all ;)

Rap541 said...

"She is too eager to blame her own son."

Because of course Jeremy earned a spot on the team. Oh wait...

Jeremy didn't put a huge amount of effort in. He's certainly not getting an *offer* to join the team ie: this school was not actively recruiting him.

So he didn't push himself...not unusual but yeah, it leads to disappointments and look, his mother is being bashed for pointing out that goofing off led jeremy to not get what he wanted.

Because what Jeremy needs, always is a cuddle and a kiss, and a "thats ok, you're the best player and don't let ANYONE tell you that you weren't recruited because you didn't play well enough." Because that makes him try harder... oh wait, that just lets him goof off more and not work at it...

(waits for the "people conspired to see to it that an extraordinary player be held down since Jeremy is the best player!" talk. Because the fact that no one was recruiting him in his senior year can't possibly mean he wasn't ready for college level play)

Anonymous said...

Better yet Rap, all those coaches of those college teams have sons/nephews who played against Jeremy & lost, so this is their way of getting their revenge. They're jealous Godless Christian haters anyway.


NJC said...

In the soccer one, I don't think anything Amy said was out of line. It's pretty clear the kids have become fairly unmotivated. So I don't blame her for using this experience to point out that if you want something you need to work for it.

To be fair to Jeremy though, that's the University of Portland they're at. It's a Division 1 soccer program and a good one at that. You don't just walk into a place like that and say hi coach here I am. If you're gonna make a Division 1 program you have to be beyond good and get yourself noticed long before your senior year. If playing there was truly what he wanted, he and his parents should have been looking into what it takes a couple of years ago at least. And he should have been going to soccer showcases to show he can play with the best and give the coaches a chance to see him. There's no way Jeremy would have known that though without some parental or other adult intervention.

They really missed an opportunity. I have no idea if Jeremy is good enough to play Div.I, but at least if they had looked into it earlier, he could have found out where he could have realistically played. Then he'd know in advance what kind of grades he was going to need to get in. It may have given him that extra motivation he needed to work at his grades.

Anne B said...

Nothing I saw in the "Boys meet soccer coach" video warranted Amy's analysis at the conclusion of the clip.

Amy could have had unrealistic expectations for Jeremy all along because of her own love of soccer. The episode in the first season actually documented that well. Zach and Amy were on the sidelines watching Jeremy's game as they verbally chastised Jeremy's effort and play, stating that if "I could play, I would do better". It's easy to underestand, however unfair to Jeremy and not always true.

Based on what I saw and heard in the video, Jeremy was more distressed upon hearing the importance the coach was placing on GPA than talent. I do agree with the author that Zach at least made an attempt to promote Jeremy's accomplishments which is a positive step for Zach. He could have been more prepared though.

Anne B said...

"Hehe, guess Jer isn't the best guy to ever ride a horse after all ;)"

Brandon, did you watch the same clip as I did? Jeremy did better than Zach or Amy. At least the horse galloped 'down the home stretch'.You couldn't have honestly expected him to do better than the girl. He did well for a beginner. She most like grew up on the farm around the horse. Of course she would do better than Jeremy. He didn't embarrass himself.

Megan said...

Was Dinner's Ready responsible for Molly's food that Jake wanted to feed to the dog?

Probably not the advertising they were counting

Expressed said...

Dana, I agree. Amy is way too intense and critical of Jeremy. I still think she has improved 120% from the start of this show, even with this blip.

Jeremy loves soccer and was good at it. That's all he did. Amy acts like he was supposed to train for 12 hours a day.

I actually agree with NJC. Amy or someone should have helped him prepare if he was really serious about soccer beyond high school. I don't know if he was. I think he just loves soccer, likes playing it and was good. It's Amy who is putting all these expectations on him and then knocking him for it.

Brandon, did you think Jeremy's barrel run was bad? It depends on what you compare him to. I thought that at first, but he looked good compared to Zach and Amy. I wonder if they told the Roloffs to slow up around the corners.

Either way, Jeremy was able to laugh at his try. You have to like that about the guy.

Kit said...

"There's no way Jeremy would have known that though without some parental or other adult intervention."

Sorry, Jer-fans. I've been in the PDX soccer scene for years. There is no way Jer was ignorant about the requirements of college soccer, or if he truly was, no excuse for not knowing. He played club ball (although not in high school?), he tried out for ODP, his school plays in a league with a couple of schools that frequently send kids to top D-1 and D-2 programs. Several clubs regularly host clinics on "Preparing for college soccer" at local tournaments. If he was paying ANY attention from middle school on up, he would know what colleges require, at least in a general sense.

But I think his soccer ambitions were like those of many athletic young boys - they dream about being famous and being scouted by colleges, but when it comes down to it, don't want it or love it enough to put in the work required. I've known and worked with some of the kids who "made it" and one trait ALL of them had in common was an inner drive to succeed. These kids came "wired to win" if you will. They didn't need parents, coaches, or anyone else to motivate them. And yes, some of them did practice skills several hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus conditioning and weight work. I know one kid who started writing to college coaches in 7th grade, just so they would remember the name by the time junior year came around.

I happen to agree with Expressed - I don't think Jer was ever serious about playing soccer in college. But he HAS talked about doing that on the show (and probably in the family) in past years, so I think Amy was just making the point that things don't happen just because you want them to. Well, except for BVI and dude ranch vacations, and meeting with the general manager of an MLS club. [grin] But even TLC can't get Jer a spot on a college soccer team.

On the other hand, no one is going to award Amy and Matt any prizes for preparing their twins for adult life. Not having a checking account until they're 19? Going to register a car without any money, or even knowing that money is required? Knowing the requirements of playing college soccer pale in comparision to stuff like that.

As for the horse thing - one LAST comment. If you have ever ridden a horse, especially Western, you would know that *leg pressure* is the primary factor in getting a horse to speed up. Please note where Jer's legs fall on the horse compared to Zach and Amy. The horse didn't even know he was being kicked when Amy and Zach were riding. But I'm sure Jer kicked that horse better than anyone has ever kicked a horse before, and he did it in a Christian way. Now, can we quit beating that particular dead horse? LOL...

Diane said...

"Well, except for BVI and dude ranch vacations, and meeting with the general manager of an MLS club. [grin] But even TLC can't get Jer a spot on a college soccer team."

Kit, I think that's why Jer thinks he can do whatever he wants without putting work into it. He's used to having things handed to him just because.

One of the most revealing things I've seen in the new season was Jeremy's grin to the camera at the Seattle Sounders game when he said he would love to get the chance to take shots on the goalie. If expressions could speak, his grin and glance at the camera said "TLC, make it happen because I want it!"

Brandon said...

"But I'm sure Jer kicked that horse better than anyone has ever kicked a horse before, and he did it in a Christian way."

LOL, love it, Kit :)

Rap541 said...

" Amy or someone should have helped him prepare if he was really serious about soccer beyond high school."

Expressed, by someone else, do you happen to mean Matt, his father? I mean - if his mother not doing enough beyond carting him to soccer practice, practicing with him, getting him into an indoor soccer gym and running the soccer league he was in, wasn't enough... what about his dad?

Isn't matt the go-getter who teaches us how to perserve thru gritty situations? Isn't he the boy's father?

I'm inclined to agree with you and NJC in that I think Jeremy looked at how much committment and discipline soccer would need in order to play at a higher level and decided it wasn't for him. However, its not his mommy's responsiblity (or his daddy's, I just don't like how Matt never has to own the reality that his sole duty as father isn't just impregnating his wife) to make his dream happen for him.

Honestly, I think it's possible he could have played at a college level... if he had bothered to work for it, and if he hadn't happily blown off school. But in fact, he couldn't just smile and get what he wanted because he's Jeremy Roloff. Its a tough lesson, and I hope he learned from it.

Tashapork said...

One thing came to my mind about the grades is that for people who watch regularly, this show is a terrible commercial for Sylvan learning center. I know that it is their attitudes and lack of motivation that caused them to do poorly, but still it would make a parent think twice about the amount of money Sylvan charges.
Another thing that I was thinking is that once Mike Detejan (sp) died, the family seemed to drop the ball on soccer. I wonder if had he still lived, he would have helped Jeremy get somewhere with college soccer. That man was a powerful mentor figure in their lives and mabye his death has soemthing to do with the downslide, Just a thought.

Jocelynn said...

Tasha, I always like reading your thoughts. Very balanced and thoughtful.

I thought about Mike when I was reading the stuff about Jeremy and college soccer. He probably would have been better equipped to get on a team somewhere. Mike probably would have done the research with Jeremy.

Although I do remember talking to some guys who were involved with soccer when Mike was alive. They didn't understand why Mike didn't get Jeremy involved in ODP (he tried out at the max age) or why he didn't try to get Jeremy playing on team other than Faith Bible.

I wonder what Sylvan thinks. Can the president of Sylvan post and tell us? :) I remember the resort home in Orlando wasn't happy with what they got from the show.

I think you're right. Who could really blame Sylvan. It comes down to motivation. I don't think we (as the viewers) give enough thought to how much being on the show getting paid for well affects the kids.

Why would a kid study when ever 4 hours they can do anything fun they want? Why would Jeremy and Zach think education is important when they're making a lot of money just for being themselves? I think the special treatment they've gotten because of the show has skewed their perception of what the world is like.

Laura said...

About Mike: it depends. Fans saw Mike so I think fans have the tendency to associate Mike with everything that has happened since his death.

We don't know what is really going on and what is fake. If Matt is telling the truth in his letters, he is basically saying everything is great in their lives and the show is a bunch of contrived drama filled lies. If Matt is telling the truth, I guess it hasn't been that bad since Mike has died although I'm sure they miss him as a friend.

Kit said...

Well, I don't think Jer ever *really* cared about playing soccer in college. I think he'll happily play pick-up games with his buds, maybe goof around in one of the adult leagues in PDX, or just let it slide altogether. Truthfully, that's what most youth players do.

Any kid who has any thought of playing soccer in college, especially in the PDX area, is into club soccer in a big way. Doesn't sound like Jer even played club soccer in high school, although it was unclear whether that was just his senior year or all four years. I know he took that one shot at ODP when he was 14, 15?, but never saw anything about him trying it again.

Of course Jer *could* have played college soccer - probably not at UP, but somewhere. He's athletic, and showed potential to develop his skills. But then, he *could* have been accepted at a wide range of 4-yr colleges if he had kept a higher GPA and studied more for the SATs. He *could* have a private pilot's license by now. He *could* have certification to operate heavy machinery. He *could* be a carpentry or electrician or welding apprentice. He *could* be married with a baby on the way (shades of Josh Duggar). Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

My take on Amy, after thinking about it, is that she's been trying to show the twins what they're missing out on, hoping it will motivate them. Maybe it worked, if what Matt says is true about them getting good grades at PCC. Or maybe what they needed was to go someplace like PCC, where there is more support for "non-traditional learners," rather than a 4-yr college that has high academic expectations from the start. That, BTW, is NOT a knock on PCC. Good school, good programs.

Mike *was* a major motivator as far as soccer goes, and that could very well be why it seems to have been dropped. Haven't seen/heard much about Jake's playing in a while, compared to all those private coaching sessions Mike held with him early on.

DJ said...

Kit, Jeremy was 16 when he tried out for ODP. Sixteen is the last year players are allowed to try out for ODP in Oregon.

If he knows he's not going to be professional, he's not going to get a scholarship. There isn't much point in going to a college just for the soccer program if it's nothing more than a fun hobby.

I was surprised when Amy said on the show that the twins wanted to go to college to play soccer. That's not why they should be going to college. As Jocelynn said, they're already rich. I don't think they believe they need college.

Brandon said...

"if what Matt says is true about them getting good grades at PCC"

Kit, I don't trust anything Matt says about his kids and their grades. Matt is all about looking good by making his kids look good. The truth doesn't mean much to Matt.

Rap541 said...

Tasha - I have to agree with Jocleyn. Your posts are alwys interesting and well thought out.

I do think the "lack of Mike" influence, while sad, is fairly negliable as far as Jeremy lacking a mentor. Mike died the summer before Jeremy's senior year. To be blunt, the damage was already done, Jeremy already had poor grades and wasn't playing on a competative team at that point. What I find shocking is the notion that grades were never brought up by people at his school. I mean, its not like Jeremy was thinking of playing college football or basketball where yeah maybe grades can slide.

Kit - I agree with you on the "coulda shoulda woulda" aspect. I get the impression that he'd be happy to play at college if he could just walk in and be on the team... and didn't expect it to be difficult. I hope it was eye opening for him that he can't just get by on looking pretty and doing nothing. If Matt is telling the truth (and sadly I have to agree with Brandon that it can't be assumed) that the twins are doing well in college, perhaps Jeremy needed the kick in the pants. I hope for his sake tht it's true.

Tashapork said...

I think Matt glosses over the truth because his reality isn't necessarily the reality for the rest of the family. I don't think he even sees how other people are affected. Matt is the forever optimist and he doesn't tend to get wrapped up in emotion. For example, he couldn't see how the Virgin Islands trip would bother other members of his family. I don't see it as him being deliberately mean, he just doesn't see it. Jeremy gets along well with him because he is similar in that respect, Zach, Amy, and Molly clash with him because Matt cannot see where they are at and they see him as uncaring.

Roloffsrule said...

Silly forumites, God has much more important tasks for Jeremy Roloff then soccer.

Stay tuned to see what God's plan is :)

Degrassi said...

I think Jeremy could play in college. Probably not d1 but i'm sure theres a team out there that could use him.

I think his best shot was Corban. However, I think Jeremy only thought of a D1 school which Corban is not. The Corban coach seemed the most willing to let him come out and tryout for the team. I have no doubt in my mind Jeremy would have made the team at Corban.

Jeremy should have been on a club team and started trying out for ODP earlier. You can still play in college without ODP but you have to play club soccer. There are a lot of good clubs in the Portland area. I think the boys (including Jake) play with the Hillsboro Soccer Club. It has classic level soccer up until u14, after that its just rec leagues.

Degrassi said...

Lets not forget the position Jeremy plays, Striker. It is basically the qb of soccer, the one position everyone wants to play. Jeremy has skills but at the next level, especially at the schools Jeremy was looking at, you need to be really really good. As a Striker you have to score consistently or you won't play even at the college level.

I always thought Jeremy would do better as an attacking midfielder or winger especially with his speed.