Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amy Roloff Radio Interview

Amy Roloff was on the KPAM Radio station in Oregon December 3rd. They now have it on their website.

A quick recap of the main points:

*During the introduction, Amy says she does a little of a lot. Amy corrects the host when he says "You're a pre-school teacher, right? Amy answers "I was a pre-school teacher".

*Asked if she ever gets used to cameras. Amy answers it was hard in the beginning. After a while, her and the kids understood what TV was about. Amy says a big reason why it works is the great crew. Two of the main producers, one has been with them for almost 3 years, the other for a year and a half and they're like family.

*Asked if she ever tells the cameras to go away if she's yelling at the kids about something, etc. Amy answers that there has been a few things. "One incident was with Jacob, he was either feeling bad about something or I needed to talk to him about something; I can't remember what the reason was, but I knew he wouldn't talk to her because the cameras were there so I asked them to go away. You know what? They're more than glad to do that. The family and what we need to deal with is ultimately more important than whatever they may get for that moment."

*Amy explains that it's hard for her to watch the episodes and sometimes she wishes they (the cameras) had stopped filming gone away.

*Amy says the biggest thing she tells people is: "What you see has really happened. But they do have to remember that it is just that moment that they are seeing, so they don't see the build up getting to that moment or the downward after that moment".

*Amy states that they get great fan mail, but they also get a lot of criticism. Host asks what about, the way they handle their kids? "The way we handle it or how we act or something I may have said, that's all well, that's great, feedback either way, that's wonderful, but I like to remind people that they are just seeing a moment, we do deal with issues."

*She's asked about what she hopes people learn from their show. Amy gives standard answer that most fans have heard about breaking down barriers about LPs and seeing similarities.

*The host makes the point that halfway through you almost forget the whole dwarfism aspect. Amy agrees and says she thinks that's the appeal of the show for people because they are just like any other family. Amy and Matt disagree, the kids act up, they deal with the same issues, but they have a lot of fun, they have a great life, a great adventure and they live in a great place.

*Amy says Pumpkin season went fabulously this year, Matt did a getting it ready and she enjoyed meeting all the people that came from all over. Amy says one of the advantages of the show is that there are a lot of great people and to be able to meet them is wonderful.


Dana said...

Amy sounds nicer in the radio interview than she is on the show. She even praised Matt. I would like to see more of that on the show.

I think she was justifying her criticisms of Matt on the show by suggesting that people don't see what built up to the "moment".

That Jacob. I could have guessed that they needed to stop the cameras for him. You never hear anyone saying Jeremy wouldn't cooperate that forced them to shut off the camera. That kid is a handful.

David said...

Interesting that she discussed pumpkin season and no mention of the awful and terrifying vandalism at the farm...publicity stunt?

Carol said...

The Roloffs think it's good the more they become buddies with the crew and I understand that, but in truth, the more that happens, the less effective the show is.

Rap541 said...

"That Jacob. I could have guessed that they needed to stop the cameras for him. You never hear anyone saying Jeremy wouldn't cooperate that forced them to shut off the camera. That kid is a handful."

Actually Jeremy was reportedly so emotional and upset about Jake's trebuchet accident that he was allowed to go to his friends homes after the accident to avoid the cameras. According to some fans who insist its true. I dunno... but people claiming to be his friends insist he didn't want to be filmed. Funny, how Jake imitates big brother.

That Jeremy! :)

Who wants to bet we're about to get a "Its fine and noble when Jeremy does it, but wrong and bratly when Jake does it" defense? :)

Anonymous said...

David, if it was a publicity stunt don't you think she would have mentioned it? A publicity stunt needs publicity.

David said...

"David, if it was a publicity stunt don't you think she would have mentioned it? A publicity stunt needs publicity"

No, there was no reason for her to mention it...pumpkin season is over. Besides, I think it was more of a "Matt thing" and Amy is less inclined to lie which is why I brought it up.

Creating publicity to advertise your business in the local media is smart. Matt is smart. It still is what I consider a publicity stunt.

In 08, the "Run away Turtle" hit the local media just in time for the papers to write a story about Roloff Farms and mention the hours of operation and what goes on there.

My opinion? Purely for publicity. A contrived story and get the local media to write about it, informing everyone that Roloff Farm is open for business.

In 09, marking one of the few times Matt used twitter, he used it on the eve of pumpkin season to say 'Oh no!!!! We might not open!'

Later there was the vandalism story, people shooting at the Roloff Farm, people targetting the Roloffs for violence and vandalism.

I wouldn't go as far as saying I believe Matt staged the whole thing; in my opinion, it was a very minor thing. Bored local kids who damaged a sign leading up to Halloween. From what else I read, neighbors were also victims of vandals. My house was egged. Local papers did not stories about how I was being targetted by criminals.

However, most of the local media, TV and print, carried the story about the Roloffs. All on the same day. The Roloffs are targets, "someone could have been killed" it's so horrible and on and on. All of the stories then turned into an interview with Matt mentioning that Pumpkin Season was going great, the hours of operation, a mention of the various activities they had on the farm.

Personally, I think it was a publicity stunt in that Matt took something very minor like a common teen prank (spreading feces on a sign with a smiling pumpkin face) to the media to give them a story to write about Roloff Farm so they could remind the locals to come see Roloff Farm in October.

My point if this was a big story that shocked and frightened the Roloffs "someone could have been killed", "The Roloffs are targets"...I think when the mom is reflecting on pumpkin after being asked "How was pumpkin season this year?" She might have thought to mention such a thing. She did not. Why? Because it was something very minor that Matt used as a publicity stunt to promote the business in the media.

Dana said...

I am going by the facts. Amy was asked if they request that the cameras be turned off. The incident she specifically recalled was about Jacob refusing to co-operate because of the cameras.

There was no mention of Jeremy being a hinderance to filming, making things difficult for the family or requiring any special attention.

The fact is, Jeremy has always been an angel in regards to the show. Matt has always cited Jeremy as being supportive of the show from the very beginning (unlike Amy, Zach, Molly and Jacob). Jeremy has never wavered. He has always been a darling both for his family by not causing problems like Jacob's example and for us the viewers by being open around the cameras.

Don't make this about Jeremy. Amy was asked a question. Her answer made it clear that Jacob is the one who forces them to disrupt filming. Both Matt and Amy have, on the record (not through rumor on the internet) described Jacob as their most challenging child. Her answer was consistent with that.

NJC said...

Dana you're the one who brought Jeremy into this. Try re-reading your first post. Then you continue to keep him in this in the very post in which you're telling people to keep him out of it. Weird.

Please tell me you're a teenager. I'd hate to think that an actual grown-up could have the nasty vendetta you do against a 12 year old kid. It's creepy.

Craw said...

Dana, you are 100% right about Jake. I am SO not shocked that Jacob is the one in this story.

NJC - Jacob IS a brat. We call it like it is. The family needs to make special deals for him. Too bad Amy forgot what the time was about. I bet he was being a brat again.

They are the 2 avg size boys in the family. Jer is cool, popular and easy going. Jake is a whiny sulking brat who is always stressing out his parents and siblings. Of course people are going to notice the difference.

NJC said...

Notice the difference? Is that what you're trying to do? Just a little innocent comparison huh? Sorry, but it comes off as something a little more vicious than that.

How you and Dana manage to turn "One incident was with Jacob, he was either feeling bad about something or I needed to talk to him about something" into "Jacob is a whiny pain in the ass who every one in the family hates and who is constantly bringing the production to a halt" just confirms what I already said. You two have serious issues.

Does it ever cross your mind that you're talking about a little kid? Do you ever once think it's odd that you're comparing the actions of a 12 year old to those of a 19 year old? Is it impossible for you to protect your precious Jeremy without attacking a child? So creepy.

Rap541 said...

So why *wasn't* Jeremy in the episodes where Jake was hurt, at the house, supporting his family? His anonymous friends say he was so distraught, he was allowed to avoid the cameras at friends homes.... Others note that the sixteen year old could have made things a little easier for his folks at home and instead was spotted at the movies with friends while his brother was getting surgery and his siblings were home alone with grandparents.

David - I sort of agree with you. The "OMIGOSH WE MAY BE SHUT DOWN!" twitter was purely an attempt to stir publicity up via twitter. Point - Matt doesn't use twitter, has said for *years* he simply doesn't have time for the internet, and yet *during a crisis where the farm may not open for business* he suddenly has the time to fool with it? Whatever occured - the twittering was publicity only.

The shooting incidents? If you look thru the thread about that, I think it becomes clear that while there was some shooting at the sign, a lot of the actual damage was caused by an earlier vandalism incident. I think it *occured* and I don't think Matt is fool enough to manufacture an incident involving the police... but I do think the articles pretty clearly state it had been going on all month and occurring at other farms as well.... this was just a well timed news story.

Craw said...

NJC, get over your Jake love. You think we're mean by saying what everyone, including his family has said.

Jeremy was not always 19 was he? Amy has Jeremy to compare Jake to. Her incident was with Jake not Jeremy. Matt and Amy picked Jake, not Jer as their most challenging kid to raise.

EVERYBODY in the family has talked about what a pain Jake is. How he annoys them or acts up the most. Matt and Amy have said it. Molly has said it. Zach has said. Jeremy has said it.

Judy said...


You cannot fault people for commenting on what is evident from watching the show. I find Jacob to be disgraceful. I also don't like how Amy, Zach and to much lesser degree recently, Molly, has been treating Matt, but Jacob is by far the worst when you consider everything else.

If you observe Matt and Amy, you can spot how exasperated they are with Jacob.

Jeremy is a much different boy. You can see that in how he carries himself and how Matt and Amy react to him. Jeremy doesn't cause problems like Jacob has.

Tay said...

njc, i've seen the jeremy haters try to compare jake to jeremy many times when they think jake is better. do you complain about that?

i've seen people try to say jake is better looking than jeremy. i've seen people say jake is smarter than jeremy.

is it really comparisons you don't like?

anybody in their right mind can see that jeremy is a much nicer person and easier person to get along with than jake.

jake is also very moody and very spoiled. he always looks moody. jeremy usually is having fun and easy to please.

Rap541 said...

Tay - considering the Jeremy lovers usually shut down the "Jake is better looking" talk with "SHUT UP NO HE'S NOT! JEREMY IS HOT!" and references to Jake being a "brat", I think it's pretty clear that there are issues on both sides of the line.

I can cite evidence of Jeremy being a "brat". Not the least of which, he scratched up Mom's new Benz and left it for Dad to find, he snotted off to Dad how he was a S-E-N-I-O-R when dad dared ask him about his grades, how he pointedly is rude to both his parents when it involves him not getting to do what he wants... I'd also cite Jeremy as very spoiled since ALL of the children are very spoiled. Sorry, but if the big boy can't be expected to go on a family vacation without a non family buddy brought along to keep him entertained lest he be "too bored", then he's spoiled.

I am willing to bet that the "you only see a tiny portion of whats actually happening" excuse will get thrown down for Jer the Wonder Boy - so why *isn't* it equally valid for Jake? When Jeremy acts badly... we're just seeing a tiny portion of his film time, when Jake acts badly - brat! BRAT! SKANKY SLUTBOY GOING TO HELL BRAT!

Rap541 said...

"The fact is, Jeremy has always been an angel in regards to the show."

Who has said this?

Dana - in this very thread, you're disregarding "friend testimony" as not the facts.

Show me a direct quote from Amy or Matt "Jeremy has always been an angel in regards to the show"... or acknowledge that this is your opinion based on interviews but is not an actual statement made by anyone connected to the show.

Considering Jeremy is now getting a paycheck (since he's an adult) and Jake still has no choice to be filmed, since he's a twelve year old child whose parents get paid to display him on camera, I expect *an adult who is paid to do a job* to well... do his job. If he expects a check, anyway.

What's Jake getting out of this? He gets called a spoiled skanky slutboy and not a Christian, is publically held up on message board by adults as "not good enough for his father". He's consistently cited as "not good, not like jeremy". This thread alone is basically several teens and adults trashing the youngest Roloff, a twelve year old... and he doesn't even get a check.

Tay - in all seriousness - every example of Jeremy not being nice is continually denied/insisted to be a lie/when proven insisted to be "just kids being kids"/Jeremy's God Given blessed right to hate.

Yet a moody back talking twelve year old? Apparently Jake isn't representative of every twelve year old I've ever known and is in fact PURE EVIL. Jake giving back talk? Thats never boys will be boys... but when Jeremy snots off, it is. See the issue?

Disillusioned said...

Craw-NJC said it best..."Please tell me you're a teenager. I'd hate to think that an actual grown-up could have the nasty vendetta you do against a 12 year old kid. It's creepy."

Good for you NJC, I totally agree with what you said!
They may be on T.V. but for God's sake, Jake is still only 12 years old!!!!! Give the kid a break!!!!! I don't see how any of you can compare a 12 year old to his 19 year old brother. That's just crazy to me!!!!!!

Kit said...

Wow, Dana, Tay, Craw, Judy - I really can't believe the vindictiveness directed toward a 12-year-old. Your Christian God must be very proud of you. Make sure you tell your church what good deeds you're doing here - I'm sure they'll all be proud of you, too.

As for Amy's remarks, I would note (not that any of you will accept this, even though the interview makes it clear) that Amy and Jake were involved in a discussion and Jake simply did not want to continue the conversation in front of the cameras. Not "refusing to cooperate," not "forcing them to disrupt filming," but wanting to discuss something that was obviously very sensitive with his mother in private. And as AMY SAID, it was ONE incident.

Now, perhaps you were the type of children that would willingly discuss every issue in your lives with your parents in full public view, and record them on your video camera and make copies for all your friends to see. However, all NORMAL 12-year-olds have subjects in their lives that are difficult enough to share with parents, let alone a world full of nasty, rude "Christian" people ready and willing to vilify them.

I recall Amy saying early on in filming that it was decided that Molly's bedroom was "off-limits," and she could go there when she did not want to be filmed. That may explain why we see so little of Molly, especially in the earlier years, when she was about the AGE JAKE IS NOW.

I might also note that the twins were past the "tween" ages when the show began--they were already 14--so their behavior at 10, 11, 12 was not filmed for public viewing. Just an interesting point, as anything else would be "conjecture" on my part. Well, except for the behavior exhibited by Jeremy at age 6 on film.

Whatever. I know nothing I say could enter your minds, because they are shut tighter than a...well, I won't even go there. However, other people read this blog, and I would hate for them to think that the rest of us allow your disgraceful commentary on a 12-year-old to go unchallenged.

Brokenwing said...

"Considering Jeremy is now getting a paycheck (since he's an adult) and Jake still has no choice to be filmed....What's Jake getting out of this?....He's consistently cited as "not good, not like jeremy"."

I totally disagree with this. And with what you said Kit, because when you look at what I'm going to say...I just don't know how you can only have the response you do, feeling sorry for Jake.

Jeremy is 19 NOW. He wasn't when the show began or for the majority of its run. It's also debatable whether Jeremy AND Zach choosing not to be part of the show now is realistic or smart, but that's another discussion.

Some of the comments about Jake may be unkind, but I think they are understandable and to be expected. In my opinion, I don't know that Jake is that different from most 9-12 year olds who are the baby in their family, but Jake does do "bratty" things and people comment. He runs away throwing fits when he loses or doesn't get his way. He attempts to tear up Zach's hat just to be annoying. He throws pillows at Mueller. He does "bratty" things so people comment that he's acting like a brat. I don't know if it's unusual behavior for the youngest that age, but it's understandable that people would comment like that after watching Jake.

I totally disagree with the implication that Jeremy is getting a better deal out of this than Jake. In my opinion, Jeremy has sacrficed or suffered the most for the show and endured the most unfair abuse.

People see Jake grab his brother's hat and say he's going to ruin it or rack up a huge phone bill and refuse to give Amy back the phone or call her names when she does take it away. They call him a brat. for his name on the internet and a person can't help but run into talk of him being a racist bigot who hates gay people (yet that doesn't stop other people from accusing him of being gay!).

What is Jake getting out of it and imply that it's all praise for Jeremy? I think that is totally ridicule. Jeremy has endured the most out of any of the Roloffs.

I'll use this example. A thread on Live Journal about celebrities. The original article is about the vandalism on the farm, but most of the over 260 comments turns to people calling Jeremy a racist and a "douche" and a "jerk" and other insults.

Having anything people look up on the internet about yourself or your family turn into "He's a racist homophobic jerk!" is a rough, rough deal for a kid on a reality show about dwarfism.

Jake gets called a brat when people see him on the show do "bratty" things. Jeremy's reputation has been tainted and smeared with being a racist, bigoted, selfish jerk.

Personally, I can't pull the "poor Jake" card. It is very obvious to me who has endured the most abuse as a result of their fame from the show.

Rap541 said...

"Having anything people look up on the internet about yourself or your family turn into "He's a racist homophobic jerk!" is a rough, rough deal for a kid on a reality show about dwarfism."

Then maybe a)he should not have been calling Mike Detjen "pretty sweet just like a n*gger", Mexico "That beaner place", or saying things like "not to be a gay bragging F&ggot" in public forums, and b) perhaps he could make a better direct response than saying nothing.

If Jake deserves "skanky slutty boy" for wearing his pants low while in his own home... not really sure why Jeremy deserves a "oh you poor put upon lad, here's a cookie, everyone is just being mean!" for his public mistakes.

Rap541 said...

Btw Brokenwing is exaggerating the content of the livejournal post a great deal. Most of the comments are about how vandalism sucks. There are numerous slams about how the house is a mess, how Amy is a "lez", how "midgets" are different appearing, and yes, how Jeremy made racist comments. There's also people calling Jake, and ALL of the kids names because of how badly they behave.

And there are several pictures of Jeremy that are quite hilariously speculating on his sexuality.

But be assured, that thread is not mostly poor Jeremy being falsely bashed for something he didn't do. It's mostly people noting that the vandalism sucks. :)

Brokenwing said...

I posted the link to LJ so people can see it for themselves if they want. It was about the vandalism. Several posts are about Jeremy "being a racist". And "speculating about his sexuality" isn't a joy either. My point is Jeremy gets put through the ringer publicly worse than any of the Roloffs in my opinion.

The LJ link was only one example. Anyone googling Jeremy's name is probably going to run into the racist homophobic crap. It is very unfair, imo.

But some people here are only feeling sorry for Jake because people refer to him as a brat after watching him do some bratty things in the program.

Rap541 said...

"but most of the over 260 comments turns to people calling Jeremy a racist and a "douche" and a "jerk" and other insults."

I replied because after reading thru that thread, its very fair to say that only a small percentage of the posts were about Jeremy at all. You're exxaggerating the facts. I can just as easily say that thread was "mostly people making fun of Jake and Zach" but really... It was *mostly* people talking about the vandalism.

Jeremy is 19 now and knew when he agreed as an adult to continue to be on the show that people speculated about his sexuality. Thats not new, and apparently he doesn't mind that much since he is still accepting the money and free trips.

People have been speculating about Jake Roloff being gay for years... where's your outrage?

M said...

If it's so wonderful to meet the fans she should do it more often... Without chargeing the fans an arm and a leg to do so.

Brokenwing said...

M, I agree with you. I have always been disappointed in the Roloffs for not doing a little more with the fans and that includes Jeremy.

Rap, actually I think speculating about anyone's sexuality is disrespectful and classless. In my opinion, it is even worse about Jeremy because at the same time, he is being bashed for supposedly hating gay people and being against gay rights and all that.

My comment about the LJ thread was not scientific...I did not count the posts or make a flow chart about what people discussed. There are individual posts with replies listed underneath separately. In my opinion, quite a few of them ARE about Jeremy and they are not flattering. The story was about the vandalism story yet in that thread are several people talking about Jeremy being a "racist", a "homophobe", a "douche" and a "jerk". Again, for the third time, the LJ thread is just one example.

This blog is another example of course. No matter what the subject is, it eventually turns into Jeremy being called a racist that hates gay people.

The point is that you keep trying to distract from is Jeremy has a reputation for being a racist and homophobe. Someone using the internet about Jeremy is going to see it. That is a big price for Jeremy to pay for doing the show. Jake gets called a brat when he is shown behaving like a bratty youngest kid in a family. IMO, there is no comparison.

Kit said...

Hmmm, Brokenwing, I don't believe, if you take the time to actually READ my post, you'll find that I was "feeling sorry" for Jake. However, I do believe there is a huge difference between being a "brat," as you want to call it, and being a vicious, nasty, mean-spirited person who wants to call her/himself a Christian. They need to be called on their behavior. If all they were doing was calling Jake a brat, it wouldn't be a big deal. It's the pure evil and hatred that pours out of them that I find disturbing and unacceptable.

I also believe that Jeremy, who is now 19, should be capable of taking responsibility for his behavior. Actually making remarks on a public forum denigrating other races and sexualities, and then simply trying to ignore/sweep the whole mess under a vague comment from your dad about "inappropriate language" is what I would expect from an immature teenager trying to hide behind Dad and avoid taking responsibility for his actions. Acknowledging your mistakes and admitting you were wrong are major steps in achieving maturity.

As for your comment that "He runs away throwing fits when he loses or doesn't get his way," I would have to say, sounds like another Roloff boy. Guess it's a good thing we didn't see the family on film again until that boy was 14.

As I've said before, whether you choose to believe me or not, I don't hate Jeremy. I don't like him much, but I would never hurl the nasty epithets at him that the "Christians" who visit this site seem to find perfectly acceptable to hurl at Jake, If that's "feeling sorry" for Jake, well, then, maybe yes, I do.

Jocelynn said...

Very well said, Kit. Bravo. I've never quite understood the almost hatred Jeremy fans have against Jake. If anything, I would expect them to criticize Zach more or even Molly since she is usually receives the most praise or the least criticism.

I also agree with you about Amy's comment in the interview. It could have been something embarrassing that he didn't want discuss in front of the cameras. She didn't say he did something wrong and she was attempting to punish him. That could have been the case as well, but it might have just been something private.

Your comments about Jeremy and the fall out from the "scandal" were excellent. Your explanation was excellent. That sums up my feeling.

"Acknowledging your mistakes and admitting you were wrong are major steps in achieving maturity."

It can't be said better than that. I'm glad to see people in other places feel the same way about it. I read one of those comments in Brokenwing's link. The person said they stopped liking the Roloffs because of the way they reacted to it. Good. The Roloffs had a choice and they made theirs. The choice they made resulted in some people losing respect for them.

NJC said...

No offense Brokenwing but that's ridiculous. For you to say on the one hand that Jacob is probably just like any other youngest child his age and then go on to justify the vile crap that's been said about him makes zero sense. We're not talking about people occasionally mentioning that Jake was bratty or sullen. We're talking about supposedly grown adults who go out of their way to consistantly look for ways to bash a 12 year old.

What exactly did Amy say in this interview that justified someone going off on yet another tirade against a little kid? That he wanted to talk to his mother without cameras around? What an evil little bastard. What was Craw most upset about after last week's episode? Not that they bought two Mercedes, not the accident, no, that Jacob had the nerve to play soccer at his big brothers' graduation party. It's crazy.

You may think you're just protecting someone's right to an opinion about a television show, but what you're doing in this case is aligning yourself with some warped personalities. People who give no consideration to the fact that he's a 12 year old boy. People who can't seem to let a single post slip by without pointing out how he's apparently the anti-Christ. These are not people worthy of protection.

As to your point about Jeremy taking the most heat from the show. That may be true. I don't really know. I personally think it's wrong to say nasty things about any of them, but it's also irrelevant to the topic. I fail to see how Jeremy's mistreatment makes it so difficult for you to "pull the poor Jake card". You can't feel bad for Jeremy and his little brother at the same time? Come on, they're not mutually exclusive you know.

Rap541 said...

Actually Broke,the point *you're* trying to distrat from is that Jeremy is not being falsely accused.

He made racist comments in public. He has never made an attempt to apologize publically. He's earned his "fame". I recall several anon posters on imdb stating how Jeremy and buds thought it all was hilarious. Why are people supposed to be sympathizing here? He acted badly, he got caught, he never apologized.... we're all supposed to weep because he never felt bad but is annoyed that his rep took a hit.

Jake acts like a brat and is called one, and you say its fair and there's "No comparison". Well, Jeremy acted like a racist and a homophobe and is now called one. WHY is there no comparison?

Part of the reason this topic gets brought up is because it was a bad act that you and others contnually excuse but then insist on your right to badmouth a twelve year old. Jeremy musn't musn't hear a word of criticism over his three year long string of "little boy mistakes" poor widdle Jeremy was *just* 14-17, and couldn't help himself, and had NO idea ever that he was being offensive (despite his correct use of these words in the offensive and racist sense) but Jake? He's a brat and he's a man who needs to take it online from all the adults who deride him.

We know that Jeremy did make racist comments. We know that Jake is often a brat. Why should Jeremy be protected and Jake not protected?

Your "quite a few" is indeed not "most" of the lj posts, correct?

You do concede you represented it as "most" and are in fact not correct. If we count posts directly referencing Jeremy and the racism, and include random posts like "he's such a a**hole" that are simply insulting, only 28 posts are about Jeremy being racist or "an a**hole". 28 out of 268 means your idea of "most of the over 260 comments" is in fact about 10%.

About the same number of people noting how the show is about a troubled marriage.

Craw said...

Well, I don't like Jake. I'm not going to apologize for it.

I've never seen one good thing to like about him. I think it's ridiculous that he has any fans. I honestly don't know what there is to like about him.

It's obvious Matt doesn't think he's too great and Jeremy's way of dealing with him is to ignore him. They are my two favorite Roloffs. If that's their opinion of Jake I'm not surprised that the kid gets on my last nerve.

Julie said...

"Jeremy's reputation has been tainted and smeared with being a racist, bigoted, selfish jerk."

Yeah, but he brought that upon himself. Or are you going to deny that his earlier comments were racist and homophobic? I'm not going to shed any tears for people being called out on the crap that they spew.

Anonymous said...

Is it just ME but Molly irritates the hell out of me. Well, actually, they all do. But Molly REALLY rubs me the wrong way - and to think I used to adore this family...
Does this girl walk on water or what??? She comes across as an intellectual snob, even though she's what - 15??? She makes snide comments to her mom and dad on their parenting skills. While she may have a point, it's not up to her to offer advice. She's constantly reminded by mom and dad how gifted and beautiful she is. Oh come on, give me a break. Whoopdee-do.
Ha, she's just SO interested in world affairs and all but couldn't even get her butt out of bed to greet the Iraqi family.
The Roloff's have gotten their point across: they're little people struggling with every day issues. That is, until TLC spoiled them. Now it's time to move on....give someone else a chance.

Tashapork said...

I think it is really something to say that it is exploiting kids to film them, but if on the other hand they don't want to be filmed during a sensitive moment, they are a selfish brat. I know twelve year olds that don't even want to have discussions with their parents with anybody (a sibling, Grandparent, friend) around much less a camera crew for a national tv show.

Brokenwing said...

Rap, I give up. You and your anal ways win. I did not count the posts by topic. I did not sort them out. I did not do the percentages. I read a story on LiveJournal about the Roloffs and the vandalism. I saw the 15 (that is a guess, I am not going back and counting them, I'll leave that to you) posts in a row, a sub-discussion in a thread about the vandalism turn into 'I heard Jeremy is a racist', 'Yeah he is', "I stopped liking him after that'. On the next page I saw messages scatterd about, "Too bad his good looks are wasted on such a jerk", 'I don't like him because he's racist' and on the page after that I saw the demeaning messages 'OMG he is so totally gay!!!' and things like that. Considering the story was about vandalism I consider that a lot of posts about Jeremy.

But this has nothing to do with the point. The point is Jake is not the main victim of the public judging them because of the show. It is Jeremy. In my opinion, being called a brat pales in comparison with people saying that you are a racist or a hate monger.

Julie, I don't want to get into at all again. Jeremy's comments were wrong but they were typical for a teenager. Jeremy's friend Dan said Jeremy ("we have all quit using that language")stopped using it.

Kit, I understand what you're saying about acknowledging your mistakes, but I don't think you or I can know how complex this situation was. Has Jon Gosselin taught us anything? In my opinion, I would be surprised if TLC stars are allowed to do anything on their own without it being TLC's decision. One of the things TLC was suing Jon Gosselin over was for doing things that were against the family image of the show. I think it is unlikely that TLC would allow Jeremy to talk about this even if he wanted to apologize. Sweeping it under the rug or being very vague about it sounds like a TLC decision in my opinion.

The whole point is that in my opinion, Jeremy has suffered by far the most from being on the show. They're all going to get the
"Matt is bossy"
"Amy is a nag"
"Zach is disrespectful"
"Jeremy is lazy"
"Jake is a brat"
"Molly is boring"
type comments.

But Jeremy's go way beyond that. He's gotten tagged with being a racist bigot.

Anonymous said...

"But Jeremy's go way beyond that. He's gotten tagged with being a racist bigot."

......and rightfully so. You can spin it any way you want, but HIS words are biting HIM in the back. He doesn't say it, there's no fallout. I constantly see Jeremy's apologists praise him as a "good christian boy". The only other self proclaimed "good christian boys" who use and condone those types of slurs wear hooded robes & burn crosses in the park.

lucas said...

Brokenwing, Jeremys comments are NOT typical for a teenager. It is not acceptable for anyone, regardless of age, to speak of others in a demeaning manner. This language wouldn't be tolerated in a workplace or social settings. People that speak like this are,imo, viewed as uneducated.

Hate and bullying are not typical phases of teenaged development. Bullying comes from low self-esteem doesn't it?

(and since we're on the subject of bullying...I wonder why Jake might have anger issues, hmmm, Zach constantly trying to prove that he's stronger than him by getting the last elbow in the face, enough to make him cry? Z can't compete with the Jer so he picks on Jake. simple. no brotherly love whatsoever.

What kind of church and school is that? I know many people that aren't flaunting their religion that are much better parents that have loving children) had to vent, thanks

Brokenwing said...

Lucas, Zach is not my favorite, but in defense of Zach, I wouldn't call it "picking on Jake". Everytime I can recall them fighting, Jake was the instigator. Jake threw a can at Zach's head. Jake stole Zach's hat and told him he was ripping it up and started to tear at it. He was pestering Mueller after repeatedly being asked to knock it off. He shot Zach with an air soft gun. I agree that Zach should show maturity (yes, like Jeremy does) but it is not picking on Jake. Zach obviously feels it is the only effective way to get Jake to stop since telling him to stop doesn't work.

As for Jeremy's language, I disagree if you think it's not typical of a teenager. You could go on Myspace right now, pick 10 random teenagers and I bet half of them would have used either the N word or f*g. It doesn't make it right. Jeremy shouldn't have said it, but he's not a bigot because of it and he doesn't deserve this public crucifiction over it.

Judy said...

I don't feel that my comments are out of line. I have opinions on what I see. I know what I like about human behavior and what I dislike. Jacob is a very rude and disrespectful kid. I have never approved of his attitude towards Matt. Unlike Zach, Jacob is not much better with Amy (that's no excuse for Zach either). Jacob doesn't appreciate anything Matt has provided for him.

When I see a twelve year prancing around on television with his jeans around his thighs, you betcha I'm going to voice my displeasure.

"Amy sounds nicer in the radio interview than she is on the show. She even praised Matt. I would like to see more of that on the show."

Here here Dana. It was lovely to hear Amy pay her husband a compliment.

Amy is using editing as an excuse. I have seen enough of the "moment" to know Amy should treat Matt with more respect. He showers her with gifts, she complains. She criticizes him in front of the kids. That's not editing. She does sound more pleasant in this interview. I would like to see that more in the show.

Rap541 said...

"But this has nothing to do with the point. The point is Jake is not the main victim of the public judging them because of the show. It is Jeremy. In my opinion, being called a brat pales in comparison with people saying that you are a racist or a hate monger. "

Since you admit you didn't bother counting the posts when you declared that 10 percent (and I was being generous and including posts that were simply Jeremy references and not specifically about his racism) is "Most of the posts" being about Jeremy... Care to know how many were about Jake? Or Zach? Or Amy? Because despite your insistance... Jer isn't catching more flak than anyone else there.

Since your point *was* that Jeremy is being victimized more, and your *cited evidence* doesn't back that assertation up at all, you might want to try again.

Also - if Jake acts like a brat in an episode filmed when he was ten and deserves to have that cited whenever he acts poorly as evidence of his brattiness.... Really, you've said you consider it typical kid behavior... so why are you not defending Jake but you are defending Jeremy with "its typical"?

"Public Crucifixition"? Gosh Brokenwing, you act like Jeremy never said those things. When Jake's a brat - he's a brat, but when Jeremy says racist things, he's NOT A BIGOT. NO NO NO BLESS HIM! He acted badly but all teens do it so SHUT UP! He shouldn't have done it, but its NOT FAIR that he face any consequence other than "Boy that Jeremy sure is a great kid he's the best Roloff!"

Don't you see your hypocrisy? Jeremy's a boy making boy mistakes so everyone shut up, but Jake's deserving public bitchouts for behavior even you call typical for his age?

I also note your inability to admit you were wrong about citing that LJ post as being mostly about Jeremy being racist and suspect you were intentionally attemping to mislead people since you linked directly into a comment thread and no to the entire post.

Rap541 said...

Judy - so you do think Jeremy was a sluty skank in that picture NJC posted? Where Jeremy's full supple boxered ass was on display outdoors?

Perhaps you could screen shot where Jake's pants were "around his thighs" because I recall them drooping but I am willing to concede the point?

And since there is evidence of Jeremy wearing his shorts down around his thighs well before Jake.... You don't suppose the Roloff parents actually don't really care, do you?

lucas said...

Brokenwing, give it up on the teenaged language argument. Just because others do things that aren't right does *not* make it acceptable. Whatever happened to holding children to higher standards? My guess is that your perception of myspace is really warped because you're obviously very young. Keep in mind broken wing that just because johnny decides to jump off a bridge, or spew hatred towards others---it doesn't mean you have to do it too. lame argument to be sure.

"When you entertain evil thoughts like hostility and hatred, there is no joy in your heart and you are a nuisance to others." I like that quote.