Monday, December 7, 2009

Guest Roloff Episode Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World December 7th

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

This is the Amy own episode. If you know me, I haven't been looking forward to an episode about Amy on her own doing charity work (the kids make the show, esp. Jeremy!) That's my bias right off the start.

*In the kitchen. Jer and Zach. Jer looking good in a tank top and shorts. Does Jer ever wear socks or is he always barefoot? Zach wants to make Mac and Cheese. Amy helps him. Amy talks about the importance of the kids being able to feed themselves because she's traveling more doing public speaking. Some will bash them, but I'm not much of a cook either. I won't belittle Zach for not knowing much in the kitchen. I'll try to be unbias here. I think Jeremy is either smart or the editors throw Zach to the wolves. lol. Notice when there is a cooking scene about them not knowing what to do, Jeremy fades in the back and Zach is the center of attention as the guy who doesn't know what to do? And they say Jeremy isn't smart. Haha! He knows when to back out to salvage what's left of his reputation :) (for some people, as a representative of the Jer lovers society, we like Jeremy just the way he is!)

*Amy says she's been invited to participate in a fundraiser and give a speech. Does everybody notice the little white lies? Invited to participate sort of leaves out that she gets paid $7000 for these speeches. I don't care, but I notice the little distortions of truth in how they say things. Help me. I'm becoming cynical! lol.

*Amy is getting ready to leave. Jake won't put his dirty dishes in the sink. Amy lectures him. As usual, Jake is giving nonstop Bratitude (thanks my anti-fan, Rod for that one! :). Jake whines, moans and complains. He's shown taking a huge garbage bag out to the dumpster as Amy yells at him. Sorry Jake fans, I just don't like him. He's always whining or complaining. He never looks happy.

*Amy is in Florida. She volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. She's there to work. She meets the supervisor. He looks around for something for her to do. Amy haybales (thanks Rap! For the non-haybale people, this means she's talking to the cameras, there are bales of hay behind her) that she saw the doubt in his eyes that he didn't think she could do it. Wow, I think she's kind of being unfair to this poor guy. Amy is using this as a 'Mean average sized people discriminate against LP". He has her get into/under the sink to screw some things in. It works well. Amy said she was satisfied when he said she did a great job because he doubted her. She goes on to say hopefully she proved to him that LP are worthy and the next LP that comes he won't be discrimatory against. She didn't use those words, but I think that's what she meant. She's being totally unfair to this Habitat supervisor. She's a LP. All he was doing was looking around for something for her to do because let's face it, there are some things she can't do. He found something that was perfect for her. That's not the same as being discrimatory. I wonder what that guy thinks of what Amy said about him to the world television audience. :)

-Amy is golfing for the golf tournament. She's never been golfing before. She hits a good first shot but struggled after that. It seems like I'm one of the few people not into the golfing craze. I hope golf doesn't become a big part of LPBW!

- Amy is speaking to kids who are homeless or have family problems. She says she doesn't know what to say. They show her speaking...being lost for words, saying "um" a lot, long pauses. She said it's tough because she thought she faced tough times, but the kids are facing truly tough things.

*One kid (he looks about 18), Greg, asked Amy to go prom. Wow. Amy talks about it and said she told him yes, she'll go when he asks her. Wow. After the speech she walks around with the kids, this Greg seems to really like Amy! I just heard a song on the radio today about a guy hooking up with some lady in her 40s, there's a line in the song that said it was awkward when her son came home and he knew him from school. I keep thinking of how Jeremy and Zach must be reacting to some guy their age asking Amy to prom! lol.

*Jer and Zach! Yeah!!!! They're at a bank. That's a good place for them because we all know they're loaded because of the show, although they won't say that. Viewers are supposed to think they got all their money from mowing lawns at 11 and Zach's soccer coaching job at an indoor place....sometimes we need to suspend real reality. Back to the bank, I'm distracted by Jeremy. He's wearing a blue shirt. He looks huge. Really bulked up. The person from the bank talks to them about opening accounts and explains, they're getting bank cards. Jeremy said they didn't understand, it was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Uh-oh, bad thing to say on this show! Cue the Jeremy bashers. Jeremy says he knows how to balance a check book, but has never done it before and it's different if you haven't actually done something before for yourself. He's right.

*Jeremy and Zach walk out of the bank. Jeremy is wearing those shorts made famous (for us in the Jeremy lovers society!) by the disappearing grad party photos. On the behalf of the Drooling Jeremy Lovers Society, I would like to thank LPBW editors for making a habit of showing Jeremy from behind leaving all these places. They're doing that a lot this season. Keep up the great work! Those shots of Jeremy leaving are great, especially in episodes like this where we don't get much of Jer.

*Amy is talking to young mothers. She rushes over to the hotel for the fundraiser. She said it's not going well and the pressure is on her to make it successful. You can see where this is going. Amy the hero to save the day.

*Maybe that's how it really was but I'm noticing how much the show is butchering all the other people involved in these things. I keep thinking about what they think when they watched tonight. First there was the poor Habitat guy who was made to be some prejudiced jerk who doubted Amy because she was a LP, when really he was being reasonable and polite. Now the fundraiser people are looking like they're ineffective idiots, only to be saved by the brilliance of Amy Roloff.

*Amy says she knew sports rivalries are big down there. She had an idea. She made it a war between Auburn and Alabama. $100 from Auburn. Alabama can you match. It seems to work. Though people are putting bills on the chair. How much money can they be raising if people are giving cash? There's not that many people there. I thought these things went by check? Maybe this is all staged so they could do the Amy brilliant idea thing?

*Back at the farm! Yeah!!!!!!!!! Molly is making dinner. She's confused. Uh-oh. She's making pork, but it's still frozen. Jake comes to eat. He complains. He says it looks weird. A Matt sighting! He's in the kitchen too. He's not saying a word. No hay baling from Matt tonight either. Jake is still complaining about Molly's cooking and very carefully tries a bite. He doesn't like it and is repelled by the look of it. Matt gives a few facial expressions. I don't think he likes it either. He keeps asking for water. Jake, the charming brat that he is, asks if it is "feedable" to Rocky. Molly, let Jake starve next time! Molly complains in a voice over how she sympathizes with Amy now. She says it's frustrating to spend 2 hours cooking something only to have people nitpick and complain that it isn't good.

*Back in Florida at the fund raiser. The fundraiser person is too emotional to read the total money raised. Amy reads it. They made $18,000. I guess I was right that it wasn't all cash donations!

*Amy says it's nice to know she makes a difference in people's lives. It kind of sounds like an arrogant thing to do, but I know what she means. It was a good thing she did, helping raising money, although I think she got paid for it, at least for her speech and being there.

*Before she leaves Florida, Amy said there was one last thing she wanted to do. Get a tattoo. She gets a tattoo on her leg, just above her ankle. I don't watch TLC tattoo shows. I assume that guy wasn't anybody?

* Amy is back home. Jake is on the computer. He doesn't care that she's home. More charming Jake.

*Amy goes outside. Jer, Zach and their friends are playing soccer. Jeremy has those shorts on again! Yeah!!!! :)

*I will take a cue from Em earlier this week in comments on this site. I don't care about being called shallow. I don't care about being made fun of. I don't care about annoying people. As part of the Jer Lovers Society, I must speak the truth. Jeremy does have the greatest butt ever. Sorry but it's true. Look! Other Jer lovers, send Spirits screen caps. lol. I'm already working on that :)

*Back to the Jeremy playing soccer. Where was I? Jeremy has a great looking ass in those shorts. I'm distracted. Amy shows them her tattoo. Jeremy seems in a controlled shocked. Zach says something. Jeremy says Matt went through his mid-life crisis and bought a car. Editing out of order episode scheduling error! They haven't aired that episode yet. Jer says Amy's mid life crisis includes getting a tattoo. Amy then wipes off the tattoo. It wasn't a real tattoo. Zach says they got punked by Amy. I think the whole scene was staged. Jeremy and Zach's expressions looked like they were acting and pretending to be surprised. Screw that staged crap, and give us more of Jeremy running around in those shorts! :)

End of episode

Next episode...there isn't any new episode!!!! It's a repeat. It's the BVI episode. That was a great episode. Jeremy shirtless in the BVI's. That was the highest rated episode of the season. But we've come to expect new episodes. At least give us Lost Episodes. This sucks. We got robbed! lol.

I'm in a bad mood now. All we get for our weekly Roloff fixed is one episode of mostly Amy and a repeat. Boooooooooooooo!


Erica said...

I agree about the portrayal of the non Roloffs. I would be concerned after seeing how they portray these people to be on the show in any way, shape or form. The co-ordinator of the auction is not a bumbling idiot like he was made to look like. The Habitat for Humanity crew was not discriminating against Amy nor was he uncomfortable by her size.

Peter said...

Only "Jeremy lovers" could talk about Jeremy that much after this episode.

The kid did nothing!!!! Except demonstrate that he can't follow any instruction if it's not about fun stuff. That's all he did!

M said...

Did Amy screw 3 cabinets together and just leave? That's really helping out!

It was a very un interesting episode tonight nothing really happened.

Tashapork said...

I really think it is sad that that expensive private school that those boys went to didn't teach any financial education. I wonder if some of the stuff said by Amy was fed to her by TLC producers. Also some people of minority groups see their difference as a big issue when to others its not whether it's race, religion, disability, gender, stature, whatever. They see, I didn't get the raise because I am black," instead of "I didn't get the raise because the office is having budget cuts, or I didn't go the extra mile on those projects" I really thought it was interesting that Matt did not have one thing to say the entire episode. Is TLC making a statement or is Matt. You would think he would be more involved with the kids during Amy's absence. Maybe he resents her career. Something fishy is going on.

Jocelynn said...

"It was a very un interesting episode tonight nothing really happened."

Ditto to that M. I'm just about at the point where it's looking good to join the "Drooling Jeremy club" and cast my vote for an episode featuring Jeremy working out or some other shameful eye candy episode! jk

Tasha, me too. I also thought it was strange that Matt said nothing tonight. With Amy being gone, I would have thought he would have taken on more of a role at home. Matt was the only person tonight that didn't speak.

Anon A said...

I think the show has had its run! They are not a family showing life as a little person anymore. It is getting embarrassing, The Twins need to go back to High school and learn basic accounting.

Jake need some big help before the teen mood swing hit him. The boys are bums that get everything hand to them. Zack need to grow up and talk to someone about his anger for being a little person, I believe that’s why he is such a mamma's boy and hates his father.

Zac started to hate his father ever since he had his leg straighten, and had problems with the shut and his dad told him to suck it (not his exact words but what he implied) when he was milking it after one of the cast changes. Zack see his father loosing his mobility and Zack is afraid he is going need crutches as he gets older.

While Jer sees that he has a limited time with his father before Matt can’t do anything with him.

Zack is also jealous of Jer because he can do everything on a trip and Zack realizes he will never be able to everything or as well as Jer. That’s why he wouldn’t go on the BVI trip instead of going and just having some family fun and enjoy the trip. I blame that on AMY! For always having the twins compete in soccer together knowing Zack could never make a college team.

This is where all of Zack’s anger and laziness is coming from he isn’t able to handle the real world and his size. He rather stay home and play with kids (Molly and her friends) that are years younger making him the big man.

Molly is no better! To side with him instead of making him get out in the world.

For everyone’s INFO I’m a little person with a bone disability; only one in my family. Grew up with normal healthy brothers and sisters(sport oriented) but I was never jealous of their abilities Mom showed me what I was good at and build up my self confidence. Also my size and disability didn’t stop my Mom from teaching me to cook by the time I was Molly's age and the family didn't complain about it.

Amy needs to stop speaking and teach her kids basic living skills she has enough money from the show!

Its time those kids get a grasp of reality the show isn't cute or good anymore (other then Jer, and yes he need some school in basic bank).

Time they end the show and get those kids on the right track TLC you are turning them in to the Gosslins!

David said...

Slightly off topic, as a follower of the ratings posts, I thought what TLC did tonight was odd.

The 8:30pm episode always gets better ratings than the 8:00pm episode.

If they're only going to show one new episode a week, why show the repeat in the time slot that always has more viewers? My hunch would be that both would suffer.

Expressed said...

David, they probably did it in that order because if they started with a repeat most people would turn it off and not see the new episode. That's what I did with the repeat tonight and I liked that episode! lol.

Jocelynn, you'll be converted in no time!

I forgot to talk about the commercial in my review. Next week is the Iraq family. Again. It's a nice human interest story. It's a great cause. But it's boring. It's not fun to watch.

Joan said...

Ek. Am I missing something? I've never noticed "Jeremy's ass"...what's so great?

Expressed, this isn't meant to single you out. I've seen plenty of comments about it.

Ashley said...

Will somebody please give Jeremy a sedative to calm him down?

Anyone else notice Jeremy in the bank? He canNOT sit still. His hands were constantly shaking, he was bouncing around the whole time.

Kit said...

It's called ADHD. It's pretty obvious that both Jer and Matt, at least, have this. The constant activity, the fidgeting, the bouncing from one unfinished activity to the next, the dislike of reading/studying type activities, etc.

Anonymous said...

This entire family needs to DIAF ASAP!

Roloffsrule said...

Poor Molly. It takes time for a young lady to learn her way around a kitchen. She deserves praise for trying. Jacob should have kept his comments to himself.

I must admit to the same feelings as you in the opening scene Expressed. Jeremy is very easy on the eyes. Ah, if I was only younger and single. He'll make some young lady the perfect husband one day.

Noell :) said...

Jeremy Lovers Society!!!<3
His ass=love<3 hahaha

Anonymous said...

jeremy has a nice sexy fine ass and bulge bump

Tashapork said...

Matt should have supported Molly more with the cooking. I also think Amy should have been teaching her all along.
I too have had concerns about ADHD and that they could get some really good help for it even if they don't want to take medication. I even see signs that Amy could have it.