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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World December 14, 2009

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

8pm episode: "Little Americans"

*Matt is going to Kuwait to bring the Iraq family to the US. They're coming to the Roloff Farm. Amy asks for how many nights. Matt says 2. I'm already thinking what a culture shock it'll be. It would be for a normal American home, but the Roloff Mansion? Wow.

*Molly's in the kitchen as Matt is packing and having the conversation with Amy about the Iraq family staying with them for a couple of nights. I think it's a bad editing choice. Just as Amy says they'll be staying with them, Molly's expression doesn't reak of "happy". More like "Okayyyyy, I'm not thrilled."

*I'm always surprised in these episodes that a bigger deal isn't made about Matt going to Iraq or Kuwait and war torn countries like that. The kids don't seem to care that dad is leaving. If they did, it's not on camera. No Jeremy sightings yet.

*Matt explains that after the surgery the Iraq kids had, the Iraqi doctors screwed it up by removing the pins too early. They show very heart breaking footage of the little boy crying in pain as they remove the pins.

*Now they need to come to America to get the surgeries they need. Matt is going to be their escort.

*Matt gets to Kuwait and is told the kids aren't there. Now he needs to fly to Baghdad. Matt isn't happy, that isn't what he planned. Now just Matt (and the unspoken camera crew) need to travel by themselves. Matt is nervous because last time he was surrounded by soldiers, now it's just them.

*They arrive in Baghdad and the Iraqi family along with Russell Hayes are waiting for Matt. It's very touching. The kids give Matt big hugs. It's emotional seeing the father. He's very grateful to Matt for helping.

*I'm surprised the Iraqi mother seems to be speaking pretty good english. I can understand her.

*Amy's back at home getting the guest room ready. She's not sure what they want or what they'll think going from Iraq to the Roloff mansion.

*Matt's with a translator and they stop in Washington, D.C. They look at the White House. The kids say "Obama" a lot.

*It's sweet that the little boy is riding on the front of Matt's scooter. They arrive in Portland, Russell Hayes is with them too. He's the U.S soldier that befriended the family, contacted Matt and started this all.

*They arrive at the Roloff Farm. Matt calls Amy, she meets the family. They all give her big hugs. Amy speaks to the camera that her impression was about how grateful and appreciative they were and they were very open.

*Amy also explains that "unfortunately" none of the Roloff kids are there to greet the Iraqi family. Jeremy and Zach are on a school trip. I'm not sure what time of year this is, maybe it's senior trip in June? Amy says Molly and Jake are already in bed. Weak! Lame excuse! Honestly if I was Molly's or Jake's age and if a family from a country Iraq were coming to my house, I think I'd want to be there to welcome them. But they aren't, I guess it doesn't matter to the Iraq family anyway so no big deal, but I think it's was kind of bad on Molly's and Jake's part (yes people, Jer and Zach have an excuse!)

*Amy takes the Iraqi family to the guest room. They all want to sleep in the same room. I keep thinking what they must be thinking. They go from living in an almost shack to the Roloff mansion as they walk through the 10 different play rooms the Roloffs have, the movie room, the room with the pool table, etc.

*The Iraq kids get to the guest room and look in awe.

*I think it's the next morning now. Still no sign of Molly or Jake. I thought they were just sleeping because it was late when the Iraq family arrived? Hmmmm. Matt is going to take the Iraq family on a tour of the farm. The boy is confused and thinks Matt said dog. The kid seems nervous? Matt says no, the dog is locked up. Poor Rocky. I'll plead ignorance. Is Iraq one of those countries where they eat dogs and stuff? Or is he just afraid of dogs?

*The kids look scared of the Western town. At first they don't want to look around. Matt thinks they're confused because they can't figure out what it is, if they live there or what.

*The Iraqi mother wanted to prepare a traditional Iraqi meal to show their gratitude so she is in the kitchen with Amy cooking.

*They still obviously have not seen Molly and Jake. Nice touch Molly and Jake. Very classy. They are great hosts. Well, we already know about Jake's hosting abilities with his own friends so maybe it's a good thing he went AWOL.(sarcasm off). The Iraqi mother is asking Amy about her parents and her kids and if they're average size or if they are LP. Amy explains that only Zach is a LP. The Iraqi mother says "Thank God!"

*Amy tells the camera she thinks the Iraqi mother said that because of all the medical problems that she has faced with her own kids.

*They Iraq family asks if they can eat on the floor, they spread out a blanket. They all pray with Amy. I'm not sure if Matt is there but later they show him.

*Amy gives the similarity speech. They appear to be very different, but they have similarities, they both love their kids, etc.

*I think it's a US soldier that befriended the family in Iraq, calls them. The kids and the mother are very emotional talking to her. A lot of tears.

*Matt says the family is now leaving for their new home in Idaho. Russell Hayes seems to be going with them.

*Matt and Amy wave goodbye to them (still no Roloff kids)

*Matt says he hopes they Iraq family and kids realize that they've given a blessing and now it's up to them to make it work.

End of Episode.

It was very touching to see the emotions of the Iraqi parents and the kids are sweet, especially the little boy. I wish them the best, but honestly, this isn't why I watch LPBW.

Except for the 3 seconds in the opening scene of Molly looking horrified to hear that the Iraq family would be staying with them (since Molly and Jake never did appear again maybe that look foreshadowed what was to come!) there was absolutely nothing of the Roloff kids. Jeremy wasn't in it at all.

The second episode is a repeat. Boo. Not a great night of LPBW.


Judy said...

It wasn't that bad, Expressed. I cried. The kids singing tugged at my heart. Matt is wonderful with those kids.

I do agree with you about Molly and Jake. Come on, stop the lies Amy and TLC. Molly and Jake weren't "sleeping" the entire visit.

Were Molly and Jake afraid to meet them? I'm not surprised about Jacob because he's a rude little boy, however Molly talks about loving history and travel and reading. I would have thought she would have wanted to meet a family from Iraq.

Shame on Molly and Jacob. It's too bad Jeremy and Zach weren't able to be there. Jeremy would have been a good host like he was to the Make A Wish boy and the Iraq children might have enjoyed seeing Zach because he is also a dwarf.

Lynn said...

Matt is an angel. I am glad the father thanked Matt.

Amy could have at least put down a mattress for the family so they didn't need to sleep on the floor.

Kit said...

If school was still in session, maybe Molly and Jake were at school the next day? Might also be why they were already asleep the night before.

If you're used to sleeping on the floor, a mattress can actually be quite uncomfortable (think Castaway, and Tom Hanks stretching out on the hotel floor the first night).

Carol said...

I was embarrassed for the Roloffs. Did they realize how meaningless all of their "stuff" is? It's true of the North American society as a whole, but the Roloffs take it to the extreme. As Amy's father wrote in a sermon about "Bigger Barns".

It's too bad they sheltered their kids from meeting the family from Iraq. I'm in agreement that their reason was a lie. It would have been good for all of the Roloffs to see the Iraq kids. They might have realized how spoiled they are.

Carol said...

"If school was still in session, maybe Molly and Jake were at school the next day?"

Could be, but unlikely, imo. As Expressed said, the mother appeared to be making dinner the next day. Molly and Jake weren't around for that either. At that point it was clear she still had not seen any of the Roloff kids (asking if they were average height).

Nancy said...

Tearful episode!

I agree about not buying Molly and Jacob being asleep. If they had meant them at some point, I think that would have made for a good scene or commentary from the kids.

Tashapork said...

I really liked the episode. Matt seemed happier than I have seen him in a long time, he even seemed to be getting along well with Amy for a change. I too would have liked at least some of the Roloff children to meet the Iraqi family. There could have been extenuating circumstances, but I wonder if the kids weren't around because Amy, Matt, or even TLC were afraid that they would act silly and make the family uncomfortable. i am sure that Amy had to have gotten some information as to their usual sleeping arrangements. I am sure she would have had an air mattress or something for them if she thought they would want it. I really wonder if Matt gets it that these people and millions of others would be thankful to live in a place as nice as what Matt builds for fun, seeing the preview for next week's episode reinforced that for me. The other thing that I noticed was Matt saying he hadn't seen his nation's capitol since he was a kid. I have been hoping for awhile that they would take the kids to DC. I also am confused as to whether the family is just here temporarily for the series of surgeries with the intention of going back to Iraq or if this is a permanent move. Either way is good, it's just unclear.

NJC said...

I too thought it was odd that none of the Roloff kids met the Iraqi's. It certainly would have been a great experience for them. I also think it's odd that no here is buying the excuse for Molly and Jacob's absence, but no one has any doubt that the Jeremy and Zach excuse is true.

Aaron said...

The real story is deeper than what's seen on TV. Do a search about Russel Hayes, the soldier who was briefly seen in this episode.

My wife and I watch this show regularly and to my pleasant surprise I saw Russel's face. I met and got to develope a friendship with Russ years ago and haven't seen or spoken to him since.

Even when I met him back then, he was going out of his way to help others. Russ the definition of "salt of the Earth."

Expressed said...

"I also think it's odd that no here is buying the excuse for Molly and Jacob's absence, but no one has any doubt that the Jeremy and Zach excuse is true."

NJC, I don't think it's odd. As excuses go, "away on a school trip" is a lot better than "they're sleeping" night, during the day, during dinner, the next morning...

Hey I'm not saying what they said about Jer and Zach was true, but maybe the Roloff kids thought the Iraq kids had cooties and didn't want to touch them, but as the excuses that were said on the show goes, it is hard to believe Molly and Jake were sleeping and that's why they weren't seen the whole time.

Expressed said...

Aaron, Russell Hayes does seem like a very kind man. I think the show could have given him more credit.

Natalie said...

Tashapork, very well said. I like this:

"I really wonder if Matt gets it that these people and millions of others would be thankful to live in a place as nice as what Matt builds for fun"

That's what I thought too. It made me uncomfortable. The Roloffs weren't trying to flaunt all their stuff, but they can't help it in the house. They have all this stuff that they trash and then there is the family who can smile despite living basically in a dirt shack.

Peter said...

The most awkward moment occurred when Matt was showing them the western town. He said they run around play and made the "bang bang" sound...probably not the best thing to do with a family from Iraq who is no stranger to hearing gun shots.

Zee to the Z said...

Tasha, Faith Bible had a class trip to Washington DC last year, but Jeremy and Zach didn't go. You might know their friend Brendon or BJ from the show. He was one of the kids who went, but not the Roloffs or Mueller.

Justin said...

I thought it was distracting that the Roloff kids weren't there. They honestly think the audience is stupid.

I'm surprised they didn't try to squash the "Jeremy is racist" talk. A dark-skinned, non Christian family and Jeremy and the rest of kids just happen to skip out on meeting them. Hm.

Cindy said...

The Iraq family is far more likable than the Roloffs...

Tashapork said...

Aaron, boy are you right about there being more to the story. I looked it up and found that this family had been lived through a lot of danger beyond the children's medical needs. The one who did the true sacrificing for this family was Russel Hayes, he had his tour of duty extended specifically to to help this family. Matt acts like it's such a sacrifice for him to go to Iraq, but as we know, it's the TLC producers doing the doing.