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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Dec 21st

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

Matt and Amy walk across the gravel. Matt says its critical to buy a new tractor. Matt wants it bad. Amy notes it still works. Matt says he wants something new. This quickly turns into a discussion of their marriage and how Matt wants to trade up to a new woman.

Matt drags Amy out to the garage and shows her his *second* new car. Amy overviews that while a new car is nice, they are theoretically sending the kids to college in the fall. Matt notes one of the new cars is for her. They argue a bit over whether or not they have the money to buy two new cars at auction but Amy gives up basically. Matt hay bales what a good deal they were and how he and Amy have always driven modest cars. Amy wonders where the money is coming from.

Reality check. The Roloffs have a lot of cars. Amy and Matt both started the show with minivans. They got a new minivan. Matt has two fully restored VW bugs. Amy has some sort of fully restored 1940’s truck. That’s before we add the three driving children’s cars into the mix. I appreciate the thought, but these folks aren’t modest car owners, driving old ghetto beaters.

Amy and her girl friends plan a graduation party for June 21st. There’s a lot of chatting about birthdays and middle age, and Amy hay bales basically about how its time she had a mid life crisis, and how the twins graduating means she and Matt will be alone. Really Amy? Really? I’d throw Amy a bone if this was the first time she equated her oldest kids graduating with being done as a parent.

Matt goes on about buying Mercedes and how Amy is cheap and won’t even buy good bacon. Amy at this point seems less pleased about the new cars. Matt tries to jolly her along over it. Her concern, along with the often mentioned marital issues (and they are mentioned every ten seconds) is where the money came from and we never get an actual answer. Jer gets behind the wheel and says he and his friends call Matt “the Big MR”. Really Jer? That’s so… lame. They drive. And then return the car to the massive parking lot, full of the Roloff fleet of “modest“ vehicles. Amy drones on and on about Matt’s midlife crisis and notes how they don’t need another car.

The sun rises over the farm and we are in crisis! There’s a pretty deep gouge on the black Mercedes and Amy doesn’t care, and Matt is annoyed that Jeremy gouged the car. Amy thinks Matt is annoyed that Jer didn’t tell them Amy is all “its just a car”. Matt roars off on the mule.

For the record, no apology from Jeremy, no punishment for Jeremy for the fairly noticeable gouge, and not one word from the blessed babe’s mouth. Jeremy held accountable? Pshaw. I simply point out we have another example of what a fantastic driver Jeremy is.

Amy heads back to her girls to party plan. They consider a bouncy house for the high school seniors… Really ladies? A bouncy house? Amy is all about spending cash on the kids. She hay bales about moments and memories and tosses an idea over bowling since it has connotations of little people freak show entertainment.

Speaking of driving, Jeremy apparently gets it from “The Big MR”. Matt promptly wrecks his new car’s mirror and Amy laughs since Matt is usually a twit about people damaging new things. He hay bales about how the kids are supposed to close the man door and honestly I really can’t visualize how he managed to tear the mirror off by the people door being open. I mean, someone want to help me out? Because the door seemed to be on the side, and there’s a foot of clearance. Matt calls for Molly and they text her inside the house. Geez. Texting from inside the house?

Amy throws out trash. Gets in the new black Mercedes. Matt asks how it is. They smooch. But Amy doesn’t seem to like it and notes Jeremy has her van.

Matt wants to take Amy driving on the Mule and basically rants pleasantly about all of the things he wants to spend money on around the farm. Amy hay bales about how maybe there’s too many projects running at every moment. Matt wants to set up a green house, metal tank cows and an art bridge with expensive timber. Amy is all “huh”? over the bridge concept and Matt hay bales about how he’s the creativity one and refers to various things on the farm as art. He wants to do some sort of Noah’s ark thing. Amy notes he doesn’t have to do 50 million projects and Matt says he needs a project in order to get up. Amy notes on the hay bale that this is part of Matt’s basic fatalism, and why he can’t enjoy any of the end results because he is too busy setting up a new project. That’s actually rather insightful of Amy.

Matt hay bales how he and Amy are growing apart and how interesting he finds that, and the evolution of their relationship. Honestly they are both going on about this way too much to not be seeing a marriage counselor.

Oh look the lavish senior party. Amy notes how Matt wasn’t around for it. Zach hay bales how the parents are different. The school kiddies take pictures. I note how there doesn’t seem to be a bouncy house. Amy hay bales how Matt tends to take over. Matt notes from the Mule that he feels he was excluded from the entire party by Amy. A bit passive aggressive, that.

There’s some sort of pyramid with Zach on top. Amy notes again how Matt gave the party a pass. Now there’s a fire with the kids. Matt wanders into the bonfire and wishes the kids well. Amy expresses more concern about the marriage. Matt gets a comment or two from Zach… doesn’t seem to ask Jeremy his opinion of the party.

Now more and more “Oh geez are we breaking up?” talk. Amy notes how sad it is.

Yeah honestly, get a divorce or work on your marriage. And am I the only one who thinks the Littlest Chocolate Making Dwarfs is a clever meld of the “adults making something creative” show and the “We’ve got something wrong with us and don’t let it keep us down” show types?


Dana said...

I just knew Rap was going to launch into a bash Jeremy session.

Just because it wasn't on camera, doesn't mean he never explained it to Matt. It also isn't a reflection of Jeremy as a driver. It was a nick in the door. It probably came from someone hitting it with their car door in a parking lot. You can't fault Jeremy for that. If it happened at night, he might have not even noticed.

"Matt gets a comment or two from Zach… doesn’t seem to ask Jeremy his opinion of the party."

Rap, do you have any concept of editing? I am sure Matt talked to Jeremy at the party. I remember seeing a picture in those graduation party pictures. Matt was seated next to Jeremy around the party. If you are going to do these reviews Rap, you should learn more about editing. Just because you don't see it on tv doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Amy should be more grateful and more aware of what Matt wants. He gave her a car. She doesn't need to complain all the time. She should be happy and love Matt for being creative.

I agree that TLC editing needs to lay off the marriage problem topic.

Rap541 said...

Dana, the boy wonder put a *noticeable* gouge on the car. Believe me, I am not a car person in the slightest, and even I know it wasn't a cheap repair. Since Amy pretty pointedly said that Matt was upset because Jeremy did't speak to him... *Matt* (and not Amy) was faulting Jeremy for not bringing it to Matt's attention. Yes, it *is* a reflection of Jeremy's driving. And its very noticable that Golden Boy (emphasis on "Boy" since apparently 19 is "boy") Jeremy wasn't asked to explain what happened on camera. An interesting omission.

I notice Dana, that when Jeremy's the focus, he's always a fantastic person doing and saying fantastic things *when he's not on camera*. Yet you alway throw a hissy fit when the editing arguement is used to defend anyone other than Wonderboy Driver Jer. Why is that?

Amy has the right to be worried about where the money is coming from. She's not a slave. Dana, are you married? You seem opininated. If your husband told you Jeremy was a poor driver, would you shut your mouth and be grateful to your man?

Personally I think they have marital issues due to problems with *both* of them. I actually felt I was being pretty harsh on Amy, but apparently Matt Roloff should run the world since everything he does is always the best decision and everyone should shut up and praise him.

Dana said...

Getting your car door rapped in a parking lot is not a reflection of ones ability to drive. It's the reflection of a clod who parks next you in a parking lot and is too dishonest to own up to damaging the door.

It was an *interesting* omission. It is editing. I don't recall you saying that it wasn interesting omission that Jacob didn't speak to the camera about whether he messed with Matt's remote or if he burned the coffee table. Why aren't you coming to Jeremy's defense, you don't even know that Jeremy was the one who did it.

I am SURE that at some point, Jeremy spoke to Matt about what happened. It is unintelligent for you to assume that the conversation NEVER took place because it was not shown in the 22 minutes we saw in tonights edited program.

Everything Amy has is because of Matt's creativity and that includes the show. He has provided her with a beautiful home and greets her with a Mercedes of her own. I can't believe you would argue that Amy was not being a complainer.

The Roloffs have money, Rap. You cannot possibly so naive to believe that the Roloffs don't have money. He was called a "multi-millionaire in the cruise ad. Do you think they are doing the TV show for free? They are making very good money. They work hard and deserve the rewards. People like Matt are helping stimulate the economy by spending. "Poor people" should not be jealous or complain about wasteful spending by those who have it.

Tashapork said...

I am really to the point of wondering if producers from tlc sat Maa and Amy down and told them that they wanted to play up marital conflict because it brought high ratings in Jon and Kate plus8. The Roloffs aren't even acting like Roloffs anymore. I also don't understand this idea that if your older kids are going to college you still don't need to finish raising your younger ones. Jacob is stii only twelve and I've seen other families with this problem. Next episode when they talk about Zach's ear they will tun it into an episode about his grades. Either that or they will say that the boys are in community college because Matt wouldn't listen to Amy and he spent too muc money.

Jackie said...

Tashapork, I don't understand why they're acting like the kids are leaving too. Jake is only 12!

Brandon said...

Dana, Actually Jacob did get confronted on camera about the remote control.

Jeremy didn't about getting a new car purchase scratched up.

Think about that.

A remote control being moved into a different moved or damage to a new car.

But Jacob faces the humiliation of being grilled about it ON CAMERA.

Jer gets way without saying a word.

Jacob also got confronted and humiliated on camera for *almost* saying a bad four letter F word. Jeremy of course, doesn't get confronted for anything.

I don't think it's a good thing that Amy has become such a softee on Jeremy.

It's no wonder when he admittedly, accidentally hits an expensive yacht, all Jeremy and Mueller can do is laugh about how awesome they are. He's never held accountable for anything and doesn't have respect for possessions.

Anonymous said...

I think jeremy and jacob mueller are gay they act like two young girls it is hard two figure which one of them is the man and who is the woman and even if they are not gay i think they might have experimented on each other to see how what is like to have sex with the other

Timothy said...

It's a yawn because according to Matt this is all fake anyway. They're still together, still raking in the $$$, probably laughing at all the suckers who believe what they present.

Very moral Christians, Matt and Amy {rolls eyes}

Craw said...

Yeah Rap. Answer Dana's question, How is someone scratching the door of Jer's ride make Jeremy a bad driver? I bet he wasn't even driving when it happened, but you're harping on him being a bad driver.

It wasn't important to see Jeremy on camera talking about it.

You whine that people always say you hate Jeremy but this is why.

The thing that pissed me off the most this episode was about the Grad party.

Can someone please tell me why Jake Roloff was at the party playing soccer with them? Don't give me crap about how it's house. It is not his graduation party.

I don't see Molly hamming it up at the TWINS graduation party.

He does that at the soccer games and practices too. It's the Grad party. He's not part of it. He should have stayed away. But nope, Jake always needs to stick his nose in on his older brothers fun.

David said...

The most honest part of the episode came from Zach (no surprise). He said Matt and Amy have different priorities.

"My mom, the most important thing is us kids...(they cut him off)"

"My dad, the most important thing to him, is probably his name, and then us kids."

Unlike Jeremy's "haybales" you could actually see Zach thinking instead of reading or sounding scripted.

That speaks volumes about Matt. His own son thinks the most important thing in the world to Matt is his own name.

Jason said...

It's funny, if you were watching close. Jeremy can't even take the test drive with only Matt. When they got back, guess who is getting out of the back seat? Mueller! Jer wouldn't know what to think without BFF Mueller.

It was appropriate that when the pyramid broke, Jeremy fell right on top of who? You guessed it. Mueller!

Judy said...

David, Zach said that. I'm not surprised. Zach has always been disrespectful to Matt.

It doesn't mean anything coming from Zach. You don't hear Jeremy saying that.

NJC said...

Yeah Rap! Answer the question! How does our fantasy cover Jeremy's ass at every turn excuse for what happened make Jer a bad driver?

How hilarious! Rap gets attacked because she can't possibly know what happened off screen with the accident. Then the "Jeremy can do no wrong because he's cute crew" decide that what really happened is that some mean stranger parked too close and hit poor innocent Jeremy's car in the dark of night. Couldnt be that Jeremy scraped against someone else's car when he was pulling in or out of a spot or any of the other myriad of ways the damage could have happened. Nope, Jeremy would never do such a thing.

Rap based her interpretation of what happend on what was actually shown on the show, that's what a review is supposed to be. The mean stranger theory is just wishful speculation.

Rap541 said...

"Getting your car door rapped in a parking lot is not a reflection of ones ability to drive. It's the reflection of a clod who parks next you in a parking lot and is too dishonest to own up to damaging the door."

Right... and you saw this on camera? Oh right... the editing fairies told you. You have no idea what happened, because Jeremy never spoke about it. Unlike the other Roloff children, Jeremy can't handle a confrontation on camera. Too emotionally sensitive I suppose, after all, Jeremy is a little boy and little boys need kisses and cuddles for breaking things. Considering how a quick hay bale from Jeremy with "Gosh, we just came out of the store and the car was like that, I don't know why everyone is upset" - that's telling.

Also in all serious, Dana and Craw, what *Matt* was *mad at Jeremy about* was that Jeremy took the new car out, damaged it, and didn't say a word... and really, unless someone was drunk, they're going to notice the big shiny gash on the driver's side.

I don't really care if they are multi-millionaires. Would you say that if Jeremy simply tossed a match into the brand new luxery vehicle? I mean, they can afford to fix it so why not let Jeremy burn one for fun?

Brandon - thanks for getting my point. Its becoming increasingly obvious that while Jake can handle a dressing down in public, his older brother can't take it.

Judy - I am curious - do you think Jeremy was respecting Matt by not speaking to Matt about the damage he caused on the car?

M said...

I ranted on expressed Review, I'm so tired of every episode being marriage drama nothing else.
It's almost as if they watched Jon and Kate and decided to hype up the marriage drama for viewers it didn't work. Get back to editing real storys!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm taking Amy's side about the new car. It's beautiful but it's ostentatious and doesn't fit her needs. Matt is a wannabe. He wants to be perceived as a millionaire farmer and if driving a Benz around town makes him feel important than buy the one car and let him drive off on his own ego trip. I sure wouldn't want to pay the car insurance premiums that family has for all the vehicles they have. It had to be expensive with 3 teenagers driving but adding two luxury vehicles on top of it must be ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this program is getting nitpicked to death.

This week's episode was touching to me. What marriage doesn't run into difficulties? Matt and Amy are dealing with the reality of living with someone who sees things completely differently, and I think Amy last night showed a lot of wisdom. Both Matt and Amy want to stay together, and I wouldn't be surprised if they work through their problems.

It's just a clash between a dreamer and a realist.

I think they are a beautiful family. All you guys who think Jacob and/or Zack and/or Jeremy are spoiled--how are your kids? My mom was like Amy--she'd defend her kids to the end--yes, she was overprotective at times. And she didn't let housekeeping become her number one priority, either.

You need to stop all those insinuations about Jeremy and Mueller, too. Didn't you have a close friend as a teenager? Doesn't the size of that graduating class tell you anything about
life in that little Oregon town? If they are gay, more power to them. But how you can tell that looking at edited footage from the other side of a boob tube is beyond me. Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jake are just kids--cut them some slack.

If you've ever liked the show--and the Roloffs--
why not just wish them the best.

Rap541 said...

NJC - Thanks.

Honestly, if we hadn't seen the "walk away and say nothing" behavior from Jeremy on several occasions (when he used his super driving skills to back into the new garage, when Zach was assaulting Jake with a gun, the "Senior!" moment when asked about his grades, running out the door after breaking the lamp with his mom calling him) and if Amy hadn't pointedly said that Matt was upset that Jeremy had said nothing about the damage, I'd be more inclined to think it was just not noticing the damage.

And frankly, if it wasn't his fault, why not have the big boy say so? There was a LOT of filler in last night's episod... It isn't as though he was in any danger of being restricted in any way.... When you're a spoiled millionaire's kid, you can just grin and trash stuff, apparently.

Brokenwing said...

"And frankly, if it wasn't his fault, why not have the big boy say so? There was a LOT of filler in last night's episode..."

Oh Rap, on again about Jeremy. What are you suggesting? That he carelessly and deliberately dented the Mercedes and it's a conspiracy to protect Jeremy?

Everyone is right about you. You claim that you're not any different about Jeremy as you are about Zach, but funny that you always have these rants about Jeremy. Even Jay a couple of weeks ago who ended up agreeing with you about gay issues, could see that although you occasionally bash Zach, it's nothing like all the shots you take at Jeremy.

In my opinion, they didn't have Jeremy talk about it because it wasn't a big deal. Maybe he did and it will show up in a lost episode like his gas station comment or the flat tire scene.

If it was some big conspiracy by TLC or Matt and Amy (Amy is a producer too, it's not only Matt, Rap) they wouldn't have shown the scratch at all and wouldn't have mentioned who had the car last.

Tell me, Rap. Since you think it is *very interesting* that Jeremy didn't talk about it on camera, do you think Amy (because she has as much say in the show as Matt Roloff) made the decision to protect Jeremy but not Jake, since that's what you're alluding to?

Kit said...

Um, the "little Oregon town" is a suburb of Portland (about 20 mins away). Faith Bible is a private school, not the local high school. Not sure exactly which public high school they would attend, but I think probably the one that has an enrollment of about 1,400. We're not talking Mayberry here.

The program is getting nitpicked to death because that's what happens to TV programs. If the Roloffs don't want to be nitpicked, they can end the TV show at any time. I don't think they give a hoot what anyone says or insinuates as long as they keep watching.

As for the kids - Yes, I think they are spoiled and have no respect for the value of anything, because if it gets damaged, Matt just gets it repaired or (usually) buys another one. We've rarely seen any of the kids suffer any consequences, no matter what happens. If my kids took my brand-new, very expensive car out and brought it back with significant damage, there would be hell to pay, and they would not be enjoying a carefree life for quite some time. BTW, that would happen if they took my real-world cheap model car out and the same thing happened. It's not about what the car is worth, and I agree with Amy that "it's just a car," but it IS about respecting property, taking care of your belongings, and acting responsibly. Which I don't see EITHER of the twins doing much of, ever.

Rap541 said...

No I think Jeremy treated the new mercedes benz the way he treats all of the things in his life, like it can be easily replaced and he won't have to pay for it.

Jeremy is never made accountable and I do blame his mother and his father for that. Its an expensive car and you concede, he's not a little boy any more. He's an *adult*, borrowing another adult's car... if it *wasn't a parent*, hell, Brokenwing, if he had borrowed *YOUR* car....

Would you look at the large obvious scratch and say "I don't care what happened, I am sure it was a accident that you were not responsible for?" How about it , BK? You love Jeremy that much that you'd eat the bill?

"do you think Amy (because she has as much say in the show as Matt Roloff) made the decision to protect Jeremy but not Jake, since that's what you're alluding to?"

Yes, I do. I think Amy is having her own midlife crisis as shown by her commenting how she and Matt are somehow free as parents since the twins are graduating, despite having TWO YOUNGER CHILDREN. If you gave a damn about anyone other than Wonder Jer the Perfect "Christ's Own", you'd note that this entire review is an inditement of Amy. But since all you focus on is Jeremy, you simply skipped over that in your rush to slam me. Not a shock.

Brokenwing, btw since you're got your answer questioned how about explainig to the class how I said on the imdb board that matt wasn't dumb enough to commit tax fraud, and you tore me a new one for ACCUSING Matt of committing tax fraud, and when I pointed out your error, you sat on your hands and had *nothing to say*?

And then said you only wanted to talk about the Roloffs and not other posters?

And WHY are you asking me to JUSTIFY and PROVE MY OPINIONS? I thought you said we all the right to our opinions without pesky proof... but in fact YOU are asking ME to prove my opinion.

HypocritWing strikes again :) Fly fly away HypocritWing and remember- every time you demand I prove my opinion, will throw your "everyone has the right to their opinion without proving it, Rap!"crap in your face - EVERY TIME. I love your incompetant trolling :)

It's like a Christmas present everytime you post :D

EHM said...

I believe TLC will continue to play up the marital discord until the ... VOW RENEWAL.

Rap541 said...

EHM - I am curious if TLC will go there, and if Matt and Amy will go along with it.

If Matt is telling the truth, the marriage is in a great place now. However, the Gosselin situation has made it quite clear that TLC will punish unapproved comments - which means not only is every "Matt Q&A" and "Roloff Newsletter" approved before it's posted....if any family speaks without permission,TLC can and will slap them with a lawsuit.

I have sympathy... but unlike the Gosselin clan, Matt and Amy both seem pretty savvy so they seem pretty content to take the money.

Anonymous said...

Great review Rap, Thanks. Have to tell you though, I am so sick of Amy complaining about Matt. Yeah, the car gets wrecked , she doesn't car. The house is trashed, she doesn't care, her 2 oldest out of 4 are going to a community college and it's time for her midlife crisis, wah wah wah, cry me a river. If she were homeless living in a shelter worrying about how to provide for her children I would care. Break up or shut up . It's boring as hell.

EHM said...

TLC is driving this bus. Matt and Amy will go along with whatever brings in TLC money.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:37am. I can understand a moms housekeeping not being her number one priority, but come on, Amys housekeeping isn't ranked in the top 100 of her priorities. I'm not a clean freak by any means but what is the problem when keeping clothes and dirty laundry out of main living areas,---basic basic clean up taught to her children--can't be accomplished? I understand how that would drive Matt crazy. I loved the episode where Amy mentioned opening a B&B, the expression on Matts face was priceless. How funny.

Rap541 said...

Thanks Anon at 7:56.

I have to be honest, I think both Matt *and* Amy are to blame for their marital issues and while yes, Amy needs to shut up about her midlife crisis and remember that she's married, I can't help but recall the origanal Little People Big Dreams show, where Matt was cheerfully not working and happy to accept handouts rather than seek a less fun job.

Marriage is a give and take. I think its quite clear that both Matt and Amy spend money in ways that the other doesn't like (Matt on extra cars, and Amy on stuff for the kids that is excessive).Likewise they disagree on parenting and each other's role. It's not a case of "Matt always right!" or "Amy always right!" and neither partner in this marriage would function well alone.

Amy really doesn't have the earning power or the discipline with the kids to keep them living the way they do. Matt frankly does have the earning power, but not the ability to discipline, nor does he seem to be interested in cooking/cleaning/helping with studying, ie the grind of having to be a single dad and actually pay attention to the kids a lot.

There's clearly a communication issue between the two and communication is not "Matt speaking, Amy better respect every word and shout "Praise Matt and Jesus" over his every decision.... Nor is communicating Amy getting her way on everything.

I hope Matt's TLC vetted missives are true and he and Amy have worked things out... But I seem to recall another TLC couple prancing around Hawaii insisting they would ALWAYS be together not so long ago...

Brokenwing said...

Rap, out of respect for other people here, I am not going to get into a he said/she said about arguments that happened on other message boards.

Comparing me to Amy and my car being damaged while in Jeremy's possession is ridiculous. Jeremy is Amy's son. I'm not related to him. I don't have a Mercedes and don't have the means to fix it easily.

You can have your opinion, Rap. You can think that Matt and Amy have a conspiracy to protect Jeremy and don't care about Jake, but I think that opinion is ludicrous. I don't even know how to make sense of your answer. Amy is in a mid life crisis so she makes it her top priority to protect Jeremy, but in this mid life crisis, she doesn't care about Jake? That's an interesting way of having a mid life crisis!

No matter how you try to control what I post, I am allowed to ask you follow up questions to your reviews, Rap. I politely stated that my opinion differed from yours. I stated why. I asked you a logical follow up question.

That is different from Craw looking at a picture and saying she felt Jake was goofing around smiling too much and you demanding that she prove to you that she was smiling too much.

You can have your opinion Rap, but in mine, you don't make any sense. You think both Matt and Amy have conspiracy to protect Jeremy and that could be the only reason why Jeremy was not seen on camera talkig about a scratch. I was aware that there are some people who think Matt favors Jeremy over Jake, but you're clearly saying you think Amy cares more about Jeremy than Jake. Somehow in your mind, you think this is part of a mid life crisis. That's a strange way of having a mid life crisis, imo.

"but it IS about respecting property, taking care of your belongings, and acting responsibly."

I agree with Amy about that. Those things happen. Jeremy wasn't being irresponsible. Cars get scratches in them. It's part of life.

While some of you are entitled to have your theories on what happened, I think it's far fetched that people would think it happened because Jeremy was being reckless or because he's a bad driver and not the obvious scenario, of another driver cliping the door with their door in a parking lot. It's not a dent by the bumper. It's a scratch on the door.

Rap541 said...

Brokenwing - if I can *have* my opinion, why do you demand I prove it? Why?

You don't want to refer to the previous arguement because you were completely wrong, and badmouthed me, and when it became blindingly obvious that you had made a reading error, instead of being an adult and apologizing, you acted like a little troll and sat silent for a bit and then refused to ever disuss it since you "talk about the Roloff not other posters".

Which makes your namecalling me here especially fun.

Btw - "Smiling too much" is quantifiable. So it a midlife crisis. Amy seems to be having one since she is openly acknowledging on screen the possibility that she is. Brokenwing, are you telling the class Amy is just lying for attention?

I actually think her disregard for the damage has less to do with "favoring Jeremy over Jake" and more to do ith "antagonizing Matt in a way that is always effective." ie refusing to allow him to discipine any of the kids. Amy's midlife crisis seems to come into play when she's telling people on camera that when the twins graduate, she and Matt will be alone with nothing to do.

Btw Brokenwing, do you think you could *ever* post here with your own opinion first? And not wait until you can start by doing nothing but complaining about others? Because its very noticable that you have nothing to say until you've discerned what everyone else's opinions are.

I mean, you do have an opinion on the Roloffs that has nothing to do with what mean ol Rap says first, right? Because only trolls bring nothing to the table except disagreement.

Julie said...

"It's not a dent by the bumper."

I'm sure even if it HAD been a dent by the bumper, the Jeremy Fangirl Brigade (henceforth known as the JFB) would have found convenient excuses for that as well: "A car probably backed into Jeremy's car, it TOTALLY wasn't his fault!!!" (Not that that wouldn't have been a distinct possibility, but I find it especially rich how the JFB only cottons on to the excuses that presents their hero in the best possible light.)

Anonymous said...

Not to be mean here but Jeremy's not exactly surrounded by a bunch of 'hot' girls.....the ones I see him with are your average plain janes, a bit overweight and nothing special to look at.
Which makes me wonder what kind of girls comprise his 'fan' base???
I don't believe this kid has what it takes to make it as a model, etc I have to agree with a previous poster: his butt is too wide and his looks are average.
Okay, let the backlash begin....

Em said...

"his butt is too wide and..."

Whoa! Those are fighting words! He might be a selfish jerk, but his butt is perfect. It really is.

Anonymous said...

Well, a while back he had on those 'skinny' jeans and his back was to the first I didn't even know it was Jeremy but I remember thinking to myself 'man, that guy's butt looks like a girl's!!!'
Sorry, to each their own, but I've seen much better butts at the mall at any given time.
It's 'high' enough but too wide and flat
REALLY, I am NOT trying to be mean-spirited, it's just my opinion and lord knows I have a ton of flaws too numerous to mention. But I'm not on TV for the entire world to critique. You put your mug out there and you're fair game.

Anonymous said...

Rap, it is me anon 7:56, herewith known as Jennie. Hi. The other reviewer, no can do, seriously , is this a middle school blog or what? New here and thought your reviews were funny and smart. Seems like you get very involved with drama from those just maybe a little less educated. Resist the temptation to respond to the brokenwing person.. sounds
like she needs a vet.

The disrespect in that household is unbelievable. I, also, think Jeremy is smug/annoying/not a bit interesting.
This trait has apparently been transferred to the other 3. I would guess thats what happens when cameras are in your face for years on end, you become something you aren't. sad.

Maybe we should keep in mind that if it weren't for Matt, that house and property wouldn't be so cool. Sometimes it takes a dreamer to accomplish things. (and accomplish he did) Just LOOK at all he's built on their land, Would The lying channel be interested if not for what Matt did on that property ? The draw for the show, imo, is that their land is so very cool with lots to explore, it isn't average-- wish I had the same backyard for my children.

This show wouldn't have happened without Matts ideas, otherwise they could have filmed it in our neighbors backyard.

Keep writing great reviews, .... just my thoughts, Jennie

Expressed said...

9:11pm Anon, yep, to each their own, but I have to say you know when criticism of Jeremy has gotten out of hand when people are bashing Jeremy's fine ass :)

Criticize him for lying about drinking...I understand that. I even understand why some people don't like the language scandal although I don't think it was that bad. However...insulting Jeremy's butt?? Never thought I'd see that day! Saying Jeremy doesn't have a nice butt is like saying Usain (sp?) Bolt is kind of slow.

Rap541 said...

Thanks Jeanie. I do have to defend Expressed though. Her reviews definetly present a different viewpoint, but they are well done and present a counterview that a discussion site needs.

I also agree that the initial draw for the show was the setting, but I sometimes think both Matt and Amy forget that their marriage isn't isn't a competition.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned NO person's butt should be an issue, no matter who it is. However, these guys chose to be on 'reality' tv so they may as well get used to the remarks. And I don't think that disagreeing with something is the same thing as 'bashing'

Julie said...

LOL. Well, I'll just say that I never noticed Jeremy's butt, whether for good or bad. I've never found myself thinking, "Jeremy has a fine ass!" but I've also never thought, "Wide load alert!" To me he's just average, not worth a second glance when it comes to looks. That may sound insulting, but I figure most of us are in the same boat -- the large majority of people are neither staggeringly beautiful nor sinfully ugly.

Kapper said...

Julie, I totally agree.....I never ever noticed Jeremy or his ass UNTIL I came to this site and it's one comment after another about this kid's butt. Really, I just don't get it.
I hope Spirits doesn't become a fan base for Jeremy. It's getting annoying reading about 'Jer's hot bod' WTF??!! I'm sure Jacob will be next in line as he grows older. Or Molly.
Enough butt comments, how about we stick to the more important stuff - less boring.

Anonymous said...

Because the Manson Girls (Expressed, Noelle, Sheri, et al) aren't interested in anything BUTT Jeremy (Charlie) and his ass. If you don't worship it and him and dare to talk about anything or anyone else, they'll hunt you down and pull a Sharon Tate on you.

Dana said...

Anonymous 9:53 (please enter a name if you wish to be spoken to) Jeremy is torn to pieces constantly. There are many reasons to praise Jeremy. If people want to praise Jeremy because of his appearance, they should. It sounds to me like all you want this site used for is to tear down Jeremy. Jeremy is a good looking kids who is going places in life. You can't quiet his supporters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, stop it. That's just ridiculous - if someone isn't slobbering over 'Jer's' butt, then that means he's being 'torn to pieces'???
This is a blog and we all have differing opinions. Get over it. Not all of us find the kid attractive.
Perhaps 'Jer's' followers should just put their energy to good use and start a Jeremy fan club. Give something for the Roloff's to really laugh at.
Just wondering; exactly WHERE is Jeremy going in life???

Rap541 said...

Actually this is a rare occurence in that I agree with Dana - if people find a young adult like Jeremy physically attractive.... go ahead.

I don't find him especially stunning, but at the same time he's hardly the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The problem is that, as Judge Judy often says, "pretty fades, dumb is forever" and that Jeremy isn't "The handsomest boy since David Cassidy".....its unlikely, the older and less pretty Jeremy is that he will parlay being attractive into a career.

I also note how he is the spitting image of Amy's now bald (and still handsome) younger brother. :)